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Ingress Chart and Malaysian Airlines Crash – July 16 2014

malaysian airlines1 (2)Ingress Charts are extremely useful in Mundane Astrology and it shows the potential energy in a chart that is to be activated in the next 3 months or so. Ingress Chart are usually drawn for a particular area (anywhere in the world) when the Sun enters the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It is the same as Sun at 0-degree Aries, 0-degree Cancer, 0-degree Libra or 0-degree Capricorn for a particular area in the world.  If the Ingress chart for a city  has one or more planet conjunct its angles, then generally the next three months will be an important time for the government and people of that area.

The nature of importance depends on the nature of the planet conjunct the angle. As an example, if the Ingress Chart shows Mars on the Ascendant for a particular city, then there is more potential that the people who live in this area may experience different dimensions of the Mars energy through large scale actions. There could be more military action, rebellions, agression from or towards the people who live here, and generally activities that area a reflection of Mars energy. If another City has Venus on its ascendant in the ingress chart, then the energy experienced here for those 3 months is going to be very Venusian – maybe the government will spend money on beautifying the place, may stress more on peace, negotiations, arbitration, etc with its people or with other countries.  Ingress Charts also  figure prominently in large accidents as seen below:

A Malaysian Airlines Plane that crashed on July 17 2014 in Tamak Waypoint, Ukraine, close to the border between Eastern Ukraine and Russia was shot down by militants. The Cancer Ingress chart for Tamak Waypoint has Mars on the Ascendant and Uranus on Descendant opposing each other on the day sun entered 0-degree Cancer. It is interesting that the descendant for this place at the time Sun entered Cancer is only 1 mintute away from Uranus which is a pretty close conjunction.  Mars Uranus combo show up frequently in incidences related to accidents or involving violence.  Also, the day of the plane crash (July 17, 2014), Mars was in 25 degree Libra which is the the same as the degree of solar eclipse that occurred on April 15th.  Eclipse degrees are sensitized for few months and any transit to this degree can activate the energy.   Check out research on Mars Uranus Mipoint and its link to school shootings.

cancer ingress 14  tamak waypoint ukraine

On April 16 2014, a boat carrying many teenagers capsized somewhere few miles off Jeju Island, a popular vacation island in South Korea.  Total of 302 people died in this accident.  Given Below is the Aries Ingress Chart for Jeju Island and again Mars Uranus is close to the Midheaven and IC Axis.  Also, it is interesting note again that in the Aries ingress chart given below  Mars was at 25 degree Libra, which is the degree of the solar eclipse that occurred on April 15th, 2014.

aries ingress south korea

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