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Midpoint Research: Mars Uranus Midpoint and School Shootings

Midpoints are halfway points between any stellar bodies in the natal chart and incorporate the energies of both the parent bodies. Midpoints have been studied for many centuries in calculating Arabic parts, although the Uranian Astrologers, namely, Alfred Witte, Ludwig Rudolph, Hermann Lefeldt and Reinhold Ebertin take the credit in bringing forth the symmetry and harmonics that are involved in understanding midpoints. Midpoints are well suited for conducting astrological research. Studies in midpoints can be done in many different ways but a practical way of conducting the research would be as follows (this study was published in NCGR memberletter in April-May 2008):

  • Choose an event like winning the lottery (read the study on lottery winning) or a motor accident where the timing error is minimal. (When incidents such as weddings are used, it is important to remember that the person is conscious of the incident prior to the actual date and hence the energy associated with the event may have already been triggered).
  • Identifying midpoints that may be related to the event
  • Collecting data from a reputable source like Astrodatabank.
  • Creating a control group about 10 times that of the test group usually done through using astrological software.
  • Identify the occurrence of a planetary picture in the natal charts of both the test and control group
  • Statistical test to see if the difference between the test and control group is significant.

Mars-Uranus midpoints in Accidental Deaths Table 1 lists some of the midpoints that may be associated with accidental deaths: Table 1

Mars/Uranus = Ascendant Sudden injury (Witte, 1959, p.190) affecting one’s personality or body (I came up with this)
Mars/Uranus  = Sun Sudden injury affecting one’s body (Witte, 1959, p. 190)
Sun/Uranus=Mars Injury to the body (Witte, 1959, p.71) and hasty physical action (Ebertin, 1972, p. 83)

 All seventy-nine test subjects who had died in an accident involving an impact from a car, plane, or explosion were used as test subjects from the Astrodatabank database. A control group approximately ten times that of the test group was created. The occurrence of the planetary pictures in the natal chart was tested for both the control and test group. As seen in table, the midpoint Mars/Uranus=Sun was found significantly above the normal occurrence of 13% in the natal chart of those who had accidental deaths

Table 2

Midpoints Studied Test (%) Control (%) Percent Difference between test and control (%)
Mars/Uranus=Ascendant 13.3% 9.02% 32%
Mars/Uranus=Sun 17%  9.2% 47%
Sun/Uranus=Mars 10.66% 13.2% 24%
Sun/Uranus = Ascendant 13.3% 14.5% -9%
Sun/Mars = Midheaven 14.6% 12.6% 16%
Sun/Mars=Ascendant 13.3% 12.6% 5.6%

 When the data was tested using the t-test, the results for the planetary picture, Mars/Uranus= Sun was significant and hence not just a chance occurrence.  Based on the findings, one can question as to why the probability of the Sun being involved in the planetary picture associated with an accident could be significantly more as compared to the Ascendant, although both are sometimes interchangeably used in astrology to convey the idea of physical body. Does it mean that the Sun more than any other point in the body is the sole signification of a person’s body, the physical energy in the natal chart, while the Ascendant is more of the personality projected by the individual which is not all physical? Apart from lending a scientific angle to astrology, the thought provoking questions that give clarity to the different natal bodies and points are the main reasons for midpoint research. 

Midpoints in Mundane Events

Midpoints research can also be used in Mundane Astrology with a group of similar events.  Its significance can be seen when applied to events such as school shooting, which have become painfully familiar news in the recent years.  Although research (School Shootings, n.d.) on the web provided a list of school shootings both in the United States and outside (as of February 11, 2008), the time of shooting could be found only for thirty-two events.  Table 4 below gives the list of school shootings that was used for the study.  The goal of the research was to find out if appropriate planetary pictures that expressed the sudden violence can be found at the time of the shooting, in the location of the shooting.  To make sure that the events being selected had impact on the public, only those events where two people or more were shot and killed or injured were included in the study.  The event chart drawn at the time of shooting was checked for the planetary picture Mars/Uranus=Ascendant and Mars/Uranus=Midheaven. Mars/Uranus midpoints symbolize sudden violence, and Ascendant and Midheaven are some of the fast moving points in the time period of a day and can define the sudden violence (Mars/Uranus) projected through the persona of a city (Ascendant), and the identity and status of the location (Midheaven).  All 45 degree aspects were considered. Other than Mars/Uranus, Aries Point/Mars was also analyzed as it can characterize violence that is exposed to the public in a large scale.  Since the time of the events was usually based on eyewitness accounts, an error of 3 degree plus or minus was used.  Table 3 shows that the planetary picture Mars/Uranus=Ascendant was found in 31% or nearly one-third of the events charts analyzed at the time of the shooting.

Table 3

  Percentage of Charts with midpoint picture Normal Occurrence Comparison
Mars/Uranus=Ascendant 31.25% 13% 140%
Mars/Uranus=Midheaven 9.37% 13% -28%
VP/Mars=Ascendant 12.5 % 13% -4%
VP/Mars=Midheaven 15.63% 13% 20%

  This is significant when compared to the normal expected occurrence of this planetary picture in a 24 hr period, which is 13% (when a time frame of 3 degree plus of minus is used and all the eight 45 degree aspects are considered as in many Uranian techniques). The frequency of occurrence of the planetary picture Mars/Uranus= Ascendant was 140% more than that normally expected in a 24 hour period.  The role played of the ascendant makes sense as it symbolizes the image of the location where shooting has occurred. This is especially symbolic in school shootings, where the event is more than often referred to by the name of the city, like “Columbine School Shooting” or an important symbol of the city like “Virginia Tech School Shooting”. Although planetary pictures involving Aries Point/Mars were not significant, it is interesting to note that the planetary picture, Aries Point/Mars=Ascendant showed up in four of the school shootings that are one of the deadliest or got exposure because of other reasons, like Columbine (fifteen killed and fourth deadliest) and Virginia Tech (33 killed and deadliest US school shooting), Centennial Secondary School Killings (first school shooting in Canada, 3 killed and 13 injured), and Dunblane Massacre (17 killed and deadliest school shooting in United Kingdom). There has been other studies done on school shootings that appear to show the relationship between the role of Mars and school shootings like significant incidence of Mars retrograde, and Mars and Sun aspects like conjunction and opposition (Vaughan, n.d.) observed in the event charts.  The findings from midpoint research can be combined with other studies to create astro-signatures for specific events like school shootings. All in all midpoint studies are relatively easy to perform with a good potential for finding valuable correlations.

Table 4

  Location of Shooting, Date of Shooting Time  of shooting Midpoint Pictures Observed
1 Texas State University , August 1, 1966 11:48 am (Wiki) No correlation
2 Kent state, May 4, 1970 12:22 PM (Wiki) Asc = Mars/Uranus
3 Jackson State, May 15, 1970 12:05 am  (wiki) MC. = Mars/Uranus
4 Fullerton Library, July 12, 1976 Shortly before 9:00 am. (Wiki); 8:50 am No correlation
5 Parkway South Junior, January 20, 1983 11:55 am (Wiki) Vertex=Mars/Uranus
6 Simon Rock School, December 14, 1992 10:30 pm. (Wiki) Asc. and MC=Mars/Uranus
7 Lindhurst High School, May 1, 1999 2 pm (2)  Mc= Mars/Uranus.
8 Pearl High school, Oct 1, 1997 8:10 am (1) No correlation
9 Jonesboro shooting, March 24, 1998 12:40 pm (3) Asc.= Mars/Uranus
10 Thurston High School, May 20, 1998 Shortly before 8 am; 7:50 am (4) Asc. and Vertex=Mars/Uranus
11 Columbine school, August 24, 1992 11:19 am (2)  No correlation
12 Heritage High school, May 20 1999 8:03  am (Wiki) Asc. =Mars/Uranus
13 Applachian School of Law, January 16, 2002 1 pm (Wiki) Vertex= Mars/Uranus
14 John McDonogh High School, April 14, 2003        10:30 am (6) Asc and Vertex = Mars/Uranus
15 Red Lake High School, March 21, 2005       At 2:43 pm (Wiki) Asc = Mars/Uranus
16 Rocori high School, September 24, 2003   11:30 am(7) No correlation
17 Pine Middle School, March 21, 2005   8:55 am (Wiki) Vertex=Mars/Uranus
18 Campbell County High School, November 8, 2005   2:11 pm (8) No correlation
19 Amish shooting, October 2, 2006 11:07 am (Wiki) No correlation
20 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia  9:40 am (Wiki) No correlation
21 Success Academy School, October 10, 2007 1:15 pm (Wiki) Asc=Mars/Uranus
21 Louisiana Technical College, Feburary 8, 2008 911 call at 8:36 am (10);8:32 am Asc=Mars/Uranus
23 W.R. Myers High School After lunch; 12:15 pm Asc=Mars/Uranus
24 Centennial Secondary School, May 28, 1975 11:30 am (11) Asc=VP/Mars
25 Concordia University, 2:40 pm (Wiki) mC=Mars/Uranus
26 École Polytechnique, December 16, 1989 Minutes after 5:10 (Wiki); 5:20 pm No correlation
27 Dawson College, September 13, 2006 12:42 pm (Wiki) No correlation
28 Dunblane Massacre, March 13, 1996 Shortly after 9:30 am; 9:40 am (12) No correlation
29 Jokela school (Finland), November 7, 2007 11:44 am (Wiki) No correlation
30 Geschwister School (Germany), Nov 20, 2006 9:30 am (Wiki) Asc and Vertex= Mars/Uranus
31 Monash University (Australia), October 21, 2002 11:24 (Wiki) Asc and Vertex= Mars/Uranus
32 Erfurt shooting, Germany, April 26, 2002 11 am (Wiki) No correlation





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San Bernadino Shooting on December 2, 2015 at 10:59 approx. Although this is not school shooting, it is an example of violent act.   One can see from the 90 deg dial, that Mars Uranus midpoint = Midheaven for a transit chart that is drawn for city of San Bernadino for 10:57am. MC is away from the exact midpoint by about half a degree. Also on the day we have the t-square between Mars, Uranus and Pluto (this is why they are conjunct in the dial, as all hard aspects show up as conjunctions in 90 deg dial) and Pluto is also at the center of Mars Uranus midpoint. So the midpoint picture is Mars/Uranus = MC = Pluto.

mare uranus midpoint- san bernaridino shooting


6 COMMENTS on “Midpoint Research: Mars Uranus Midpoint and School Shootings

  1. Hi Tina, even if you have a midpoint like Mars/Uranus = MC, it only means that there is a greater potential for accidents to happen. We all have to die one way or another. In your chart, there is Jupiter/Uranus = MC which means there is chance for sudden luck like winning a lottery. Ps take note of my study done on Jupiter Uranus and lottery winnings at

  2. It is interesting that the Dunblane school shooting massacre – March 13, 1996, 9.28am, Dunblane, Scotland – shows Neptune = Mars/Pluto [00.00]

    Mars/Pluto = Superhuman power, force, brutality.

    Neptune = Mars/Pluto = Irreconciableness or implacability, cunning and deceitfulness, the tendency to cause harm to others secretly and unobtrusively.


    The orb of the planetary combination is ZERO.


    – Peter

    • Hello Peter- true, Mars Pluto midpoints are also important in violence incidents. Very interesting you bring up this point because I am just looking at a chart of a person with Sun=Mars/Pluto and there is a lot of obsession and compulsion when the person’s ego is threatened

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