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Astrology of Ebola with Hygiea, Black Moon Lilith

ebolaThe first Ebola case diagnosed on US soil, a Liberian man, died on the same day as the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 Aries/Libra on Oct 8th, 2014, conjucting the USA’s Saturn at 14’48” Aries, and squaring its Sun at 13 Cancer.  I was wondering about this since the asteroid Hygiea just transited the USA’s Sun at 13 Cancer, which would normally mean good things, though both are stressed by the Uranus-Pluto square at 14 Aries and 11 Capricorn (see chart below with US chart in the internal ring and transit in the outer ring).  Hygiea is the “goddess/personification of health, cleanliness, and sanitation.” (Wikipedia).  But the slow moving Black Moon Lilith will be exact on the USA’s natal Hygiea on Saturday, Oct 18th at 25 Leo, and transiting Hygiea at 14 Cancer will square the USA’s Saturn at 14 Libra exactly the next day (the 19th.) !  On Oct 8th, BML was within a degree of the USA’s natal Hygiea.

Black Moon Lilith “indicates where we may feel frustration, powerlessness and a general inhibition as well as where we question ourselves and perhaps our abilities and basic nature (1).  It is also associated with darkness and evil. Transiting Hygiea squares, or challenges, the ability of US protocols to defend its people from the Ebola virus– boundaries and protocols represented by Saturn. We may hear more bad news on or near Saturday/Sunday.  The Black Moon Lilith represents the darkest and wildest of shadowy feminine energies, “the ancient name ‘Lilith’ derives from a Sumerian word for female demons or wind spirits. …According to Mesopotamian myths, the demoness Lilith (lilītu or ardat lilǐ) flew at night, seducing men and killing pregnant women and babies. …Her breasts are filled with poison, not milk. “Lilith and Samael form an unholy alliance (Zohar 23b, 55a) and embody the dark, negative sphere of the depraved. In one of the many stories of Samael and Lilith, God is concerned that the couple will produce a huge demonic brood and overwhelm the earth with evil. Samael is therefore castrated, and Lilith satisfies her passions by dallying with other men and causing their nocturnal emissions, which she then uses to become pregnant.” (2)

lunar eclipse on US chart

The comet Siding Spring will also be passing very close to Mars on Sunday, a very rare occurrence at once in a million years!  “The astrological significance of comets has been the subject of much study, but so far no definite conclusions have been reached. …It is presumed that comets presage history-making events.” (3)”For students of astrology, the visit of any comet brings change and transformation.” (4)  It may or may not indicate something directly related to Ebola, but coincides with the above dates.

Then I found that the asteroid Aesculapia (named for Aesculapius, the Roman god of medicine, Wikipedia) squared Saturn exactly early on Oct 14, at 21 Leo and Scorpio.  Asklepios (different spellings) is originally Greek and Hygiea is his daughter.”

“Oct. 13 — Ebola nurse Amber  Vinson flies from Cleveland Hopkins Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, along with about 130 other passengers, on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143. Vinson makes the flight a day after Nina Pham, a nurse who also cared for (Ebola victim Thomas) Duncan, was diagnosed with Ebola.  At the time of the flight, Vinson does not have any Ebola symptoms. Before boarding, she took her temperature and “found it to be 99.5,” below the “fever threshold,” according to CDC Director Tom Frieden, who spoke Wednesday during a teleconference. He said that Vinson should not have flown on a commercial flight while she was self-monitoring for exposure to the virus.
OCT. 14 —Vinson goes to Texas Presbyterian Hospital, reports a low-grade fever and is isolated within 90 minutes. Frieden said at the news conference that the nurse’s blood tested positive for the Ebola virus overnight in a Texas state lab.” (5) The medical community (Aesculapia) faced challenges effectively containing Ebola with its protocol (Saturn).  As both were moving at similar slow speed, it was a longer lasting influence, possibly 2 days before or after Oct 14th.

On Oct 24, the day after the Solar Eclipse at 0 Scorpio, Aesculapia will conjoin the USA’s natal Hygiea at 25 Leo, which would indicate success, but will be close to conjoining the transiting Black Moon Lilith. Beautiful Venus is also cazimi (exactly conjoined) the Sun the 24th at 1 Scorpio, another helpful note. Then Aesculapia will conjoin the dark energy of transiting Black Moon Lilith exactly on Oct 28 at 26 Leo. We may see continuing issues with Ebola through these dates.

About Guest Writer Lisa Starflower:  

An astrologer of 14 years now in Milwaukee, WI, asteroids and relationship charts are her  specialty.  She  also have great reviews for her flower essence mixes, and free numerology reports which you can check on her website









4 COMMENTS on “Astrology of Ebola with Hygiea, Black Moon Lilith

  1. Lisa…great article. And it looks like the asteroid Hygiea’s aspect with Uranus Pluto is going to last at least till the end of this year. So the Ebola issue may get worse before it gets better?

  2. I tracked Hygiea (goddess/personification of health, cleanliness, and sanitation), Aesculapia (Roman god of medicine) and Black Moon Lilith (darkest female energy) through December of this year, re: Ebola.

    Nov 2: BML at 27 Leo oppose USA Moon 27 Aquarius
    The Black Moon Lilith is an empty spot in the foci of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth, since its an ellipse and not a perfect circle. This dark, some say evil, energy in opposition to the USA’s Moon could be like a vacuum, a black hole sucking fear out of the Moon, giving uncertainty and panic. Here BML is still nearby the USA’s natal Hygiea at 25 Leo, exact Oct 18th. And transiting Aesculapia is still close by at 28 Leo, having just passed conjunction with BML Oct 28th at 26 Leo.
    Nov 5: Aesculapia 29 Leo
    For 3 days, Aesculapia is at the last, critical “anaretic” degree, where extra emphasis/focus may be placed on its energy (medicine), and/or we may feel stuck and unable to move forward.
    Nov 6: Hygiea stationary to retro 15’44” Cancer, trine Sun/Venus 14/17 Sco, Uranus retro at 13’33”, Pluto at 11’30”
    Hygiea stops moving forward to start its retrograde, eventually to form a T-square with the heavies Uranus and Pluto on Dec 12th. If there are still issues with Ebola, there may be more problems or failures keeping things properly clean and sanitized to stop the spread, as Hygiea starts (appearing to) move backward. It may feel we are moving backwards re: hygiene and sanitation. Though in trine to the Sun/Venus, it has a nice helping hand for a few days. Perhaps we may feel we are covering old ground and in charge of things, if the danger has passed.

  3. Nov 8: Aesculpia ingress 0 Virgo, t-retro Uranus square USA Sun
    Aesculpia (medicine) is undoubtedly more at home in the fastidious and helping sign of Virgo. Though 0 is a critical degree, and sometimes things are at extra intensity here and move quickly. Uranus squares the USA’s Sun, possibly bringing unexpected change or rebellion against authority or the USA’s life force.
    Nov 26: Aesculpia at 4 Virgo forms T-square opposing Pisces Neptune, squaring Sun 4 Sag
    If there are still issues with Ebola (or some other medical issue), this would undoubtedly be a tough time, though we may not see the issues until after this time, because Neptune makes everything cloudy or foggy or difficult to see clearly, there may even be lies or cover-ups. With the Sun in square, it indicates problems or clashes with authority figures. Neptune in its own watery sign of Pisces in opposition to Aesculpia could exacerbate the issue of bodily fluids as contaminant vectors.
    Nov 28: BML ingress 0 Virgo
    Things with Ebola may have cleared up. If they have not, the dark Lilith entering here could bring more fear, panic and contamination to the health and sanitation issues of Virgo.
    Dec 8: retro Hygiea trine transiting Chiron at 13 Cancer/Pisces, conj USA Sun
    This is a very helpful influence, sanitation working harmoniously with healing, but still approaching a very challenging T-square with Uranus and Pluto.
    Dec 12: r-Hygiea T-square with Uranus-Pluto 12′
    This is challenging, no doubt. Ebola, or some other hygiene issue, forms the most challenging aspects with the heavy hitters of the time, Uranus (unexpected change) and Pluto (power, death), just 2 days before the 6th of 7 exact Uranus-Pluto squares from 2012-2015.
    Dec 14: 6 of 7 Uranus square Pluto 12’35” Aries/Capricorn

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