Astrology of Scandals: Neptune, Black Moon Lilith & Vertex

posted by AstroManda on December 5, 2014

Scandal is an allegation, true or false that affects the reputation of the person and often causes, shame, embarrassment, guilt, self identity issues. When you look at the natal chart of people who are often involved in scandals, there are certain indications in the chart that give a clue to this possibility. But what is striking is that certain planetary bodies stand out through transits and progressions during a scandal.  Some of those factors are discussed below:

Neptune: This is a planet that loves a good gossip, especially in combination with Mercury. Neptune transiting a planet or an angle can often cause loss of reputation, shame and confused identity among others things.  Neptune also causes people to isolate themselves from the world and sometimes this occurs in reaction to a scandal.  For the purpose of the soul development maybe the experience of a scandal is meant to get in touch with the true identity regardless of what is said in the external world, to travel inwards and to isolate in order to connect with the higher self. A scandal also reflects a part of the person that is still confused and needs healing. But to get this stage, first the person has to cross the ocean of embarrassment and shame and embrace themselves and this is no easy task. Neptune also signifies infection wherein a breakage has occurred and made the body vulnerable.  A scandal is similar in that it breaks one's self esteem and identity.

Black Moon Lilith: Black Moon Lilith is reflective of the dark side of the moon or emotions. It i...

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Monthly Transits from December 1st to 15th, 2014

posted by AstroManda on December 3, 2014

current transitThis is the month of communication - all kinds of it - for the purpose of socializing, voicing out pain, expressing anger at injustice, and/or to change outmoded ways of expressing ourselves. It is also a month where Universe will provide a chance for us to learn new ways of solving old pr...

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Astrology of the Ferguson Riot

posted by AstroManda on November 25, 2014

On August 9, 2014 , Micheal Brown, an eighteen year old attending high school was shot  by a police officer,  Darren Wilson who claimed that Micheal Brown tried to attack him and he was just trying to defend himself.  On November 24th, 2014 in response to the decision made by grand jury to not indict Darren Wilson, there were protests held in many places of the US. with some of them turning very destructive.    This is not the first time that this has occurred in the United States and ...

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Monthly Astrology Transits from Nov 16 to Nov 30

posted by AstroManda on November 22, 2014

spiritual4Spiritual Quest: Vesta in the chart is about work and dedication. Vesta is trine Jupiter and this brings focus on projects that require dedication,  especially those related to spirituality, diversity, philosophy and...

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North and South Node in Astrology – The Karmic Points

posted by AstroManda on November 7, 2014

The North Node and South Node of the Moon are extremely  important in understanding the path or direction in the natal chart. These are not planets or angles but points where the Moon crosses ecliptic. The north node or the ascending node is where the moon crosses from south to north, and the south node  or descending node is where it crosses from north of the ecliptic to south.

 If there is just one thing you want to understan...

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An aspect is an angle the planets make to each other in the horoscope. The aspects are measured by the angular distance along the ecliptic. Depending on the angle the planets make with each other, there are hard aspects and soft aspects...
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Predictive Astrology

Predictive Astrology looks into a person's future using many tools that analyze the interaction between current or progressed planetary alignments with that of the natal chart ...
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Astrological Research

Astrological Research is a systematic and evidence based study of astrology using techniques that are valid and reliable with the main purpose of establishing astrological facts...
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Midpoint Astrology

Midpoints are mathematical locations on the ecliptic at the middle of two stellar bodies. Midpoint symbolize the combined energies of both the parent bodies, and together all three form a midpoint picture...
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Chart Compatibility

Synastry or Horoscope compatibility in Astrology is the process of analyzing compatibility between two people by comparing their birth charts. This analysis gives a clue as to how people get along; communication could be a strong point in a relationship but at the same time the analysis may show that one or both of the people involved in the relationship do not feel valued...
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