posted by glee on January 29, 2010

Astrology Reading: I consult through e-mail,  phone or in person. You can contact me at also consult through skype.  You can either  get a  full reading or a short reading.  Full reading  includes descriptions of  different dyna mics involved in your chart, your strength, skills, and challenges, solutions to overcome difficulty,  and up to 1 to 2  years of prediction.  The shorter reading usually focuses on specific issues your are experiencing currently.  I mostly use tropical astrology but do use some Vedic concepts.  I started out as a Vedic astrologer but then branched off to Western Astrology or Tropical Astrology.  My main expertise include helping with chart compatibility or synastry,  career/ vocational counseling,  astrocartography (specific locations that are more suitable than others), and using astrological midpoints to get more detailed information on your chart. You can write to me at for consultation or to provide a feedback on the website.

About Manda :  My involvement with astrology goes way back – more than 30 years ago. I first got introduced to astrology through my granddad. . For the past 20 years ago I have pursued it passionately and completed NCGR (National Center for Geocosmic Research) Level IV certification to become a certified astrologer.  I worked as a environmental scientist and about few years ago obtained a masters in social work. I believe Astrology is a science and can lend itself to scienfific investigation. I currently live in San Francisco Bay Area.  Hoping to hear from you.