Astrology Insight – February 2017

posted by AstroManda on February 7, 2017

astrology transits for November 2016This can be a very explosive and volatile month with abundant energy. You may become aware of things not working right in your life or the world around you and may feel the push to do something about it. All this will be brought to light with the February 26th Solar Eclipse.

MONTH OF ECLIPSES: February 2017 is powerful month with both a lunar and solar eclipse. If one these eclipses fall on your planets (conjunction or opposition) or an angle, then this planet is going to be put on the hot seat for the next few months.  It just means that there is going to be more focus in this area for a while – positively or in a challenging manner.


The lunar eclipse on February 11th is falling at 22 deg Leo is from the Saros cycle 114.  This Saros cycle began in the year 971 and the aspects show a delusion that is brought into light and the opportunity to come with a creative strategy to deal with it, and most of this may play out in the area of chart where the eclipse falls.   The solar eclipse on February 26th falling at 8 degree Pisces comes from the Saro Series 140 which has Pluto Jupiter conjunct each other and the main theme will revolve around success and use of power. The eclipse chart for 26th shows Sun/Moon making 45 degree aspect to Mars and Uranus in close orb conjunct Eris, the dwarf planet for war, opposing Jupiter.  This could bring disharmony and rebellion in both personal lives and the world at large – in order to create positive changes. You will experience this energy in a more personal manner if the eclipse hits one of your planets or angles wherein you may have to question something that was not fair or not done in the right manner.  You may start seeing this energy even few days before the eclipse.  Look at the house where 8 degree Pisces falls and this shows the area where the main drama will enfold.  The solar eclipse will exaggerate the nonconforming and rebellious energies around the world and will continue the theme of protests and disharmony in the context of use and abuse of power.  


Venus has been trailing Mars since January and will continue this dance while it enters the fiery sign of Aries. This will continue until the middle of the month, when Venus starts slowing down and prepares to retrograde on March 3rd. Mars and Venus join together in Aries to spice up the area they fall in the chart.  Aries is a physical and spontaneous energy and it is easy to give your heart away to the moment or be swept away by someone in the blink of an eye. If you are a person with a strong Aries energy, you may be goaded even more than usual to follow a passion even if for a short while.


Astrological Insight For February 2017Mars squares Pluto – between 18th and 23rd.  Mars and Pluto in the cardinal sign of Aries and Capricorn are at each other’s throat and this means intense power struggle and challenging issues in this period.  Beware of conflicts with others, especially with those in authority, and the need to work on tough projects.  This will probably strongly affect  those with planets in cardinal signs. Basically Pluto in combination with Mars removes the mask and the superficiality, strips us nude in order for us to face the flaws for what it is, and this is never easy.  Mars-Pluto says that we need to see our darkness and shadows to move on to the next phase .  Unfortunately, sometimes this mirror is brought to us by someone who is a bully and wants to intimidate us, at least in our perspective.

Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra opposing each other for a while now will continue to do so for the whole of Astrological Monthly InsigntsFebruary. This combo can bring the needed luck and support to remove obstacles, and basically get whatever is needed for growth and expansion. Since it is an opposition, it may take some work to create the necessary change.  Uranus opposing Jupiter in Libra could also mean innovative ways of relating to others. Jupiter turns retrograde on February 7th  and the energy becomes more internalized. Although, it is a good time to reflect on big things and dream the impossible, Jupiter retro is more about spiritual growth, religion and philosophy rather than about material abundance. Since Uranus is also about masses, in opposition to Jupiter, it is about pushing people to rise above their own issues to focus on humanity as a whole.This will be experienced most drastically by those who have planets in between 15 and 25 degree of the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer. 


After middle of the month, Mars joins Uranus in Aries, causing fireworks and disruption, aided by Jupiter.  Mars and Uranus is also about new activities, expressing anger in a creative manner, advocating for a cause, and changing how one reacts to the different triggers, etc.  So it all depends on how one chooses to channel this energy. Since the combination can also increase the nervous energy, it is easy to get into accidents due to impatience.  If you ever have been wanting to try out a new activity or workout, this would be a good time for it, as long as it is done safely. This energy peaks on February 26th when it is aspected by the solar eclipse. Watch out for a sudden surge of energy with heightened nervous and physical tension.   


Saturn and Hygeia in Sagittarius are conjunct from 5th to 15th of this month.  Hygeia is the asteroid for health and together they may bring focus on bones, body alignment, skin – all things that form boundaries and structure.  Physical therapy, forms of exercise that are about posture (yoga, pilates) are all stressed.  You may for example realize that your chronic pain is caused by sitting in the wrong way. The trine from Uranus in Aries may show new ways of movement and use of your body. This will be specifically beneficial for those who have their Sun between 20 to 27 degree of fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sag). 


Juno, the asteroid for intimacy starts off at cardinal point, 0 degree Capricorn.  The energy of a planetary body becomes lot more accessible in these degrees. So there will be a raised awareness about the idea of intimacy in relationships.  However, the square to Venus will also bring to light the challenge between superficial love and deep intimacy.  This takes on a more interesting hue with mars not too far off from Venus, bringing to light the eternal struggle of passion and lust vs intimacy. Can physical love be equated to the deep fusion of two souls? Can the fire of new love be the same as the silent understanding garnered by living together for years? Can one be let go for the other?


WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE STARS FOR YOU THIS MONTH. Are they being triggered by the eclipse? Do you have planets in Cardinal signs that is being aspected by the volatile Mars Uranus conjunction in Aries in opposition to Jupiter in Libra?

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