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Al Gore and Tipper Gore – Astrological Take on their Separation


Al Gore and Tipper Gore, both now in their early sixties have always been seen as perfect soul mates until the sudden news of the breakup in the early part of June (June 2nd, 2010).  Granted that political marriages are generally difficult but it is not common for a marriage to break up after forty years. Since the news, both have not divulged much on the reason for their separation except to comment that “they grew apart”.  So let’s take a look at their synastry or astrological compatibility (Synastry is the branch of astrology that studies relationships by comparing natal horoscopes) by peeking at their charts.  This couple fell in love the night of his high school graduation dance and  stayed together for four decades, so something did work! Chart 1 given below shows the natal chart of Al Gore (inner ring) and Tipper Gore (middle ring) and the current transits (outer ring)

Relationship Strengths

 Moon-Sun match (when one person’s Sun aspects the other’s Moon) is about having a sense of belonging.  Al’s Sun is in Aries and Tipper’s Moon is in Aquarius which shows a sense of ease with communication and friendship with each other. Sun-Venus: What is striking is that both have very close squares between each other’s Sun and Venus (less than a 1 degree). His Sun is 10 deg. Aries and her Venus is in 11deg. Cancer, and his Venus is in 26 degree Taurus and her Sun is in 26 degree Leo. That is a double square between Sun and Venus.  (Venus in relationships is about attraction and Sun is about the physical body and ego). Venus-Sun aspects are about mutual attraction based on admiration of the partner’s personality and looks. Since there is the double Sun-Venus square aspect, there was no doubt a lot of mutual admiration between them and they knew how to stroke each other’s ego, especially in the public. This was evident in their public display of affection – their cuddles and kisses.  However, since this is a square aspect, it is inherently a difficult one, and hence also includes tension and excitement. Mercury Aspects: Another one of their strengths evident in their relationship is their intellectual compatibility.  His Mercury conjunct her midheaven, and his Moon trine her Mercury (comfort through easy communication and intellectual stimulation).  Midheaven connections: Also his midheaven is opposite to her Mars (energy) and trine her Jupiter (enthusiasm).  She definitely offered a lot of positive energy to his public career.

Chart 1


 Relationship Challenges

Generally hard aspects between outer planets of one person with personal planets of another can cause tension that may make the relationship vulnerable to separation during certain transits.

Saturn Aspects:  Although used as evidence for longevity in relationships, Saturn aspects, especially the squares and opposition can be challenging and makes one more vulnerable to separation during specific transits; Al Gore’s Venus is square Tipper Gore’s Saturn conjunct Sun.  I have already discussed the Venus square Sun as having a tendency to create both attraction and tension. The Saturn in combination with Sun makes it more challenging.  Saturn in combination with Sun or Moon is a very reliable marker for depression, and she has openly discussed her lifelong struggles with it. The person who has the Saturn (Tipper) usually tries to restrict or undervalue the person who has the Venus (Al), since Saturn is about discipline and Venus is about feeling valued. In Tipper’s case this could have most likely occurred due to her own low self esteem and issues with depression.   However, there is no doubt that the Saturn-Sun combination in her chart squaring her husband’s Venus throws a heavy wrench in their relationship. Also, Tipper’s Moon is square his Venus.  Unfortunately, this relationship does not make a happy Venus for him. Al Gore has both Saturn and Mars in Leo conjunct each other in his first house which shows that he is very focused on what he wants and works hard for it.  This combination opposed Tipper’s Moon in Aquarius which is more freedom loving and is more about finding comfort in groups.  So his ambitious and hard working nature is a barrier to her finding emotional comfort. Neptune Aspects: Since both are born in the same year, they have their Neptune in the same position and this squares Tipper Gore’s Venus.  So not only does Ms. Gore has her Venus squared by her Neptune but also by her husband’s Neptune. Venus Neptune soft aspects are great for compatibility but with a square (hard aspect) between these planets it could be like constantly chasing after an ideal and being disappointed.  He could be unrealistic or sending confusing message about how he values her and she may need more concrete evidence of being loved. So her Venus like his does not receive much support. Venus-Mars Aspects: Venus Mars aspects, especially the conjunction and the oppositions are about sexual chemistry and attraction. Just Venus-Mars aspects may not be enough for long-term commitment but they do spice up a relationship. Unfortunately, this couple does not have these aspects,and along with Saturn square Venus aspect mentioned above, it may point to something important that is missing in the relationship

So a brief analysis shows that their relationship makes for a great friendship, ease of communication, warmth and admiration, public approval, ego boosting, but the sexual chemistry and the sense of being valued for their attractiveness and sexuality (Venus) is missing.

Recent Transits

So what happened in Early June, did they just decide to separate or has this been in the works for sometimes? Like I mentioned before when you have difficult inter-aspects between outer planets (Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto) of one partner to a personal planet (like Moon, Venus, etc.) of another, it makes the couple vulnerable to separation during strong transits. Hence relationships can break when strong transits aspects a challenging inter aspect between couples or if one or both of them are going through life changing transits which changes them to their core, and which in turn affects the relationship. In their case they had both happen.

From June/July of 2009, both Al and Tipper Gore are having powerful Neptune transits to their Sun/Saturn (Tipper) and Venus (Al) inter aspects discussed above. She has Neptune transiting her Sun/Saturn combo in Leo and he has the same transit to his Venus. She is receiving an opposing transit from Neptune while he has a square from Neptune, and since his Venus is square to her Sun/Saturn combo, this inter-aspect which is a very challenging aspect in their synastry is also being strongly triggered by Neptune.  As I mentioned above this inter-aspect is about Tipper’s Saturn controlling Al’s Venus which affects his sense of being valued by her. This is essentially what has been awakened in this transit – this inter-aspect between them.    For tipper, this is a very disconcerting time wherein her self-identity (Sun) and existing structures (Saturn) are being unraveled by Neptune, in a confusing or maybe spiritual manner. Since her Sun/Saturn combo is also about her battle with depression, the recent Neptune transit could be dipping into this issue. It could be that she is influenced by a spiritual group for the right or wrong reasons or is into drugs (Neptune related), or maybe wants to expand her boundaries through traveling and learning (Sun/Saturn combo in 3rd house transited by Neptune from the 9th) which is affecting her relationship (Saturn is the ruler of the 7th house). Neptune is also transiting Al Gore’s Venus in Taurus. It must be very hard for an earthy Taurus Venus to be squared by an ethereal flowing Neptune.  It could be that his ideal of what he wants in a relationship has been changed with the transit, or that he has been awakened to the important needs of his Venus that is being denied in the relationship with Tipper, or he has gone to wear some pretty rose colored glasses that in due time has caused disappointment. Since Neptune transits have been there since middle of 2009, major issue in their relationship does not seem to be a sudden revelation for them. It looks like it’s been brewing for a while.

Pluto Conjunct Moon in Al Gore’s Chart

This is again a pretty heavy transit from an outer planet to one’s personal planets (See Chart 1 for Pluto transiting Al Gore’s natal Moon).  For Al Gore it means that his emotional terrain is being transformed.  Many a times this conjunction causes issues with women. In 2006 a professional Masseuse accused Al Gore of sexually assaulting her but declined to be interview, so the matter was dropped.  However, the masseuse decided to open a criminal case in January 2009 and incidentally Pluto was to exactly conjunct his Natal Moon in Month of March 2009.  This transit is still active until end of December 2010.  In June 2010, the investigation was dropped by the Portland but again was reopened beginning of July 2010.  Other than the announcement of his divorce there were also rumors about affairs.  (Oh boy, does he have issues with women!).  His Moon in the 5th house of affairs and rules the 12th house of secrets and so any significant transits to the Moon could trigger or expose issues in this area (whether it be a true or false accusation), and Pluto usually digs deep, shovels, and turns around the area of one’s life that is being affected, so much that once the transit is over, the person does not view this area of life in the same manner anymore.  So any secrets belonging to his emotional terrain, security and comfort is as we speak being churned. However transiting North Node will also be conjuncting his natal Moon and then shortly, his Jupiter, which may mean that luck is on his side and the assaults and affairs may be put to rest.


Source: Karen Tumulty, “The Women Who Made Al Gore”,, August 14, 2000.


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