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Jupiter Pluto Aspects in Astrology

thQ0QCXLXVThis is an aspect of success, power and money.

 Jupiter  enlarges and expands everything and in aspect with Pluto it can cause big life transformations, extraordinary success,  dreaming big,  power play, the leader of the underworld, travel for transformation, big strategy, large financial projects,  huge ambition, etc.  So you get the point- it is success which either comes easy or with difficulty based on the kind of aspects you have in the chart.   Most people with Jupiter Pluto aspects are ambitious and determined to make it big.  If there is a group of people sitting in a meeting hearing the CEO talk, there is one person who is strategizing on how to become the next CEO or how to own his/her own company.  This person probably has the Jupiter Pluto aspect. If you take a look at the list of millionaires and billionaires, many  of them have this aspect.  But success is not all about money and it is different for each person.  Also, wealth includes real estate, gold, precious gems, owning businesses, knowledge, popularity, etc.   Not everyone who has one of  this aspect is going to become extremely rich, but they may at least find a reasonable amount of success unless there are other barriers in the chart that make it difficult to achieve their goals.  I ran a program to look at the chart of different people that have the Jupiter Pluto aspect and the one that came up was a client of mine who I remember  right away told me  that she wants to be not just rich but “very rich with lots of money”.   This is the drive I am talking about!  The “ordinary” is not enough for them. Will this lady really make it big? She definitely has the potential but the whole chart has to be checked to see if she has the persistence to work through the barriers that life may throw at her.  Without support from the rest of the chart, some people with this aspect may give up on their dreams too soon.  Another person I know started off small but she is extremely good at financial planning and strategizing and is pretty well off now. 

 Jupiter Pluto Conjunction:  Here the determination to be successful comes very natural and at a very early age. There is a sense of confidence and inner knowledge about the route that will lead them to power and success.  With the conjunction, the desire does not need any external push; the person is self motivated and works toward the goals.  Bill Gates (see chart below) has a tight conjunction between Pluto and Jupiter in Leo and he dropped out of Harward to pursue creating software for personal computers as he knew right away that this is his calling and route to success.  When he was in college, he made a phone call to sell his software to a company that was making the first set of personal computers. When he got the deal, he worked day and night to complete the program in a month. This is commonly seen in people with this combination. Another person who was determined to make it big was Pablo Picasso.  He was a voracious painter and completed more than 16000 cataloged paintings throughout his lifetime. He had Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Taurus and the midpoint was aspecting his natal Sun.  Also, he had Venus Neptune midpoint (creativity) aspecting his natal midheaven.  Bill Maher a very successful stand up comedian, television host author and an actor has this conjunction in Leo.  After he graduated from school, he sold pot to make the money needed to enter into comedy.  People with this conjunction are determined to do it one way or the other.   

bill gates

Jupiter Pluto Square and Opposition: Squares and Opposition are called hard aspects as they usually push the person to manifest.  There is a pressure, external or internal involved in these aspects.  Peter Gabriel is a successful song writer and lead musician for the popular band “Genesis” and he learnt to play piano from his mother at the age of nine, and formed his own band with other school friends when he was 17.  In the beginning, his band had some problem with the audio system so Peter came up with a creative idea of showing up for his concerts in different costumes, which increased the popularity of the band and more than distracted from any problems in the concert.   He had Jupiter Pluto opposition in Aquarius and Leo respectively and this combo makes aspects to Neptune which is the planet for music.  Also, the Jupiter Pluto midpoint aspects his natal midheaven.   People with Jupiter Pluto opposition tend to meet others  who have big impacts on their success. Jane Fonda (see chart below) has this opposition and  in the beginning studied art in Paris and upon returning  to the states took an acting workshop from Lee Strasberg.  He  told her that she had great talent.  This reassurance changed her whole life and then onwards she took her acting seriously.  She said “I went to bed thinking about acting. I woke up thinking about acting. It was like the roof had come off my life!” 

jane fonda

With the square between Jupiter and Pluto, there is often a difficulty in early childhood or other barriers in life that needs to be overcome to make it big.   Giovanni “GiorgioMoroder was born the son of innkeepers in Ortisei, a small town in far Northern Italy.  At 15, he bought a guitar and by 19 he was trying to earn a living as a musician.  For some time he worked as a recording technician and then produced some music which did well but did not bring him the big success and popularity that he wanted.  This is when he started to make his own electronic music and since his voice was not the best, he hired Donna Summers to sing for him. The music was hot and he became popular. By the time he made it big, he was forty-seven and he deserved every bit of it. 

Jupiter Pluto Trines and Sextiles.  Trines and Sextiles are easy aspect and the person tends to make it big without a lot of difficulty.  Of course as with all easy aspects, sometimes the person may lack the motivation and end up being lazy in spite of the help from the Universe.  Jerry Seinfeld (see chart below) has a sextile between Jupiter and Pluto. He started off as a stand up comedian and in 1988 he aired his own show “Seinfeld”, and this one show brought him enough money to make him one of the top ten richest actors in the world.  His networth is around 500 million.  In 1988 his solar arc ascendant was aspecting the Jupiter Pluto midpoint.  If you look at his chart – his Jupiter Pluto sextile gets  help from Neptune (TV/movie) and Mercury (communication) through additional sextiles.

jerry seinfeld

Do you have the Jupiter Pluto aspect? Do you think you are ambitious?  How is it expressed in your life? Please share with us. 

If you need a reading of you birth chart for relationships, career, finance, etc,  please contact me.


25 COMMENTS on “Jupiter Pluto Aspects in Astrology

  1. WOW! Excellent Article. Enjoyed reading it. I know 2 people with the square between Jupiter and Pluto and they both have rental properties and manage them. Sure they are wealthy although one of them started off as a teacher. I feel like they are smart and plan well. Thanks

    • Hello Janine. Yes! some people with this aspect do have real estate especially if Jupiter is in the sign of Taurus. With the square, I am sure they persisted to create the wealth. Jupiter Pluto is not quick or sudden like Jupiter Uranus – patience and strategy pays off here.

  2. I have the square with Uranus conjunct Pluto. Ambitious? No not really, but when I set my mind to do something, I get it done…come hell or high water.

    • Hello – thanks for your feedback. Determination is for sure a trait of the jupiter Pluto aspect but also the ability to go after their dreams – which is not always connected with money – it could be any other goal but there is that will to make it happen and find success in it. One person that I know has the node right at the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto and for this person connecting with large groups of people was important and she is pretty successful at that….

  3. I have Jupiter in Pisces (in the first house) trine Pluto in Sagittarius (in the ninth house, conjunct my midheaven). I don’t currently know what exactly I want to pursue in the future, but I definitely dream big. All my life I have dreamt of wealth. I have my Jupiter and Pluto in a grand trine with my Mars in Leo (in the sixth house), and I have a Leo stellium in the sixth house as well, so I imagine that I can be in a position of leadership, or that I’d do my own thing and possibly start a company, or something of the sort.

  4. well… a trine of jupiter (5th) with Pluto (1st)

    a lot of my time (life) spent in this metamorphosis of Pluto in 1st and some other aspect. I am 40 now, I recently left a job, and I am done with jobs. People around me are worried for me. But I know it is time (if not a bit late) to have my own thing.

    I dont dream of a shop, lol.. I think of a frenchise and international ventures.. I totally understand the work it will involve, with SUN in 4th house, I am actually more settled and energetic now than I was before.

    I hope your prediction of money and fame and success (which has nothing to do with more money but achieved ambitions) are true.. seriously sister – I need a healthy dose of it 🙂

    I am so enchanted by your site, I wrote on a number of topics,, better give you rest


  5. I find I’m extremely, extremely ambitious even though I’m not quite sure what I want to do yet and I’m still very young!! All I know is I want to live a life which is out of the ordinary in a positive way whilst being materially comfortable! I have Sun conjunct Jupiter and Pluto in Scorpio (2nd house)

    • Maddie, Pluto in 2nd house can bring wealth especially in aspect to Jupiter but it is important to ask yourself if money is often related to feeling powerful – because with Pluto in 2nd house power is about having strong values rather than money.

  6. Hey Manda,

    I have pluto in 5th and jupiter in 11th aspecting eachother i do dream big but has fear too. What is there for me..? Please help md.

  7. I am Sun in Sag. I have Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus in my 1st house in Virgo, and Saturn Rx & North Node in my 8th House of Aries. Venus & S. Node in 2nd House Libra. I rose to the top quickly!
    Thank you for your article????????

  8. Hi!d
    I have Jupiter in 7th (Gemini) trine
    Pluto in 10th (Libra).
    I’m very ambitious and buy and sell real estate.But also have problems with lawyers.

  9. This year the transit Jupiter is in my 10th and transit Pluto is in 2nd.
    I FEEL VERY STRONG that my life must be changed from the profound. I also think big knowing that sucess goes hand in hand with hard work and planning is very essential.My pluto in 10th gives me sometimes much power but then the power will be put away from me (enemies…).
    So jupiter-pluto works only if you have a very big dream and vision of it and stay obsessed with your dream and try to live it.

  10. I have jupiter (Sagittarius) conjunct Pluto (scorpio) in 8th house trine venus in cancer conjunct sun in Leo, mercury in Leo, moon in cancer abd asteroid apollo all in fourth house. Grand water trine of venus saturn Pluto…
    What does these configurations say about me.

  11. Dear all, I have a question if I’m allowed to ask,

    When I look at my natal chart, I see a trine from my jupiter in cancer (12th house) to my ‘stellium’ of mercury-sun-pluto in scorpio (4-5 house intersection close conjunction 3 degrees off meec-pluto). I can’t find any literature about these aspects all combined. How can I interpret this in respect to my study/carreer and my chance to succeed?

    Besides I also have 29′ degree Cancer ascendant exactly on midpoint jupiter-pluto.

    This is a rather difficult question, sorry for that! But I need a little faith to succeed and nowadays there is little faith.

    Sincere regards,

  12. I have Jupiter (in Pisces, 11th house) biquintile Pluto (in Libra, 6th house). I can’t find much information about quintiles or biquintiles. Do most astrologers ignore this type of aspect?

  13. I have the square between Jupiter and Pluto in my natal. I am a rather successful and well to do entrepreneur. Finanically I do extremely well and continue to do so because of my willingness to think big and take action.

    • KJ. I am glad you are able to use this wonderful aspect to find success in your life. You are right that Jupiter Pluto is
      about grand plans and the ability to dream big. Thanks for sharing

  14. Hi, Thanks for such an informative article. I have jupiter pluto opposition in aries and scorpio respectively and I am a pisces ascendant. What does this show? I have a strong push from within to do something for a cause higher than myself.

  15. My son has a jupiter/pluto conjuction at the midheaven. Midpoint *is* the midheaven. All trine his Sun in the second. He is just 10 yet it worries me he may grow obsessed with money/power.

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