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Planets Conjunct Angles in Astrology

QueenPlanets conjunct angles are given VIP seats in your life. They are major players as angles are the most personal points of your chart. They are created by the intersection of your personal space with the universal space. The four important angles on a chart are the Ascendant (cusp of the 1st house) Descendant (cusp of the 4th house), Midheaven (cusp of the 10th house) and IC (cusp of the 4th house). When you have many planets around an angular houses or conjunct an angle, then there is an emphasis on a angular disposition, which means you have a strong need to express the energy of the planets that are conjunct  the angles.   There is the power to manifest with planets in angular houses. People with lot of planets in angular houses feel like they are on a mission to do something important in this life and people can sense this fire. They don’t sit around waiting for things to happen, but they tend to take charge of their goals.

Gauquelin did a very detailed research where he found that planets conjunct either side of the angles are related to prominence.   Whether a planet fall close to the ascendant or midheaven pre or post rising/culmination, it is very important and to a lesser extent (but still significant) are planets that fall either side of the descednant and IC (ileum coli).  He showed the Mars was found significantly more  in sectors around the angles in eminent athletes, and likewise Moon was found around the angles for writers,  etc. 

The planets influence varies depending on the angle its conjunct, how close it is located to the angle and whether it is debilitated or strengthened based on the zodiac sign. A planet located on an ascendant has a different kind of influence than a planet located on the descendant, because they have a different purpose. A point to remember is that a planet conjunct an angle could be prominent but does not necessarily mean it brings harmony as this depends on the aspects it makes with other planets.

Planets conjunct Ascendant: Ascendant is the mask or the filter through which one sees the world, and it is also what is projected to the outside. Ascendant shows the lens in front of us.  If you are a Virgo rising, you see the world as something to be fixed.  You enter into a room your eyes immediately identifies what is dirty, needs repairing, needs to be tidied, etc.  If you have cancer rising, then you look through the lens of safety and security, ask yourself if this is a safe place to venture out. I’ve noticed that with planets close to the ascendant, there is an instinctive understanding and clarity of the planet’s energy (the tighter the orb, more the clarity). It is as if there are born with a special understanding of this energy. The planet in the first house, especially close to the Ascendant, is not easily influenced by culture, peer group, family, etc. How much of it is openly expressed depends on the sign, aspects, whether it is retrograde, etc, but the internal awareness of this energy is always present. For example if someone has Uranus conjunct the ascendant, then they have a special connection to all that this planet indicates. From early on, they may be original, independent thinkers, believers of personal freedom, etc., even if they were raised in an environment that does not value these traits. The planet near the ascendant works in a natural instinctive manner without much outside influence or the need for validation. If the conjunction is really tight, the person could be a poster child for the planet, and they project the energy of the conjunct planet in a very direct manner. If the planet conjunct an angle is retrograde, then the person may internalize the energy and althought they may not express it outwardly, it can bring it out in their values, thought process, belief system, etc.  Also, the sign plays an important role. For example if the Ascendant is Scorpio,  then the planets may  have a  harder time projecting their leadership energy, since Scorpio rising tends to be secretive. 

Planets conjunct Descendant: Planets close to the descendant shows how we interact with others and what kind of energy is recieved in these interactions.  This is the place where you are asked to look into the mirror. First house is what you project to the world and seventh is what is projected on to you (especially if you are not in connection with the specific energy) Someone with Saturn in the first house in a tight orb to the ascendant could end up being a poster child for all that Saturn signifies – tradition, believer of rules, respects authority, etc. If the same Saturn is conjunct the descendant, then the person may want safety, security, permanence, etc,, in their relationships, or/and they attract people who express the Saturn energy. They may find themselves attracting people who are conservative, older folks (or those who behave older), authority figures, people who push them into following rules, and this may also lead to conflicts since it opposes the ascendant. This may be more so if the person rejects the 7th house energy and less of an issue if the person embraces it. The more the rejection, the more the energy is projected through people that we attract into our lives. A person who has Mars conjunct descendant needs to make place for this energy and express passion in how they interact with others, otherwise they make attract angry people with negative characteristics of Mars into their life.

Planets conjunct Midheaven (MC) : MC is the area that shows what one puts out to the world in terms of accomplishment, career, success, etc. It has the energy of the 10th archetype like that of Saturn. It also describes one’s dominant parent and in general the kind of relationship one has with people in authority, like parents, employers, boss, etc. This area is also about the ego and so a planet conjunct the MC will try to express its energy in a conscious but egoistic manner. Moon conjunct MC may be expressed as a need to mother everyone and may choose a career where this can be consciously expressed. This is not the selfless giving seen in 12th house because here the Planet demands some attention and reward for the energy it is putting out to the world. The Moon in here wants to be appreciated for its caring and caretaking abilities. It also shows that the mother played a dominant role (positive or negative) in the person’s life. Sun in here commands and demands respect. Of course if you have two or more planets, then the energy is modified. For example Sun conjunct Neptune here reduces the ego need of the Sun and may be expressed as the need to be selfless and service oriented.

Planets conjunct the Imum Coeli (IC) or the Nadir: Imum Coeli is the 4th house cusp and in latin means the “bottom of the sky”. Nadir is the northern most (lowest) point in the chart and is opposite to the MC. It signifies one’s emotional quality, one’s family, root, home and land. The planets here are expressed in an internalized and subjective manner as opposed to the MC where it is externalized. The energy here acts on the internal rather than the external.  So Sun in the Nadir is expressed in a very different way than Sun conjunct MC. Sun in Nadir throws light on one’s internal dynamics and feelings rather than seeking  approval and attention from others. Jupiter in the 4th house is a great placement as the person generally has a positive outlook.  However, Uranus here can mean frequent change in home and family,  restless emotions,  and lack of stability, etc.   Planets in the IC are expressed better when the person accepts this energy in their life.  So planets in the Nadir play a big role in developing the internal emotional strength of the person. Moon conjunct Nadir is expressed in a very intuitive, caring manner with a deep connection to family, home and everything that signifies their roots, and they usually have the ability to find comfort within themselves. Pluto conjunct the IC has an instinctive strength to undergo experience (sometimes crisis) to transform and transcend emotionally especially through experience in family. The negative side to this placement is the heightened sensitivity to pain which can pull one into depression and dark moods, especially with difficult transits from outer planets or Chiron.


54 COMMENTS on “Planets Conjunct Angles in Astrology

  1. Fantastic article! I’ve Neptune on Midheaven and wasn’t sure of work and career for a long time. Always wanted to be in some sort of service field. Recently listened to my heart and switched career and I am a lot more happy with what I do. True what you said about Neptune in MC – “need to selfless”

  2. I loved this! I have Saturn conjunct my IC, Mars conjunct MC and Neptune is 8 degrees from my AC. I have a lot to learn and this has helped. Thanks!

    • Hello Leslie, thanks! the more planets conjunct an angle, there is more chance for prominence. With Mars conjunct MC is an indication of physical component in one’s career. One of my clients with Mars conjunct MC teaches Yoga and is a massage therapist.

  3. Hi, interesting stuff 🙂 Have Jupiter (1st) sun, mercury + uranus (exact conj to each other) in close conjuction to asc on what I hear is the ‘more powerful side of a con – this case the 12th house), with pluto conj mercury and uranus, but not asc. Above are in libra (libra sun + asc), pluto in virgo, with venus in virgo. Also mars in capricorn exactly on nadir. But of a motherload! Nice to have the asc and nadir rather than mc and desc I find, personal thing I guess. For me the mars on nadir (which i’ve seen refered to as ‘the hand of god’) is like a steady powerhouse at the base of everything, made sense once I saw this and articles like this. Also, never got a decent ‘reading’ of my chart as so few astrologers con incorporte the aspect to angle side of a 12th house stellium like that… Thank you!!

  4. Hello, AstroManda! Loved this article…. It really helped me because I have a stellium of six planets conjunct my Imum Coeli in Capricorn (Mars, Uranus and Neptune in the 3rd House; and Saturn, Venus and Mercury in the 4th House). So I guess, according to your interpretation, I derive a lot of my strength and motivation from inside. That is quite true.

  5. My ascendant is at 15 degrees Libra, Moon is at 16, Jupiter at 18, and Mars at 23(all conjunct from first house). I also have mercury at 10 degrees Libra, conjunct ascendent from the 12th house.
    I also have Uranus and Neptune conjunct at 18.16(Uranus) and 18.26(Neptune) and conjunct my Nadir is at 16.49.

    • That is a lot of angular energy which shows you are not hear to take a backseat. Moon angular people can easily bring out their caring and nurturing personality, especially with Jupiter. I am just thinking it must be easy for people to be around you. I know someone with this kind of combo who just moved to a new place without knowing a single person and in few months they have people buzzing around them.

  6. I was born during the 60s Uranus/Pluto Virgo conjunction. They straddle my IC within a degree with Pluto in the 3rd, Uranus in the 4th. They oppose Chiron in Pisces at the MC in the 9th, Saturn about 8 degrees away in the 9th and the astroid Ceres in PIsces a couple of degrees from the MC in the 10th. They all square my Sun/Mercury conduction in Sag. I naturally have access to a lot of energy, at times it can feel volcanic.

    • I have similar kind of configuration involving my ascendant and yes it can be intense but it is also a configuration which is helpful to manifest things. When you look at people who created or made things happen, they usually have hard aspects like square or oppositions involving angles. Also, look for any trines or sextiles from any of your planets (Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Chiron, Sun/Mercury) and as they may be the ones that give you support and a break. Lot of times people with major t=square do not know how to use the trines to their advantage.

  7. I wonder if there’s anyone with Uranus conjunct the IC and how they feel this manifests in their life. I have this placement and personal freedom is of utmost importance to me. I don’t take orders or a sense of limitation well. I have lived in many places. I don’t have a strong family bond. I work for myself. Above all, I feel like an alien on this planet.

  8. I thought I would answer Grail on Uranus conjunct the IC. I would venture such a placement would show a family that has been split off from all different directions for the native. It’s likely early family moved a lot. It’s probable there was a parent who was hard to deal with either from mental illness, eccentricity or mania of some sort. He or she was fanatical or obsessed. Home was not stable. Likely there was a lot of moving around. Home for the native is an uncomfortable place, but one is always searching for it. Later in life there is a loneliness for family. One sees a larger family in humanity. One’s own emotions can be unpredictable and changeable; it is probable you know something at a feeling level that will soon become concious. People undergoing troubles in far distant places almost feel like family. Person will have a sense of destiny or purpose that is counter to the times one lives in. Person is his own counter culture. Person mines the past for overlooked inspiration- for new and novel. Let people you love have some space or you the revolutionary could devolve to the tyrant they want escape from. Your career will be unusual and unpredictable. I would advise the native be a freelancer. All this is from my own personal inspiration, and I discourage anyone from putting great weight into it. I advise professional counsel.

  9. Hi Grail, I don’t have uranus on the 4th house cusp but i have the moon there square uranus and totally agree with everything you say. I have experienced the same issues. Freedom, lived in many many places don’t take kindly to orders. I work for myself at home and don’t have a strong family bond. And of course the alien thing is true for me as well.

  10. Silvano, I have Uranus in my Ascendant square Moon conjunct my MC, and I have similar experience but related to my career – lot of changes. Things got better when I accepted that change is going to part of my career path.

  11. I know a guy who has Chiron -2 degrees away for angle- and Mars -7 degrees away- in the 1st conj Asc plus Pluto in the 6th house -4 degrees away- and Uranus in 7th house -7 degrees again- in the 7th. I’m wondering how does it work the combination of Pluto/Uranus wanting intensity/freedom and what is the role of Chiron here.

  12. Great aricle, I have pluto in 4th house and in conjuction with IC but also Saturn in 6th house in conjuction with Desc.
    What it means if a planet is in diffrrent house but conjuct an angle? It is like I have saturn in 7th or not?
    Thank you!

    • The planet conjunct an angle is strong even if its not in a angular house, as long as It is close to the angle. If someone has Saturn in 6th conjunct Descendant, the person will still attract people who embody the Saturn characteristics – wise, authoritarian, wise, mature, etc.. but Saturn’s energy will also play out in the 6th house of work, health, which means they may meet Saturn kind of people in their workplace (not just in personal relationships).

  13. Tank you for your job, i apreciate. I m virgo rising, and have pluto conjunct mars conjunct ac and moon conjunct mc in gemini. I’ m a architect and i think i can do a good job… But i’m working with my moon on mc, my needy little child ;-/, my little jocker..I need to speek and lugh while i m working … There are a lot of emotions on the mc… Not easy to andle with pluto conjunc ac.????thank you

  14. Like Grail, I have Uranus conjuct IC, in Scorpio, opposition to my Taurus sun. I find as I advance through life my initial upheavals were very much external in youth — constant moves, unstable/fractured family life, rebellion, running away — to internal upheavals later on. I’m constantly hungry for ideas, novel ideas or ideas that upset established orders, or innovate ways of thinking that others often find uncomfortable. My worldview is adaptable and fluid, and unlike many of my peers who seem set in their ways at this stage of life (30s), I am much more willing to retrace my steps, absorb new information, and admit that my prior way of thinking was off-course and change to a new direction. As in youth, I am distrustful of authority and will not take well to it. I find this aspect has been very hard to deal with and runs counter to my native Taurean desire for stability, so much so I find there’s little about me that resembles a Taurus anymore, other than qualities involving Taurus’s ruler, Venus.

  15. I’m interested in how you would weight planets that are closely aspecting angles, with aspects other than a conjunction.
    I think your analysis of planets closely conjunct angles is spot on. I have Moon conjunct M.C in Virgo [1 degree orb]
    I also have a 12th house Neptune in Sag tightly square this Moon / M.C conjunction. It’s certainly a strong influence. It’s caused havoc with my career in terms of being taken advantage of / public scandal & loss etc. I’m trying to work out a better manifestation of it since it’s clearly influential.
    I also have Uranus & Mercury closely sextile A.C. Hence my interest in how strong an influence these other aspects generally have

    • Vanessa, it is true that conjunction is not the only aspect that are important with angles Any close aspect to the angle play an important role in life.
      And you gave a great example of it with your Neptune squaring Moon/MC. If a planet is trine or square MC with a tight orb, then the energy of that planet seeks a public expression, probably through your career. However with the hard aspect, (square and oppositions), the person needs to make it work, there is a challenge, external or internal that needs to be worked out. With Neptune squaring your MC, it is important that you do something from your heart, not just for money or status. Also, look at careers that can incorporate Neptunian energies in a positive manner, maybe like working for a non profit organization, hospitals, prisons, or other service oriented areas, where your Neptune energy may be accepted more readily.

  16. What could you say about Mars (3rd house Leo and makes a grand trine in fire signs with Sun & Pluto if this is of any significance) in tight conjunction with the IC? I can’t figure out it’s meaning or find any info anywhere!

    • Hello Nicole Your grand trine between Mars Pluto and Sun can be powerful if you use it right. This can be useful in focusing your energy in a challenging project, especially something that is physical, like athletics, sports, exercise, etc. But Mars in the IC could mean that you grew up in an environment where anger was very prominent and you witnessed or experienced power struggles with others. Since Mars is in 3rd, maybe there was a conflict with a sibling who was very authoritative or acted superior. In response, you may have a lot of anger in you, or can get frustrated easily. However, having grand trine may have helped in channeling some of the anger in a positive way. Anyway having this grand trine is a blessing and I hope that you put it to good use through taking on some challenging activities. Mars Pluto combo has a lot of will power and staying power.

  17. Thanks for this great article. The explanation you made about how the person’s ascendant works is very interesting. Would you please give an example about how a Leo ascendant person would see the world? Thanks!

  18. Interesting article! How about having Jupiter Rx in Leo at 0 degrees in 7th House? Jupiter Rx also forms the apex of a YOD, forms the apex of a YOD, it’s inconjunct to Moon in Sagittarius 11th House and inconjunct to Sun in Pisces in 2nd House. Sextile is between the Sun and Moon. Can you shed some light please?

    • aphrodite, with 7th Jupiter conjunct Descendant and forming a yod to Moon and Sun, your jupiter actually falls at the midpoint of Sun and Moon, and this could mean that relationships are supposed to be fortunate for you (unless there are other aspects affecting it), and the relationships happens sometimes without much choice – you get pulled into it.

  19. Thanks for this article. I have been interested in astrology for over a quarter of a century, but feel as if I am still learning. I have been attempting to study Venus quintile Neptune – and started noticing the cardinal points again in my chart. Venus, in Capricorn in 9th, is conjunct mid-heaven, exactly quintile Neptune which is exactly on my descendant. Mars is conjunct my Aries ascendant but in 12th, and a Jupiter Uranus conjunction also conjuncts Nadir. All of the points are lit up. This is a T-square but not a grand cross, as Venus is out of orb for the cross. I actually have two T-squares, linked by trines and sextiles. My Sag Moon, by the way, falls halfway between the Venus/Neptune Quintile.
    I don’t have a question about it, I’m just still trying to figure it all out. Venus also makes no major aspects, and is co-ruler – I have Taurus intercepted in 1st. Am I Mars with its hidden energy in 12th, or Venus showing up so close to the Mid-heaven? I wish I knew! (Aquarius, actually.)
    Second T-square, in case you’re interested, is Sun/Mercury conjunction opposing Pluto and all square Scorpio Saturn in 7th – which exactly trines Jupiter in 4th. (It’s a “glass half empty, or half full?” type of chart, and I’m trying to figure out how to make positive use of it.

    • Hello Nancy Quintiles show innate skills in a person. Venus conjunct MC quintile Neptune shows that you are artistic, have any eye for color, or music. etc. This is an artsy aspect and maybe you somehow bring this energy in your career. Jupiter Uranus conjunction can bring sudden luck especially with regards to family, home, real estate.

  20. For my solar return, I can stay in my location and have the sun & venus in the 10th house but more than 10 degrees away from the MC, or travel to a place that will place Sun & venus in a very tight conjunction with the MC but technically be in the 9th house. If I really want to make positive changes in my career (in screenwriting for film) which chart will have the STRONGER POSITIVE effect: place the planets in the 10th house but far away from MC, or placing them in the 9th house conjunct the MC?

    Thank you so much!

    • Lia, closer to the angle, there is more power. Gauquelin’s research showed that area of 9th and 12th, which are close to the Midheaven and Ascendant respectively, are more powerful than the 10th and 1st. So if you really want an
      impact, travel to an area where Sun and Venus on MC. Good Luck

  21. Hi Grail! I have Uranus onjunct my IC as well and well, yes, “your not the boss of my” is something that’s practically written across my forehead; people kind of feel that energy from me. I’m close to my sister and father, sometimes my broder, but that’s it, I feel I’ve made other people my family.Saturn conjuncts my IC too

  22. This makes sense…I have Pluto, Moon, Chiron all conjunct the 4th house, along with Mars in the 4th as well, and then Saturn conjunct the MC…Craziness much? very much so…

  23. Hi, DOB:AUG. 6, 1970. I’m a Leo. 7-8 conjunctions in 1st house. Virgo Rising, Pluto in Virgo, Uranus in Libra, moon in Libra, Venus in Virgo.All in my 1st. Mars in Leo in 11th house. Mercury in Virgo in 12th. Neptune in Scorpio…..

    • With Uranus exactly on your angle (Ascendant), your actions and behavior are very independent and different from the crowd. If your Uranus was retrograde, then most of the trend setting views are internal but otherwise people see you as someone who is not afraid to be different. As always some people will like you for it while others (more Saturnian kind) may get threatened,

  24. I have a stellium that seems to make it difficult to get a good reading (maybe because it’s like, how do you blend all that to interpret it together?). I have Saturn at 15 libra, mercury retro at 18, moon at 20, MC at 22, Jupiter at 23, Pluto at 24 libra, all sextile Venus,Neptune, acsendant in sag. Poor Uranus and mars are a bit left out. My sun is a 9 degree hop from Pluto at 3 Scorpio. I always land on my feet, always get help from family (very loving). Saturn destroys me in the best ways (I.e. Drop out of school a few times, but w persistence and help from family, get graduate degree.) there should be tons of stellium people out there, but it’s hard to find good articles about how to interpret them.

  25. Hi Astromanda and thanks, I have uranus conjunct pluto and mars at a wide conjunction with my IC in virgo opposite saturn in pisces which blocks a bit all this energy that is still very strong. But now that neptune is about to reach my saturn in pisces i’m kind of exploding like a volcano lots of energy that i am trying to channel in very important projects (saturn) but also many daylight dreams. Consider that my neptune is conjunct to my vertex.

    • Hello Zazle, thanks for your comment. yeah, Saturn can offer resistance to the Uranus Pluto energy but the
      idea is to find balance between them. Many people born in middle 1960s have this opposition. Be warned though that when Neptune
      hits your Saturn, there may be some chaos in the area that Saturn is located. So check to see if there is anything that needs fixing in this area. When I had this transit, there was chaos because of a contract that was not done right. Good Luck 🙂

  26. Astromanda, what if I have Sun, mercury, Uranus conjunct in the 10th house but all squared by Saturn except for Neptune which is also in the 10th not conjunct to the planets but conjunct to the Mc. How does this play out?

    • Hello Charot, with Neptune in MC first of all. you need to choose a career (or what you put to the world) that comes from your heart, otherwise it does not really work. The many planets in the 10th, show that career is important for you but squared by Saturn or you may be asked to play certain roles that you don’t want to…or there are some barriers (mostly due to responsibility or people who stand in the way) in reaching your goals. Which house is Saturn located and what house does it rule- where you experience restriction may depend on this.

  27. I’m curious as to how strongly you would rate aspects to angles other than the conjunction?
    Uranus clearly influences my chart. Its obvious in the unusual relationships i have, & that people have always seen me as ‘different’. I keep all my lovers as good friends, tend to end up happily in three way relationships without trying , have had lovers both 13 yrs younger & older, and they’ve all been a certain type of independent, progressive, talented personality……… Uranus is strengthened in my natal by being in 11th house Scorpio, & conjunct my North node. It’s also part of a grand trine with Venus, Mercury, & Mars. Uranus is also in a 1 degree sextile to my AC & a 1 degree trine to my DC. I’m starting to wonder if it’s the trine to the DC that’s responsible for the highly unconventional relationships……
    I also have stationary Neptune in 12th house Sagittarius, in a 1 degree square to Moon tightly conjunct MC in Virgo. This square definitely dominates my chart & the way my life has been shaped to date, but i think it’s the Neptune rather than the Moon energy that is strongest. Again i’m guessing this is because Neptune is stationary & strengthened in it’s own house, while closely aspecting an angle gives it the strong outlet….

  28. Fantastic article!!
    I have Uranus conjunct Ascendant, not so tight, but I can definitely feel it. I love Independence, but what worries me is that this Uranus is opposite my DC, which means men I attract are quite uranian and unstable. I don´t know if that means I´ll end up single all my life as I haven´t a stable long serius relationship with anybody till now, and I´m not so young anymore. Any advice to get over this Uranus opp DC??

    • Lou, I don’t think having Uranus conj Ascendnant is the main reason that you are attracting partners that are unstable, unless your Uranus is aspecting Venus. It could be that you are projecting your need for independence by choosing partners that reflect this attitude. This is more true for those who have retrograde Uranus wherein it is more difficult to express your uniqueness through action. I also have Uranus tightly conjunct ascendant and this make you look at the world in your own unique manner – you are not easily influenced. Whether you openly rebel or not, you are still a rebel of sorts. For partners, look at aspects to Venus, ruler of 7th house (where is Sun situatied), aspects to planets in 7th house and 7th house ruler (Sun)

      • Thank you for answering!!! Could it be that my venus is in virgo, trine Lilith and Chiron in 7th in Taurus, but my DC is in Aries (have both signs intercepted in 7th). I mean, the ruler of my 7th should be Mars, isn´t it? And also Venus. Both are in 11th in Virgo. Or maybe is the opposition Uranus vs Lilith-Chiron . Uranus is sextile my Venus, don´t think that could be the reason, but maybe.

  29. Hello Astromanda,I have Saturn conjunct DC in Aries,Neptune conjunct IC in Capri,oppositing Cancer MC.Indeed I often attract satunian people or feel isolated in sociaty.By the way,how to understand the Neptune conjunct IC aspect?Am I deeply sensitive and fantastic?Is it a challenging matter in career?

  30. Hi Manda

    Im really interested in your take of sun and saturn/pluto conjunct MC in libra. Sun is in 9th house and saturn/pluto in 10th. I want to know if career is supposed to be hard or easy and is that a self destructive placement
    Thanks very much

    • Hello Ambrose, it shows that although you may have opportunities to shine in you career, your career path could be transformational and challenging. The Saturn Pluto could also indicate the kind of career you have chosen, maybe something that deals with challenging situations. Also, sometimes Saturn pluto is about delay, or a rocky difficult climb to get where you want to go that takes time and resources

  31. Hi AstroManda,

    Thank you for this article! I have always been searching for angular planets info though sadly there isn’t much out there and most of it I don’t resonate with. Your article is spot on! I have Venus tight conjunct (1degree) my IC. I have always been searching the meaning for that aspect and I had a hard time acknowledging my Venus, it was only a few years ago that I started to allow this side of me emerge, and now I realised it’s a very important part of me! Although I am not sure I quite grasped how the energy of the planets conjunct IC is like, when you mean they are more internalised?

  32. I have Pluto Rx conjunct ascendant H1 in Scorpio. I also have Saturn Rx conjunct Mars (D) in H1 Scorpio. But then Saturn is in a tight trine with my Sun conjunct Mercury H5. It’s… interesting to say the least.

    Jupiter just transited my ascendant, and is now about to run over my Pluto. Wow, when good transits go bad, christ. I’m drawing bad energy from others like it’s my job. Uranus has been transiting my Descendant recently as well, and will oppose my Pluto next year. Scary. I could use some insight on that if you’re willing.

    At the same time, transiting Saturn will conjunct my Neptune, then Jupiter, all while transiting Neptune will conjunct my Sun/Mercury, and Jupiter conjuncting my Saturn and Mars! Good god I have an insane few years ahead of me.

    • Josh, when you have Pluto on your ascendant you carry that intensity(which is not a bad thing) but some people may get threatened by it. As one gets older, pluto in asc.people get a better handle of how others react to them. It is just that they see the power in you. Jupiter in scorpio crossing all those planets is positive…and it is a good time to explore …what your project to the world, and how you can transform this in order to get the effect your want. You have the power (pluto on asc) and you can do it

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