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Malala Yousafzai Astrology – The Brave Girl

 untitled (8)On October 10 2014, the brave young teenager Malala Yousafzai became the youngest recipient to ever receive Nobel Prize. The past few years since 2009 she has gone through an amazing path of pain to prominence.  She lived in Pakistan in an area where Taliban was actively taking control and  she wrote a blog under a pseudonym for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) about Taliban persecution in her area, and how education for girls was being disrupted by closing down schools.  Her first blog post on January 3 2009 was titled ”I am scared” and ended in March 2009.  Let’s look at her natal chart and see where it lead us.

 How many 17 yr old teenagers can express their goals with such clarity and focus?   This trait of Malala Yoursafzai is clearly seen through her Uranus in Aquarius opposing her Mercury in Leo in very close orb.  This is the aspect of an unique thinker, reformer and someone with original ideas. For Malala, this aspect is also supported through a trine to Mars/Moon conjunction in Libra, which is about strong focused emotions. 

Important Aspects in her chart

  •  Uranus opposing Mercury in close orb – the ability to voice out one’s opinion even if they are different. If you ever seen Malala talk there is certain kind of strength that is beyond her 16 yrs.
  • Mars Moon conjunction (strong emotions) in Libra in trine to Uranus in Aquarius. Although the emotions are powerful, since the planets are in the sign of peace loving Libra, she channels it in a constructive communicative manner.
  • Sun in Cancer Square Saturn in Aries shows struggle with authority especially with men and father figures.  Not sure if she experienced this conflict with her own father, Ziauddin, as of yet,  but he is supposed to have been the main force behind her writing the blog.  The Sun Saturn in her life may also show that she was born in a country with strict conservative values and her internal revolt in complying with it. 
  • Saturn in Aries  opposing her Moon Mars conjunction reveals her strong emotions against any suffocating energy

malala regular wheel


Lot of people can communicate, but not everyone has the capacity to connect with large number of people in an intimate manner. This usually involves  the nodes of the moon., and is seen better in a 90 degree dial shown below.

malala - 90 dial

In the 90 degree dal given above one can clearly  see  this energy operating in her chart. Mercury Uranus (Unique communication) = Nodes (connection with people) = Sun/Ascendant (ability to shine)  = Mars/Pluto (transformative intense physical challenge)  and Moon/Pluto (intense emotions).   This shows that her communication with the aim to reform can bring her popularity and connection with the masses,   help her to shine, but an also attract some intense challenge.   In  end  of 2009, Ms. Yousafzai participated in the film made by New York Times,  about her  experience and spoke about the importance of education for women. She soon rose to prominence giving interviews and talks and in December 2011 was awarded Pakistan’s first National Youth Prize. The last midpoint picture tied to Mercury Uranus is Mars/Pluto which explains the next phase of what happened in her life.  Mars/Pluto is often involved in  intense physical experience in a positive or negative way.    On October 10 2012, a Taliban gunman entered Malala’s school bus and  fired three shots at her, with one of them hitting her head.  She was shot because the Taliban saw her activism for women’s education as a threat.    Malala became unconscious and was treated in a hospital in England.  After a tough struggle and many surgeries,  she survived to tell her story through her memoir “I am Malala”.   Her struggle helped lead to  Pakistan’s first Education Bill.  There are other midpoint pictures in Malala’s  natal chart  that also are reflective of what occurred in her life.

Important Midpoints in Malala’s Chart

Chiron = Mars/Uranus, pain due to sudden action or violence.  After the gunman shot her Malala was left in critical condition. An uncle described her as having excruciating pain and being unable to stop moving her arms and legs

Sun = Mars/Chiron; Sun is the physical body and Mars Chiron often denotes surgery.  She went through major surgeries for ear damage, nerve damage in the face and for reconstructive purposes. 

Jupiter Pluto = Ascendant (success through one’s personality).  Ascendant  is the persona  seen by the world.  

 Transits and Progressions

 Midpoints are also a great of way of understanding transits, secondary progressions and solar arc progressions.

The shooting:  We can use this technique to understand what happened on October 9 2012 when Ms. Yousafzai was shot three times  when she was traveling home from school resulting in excruciating pain and later, many surgeries to revive her to normal. The inner circle is the same natal 90 degree dial as shown and explained above, the middle circle shows the solar arc progressions and the outer circle shows the transits on the day of the shooting. If you look at the chart below, there are same planets repeated again in diferent themes;  Her Uranus Mercury,  Hygeia (health),  Chiron (Pain),  Mars (surgery, violence) and the nodes (mass involvement).

malal 90 deg dial progression


  • solar Arc mars. moon and Vertex =  natal Chiron  = solar arc Ascendant (the arrow pointing) all showing the fated day of pain and horror.  Interestingly  her natal Chiron that was triggered is the midpoint of Mars and Uranus (pain and wounding through sudden action, accident or violence)
  • solar Arc Hygiea triggers the area of he chart (purple line) that is related to  original ideas and communication (Uranus/Mercury)  and connection with masses of people (moon node).  This is very revealing as Hygeia  is the asteroid for health issues and it shows up in health  improvement and promotion,  and when there is a health crisis or detrition.  According to the Tabliban, she her health and life in jeopardy due because she questioned them.
  • The same Mercury Uranus  and the moon nodes have moved through solar arc progression to meet up with the natal midheaven (purple line)  The transiting Hygiea  is  triggering the midheaven- the same pattern repeated again is for sure an indication of a significant event.  The popular transiting  Uranus Pluto square that has been moving through mid cardinals is also aspecting the natal midheaven.  Uranus Pluto square from what we’ve seen in the past couple of years is an intense push to change people’s lives in so many different ways. 

The Nobel Prize:  In the 90 degree dial drawn for October 2014  (when she received the nobel prize),   the Solar Arc Sun (fame, finding oneself) has moved to aspect the natal Uranus and Mercury giving her the recognition for speaking out against the Taliban .  But if you notice its not just the Sun, but also solar arc Saturn that is also aspecting the same natal planets.  This shows although she is receiving recognition from the world, there are few people out there probably from her own native place that think it is unfair that she gets all the award while they are left to still deal with the militants, poverty, etc.  Saturn involvement shows  separation and alienation.

malala nobel progression



 But since in her natal chart,   Mercury Uranus is also tied to Mars Pluto, there is always that physical danger tied to speaking out.   Transitng Uranus and Pluto will be aspecting her Sun in cancer all through 2015 and so she is going to be pushed in more ways than one in the coming year.

What do you see in her horoscope that reflects her character? Do you have a Mercury Uranus aspect in your chart like Malala that encourages free thinking? Please share. 



Malala Yousafzai’s  horoscope information obtained from the website “ ”  where they claim they received the birth time through email and her parents mentioned it could somewhere between 8 and 9 am. They chose a chart time of 8:15 am based on Leo Rising. After rectification based on life events,  the chart below is forecasted for a time of 8:09 am.   



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