Astrology Insights for November 2016

posted by AstroManda on November 6, 2016

astrology transits for November 2016

Jupiter in Libra has been pushing cardinal signs into action. So if you have personal planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, and have some ideas that need manifesting, use the expansive and positive power of Jupiter to take action. 


Uranus conjunct Ceres, the whole month of November In Aries, Uranus can provide a new momentum for the physical, in order to change the way we use our body, or the way we assert our wants and desires.  It may remove our inhibitions and push us to act in ways that we’ve never done before.  When it embraces Ceres with its sudden grasp, it also pulses new energy in the way we take care of ourselves and others, especially in relation to our body and passion. So if you feel the need to suddenly sprint around your neighborhood or dance to your favorite tune, you know it is the laser beams from Uranus.  Also, you may feel the need to change your diet, try out different kinds of food that is more in line with nurturing your body, or what makes you feel good.  Uranus trines Venus in Sagittarius and inconjuncts Mercury in Scorpio, for the first few days of the month, and this could mean new ways or relating and being put in situations where you forced to be open or even a tad bit blunt.  When Uranus and Venus wink at each other, there could be opportunities for meeting n...

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Uranus Transits and Me – Constant Blows

posted by Phoenix Rose on November 1, 2016

This article, an honest view of  Uranus Transits is  by guest writer - Phoenix Rose- Just another Plutonian! 

 Uranus TransitsThere I am, an Aries Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus, with Pisces rising and Cancer moon. Yes, I know what you are thinking. I think the same too. Too much water h...

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Astrological Insights for October 2016

posted by AstroManda on September 26, 2016

 Jupiter is the planet of abundance, luck and sometimes the one that pushes us into taking risks, which is fine as long as it is done with balance.  And Libra is the sign of balance and harmony and together they could make a good pair, with the right amount of push to get along with others, the right words to mend many years o...

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Astrology of Angelina and Brad- Did they Just Skip a Step?

posted by AstroManda on September 21, 2016

Astrology of Angeline and Brad Pitt's DivorceSo what is the astrology behind the breakup of Brangelina- the power couple?  They shattered many hearts when the news of their divorce broke out on September 21, 2016.  The couple got married in 2014 after being together for a decade.  There are many heavy transits goi...

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Astrology of Orlando Shooting using Midpoints

posted by AstroManda on June 15, 2016

The Orlando, Florida Mass Shooting occurred at 2:02 am, on June 12, 2016, where fifty people were shot dead and many injured in a gay nightclub.  This is an extremely tragic and sad event for United States and the rest of the World. Astrology may give some rationale way of understanding this event.  The place (Orlando) is significant because the day before, on June 11, 2016, a singer, Christina Grimmie was also shot in Orlando while she was signing autographs, and on June 15th ...

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An aspect is an angle the planets make to each other in the horoscope. The aspects are measured by the angular distance along the ecliptic. Depending on the angle the planets make with each other, there are hard aspects and soft aspects...
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Astrological Research

Astrological Research is a systematic and evidence based study of astrology using techniques that are valid and reliable with the main purpose of establishing astrological facts...
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Midpoint Astrology

Midpoints are mathematical locations on the ecliptic at the middle of two stellar bodies. Midpoint symbolize the combined energies of both the parent bodies, and together all three form a midpoint picture...
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Chart Compatibility

Synastry or Horoscope compatibility in Astrology is the process of analyzing compatibility between two people by comparing their birth charts. This analysis gives a clue as to how people get along; communication could be a strong point in a relationship but at the same time the analysis may show that one or both of the people involved in the relationship do not feel valued...
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Predictive Astrology

Predictive Astrology looks into a person's future using many tools that analyze the interaction between current or progressed planetary alignments with that of the natal chart ...
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Astroids in Astrology

Asteroids are found between Mars and Jupiter, and just like planets, revolve around the Sun. However, they are much smaller in size.
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