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Yod in Astrology – A Karmic Pattern

Yod Pattern AstrologyYods in Astrology

Yod is an astrological aspect that has 2 quincunx (150 degrees) and 1 sextile (60 degrees) forming a narrow triangle. It is also called the “Finger of God”.   Quincunx is an aspect between 2 planets that are not quite compatible in any way so the only manner they can work together is by adjusting and accepting.  Rationale and left brained kind of thinking does not apply here. So quincunx can be as difficult as a square  or easy as a trine. It is hard to navigate it through force or pressure.  When you have something in your life, whether it is a relationship or a business that kind of works – sometimes good and sometimes not so good – but cannot be easily steered in any one direction,  then it is probably propelled by a quincunx energy. A Yod pattern is a bit more connected than a quincunx  as it has a sextile aspect as part of the pattern,   and which can facilitate communication and bring in opportunities.   The Yod in Astrology can create events, incidents, relationships etc, that occurs in a person’s life not out of their choice but in a karmic manner. These circumstances usually come as an opportunity and eventually turn out to be a blessing or a curse.  

A Yod can bestow gifts like a talent or a higher intelligence, bring about an unusual situation or sharp turns in life that cause steep ups and downs. The overlapping factor in all these instances is that the person doesn’t have much control over what can  occur and it can be negative or positive. Real or imagined, there is a feeling that another force behind is controlling the show.  During these incidents when a person realizes their extraordinary gift, or when one suddenly becomes rich or poor, or when they find themselves in very unusual circumstances, there is usually a transit or progression that triggers the Yod energy, and the planets, sign and area of the chart  involved in the Yod and those involved in the transits  determines the nature of the outcome.

Yods show up in unusual situations

 On October 10, 2014 both Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi were awarded the nobel prize. Both of them have Yods that involve Jupiter and Sun, a combo that usually bestows success and certain kind of protection,  and hence were rewarded (without any input from either of them) for their good deeds. Malala has Sun, Jupiter and North Node forming a Yod with Jupiter at the apex and the Satyarthi has Jupiter Sun and Pluto form a Yod with Sun at the apex. With this aspect, fame just came to them for a good reason. They didn’t have to go after it.  Given below is the chart of  Malala showing her natal Yod (in yellow line)

yod in astrology

The unusual circumstances and opportunity, often seen in Yod pattern can be seen in how Malala came to fame. National Geography was looking for a school girl living in specific area of Pakistan – which was troubled by the Taliban – to write a blog about their experience. One girl who previously agreed to write the blog was prohibited by her parents due to fear of retaliation from the Taliban. So Malala’s father, a school teacher asked his daughter to write the blog instead and very shortly it became a huge hit. In October 2012, in retaliation, Malala was shot by the militants and was critically injured. She was given medical treatment in London and survived to tell her story and to speak against the sabotage of women’s education (update from commenter: Malala Yousafzai was actually treated in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham UK and was given free education after her treatment at a private school in Edgbaston Birmingham).   The Yod can create circumstances that take on their own form and shape. In the 90 degree dial  below (inner ring is the natal chart, middle ring show the solar arc, and outer ring show the transits),  you can see that during the date of the shooting, the natal Jupiter and MC  which are part of the Yod are  triggered by the Solar Arc Uranus.

yod in astrology

James Foley was a photojournalist who reported on war zones. He went missing on November 22, 2012 in Syria. He had gone there to cover the mass rebellion during Gaddafi capture – an opportunity created by the sextile –  but was abducted  by an islamic militant group. After missing for nearly 2 years,  they released a video showing Mr. Foley’s beheading in August 2014,  which was apparently done in retaliation to US’s air strikes in Iraq. This definitely accounts for a very exceptionally unfortunate situation where he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up being a victim.  James Foley has 3 Yods and was destined for a karmic journey.  Read more on the Yod formation in James Foley’s Chart.

Yods can Create Sharp Turns in Life

MC. Hammer, a famous rapper, grew up poor in small crammed up apartment with eight siblings. Then one day when he was 11 yrs old and selling stray baseball and dancing, he was spotted by Oakland A’s team owner Charles Finley who hired him as a clubhouse assistant and he worked for the team from 1973 to 1980. Yods creates opportunities  from  “being at the right place at the right time” and it sure did for MC. Hammer who began performing very young at various clubs while on the road with the A’s. He made a lot of money through his music career but due to bad investments and extravagant lifestyle, he found himself with $13 million debt and filed for bankruptcy in 1986. People with Yods sometimes experience such drastic ups and downs in life. If you look at MC. Hammer’s chart below, he has a Yod between Sun, Saturn and Pluto (shown in yellow lines). Sun is the ruler of the 2nd house and so it makes sense that transits and progression to the Yod can involve financial changes.


yod in astrology


Yods Show Prodigies and Unusual Skills

Elton John started playing the piano at the age of 3, and within a year, he could reproduce complicated pieces of  music.  He started performing at parties and family gatherings at the age of 7 he took up formal piano lessons. At the age of 11, he won a junior scholarship to the Royal Academic of Music. Neptune is the planet for music and art and in Elton John’s natal chart, it is involved in a Yod pattern between Moon and Mercury.   It’s not surprising that Albert Einstein has a Yod too.  His Yod formation involves Uranus, Mercury and the North Node. Mercury Uranus combination usually stands for higher intelligence and creativity.  

Yods can create frustration  

Not everybody who has a Yod goes through extreme situations but there could be certain phases in their life when they feel the touch of an unseen hand (or the finger of god).  Sometimes with Yod, since the energies in the quincunx are not compatible, there are parts of oneself that feels not in control.  For example let’s look at a person with a Moon in Libra making quincunx to both Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Pisces forming a Yod.  The Moon in Libra in 12th  has the need to connect in a harmonious manner, but the Mars in Taurus in 7th may want to  rough it out with others and since both energies are blind to each other, there is a disconnect which may be expressed as extreme moodiness. The person may be very active but does not know when to stop to give some peace and quiet to the moon or the other hand the person can shut themselves off and not be aware of  Mar’s need for some activity.   This can even  sometimes be expressed as a  bi-polar disorder or other kinds of illness,   With the second quincunx,  the Moon (emotions) in Libra may not understand Jupiter’s more exuberant and over-confident energy.  So the planet in the apex of the Yod can feel frustrated in not being able to express its energy. However Yods are in some ways more communicative than a single quincunx aspect because they have 2 planets sextile to each other who are aware of each other  and acts as a bridge to connect the 2 quincunx planets.  So the person may get better at handling the energy over the years. 



99 COMMENTS on “Yod in Astrology – A Karmic Pattern

  1. My yod is 10th-Saturn, 5th cancer, Jupiter and 5th Aquarius- Neptune Sag pointing to Saturn. Wish I knew what it all meant and have always felt pressure, anger, frustration, stress, worry…

    • Hello SG – thanks for your comment – yod configurations can be pretty annoying and frustrating because the energy don’t really understand each other. The sextile between Jupiter and Neptune is a bit of help. this sextile can bring spiritual/artistic energy but Saturn in Cancer quincunx both probably limits the expression of the sextile.

  2. I have a yod – Venus 18 degress in Sagittarius ( 8th/9th house) and Uranus 13 degrees inLibra (6th house), and both pointing to Saturn 15 degrees in Taurus ( 1st house).

    I would like to know what it means.

    But, concerning relationships… yes, i feel there is something karmic concerning them.

    • Hello Sylvia- yods can catch us unexpected..because the quincunx aspects don’t really communicate with each other. With Venus sextile Uranus – you enjoy freedom in a relationship. This part of it may be obvious to you, but the area that you may be blind to is that with Saturn Quincunxing both Venus and Uranus, you also have conservative and traditional values in relationships. So the more you are aware of both these aspects, you can make better choices in relationships, find a balance, and choose the right kind of person that may work out for you.

  3. Hi. I have 4 yods in my chart. Does anyone have any advice or commentary on this? Born 11:10pm (BST), Maldon, Essex (UK), on 15th September 1973…

    Moon in Taurus, 11th house(4 deg) inconjunct Neptune in Sagittarius, 6th House (4 deg) and Pluto in Libra, 5th House (3 deg)

    Moon in Taurus, 11th house(4 deg) inconjunct Neptune in Sagittarius, 6th House (4 deg) and Mercury in Libra, 5th House (3 deg)

    Saturn in Cancer, 1st house (3deg) inconjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, 8th house (2deg) and Neptune in Sagittarius, 6th House (4 deg)

    Neptune in Sagittarius, 6th House (4 deg) inconjunct The Moon in Taurus, 11th house (4deg) and Saturn in Cancer, 1st House (3 deg)

  4. this article definitely eased up some of my anxieties about having a Yod, thank you! But it’s still difficult for me to analyze what my personal Yod means.

    my Yod is Jupiter 0 Gemini 4th house – Sun 0 Leo 6th house – Uranus 27 Sagittarius 11th house. There’s two planets on the 5th opposing the apex: Venus 19 Gemini and Chiron 2 Cancer. Also, the apex is conjunct Saturn.

    I do experience a lot of restlessness when it comes to “my future” but I have not been able to come up with any “answers” so far.

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for this article ! I have read about all kinds of yods, but I haven’t found anything about yods with MC as apex.
    I have a yod with MC on Gemini as apex, Pluto and Venus Scorpio/3 h quincunux it on one side and Saturn and Neptune Capricorn/5 h quincunux it on the other side of the yod. What can you tell me about it ? I am really curious, as this yod involves a lot of planets, including Saturn and Venus.

    • Hello Carol2456 – With 4 planets and MC as part of your Yod, this configuration is significant for you. When MC is the apex then the energy involved in the sextile create opportunities/situations where you can end up in a particular career, whether your like it or not. Do you feel like things happen around your career where you are kind of pushed into a particular path. For example the Saturn in Capricorn sextile Venus Pluto show someone who values close relationships (and traditional) and your relationships (or responsibility because of them or wanting to be close) may influence your choice of career. Also MC is about parents and other authority figures and so you may experience this energy with your parents. Ps note that with MC involved, the birth timing has to be accurate for this configuration to be working in your life, especially because Yods have small orbs (within deg. usually)

  6. A challenging blessing. I’ve got three and I’ve been in love with a man for almost two years that, in synastry, forms 5 yods to mine. There’s a larger than life connection between us, but we’ve never even kissed and for some “mysterious” reason we can’t seem to ever really get together. For people around me this is incomprehensible and that to me is the unique energy of yods: almost impossible to really grasp if you don’t have any.
    It feels like there’s no ready-made solutions available, no easy way out. But underneath all that distress, tension and insecurity there’s definitely a fated feeling, a deep trust that it’s all, in the long run, leading somewhere. That it’s about finding your own unique path and fulfilling your own unique potential, made possible by that highly electric tension of yods.

    • Noni, very nice explanation of the Yod energy and its fatedness. True that people who have it often find it difficult to handle of it – but the sextile between them activate opportunities , some of them with more concrete manifestation but some (like in you situation) where the reward is more spiritual.

  7. Hello AstroManda – The time of birth is accurate.
    The sextiles formed in the Yod configuration with the MC as Apex is the following:
    Saturn Cap/5h sextiles Pluto Scorpio/3h
    Venus Scorpio/3h sextiles Neptune Cap/5h
    Venus conjuncts Pluto
    Saturn conjuncts Neptune
    MC is in Gemini [same ruler as the AS, 1h is in Virgo] and Mercury is in Libra/2h, conjuncting Mars and Sun conjuncts Mercury.
    Mercury also squares Uranus and Saturn in Cap/5h.
    Of course, the Sun squares all 3 planets in Cap/5h [Saturn, Uranus, Neptune].
    Let me know your thoughts, if you can, I am more interested in this configuration since it also involves the AC… it seems that the career choice is very important to me.

  8. So I have a yod with my Pluto in Scorpio (2nd house) sextile my Uranus in Capricorn (3rd house) both inconjunct my Venus in Cancer (9th house)

    I do find I love in a very unconventional way.

  9. I have 3 yods. This is the first article I have ever read that made sense about yods. So first… thank you.. I am a person on a mission and always have been but only the last several years have I had the mission figured out. 51 years old – so that was many years with yods working on me and no place to express their energy. Frustrating? Indeed. Yes.
    Here are their configurations (none are more than 2 degrees apart – these are tight aspects except for the 3rd yod as that has 3 degrees for one aspect).

    the 1st yod)
    pluto conjunct uranus (12H) – inconjunct sun/mars (5H) sextile jupiter (7H) : what is interesting here is that Chiron (6H) is exactly opposite pluto/uranus

    the 2nd yod)
    Jupiter (7H) inconjunct neptune (2H) sextile sun/mars (5H)

    the 3rd yod)
    Sun/Mars (5H) inconjunct north node (10H) sextile pluto/uranus (12H)

  10. What should be expected when a transitting planet “sets off” a Yod?

    I have a natal yod with the sun (02 Aires 14, 3H) at the apex, a stellium with Neptune (04 Scorpio 13 Rx), the North Node (01 Scorpio 13) and Jupiter (29 Libra 44) in the 10th House forming the “base” sextile with Pluto (00 Virgo 20 Rx) in the 8th house. To complicate matters, Pluto is involved in a “near” Grand Trine with Saturn (25 Sag 34 1H) and the Moon (04 Tau 07 4H). The stellium opposes the Moon, completing the “Kite” of the fire/earth Grand Trine – it also forms one corner of a Fixed Grand Square involving Mars (04 Aqu 26) and Uranus (07 Leo 46 Rx).

    Today, transiting sun is conjunct my natal Pluto, which presumably is causing the Yod, the Stellium and the other figures involving the Stellium to “resonate” – but I’m having a hard time making sense of it all!

  11. My yod is moon in aries 11H, inconjunct mercury in virgo 4H sextile pluto in scorpio 6H
    I do find my emotions difficult to manage, ive come to realize that i cant keep bad feelings inside, its like i dont have a choice on this point, and the healthiest way to express them is to tell everything excatly how i feel it and why(without manipulation or resentment), and its so true that the yod attracts unusual situations

  12. Hello,
    Well I have two yods in my chart. Yikes!! For real!

    1rst) Yod: Pointing at Neptune/12th/Sag.
    The Legs: The Moon/7th/Cancer
    and: The Sun/4th/Taurus

    2cnd) Yod: Pointing at: The Sun/4th/Taurus
    The Legs: Pluto/9th/Libra
    and Neptune/12th/Sag.
    Explain this mess please-I think I already figured alot of it out.

    Thank You

  13. I have 2 Yods, which are a part of each other. Moon @ 1º Pisces in 12th, sextile Mars @ 2ºTaurus in 1st, pointing towards Jupiter @ 1º Libra, sitting right on my descendant in the 7th. Then my Jupiter forms a sextile with my Uranus @ 4º Leo in the 5th and points itself right back into my Pisces Moon in the 12th. I’m an artist, a painter, and in recent years I have become a sort of artist-street performer. I also teach. My world is a constant flow between being in front of people, teaching or talking with them, and being in the solitude of the studio, listening to my own thoughts so I can pull from my creativity. Also as an artist, I can manifest in reality a lot of visions and dreams. I find the Yods more manageable if I don’t try to force things to happen through my willfulness, but instead listen for synchronicity and the right moments to act.

  14. Hi, I have a yod in composite with a love interest, does the yod have a different sort of influence over composite charts? There are obstacles in our way, we have been on and off. The apex is venus in Taurus in 11th house, the other two planets are pluto in libra in 4th and Neptune in Sagittarius in the 6th all at 25 degrees. Also when we met Lilith was transiting the apex! Any insights would be much appreciated, thank you

  15. Hi,
    I have a yod with Pluto at 28 virgo in the sixth house, and Neptune at 29 Scorpio in the 7th house (both of these heavily aspected), both pointing at my Ascendant at 28 Aries. Any ideas of what this is about and how to resolve the conflict.
    Much appreciated in advance,

  16. Hi,

    Is it normal for a couple to have 15 yod apexes (yes FIFTEEN) in their synastry using max 2-3 degrees orb for quincunx? Taking into account main 10 planets, chiron, 2 nodes, 4 angles and main 4 asteroids? Everything in her chart quincunxes something in his chart creating a whole lot of yods and sextiles.

    The man is a cop who is obsessively and compulsively in love with the woman who walked into his police station for his help as a stranger in a grave crime/fraud situation in which she was the victim. They are as different as chalk and cheese in their individual walks of lives. But the woman is also amazed by his super-man-like devotion to help and protect her.

  17. Sorry a bit more to share. The 15 yods is not the whole story.

    * They both have unaspected suns natally. And those two suns are locked with each other in an out-of-sign trine of under 2 degrees. His sun falls in her 1st house and her sun falls in her 10th house.

    * They both have prominent BML in natal charts. In his chart BML conjunct Sun. In her chart BML conjunct MC.

    * His MC;
    trines her Taurus AC
    and conjuncts her AC ruler Venus

    * They have Pluto trine other’s BML in air DOUBLE WHAMMY. For her these two air trines emphasize her natal air grand trine between her own Vertex-MC-SN. For him these two trines help grand trine his simple trine.

    * He has a stellium of Venus-Mars-SN in Aries. Which means natal SN and NN rulers are conjunct the SN. All of this are opposed by her SN ruler mercury and her MC ruler Uranus conjunct his NN in Libra.

    * His chart ruler and DC are conjunct her SN while His AC and IC ruler are conjunct her NN.

    * In the composite chart they have a cardinal grand square between Pluto-BML-Mars-Juno/POF. And also a kite where a Venus-Uranus water trine grand trines AC and pointing to DC.

  18. My horoscope has three Yods in almost the same degree/orb.
    In the picture they make a star together.
    My live is full of tension and releave afterwards.
    No grip on what is occuring till I have gone through it.
    The Yods were an discovery for me. Its a difficult/beautiful part of me!

  19. I recently learned I have a natal Yod with Moon fulcrum in Pisces (1 degree) in 10th house. Other points are Mars in Leo (1 degree) in 3rd house and Pluto in Libra (4 degrees) in 5th house. I’d love to better understand what it means.

  20. Hey, I hope you can tell me more about my Yod. I have one in my birth chart, it involves 11th-Pisces-Jupiter sextile with 9th-Capricorn-March and both quincunx with Venus in house 5th and Leo. I am a cancer
    My life is very strange and i do feel the finger of god is powerful for me but it can bring as much good blessed things to me as the contrary. I feel that if people always fall in love with me, or they always like me, but I never find love. If you have any clue about my yod, please tell me.

    • Vincent, With Venus in Leo in 5th house – it makes sense that you easily attract love. It is hard to say without looking at the whole chart as to why love comes close, but is not really clicking.
      With quincunx (and with a Yod, there are 2 of them) aspect, the energies don’t really see or understand each other. So with a Venus in Leo in 5th, you could be self centered in love, and may need a lot of attention (again I am just basing this on Venus’s position alone, as i don’t have the rest of the info). However, Venus does not really understand your Mars sextile Jupiter, which may be pulling you in another path. So you may be giving double messages to the person you love or vica versa. Maybe they sense a frustration in you as you are struggling with the incompatible energies of the yod.

  21. I have only one yod but it is really weird and I hope I describe it correctly.
    Mars is in a 2 degree quincrux with Jupiter and a 2 degree quincrux with Saturn
    Jupiter and Saturn have a 5 degree sextile.

    Mars is in my 12th house of Virgo
    Jupiter is in my 5th house of Aquarius
    and Saturn is in my 7th house of Aries

    I do feel areas in my life that are frustrating and I hope I described this correctly. Any information or help would be much welcome!

    • Jonathan, with Mars at the apex in 12th quincunx to Jupiter and Saturn, you could be pulled into challenging situations and at other times, when you are working on something with focus, you can get pulled away. It’s like you don’t have any say in where you direct your energy (Mars) – situation happen that leave you helpless.
      Yods can be frustrating but the rest of the chart may show how this energy could be handled better.

  22. I have a yod with Saturn in cancer at the apex conjunct mid heaven, quincunx with Neptune in Sagittarius 2nd/3rd house cusp and Jupiter 4th/5th house cusp. A few years ago Pluto transit my nadir which oppositioned my Saturn and activated my yod (the Pluto transit also squared my natal Pluto which which was conjunct my sun and ascendant). I went through a very challenging time and almost died as a result. The experience forced me to face very intense anger and a deep fear that seemed like it went beyond just this lifetime, but was a thread through a number of past lives. Through intense meditation I cleared this from my system and I felt as if I cleared it from my soul. From that point onwards my life has taken on rocket fuel in terms of my career as an alternative care provider. I think I needed to deeply transform internally before I can do my work. I would never wish my experience on anyone else but it was valuable for me because it forced all those old wounds to the surface to be healed correctly.

    • Mandy, thank you so much for sharing this experience with your yod. It helps us all to understand how yods respond to transits. So basically with Saturn in the apex, you had deep seated fears that were frustrating you, and Pluto transit transformed it. It is great that you used your pluto energy to dig deep and make changes. I am glad that you came out of it healed.

  23. I always seem so late to the astro party – this time it looks like I’m actually within a month of the last posting. When I figured out I had a Yod in my chart I got really scared, since the focal point is my (somewhat afflicted) Mars in leo in the 8th house (about 2 degrees into it at that). The base of the pattern is (an afflicted) Neptune in Capricorn in the 1st house sextile my Moon in Pisces in the 2nd house. [After I got over being scared and just settled into being uneasy, I remembered the 8th house is also supposed to be a mystical house and I hope that both my Neptune and Pisces Moon support this….]

    Neptune and Moon also form two grand water kites(?) with a mutual Pluto (10th house) and Venus and Mercury (both 7th house) each. The afflicted Neptune is the spine, opposing my Venus and Mercury.

    Any advice?

  24. Hi there – great article. I’ve recently discovered astrology and am getting to learn a lot! I have a YOD with Retrograde Jupiter (7th house) at the apex, inconjunct to Sun in Pisces (2nd house) and inconjunct to Moon in Sagittarius (11th House). Sextile between Sun and Moon. There are no other aspects with Jupiter in my chart apart from the YOD. Can you please shed some light on this YOD and what to expect. Dob 22/02/1979 in Kisumu, Kenya.

  25. I have a Yod with Vesta as the fulcrum between Juno and my north node. I would love to hear some insights into this. The asteroids are new to me, although I have always been very connected to powerful feminine energies.

    vesta aries fifth house/ cusp of sixth
    juno virgo tenth house
    north node scorpio first house

    athena, vesta, jupiter, chiron, part of fortune all aries; moon and juno in virgo; uranus, north node, ascendant all in scorpio. sun in conjunct moon, in aquarius.

  26. Thank you for this information. I always felt like there is a destiny for me and now that I know more about toss it makes sense, but that also could be because a single point of my yod involves moon/midheaven/north node conjunction.

  27. Hello,
    I have my apex in my cancer sun 11 house forming a yod with pluto in 4 house sagittarius and uranus in 6 house Aquarius. I guess it has a lot to do with change and transformation? It would be nice if you could help me!

    Thank you

    • Hello Sam, your Sun (your body, your ability to shine in the world, your ego), will be radically changed over the years. When you have a yod, the planet in the apex which is the sun in your case, is at the midpoint of the other 2 planets, Uranus and Pluto. Sun at the midpoint of Uranus and Pluto shows that your ego will be altered due to drastic life changes. Uranus and Pluto are the planets of change and transformation.

  28. My whole life i felt that god was pulling me in a certain direction in my life, with the yod i got it proofed now! I am into selfactualization work and drastic life changes seem to be the reason for that.
    Thank you for your help!

  29. One minor correction, Malala Yousafzai was actually treated in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham UK and was given free education after her treatment at a private school in Edgbaston Birmingham.

  30. My yod consists of Chiron retrograde conjunct ic taurus 25° in the 4th house at the apex inconjunct Pluto at 26° Libra 9th house and Neptune at 25° sagittarius in 11th house. Saturn could also be included because it’s conjunct my Pluto by a degree. I cannot figure out what it means or what impact it’s having on my life because of chiron and neptune’s involvement. Everything is so clouded and muddled. It’s also the only configuration I have in my chart because my chart is full of conjunctions with two stelliums both of which are in the 9th house.

  31. Hi AstroManda,

    I agree with some previous posts about this chat being one of the only useful sites on yods.

    Could I trouble you to comment on the yod that I have please?

    Apex is Chiron in Gemini (8th House)

    The 2 quincunx that are sextiling are:
    – Mars in Scorpio (1st house)
    – Venus in Capricorn (3rd House) is that conjunct my Sun, also in Capricorn.

    I don’t know what this means, but what spawn me into digging deep into this is because I totally resonate with Noni who posted on May 17th 2015. Terrible feeling. 🙁

    Hoping you can shed some light.

  32. Sue, Mars and Venus sextile with Chiron at the apex shows that you may get pulled into relationships that may end up in pain or one’s that you cannot have, but it also gives you deep insight into relationship (Chiron is a teacher).

  33. Hello
    what a great read on YODS and also the interpretation of comments…I wonder if you could give me an interpretation on my yod too…its been a struggle trying to get a feel for its meaning in my life..
    I have a yod with
    Saturn in Aries( 10th) apex
    Uranus in virgo (3rd)
    Neptune in Scorpio ( 4th)

    aniticpating your take on this. xx thankyou Jae 🙂

  34. Hello AstroManda,

    My Yod has a Moon fulcrum at 18.14 in Capricorn, and its feet are at 17.59 Jupiter (retrograde) in Leo, and 20.24 Saturn in Gemini. Transiting Pluto is at 17.0 of Capricorn, so it is about to conjunct my moon fulcrum. And Transiting Uranus at 18.29 of Aries is still in separating-square with my moon fulcrum.

    The worst possible bereavement hit me 3-and-a-half years ago. Nothing worse can happen. So do these two transits to my moon fulcrum suggest end-of-life for me? (That would not bother me.) Or am I to expect a nasty turn that I cannot even imagine?

    Please excuse me if I am too importunate.

  35. I also have Yod:
    Ascendant (Aries) – Mercury (Saggitarius/9th house) – Jupiter (Leo/5th house): Mercury and Jupiter are Sextile.

    But at the same time also have a Grande Trine:
    Ascendant (Aries) – Sun (Saggitarius/9th house) – Jupiter (Leo/5th house).

    Can you tell me if the Yod means anything important?

  36. Very interesting article on yods!
    I’ve been trying to work out mine and wonder what your comment on it would be..
    The apex of my yod is Saturn in cancer 8th house (conjunct south node)
    quincunx Jupiter in Aquarius 3rd house and Neptune in Sagittarius 1st (but Scorpio rising)
    Opposing Saturn, conjunct the north nose is Lilith (Capricorn 2nd)
    I feel Lillith is quite significant here but don’t know how to interpretate it.

    Jupiter is also sextile the moon (Aries 5th) which trines Neptune making a minor grand trine. Also Neptune sextiles my mercury/Pluto conjunction (libra 11th) trine Jupiter making another minor grand trine.

    Never could choose a career, creative but difficulties expressing it. I have to be careful not to loose myself in fantasy and emotions even thou I’m a Virgo 😉
    Would like to know more about this yod.

  37. Hello
    Wonderful article!! I have a yod which seems extremely significant as the apex is Retrograde Saturn in Aries in the 10th house Conjunct Midheaven , Uranus 2nd house in Virgo and Neptune 4th house Scorpio. My Sun and Ascendant are Leo, Mars conjunct ascendant. Any insight you may have is greatly appreciated:)
    Thank you,

  38. Dangit! I suppose this kind of difficulty is expected with a Yod:) I think this is my chart /Users/brookcaballero1/Desktop/astro_w2gw_01_jessica_henry.79103.5095.gif

  39. Hello astromanda

    thank you very much for this article about Yod. I start to understand the meaning of it in my chart and also for my relatives.

    If I may, I would like to understand a bit better this challenging aspect that I have feel all of my life. My yod is north node (leo house 2) – Jupiter/saturn conjunct (house 4, Libra) with the fulcrum on my Midheaven in fish, conjunct to mercury and mars (themselves conjunct to my sun). It makes a boomerang with vesta in Virgo, house 3.
    If this is relevant, I have also a kite in the chart, pointing on a very strong Neptune with an opposition to the moon conjunct ascendant in Cancer (I’m a tarot reader, no surprise), PLuto (house 5, Libra) and the sun (aquarius, house 9) forming the sextiles and grand trine involved.

    For what I understand for now, material needs and building is a strong issue for me. What would be the meaning that I should understand to overcome this energy? I feel driven by a purpose since I’m a kid, coming from a gifted family, but I struggle a lot to make it happens for now. What would be a transit activating this energy?

    I hope to not bother you with those questions and to find an answer 🙂

    If you want, I can offer a tarot reading as for a grateful thanks.

  40. If anybody can explain what it means to have a Yod with Cancer rising (apex) quincunx Mercury in Cap. and Uranus in Aqu. both in 8th and on the other side my rising quincunx Pluto in Sag. in the 6th house, it would be very helpful ????

  41. Hi. Please help me decifer what feels to be a fated existence without real direction. I’m at a point in life where the world could be my oyster if i play this confounding time out well. I am in a neptune square neptune transit and have many unfigurables in my chart even though ive been studying a while. My ic scorpio and mc taurus 0.43 degrees have something to do with this. I am grateful for the time and effort in your responses. 5:21am Saskatoon Canada Aug 16 76 I believe I have 4 Tod’s all kinda connected.

  42. I am having difficulty finding information to understand a double stellium quincunx yod. Aquarius/Sagittarius/Cancer. Jupiter 5th house Cancer is the point (along side is Chiron). Kindly share any knowledge you can impart. Thank you.

  43. I met a man recently and very briefly on holiday in my town and he gave me his blog url. Strange thing was that the night we met I threw up all night. My very sensitive and intuitive and I felt his fear was the same as mine. (great start). After starting to chat, it was so strange because i could feel it when he thought about me, i could feel his thoughts vibrating in my chakras, partiularly my hara~ Turns out he has a problem in his life whereby he is so attached to his 4 children will never let anyone into the family. No one can be introduced. This comes from damage from a divorce and subsequent death of his ex, 17 years ago now. His kids are adults! I, on the other hand, have no contact with my family since I was the scapegoat and I had no choice but to cut the ties quite a few years ago now. I got his birth time and his moon conjuncts my sun and there is lots of other synastry. But strangest of all is the composite yod, with mars at 28 capricorn, mercury at 27 gemini and uranus at 0 virgo. (we both have gemini suns, his powerfully unaspected at 11, although his mercury and venus are in cancer, which, I think, creates problems, generally. My Venus and Mercury are safe in gemini, so I’m tougher). But the odd this about this yod is that it exactly bisects our composite vertex at 28 Capricorn, so I think that’s the axis that’s creating the sensitivity for me. TBC

  44. His natal chiron is also at 28 capricorn, so as bad as I feel, I feel worse for him. Strangely, his natal vertex is at 28 scorpio and mine at 28 pisces so both form yod to the composite fulcrum, mine terminating at 28 cancer, the composite antivertex, and his at 28 Gemini, conjunct our sun moon conjunction at 26 gemini. There is masses of other synastry but i’m sure this is the scenario creating the sensitivity. We are not speaking to each other currently as I declined to pursue a relationship where I would be actively excluded from the family, since I have no contact with my own.

  45. I have 4 yods in my birth chart (sun 4°libra,ceres 4° Taurus,moon 5° pisces) yod 2 (asc 20°aries, Juno 24° virgo,Pluto 23° scorpio) yod (ceres 4° Taurus, n. Node 6°Sagittarius, sun 4°libra) Yod4 I fid this one odd (juno 24°virgo,Pallas 24°Aquarius ,asc 20°aries, Saturn 24° Aquarius ) can some x plain to me this a lil better

  46. Hello, AstroManda 🙂

    I have this configuration in my chart, too.
    Apex planet is R Jupiter in Scorpio in 8th house, and the other sextile planets are Venus in Aries, in 2nd house, and Gemini Moon in 4th house…
    And I am very confused because of this 8th house, I always find it as mystery house … and have hard time discover meaning of my Yod

  47. I just found out that I have 5 Yods in my chart that shar points and ultimately configures in the shape of a star so lots of squares in my chart.

    I’ve always felt that I was on a mission and had a vision of what my life would look like in just a few months a debut it would look like late in life. The two seemed unrelated. Until now I didn’t understand why. Being conscious of the change makes it much easier to work with than running around wondering “what’s wrong” with me.

    Good luck to us who are balancing so much.

  48. I have a
    Mercury in Taurus in 1st house
    Neptune in Sagittarius in 8th house
    Mars in cancer in 4th
    Please help me understand this. I have no clue what my karmic fate is supposed to be

  49. I have four Yods in my birth chart. I am really trying to understand these.

    4H Rx Gemini Mars 13° (apex)
    11H Capricorn Neptune 12°
    8H Scorpio Mercury 10°

    6H Leo Jupiter 12° Leo (apex)
    11H Capricorn Neptune 12°
    1H Pisces Moon 11°

    11H Capricorn Neptune 12° (apex)
    6H Leo Jupiter 12°
    4H Rx Gemini Mars 13°

    Asc 0° Pisces (apex)
    7H Virgo Ceres 28°
    5H Cancer Chiron 27°

  50. Hi! I have a yod, and have experienced some very unusual life circumstances that have always been beyond my control. I feel that I am being steered towards something but I can’t quite figure it out…I feel like I am on the cusp of something big, but I can’t tell if it’s going to be good or bad. If you could offer me any clarity on the energies at play, or obstacles to overcome, because of my yod I would sincerely appreciate it! I’m reading all the information I can but I’m not sure how to interpret it.

    Birthdate: 12/31/1989
    Time: 12:05am
    Place: Laguna Hills, CA

    Jupiter in 5 degrees Cancer
    Mars in 9 degrees Sagittarius
    Venus in 6 degrees Aquarius
    w/Jupiter at the apex

  51. Hello I have a yod in my chart
    Mars in aries 13*dg 5th house
    Mc in virgo 10*dg 10th house
    Pluto in scorpio*9dg 12th house I really wanna know what it means please help me
    Birth january 27 1987 2:58 am Saginaw Michigan

  52. I have a yod where the Folcrum or base of the yod is a late Pisces Ascendant. I have a late moon in Leo in 5th house and an Early Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house sextiles each other and form the yod. I have just experienced its power over the past few years. I’ve been living away from my home city for five years. I’ve lost my job, in a share flat, and now my grandmother almost passed away from a heart attack. I’ve transformed my body and now a bodybuilder. I came out as gay a few years ago. Its been one Tsunami after another since January 2014.

    Life hasn’t been terrible as I’ve learned so much from these intense few years. I’m a lot stronger, I can handle my difficult father a lot better. I’ve accepted my life path and know that my life is at a turning point and it will get better from here. We are all hear to learn and this aspect forces one to learn very quickly. The fulcrum is focused on myself, therefore the pressure is on myself.

    I will return home almost penniless, but with a wealth of knowledge, and love and support from relatives. That is what I have learned is most important, close friends and family. The challenge of my journey has taught the value of family, patience and resilience. I’m no longer motivated by money unless it supports my life choices.

    I’ve managed to break my lease on my flat and hopefully I will be on my journey home to be with my

  53. I have a yod Jupiter in 28° in Capricorn in the 4th house . MC 1° in Cancer in the 10th house . Sun 2° Virgo in the 11th house. I’m born in diepenbeek Belgium 08.26.1961 at 8:30. Thanks for your answer in advance .

  54. I have a Yod with an apex of the 1° Capricorn (5th house), Saturn and MC in Taurus both in the 28° with Jupiter Gemini 2° on the same side (10th house cusp?) and Leo 2° (12th house) on the other. I am a Cancer sun (actually i have a stellium of Cancer with sun 22°, N.Node 24°, Mercury 10° Rx, and mars 18°.) I am also considered a retrograde human (4 natal planets in retrograde although none of them fall on my yod.) Another tidbit is I’m born the day before the full moon and in my birth chart My moon is very strongly aspected and positioned (I’m lunar dominant according to calculations) My question is what the purpose of my yod is…. I feel it’s something spiritual but I cannot quite tell (I’m told by proven psychics and gazers that I make it far and I do much good, but idk if my yod reflects that.) I’m just curious as to what you’d say, I can’t read much of it myself although I have ideas.

  55. I am trying to find a formula for calculating the possibilities in my life in regards to the patterns in my chart. I had my chart interpretted, but they didn’t go into much detail. I have a fan pattern with a focal point of moon in Leo. I also had a yod pattern, where the focal planet is moon in Leo. The other parts of my yod pattern is Aquarius sun, and Libra rising. Although I’ve done research, I still don’t know what to do to effectively utilize the patterns…or at least not get beheaded, shot in the head, etc.

    I have had a difficult life, full of homelessness, abuse, and near death situations. Though they proved to have meaningful purposes, I would like to put an end to the turbulent events…but they were always out of my control, hence yod. I noticed, internally, that I have some issues in expressing my emotions and making critical decisions (like my career: I am extremely talented in arts and academia but I am stuck in a rut and have been in poverty), hence yod.

    Now that I recognize that astrology is throwing my life around (or something like that…”God fingers”) I am trying to figure out what to do about it. What do I do? Also, how do i figure out things like karma, life purpose, career, etc from astrology? I do not even understand half of astrology terminology but, like I said, with the way my life is and how I am I could be one of the Yod horror stories lol. Advice is appreciated 🙂

  56. I have a yod with the moon (8th Aquarius) that sextiles Mars (10th Aries) and both of these form an inconjunct with Uranus at the apex (3rd Virgo). I have a few frustrating aspects of my life and it feels like a constant readjustment, especially in relation to work, when it feels like something good is about to start, only to either just limp along or cease. Something else seems to get in the way, which may explain how Uranus plays out in its apex. Transiting Mars has made a return to my natal Mars, which activates the yod. I’m trying to make head and tail of it but have had no luck so far.

  57. I actually have 2 Yods in my chart. They confuse me, but I feel them constantly at work in my life.
    I wish I had more of an idea what areas they affect or interact in.

    Sun is 15 degrees in Scorpio
    MC is 13 degrees Aries
    Mars is 14 degrees in Gemini
    Mercury is 17 degrees in Scorpio

    The other Yod consists of:

    Venus in 1 degree Taurus
    N. Node 27 degrees in Virgo
    Neptune in 27 degrees Scorpio
    Saturn 0 degrees in Taurus

    I have had a Kundalini awakening and I do feel this has quite a lot to do with it. I am a writer and I feel this may have something to do with my spiritual path.


  58. Hello, thank you for this article, it has helped me tremendously! So much great information here, thank you! I’ve been looking for insight into YODs with Algol/Chiron conjunction at their apex and a 5 planet stellium sextile Neptune at their base–Spica/Sun/Mercury/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto all conjunct in 12th Libra (possibly including AC), all sextile Neptune in 2nd, and all quincunx Algol/Chiron in 7th. How might these YODs be interpreted in an individual birth chart? If this is too much to ask, I understand and I am extremely grateful for any bit of information offered.
    Stellium sextile Neptune (12th & 2nd)
    Algol/Chiron (7th) quincunx Spica/Stellium and Neptune.
    Thank you so Much!

  59. I have 2 yods:
    1. Jupiter in Aquarius on 10th degree (12th house)-Moon in Cancer on 8th degree (5th house)-Neptune in Sagittarius on 8the degree (9th house)
    2. Venus in Aquarius on 2nd degree (12th house)-Saturn (R) in Cancer on 2nd degree (exactly on 4/5 house) – Mercury on 3rd degree in Sagittarius (9th house)
    And I must tell you, I am not living my life, it is living me! I have no idea what to do, how to do it or anything as whatever I plan, it by default, fails!

    I would appreciate it if someone gives me more insight into this situation and some tips how to break the cycle


    • Hello ZK, your first yod between moon Jupiter Nd Neptune , with Moon in the apex of the yod shows that you will be put in situations
      where your moon (emotions) will be stirred to help someone in trouble, give charity, etc. With yods one is called to carry out the command from the Universe. The idea is to go with the flow and learn acceptance. It is easier said than done

      • Thanks a million for the reply! In my situation, it is always an “abuse”…I invest all of me in helping (with nothing to ask in return) and I get used and abandoned, no reciprocity whatsoever, ever…so the Universe is not really kind to me…what about the second one? Any significance there?

  60. Hello , thanks for the article my yod is Venus in 21° Virgo (house 10) , Saturn in 20° Aries (house 5) and
    Jupiter in 16° Aquarius (house 3 ) could you please tell me what does it mean ?

  61. Hello, thanks for the information, it’s very helpful.
    I have a yod in my chart. Actually the yod is the only special pattern in my chart. Is that weird?? Anyway, here it is
    Jupiter in 9° Cancer 5th house
    MC in 13° Sagittarius 10th (but it’s very close to 9th house) house and Mercury in 10° Aquarius 12th house

    Could you please help me i don’t know what is that mean so…
    Thanks anyway xx

  62. My son has a Yod with Moon in the first house in Virgo on 14°28′ degrees, and Venus at 15°08′ in Aries – VIII house, which sextile Jupiter at 14°48′ degrees Aquarius – VI house and I wonder what it means.

    I’m not sure if there is also Yod with Saturn as well, as Saturn is in conjunction with Moon at 18°13′ in Virgo and opposing Sun at 20°13′ and and Uranus at 22°28 in Pieces, which could mean there is Focused Yod, or boomerang Yod, but Sun and Uranus are more than 5 degrees degrees away, so that may not be the case.

  63. I have three yods, would you be able to interpret them for me?

    1st Yod:

    Mercury in 6° Cancer in 8th house (apex)
    Ascendant in 7° Sagittarius
    Neptune in 1° Aquarius in 3rd house

    2nd Yod:

    Neptune in 1° Aquarius in 3rd house (apex)
    North Node in 4° Virgo in 10th house
    Mercury in 6° Cancer in 8th house

    3rd Yod:

    North Node in 4° Virgo in 10th house (apex)
    Neptune in 1° Aquarius in 3rd house
    Moon in 7° Aries in 5th house

    Thank you so much! xx

  64. Hi! Thanks for your text!

    I have a yod. Jupiter in Leo 12th sextil march in gemini 10th. The apex is uranus in capricorn in 5th.
    I’m always studying to achieve my carrear dreams, but I think people doesn’t understand or do not accept my oppinions because of their unconventional inovation in a traditional area like law school.

    Make it sense?

  65. Hello,

    I have two Yod’s; one is NN in 29° Leo, MC in 26° Cap, Venus in 28° Pisc
    and ASC in 20° Tau, Pluto in 21° Libra, Neptue in 22° Sag
    also I have Cradle
    Venus in 28° Pisces
    Saturn in 26° Virgo
    Uranus in 25° Scorpio
    MC in 26° Capricorn
    and 2 T-squares
    Uranus in 25° Scorpio
    Sun in 18° Aquarius
    Ascendant in 20° Taurus
    North Node in 29° Leo
    Uranus in 25° Scorpio
    Mercury in 1° Pisces

    Short comment would be most appreciated, at least on the Yod’s and if you could point to mistery of the cradle. Thank You very much.

  66. I have a natal yod with Uranus 17 Leo at the base inconjunct Saturn 18 Capricorn and Mercury 17 Pisces. Communication and thinking appear to be the lesson. As I have a moderately severe hearing deficit, communication is a challenge in more ways than one

  67. I didn’t quite understand what does it mean, I have this yod on my natal chart:
    Chiron in 21° Leo
    Neptune in 19° Capricorn
    Venus in 22° Pisces
    Uranus in 19° Capricorn
    I also have grand trine (air signs)

  68. Hello, I have a yod and am attempting to interpret it, my moon 11 degrees libra conjunct Pluto at 13 degrees Libra in the 11th house ,sextile Neptune 13 degrees Sagittarius in the 1st house, inconjunct the decendant at 14 degrees Taurus, boomerangs back to the ascendant 14 degrees scorpio, conjunct Uranus 8 degrees of Scorpio, Saturn in the 9th at 16 degrees leo squares the ascendant /decendant, but trines Neptune and sextiles moon/Pluto. Also the ascendant is in a degree I’ve read to be the “hand of God” in that it is in the exact degree of an eclipse which occurred 12 days before I was born. I most definitely relate to the fated feeling, and have experienced the ups and downs, and fated events, especially relationships. Any insight anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated.

  69. Janet
    YOD: Libra Sun in 7th, sextile Saggitarius Mars in the 9th, quincunx Taurus Moon in 2nd. Its like I have had many different lifetimes all in this one. Good information.

  70. I have 2 yods. Sun 26 Pisces in the third, inconjunct Moon in Leo 28 in the 8th and pluto at 23 Leo in the 8th. Sextile Neptune on the MC in 25 Libra. There is a new moon coming on August 27 which conjuncts my Moon and I am afraid of another crisis. I had many upsetting things happen in my career also and wonder what this transit may mean.

  71. Hello, im sun in capricorn 5, moon capricorn 6, my yod is Jupiter cancer 5, quincunx venus aquarius 7, sextile mars saggitarius 4.
    Did i write it right?
    How can I interpretate the realtion between the sextile?
    Thank you in advance!

  72. Hello Astromanda
    I have a yod and my interpretation says that it’s creating a problem regarding my career. Saturn Neptune conjunct in Capricorn in 4th house sextile Pluto on Scorpio in 3rd quincunxing midheaven in gemini. It’s just a hunch. I want to know your opinion on this.
    Thanks for the article and explaining it in details with the examples.
    Thank you

    • With a yod like this, with the apex in the MC, the idea is that the Universe will bring people, opportunities, to propel you to a career. However, this may or may not be the one that you want. There is a feeling that you cannot control the direction of your career and sometimes there could be other events in your life that make it difficult for you to focus on your career. Pluto and Neptune are generational planet, and so some of the situations could be due to environment rather than your personality needs

  73. Hi Αstrmanda thank you for your interesting article,
    My son, (birthdate 05/05/2005 at 12.50 pm) has 4 yods and a T-square. Should I be completely disappointed? I’m really afraid of what I’m reading!!Μany Thanks in advance
    Information for my child
    Neptune in 17° Aquarius
    Sun in 14° Taurus
    Ascendant in 15° Leo
    Jupiter in 10° Libra
    MC in 6° Taurus
    Uranus in 10° Pisces
    Created with Raphaël 2.1.2
    Jupiter in 10° Libra
    Uranus in 10° Pisces
    Sun in 14° Taurus
    Uranus in 10° Pisces
    Ascendant in 15° Leo
    Jupiter in 10° Libra
    Pluto in 24° Sagittarius
    Saturn in 22° Cancer
    Venus in 24° Taurus

  74. Hi, I have a yod too and I can’t figure it out. Please help me. It’s moon in Aries in the 5th house at 23 degrees, Jupiter in aries in the 5th house at 22 degrees, also Chiron in gemini in 8th house at 23degrees, pointing to ascendant in scorpio 1st house at 21 degrees. Please help me figure that out.

  75. Hi! I have three Yods… I don’t fully understand what it means, but yes many times I do feel as if most of my problems are ones I have little control of. After many years I’ve learned to accept hardships and find the light in dark situations.

    First yod is Moon in 21° Libra, Ascendant in 24° Taurus, Mercury in 19° Pisces.
    Second yod is Mercury in 19° Pisces, Chiron in 17° Leo, Moon in 21° Libra.
    Third yod is Chiron in 17° Leo, Neptune in 21° Capricorn, Mercury in 19° Pisces.

    I worry because when I was younger I was put in unfortunate situations and I have not been very lucky in life. However, I have been told my family members that I am born gifted and have unique abilities. But my gifts mean nothing because I constantly face obstacles after obstacles that stop me from doing great things. Please help… I would give me peace of mind in knowing that these hardships will lead to something greater in the future.

  76. Good day,

    I seem to have a yod, but I’m not sure what it means either…I also have 2 other configurations (rectangle and t square in a bucket chart) so perhaps they get jumbled up. 🙂

    I have Mercury 5th quincunx Chiron rx 10th

    Chiron Sextile Ascendant

    Mars quincunx Chiron rx

    Mars and Mercury 5th qiuncunx Ascendant

    Mercury in 28° Scorpio
    Ascendant in 29° Gemini
    Chiron in 28° Aries
    Mars in 26° Scorpio

  77. Hello! Very interesting! I Just found out about yods. I have, 1st yod:
    Venus in 19° Pisces
    Ascendant in 17° Leo
    Moon in 14° Libra
    2nd yod:
    Ascendant in 17° Leo
    Neptune in 22° Capricorn
    Venus in 19° Pisces
    What does this mean? Thank you in advance 🙂

  78. I have some golden yods/yods/finger of destiny…… What I’ve come to realize is that I have no control over certain aspects of my life. When I feel it coming I just relax and let it take over. There is not use trying to control my fate. Luckily my sun and moon are fluid and water, so I can conform to whatever channel is presented to me.

    My advice from my own experience, is to allow the yod to play out. It’s a special part of your chart that can also benefit the greater good (masses). Like the Elton John or MC Hammer examples.

  79. My yod is moon in the 1st at the apex, Mercury in the 9th and Saturn in the 6th.

    So true about karmic opportunity that may turn out to be a blessing or a curse. At 54 yrs of age, I met a shaman who helped me heal overnight of a 20 yr long illness, woke up my kundalini and turned out to be a narcissist of the worst order who I’ve worked years to cut ties with. In process of writing a book about it and my spiritual growth from it all.

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