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Jupiter-Uranus and Lottery Winnings – A Study

jupiter_uranus_lottery_winning (This study was submitted to NCGR for Level IV research and also presented in NCGR Research Symposium in 2007 that was held in Baltimore).

 The main goal of this study was to understand the relationship between Jupiter-Uranus aspects and lottery winnings . Only part of the study is discussed here. The study focused on analyzing aspects made by transiting Uranus to natal Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and natal midheaven on the day of the lottery winning, and the results are given in Table1. The study also looked at natal aspects between Jupiter/Uranus midpoint to Natal midheaven, Vertex, Ascendant, and the Part of Fortune, and this is given in Table 2.

 The research groups consists of 19 test subjects who have won at least a million dollars in lottery and have a birth data rating of AA, and 190 randomly created control subjects. The names of the 19 test subjects from Astrodatabank are given in Table 1.   On the basis of the study done on a small sample group, there seems to be a significant relationship between Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and the presence of sudden wealth potential. 

For this study only lottery winners who had a rating of AA, and had won over 1 million in lottery were considered.  The Astrodatabank software yielded about 19 winners (after removing those who were not actual winners, but relative of the winners) for the test group.  The control group of 190 (10 times that of the test group) were randomly created using the research tool in Astrodatabank software.

Study of Transiting Uranus on Day of the Winning  

Given below in Table 1 is a count of transiting Uranus hits on Natal Midheaven, and Jupiter/Uranus midpoint, on the day of the winning for the lottery winners. For this study, a time orb of 2 months each for approaching and separating aspect of Uranus was used, which included a maximum of 3.5 degree from exact in the natal charts studied in the test group.

 Table 1- Analysis of Uranus Transits on the Day of the Winning


Date of winning

Jupiter/ Uranus Midpoint

Uranus transit to natal MC

Uranus transit to Jupiter/Uranus midpoint

Russell Clark





John Heggarty





Kenneth Green


19 Virgo 49

0 (only with 3.5 orb)


Shirley  May


16 Gem 38



Kathleen Mclaughlin


2 Virgo 05



Lee Dubin


3 cancer 10



Lottery Winner 7039


15  gem 50



Rosemarie Browser


8 virgo 39



Lottery 12536


8 cancer 00



Linda Baldwin


28 virgo 07



Sharon Brown


1 Taurus 42



Paula Moore


4 taurus 27



Bill Nigro


15 Aries 23



Debra Houle


15 cancer 20



Robert Mank


20 Leo 26



Richard Harrington

Days before christmas

15 Gem 01



Robert Abney


10 Leo 32



Richard Grader


8 cancer 11



Richard Waibel

4/23/ 2003

4 Libra 56


>3 orb






 In analyzing the Uranus Transit aspects to Jupiter-Uranus midpoints and the Natal Midheaven on the day of the lottery winning for the subjects in the test group, out of 19 subjects in the test group, 8 of them had transiting Uranus aspecting the Jupiter-Uranus midpoint, through one of the major aspects.  Aspects used were conj. semi-sextile, sextile, square, trine, quincunx & opposition.  Forty two percent (42%) of the subject in the test group had Uranus transits to Jupiter/Uranus midpoint, and about 31.5% had transiting Uranus aspecting the midheaven on the day of the lottery winning. To find the significance of the results, the usual percentage of aspects made by transiting Uranus to a particular point was ascertained.  This came out to be 25%.  So the Uranus transits to the natal midheaven and Jupiter/Uranus midpoint of the test group of lottery winners was 68% more than normal. The results were very significant. 

 Study of Aspects between Jupiter/Uranus midpoint to Midheaven, Ascendant, and Vertex in the natal chart of lottery winners.

Table 2 – Percent Occurrence of Jupiter/Uranus Midpoints in Natal aspectsin Test vs. Control Group


Number of


% Aspects

Test Group

% Aspects control Group



Jupiter-Uranus aspect to Natal Midheaven – 45 degree aspects





Jupiter-Uranus aspect to Natal Ascendant-45 degree aspects





Jupiter-Uranus aspect to Vertex                  45 degree aspects





 As seen in Table 2, twenty-one percent of the analyzed charts had hard natal aspects (45 degree aspects) between the Jupiter-Uranus midpoint and the Midheaven, 59% more than the control.  The 45 degree aspects include conjunction, opposition, squares, sesquiquadrate, and semisquare. As mentioned before, the number of subjects in the test group is too small to make any conclusions but a similar finding in a larger study population may indicate an important natal potential.  This also throws light on the methodology of analyzing natal aspects of midpoints to fast moving points in the chart for the purpose of gaining additional information on existing potential in an individual chart.  In this study, a significant percentage of the lottery winners in the test group showed a Jupiter/Uranus midpoint aspect to natal Midheaven.  This could mean that the potential exists for the right transit or progression to trigger this aspect causing a sudden change in fortune (Jupiter/Uranus) which in turn changes the status of the individual (midheaven).

47 COMMENTS on “Jupiter-Uranus and Lottery Winnings – A Study

  1. Hi 🙂

    Great to come across your examination of the relationship between lottery winnings & astrology.
    This is an area that also interests me & I have not found a lot of written material about it.

    There is a long time yahoo group called Astrolottology which also discusses this topic.
    I have just left a message for the group to come & check out your article &
    I would like to invite you to our group & hope you will discuss your findings with us.
    And of course, if anyone else is interested, please join us at …


  2. I am glad you have interest in this area. It is very interesting, and I will surely check on you Astrolottology group. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi James 🙂

    quote> is there a manual way of calculating jupiter/uranus midpoint?

    Every circle has 360 degrees. An astrology chart is a circle made up of 12 zodiac signs
    of 30 degrees each (12×30=360) with 0 degrees Aries always considered as
    zero degrees of the 360 degree circle.


    If Uranus is at 10 degrees Leo (the 5th sign) then (30×4+10)
    then it is at 130 degrees in the circle.

    If Jupiter is at 20 degrees Scorpio (the 8th sign) then (30×7+20)
    then it is at 230 degrees in the circle.

    For the shortest distance between 2 objects you would always
    subtract the lesser number from the larger number, so 230-130=100.
    Therefore Jupiter is 100 degrees away from Uranus.

    You want the midpoint of the 2 planets, so 100/2=50
    then the midpoint of this Jupiter & Uranus is 50 degrees from either planet.

    Uranus at 130 degrees (130+50=180)
    Jupiter at 230 degrees (230-50=180)

    Therefore the midpoint of this Uranus & Jupiter is at 180 degrees in the circle.
    Count off the degrees in the circle & that brings you to 0 degrees Libra.
    therefore zero degrees Libra is the midpoint of this Uranus & Jupiter.


  4. Hi Manda 🙂

    quote> Only part of the study is discussed here.

    I was interested in reading your whole report.
    Is it available on the internet ?
    Or could you tell me if it was published somewhere ?

    Also I was wondering if the birth data for the lottery winners is private
    OR if it is available to others for further research ?

    Thank you,

  5. Nicole,
    For this research I used a astrological research software program called astrodatabank. The software is no longer available but it used a database of charts (including lottery winners) that was compiled by lois Rodden and her associates which (after her death) is being maintained now by You can access these charts (try searching for lottery or lottery winners) at
    The list may be different from what I used in 2006. good luck!

    If you want the exact list I used, contact me (e-mail) and I can give you the names of lottery winners I used and you can probably get their charts from the above mentioned database.

  6. I am really interested about the subject..In my natal .jubiter and Uranus are in counjuction in 10th(Libra) well, Uranus and Jubiter moving to aries and they will counjuct while they oppose my natal jubiter and uranus:::: I am really confuse?? Also my venus, north node,chiron,satrun are in aries..Any idea what might happen?

  7. Hello Funda, You are for sure going to have an interesting experience as Jupiter and Uranus cross (I am not sure of the exact degrees of the planets in Aries) your planets in Aries. Jupiter Uranus conjunction occurs for the last time in January and then Jupiter will move on by March. Of course with Jupiter most probably the effects will be beneficial unless you Jupiter is badly aspected. With Jupiter, the main thing to watch is going overboard with your spending,e tc, especially when Jupiter conjuncts your Venus. When Uranus transits (it take Uranus quite a few years to cross one zodiac sign), be prepared for some shaking and turning, and hopefully it is only temporary. Its better in the long run to experience Uranus without making any permanent changes because the effects of Uranus transits are usually temporary (unlike Pluto transits). Watch out for relationship issues when Uranus transits your Venus (either you or people close to you may demand more freedom) and for new relationships to crop up when transiting North Node. Please let us know your experience with the transits when they happen!

  8. For the next seven years while Uranus is in Aries, Uranus will be squaring my Midheaven and trining my Jupiter/Uranus midpoint in Sagittarius in another two or three years. Uranus is squaring my Midheaven right now and will be exact by the end of March. I’m playing the lottery as much as I can during this time period.

  9. Hello AriesSunCapricornMoon, that sounds like a good idea. The research showed that there is more potential for lottery winning when there is a connection between midheaven and the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint. Good luck – if you do win, let us know!

  10. Uranus will be between the exact square to my midheaven while transiting 1 Degree 14 Minutes Aries around the end of March and will trine my Sagittarian Jupiter/Uranus midpoint while transiting 13 Degrees 57 Minutes Aries.

    This is a time period of about 3 and 1/2 years from now until June of 2014. In that window, Uranus will hit my Aries Vertex, Venus and Sun and oppose my Libra Ascendant Conjunct Pluto multiple times due to multiple retrograde periods. From what I understand, Uranus becomes even more “Uranian” when retrograde.

    Looks like I have plenty of opportunity to win in the next 3 and 1/2 years.

  11. I searched for Uranus conjunction to natal Jupiter and this is one of the first things that popped up on Google. Interesting that it is a study of lottery winners! I’ve been studying the effects of eclipses and subsequent transits to eclipse points in triggering the mega millions and powerball and have found a correlation in when the numbers ‘hit’. Also studied moon aspects to the fantasy five and have found a correlation in declinations there.

    Did you study too, the declinations? Magi astrology is built around declinations and that is how I became interested in them.

  12. Hello Manda Selva:

    Thanks for your information, I have sent you email, I did not get any reply yet,

    I am confused, I know jupiter, venus, mecury and uranus are in Aries. in my birth chart they are in 2 nd house, I do not know how to find the mid point and for example : 4/23/2003 Richard Waible won the lott, the mid point is 4 Libra56 what is 4 and 56 and how I can find the exactly date and time, when I born my Urnaus in 6 house and Jupiter 8 coudl you please explain to me thanks you for your time,



  13. Hello Manda Selva:

    Thanks for your information, I have sent you email, I did not get any reply yet,

    I am confused, I know jupiter, venus, mecury and uranus are in Aries. in my birth chart they are in 2 nd house, I do not know how to find the mid point and for example : 4/23/2003 Richard Waible won the lott, the mid point is 4 Libra56 what is 4 and 56 and how I can find the exactly date and time, when I born my Urnaus in 6 house and Jupiter 8 coudl you please explain to me thanks you for your time,

  14. Hello Traci:
    I have not studied or researched declinations in relations to Jupiter Uranus as of yet, but could be another factors that effects the outcome. Good Luck with your research.

  15. Hello Nimal, 4 deg 56 for Richard Waibel means that his Jupiter Uranus midpoint is located at 4 degree 56 minutes of Libra (longitude). On the day of the lottery winning this point has a transit from Uranus.

    Basically the Jupiter Uranus midpoint is the shortest calculated center between his Jupiter and Uranus and you can find your Jupiter Uranus manually by following what Nicole has explained in the 4th comment in this section OR use the website noendpress (URL is given by Ariel in the 7th comment from top in this section). Basically you enter the degree and minutes of your Jupiter and Uranus (as in your natal chart) and this calculator tool will give your Jupiter Uranus midpoint.

    Hope this helps.

  16. Hello Manda:

    Just getting into astrology again am researching into people big lottery winners etc.
    I have come across a birth chart that’s interesting.
    Subject has the following transits/ solar arc and progression’s in next forthcoming years.
    Transit: Uranus conjunct M/C(9 deg Aries.) Jupiter conjunct Jupiter.(20 deg Taurus 10 house).
    Solar Arc: juniper progressed conjunct natal Uranus in the 12th, progressed Uranus in the 2nd
    sextile natal Uranus and trine natal Jupiter.
    Progression: Moon prog conjunct natal Uranus, Asc progressed to the cusp of the 2nd house(Virgo).
    The interesting year 2013 10th may, where you have eclipse sun/moon/mercury/mars conjunct natal juniper,juniper conjunct midpoint between Uranus and juniper at 19 deg Gemini 11 house.
    There are many more transits and progression going on at the same time does this aspects qualify for a money winner.

  17. A conjunction between transiting jupiter and natal uranus is going to be on my eight house. Venus retrograde is going to be there too and my natal uranus is conjunt natal moon. Natal jupiter is on my twelve house and aquarius is on my natal fifth, Any idea of what is coming? Thanks, Plutonian

  18. Hello Manda,

    Thank you for publishing this interesting research. Does it make a difference whether the transit is happening in forward motion or retrograde? I have been trying to figure out when would be a good time for my own lottery experiment. My J/U midpoint is 22 Lib/Ari 31, and this point also happens to be exactly semi-square my MC. Right now, I guess transiting Uranus is sextile my MC, but that will change in a few months when Uranus moves into its 5 month retrograde period. Sometimes astrology makes me feel like a mathematician. Ha! Anyway, I thought I would ask about whether your research shows a difference between retrograde and forward transits. Take care, and good writing!

  19. Hi Sandy, I never did test the difference between retrograde and forward motion in this research, but it is a another good factor to check. However, in your case it seems a good time with jupiter/Uranus midpoint aspecting the MC, but also Uranus sextiling the MC. The two most important factors in the study were Uranus transits to Midheaven and Uranus transits to J/U midheaven. If you have your MC and Jupiter/Uranus midpoint aspecting each other (through a hard aspect) then you will have doubly whammy each time Uranus transits either your MC or J/U midpoint. Good Luck!

  20. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who has been doing a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me lunch due to the fact that I discovered it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to discuss this topic here on your web page.

  21. I always win when the sign of leo is on the raising or 5th house.
    Uranus and Jupiter aspect doesn’t always means a win, it may also mean extravagance and expenditure, you may win but the money you spended on the tickets ar far superior.
    Just a warning Jupiter mean spending money.

    • Kyle – If you have Jupiter Uranus conjunct the method to calculate the midpoint is the same. If you have Jupiter in 26 degree Taurus and Uranus 27 deg Taurus, then the direct Jupiter Uranus midpoint is 28 deg Taurus, and aspects to 28 deg Taurus will be triggering the Jupiter uranus midpoint. When Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct (not sure of your house) there is an element of luck in the area of the house that the planets are located.

  22. Hi Manda,

    I have been reading what I can about lottery wins and astrology and I seem to have quite a few significant indicators coming up.

    I will have transiting Uranus opposite my 5:47 Libra Jupiter/Uranus midpoint exact on the 5th of Feb 2013 and on the 19th Feb transiting Jupiter will be exactly conjunct my 7 degrees Gemini natal moon (ruler of 5th house) and trining my natal Mercury and Jupiter conjunction at 7 & 8 degrees Libra – exact about 7 days later.

    My Jupiter / Uranus midpoint is 10 degrees shy of the square to my MC at 24:00 Sag – too wide do you think? I can’t seems to find any 2nd house significance though apart from my 2nd Saturn opposition just passing across my 2nd / 8th houses.

    I also read some info on Quaoar having a role in lottery wins and it is separating 1 degree from my natal MC.

    Anyway I would be interested in hearing what you think.


    • Somer69: That is for sure a good indication – If I were you I would buy the tickets. Uranus transiting the Jupiter Uranus midpoint was very significant in my research and also the natal aspect between Jupiter Uranus Midpoint to MC. The MC to midpoint increases the chance because it essential says that sudden money can change your status (to getting rich). With orbs, it is not black or white, the closer the orb, the more the potential and as the orb gets wider, the strength gets weaker. Also the MC could be a little different unless your birth information is exactly accurate. So there is still a good chance and its a good time to try out. I have also won money in Casinos (not a whole lot) when I had transits to Jupiter Uranus midpoint. Good Luck

  23. Hi Manda,

    Can you let me know my midpoint and can we know midpoint through birthdate. Also how can i know the time and duration of my Jupiter Uranus conjuction.


  24. I won £10,000 when Jupiter was conjunct natal uranus, uranus was opposite natal uranus, and the sun was exactly conjunct midheaven (which is conjunct my Jupiter). I think though if you are going to be lucky in a surprising way then there is nothing you can do to anticipate it. My natal Uranus is in the second house.

  25. Hello Manda 🙂

    The birth data for several lottery winner (in your list above) is private now, unfortunately.
    I’m really interested about the subject and I’d please you to give me the dates of them, if you can … by email eventually. Your observations are very interesting 🙂

  26. Hello Manda!


    =) <— Me after reading this

    Soon I will have Uranus in transit in my house 10 in conjunction with my natal Jupiter in Aries, I was a little afraid of this placement but after reading this article I'm getting exited lol! I was born on Jan 17, 1976 in Mexico City at 17:15 hrs, thank you for posting this info!

  27. Plumage – thanks for sharing your winnings. All you can do during high potential times is buy more lottery tickets as there is more chance of winning during these times. 🙂

  28. Hello,

    So I have been studying astrology for a while now, and have recently become very interested in this subject of potential lottery transits. I wanted to share an upcoming transit that I think has HUGE potential for me, and let’s see if we really can predict this stuff.

    So the transit I found (amazingly for another reason) is on Oct. 29th, 2014. I looked at the transits for 9:10pm in Toronto, Canada, because that is the exact draw time for lotto 6/49, which I will of course be buying tickets for.

    Now here are the aspects that will be occurring to my natal chart during the draw:

    – Transiting Jupiter conjunct my Natal Moon (11th house) within 22 minutes applying

    – Transiting Uranus conjunct my Natal Sun (7th house) within 19 minutes separating

    – Transiting AC will be conjunct my Natal MC 1 degree 5 mins applying

    – Transiting Sun and Venus will BOTH be conjunct my Natal Jupiter (2nd house) 21 minutes and 1 degree 34 mins respectively, both applying

    – Transiting Part of Fortune will be conjunct my Natal Sun too (along with Uranus) 45 mins

    – Transiting Mercury and North Node will both be conjunct my Natal Saturn (1st house) 58 mins and 10 mins applying respectively

    – Transiting Vertex will be conjunct my Jupiter/Uranus Midpoint (2nd house) 39 mins applying

    – Transiting Saturn will also be conjunct my Jupiter/Uranus Midpoint 2 degrees 33 mins separating (Saturn will also be conjunct my Natal Ceres 2 degrees 14 mins applying)

    – Both transiting Neptune and transiting MC will be squaring my Natal Uranus 32 mins applying and 11 mins separating respectively

    – Transiting Mars will be opposing my MC 40 mins separating

  29. Hi quite interresting. I getting uranus 6th house now trine to my natal mc, even jupiter is yet over my natal venus wich is 6 degree before my mc, where jupiter is going to. Also pluto making a grand cross with my sun in cancer and uranus in libra and mars in aries . And finally saturn this year is conjuct progressed asendant and my moon and neptune orb 3 degree and sextile my natal pluto. Having a feeling something is on the move, while im feeling im like in arc of noah dont where it will strand hope for nice windfall would be nice

  30. Hi guys,

    I think no one can really guess what will happen. What we’re talking about is only speculation. My natal jupiter/uranus midpoint is square MC and last year transit jupiter was conjunct to this point while uranus was transiting my 8th house. Nothing happened :/

  31. Hello.

    This is a very interesting research and thanks to you for making the effort.

    I have natally Uranus/Jupiter Midpoint at 1º 37 Saggitarius.
    My natal MC is at 2º20 Saggitarius and natally, I have Jupiter at 27º Scorpio conjunct Uranus at 5º Saggitarius…who is conjunct at the same time to natal Sadge MC.
    Natal Moon is at 29º 41 in Scorpio, conjunct Uranus, Jupiter and MC.

    Uranus is transitting in Aries now, the time it could have done a connection to my natal Jup/Ur Midpoint have passed long time ago, because it is too far from the degree it could have made a trine to my combo natal MC.

    So, I have a question, is there any other planet or asteroid that could do an aspect to my Ura/Jup natal midpoint? It is Venus available? Or the Moon?

    Thank you very much.

  32. Hi Manda,

    When you say didn’t look into declinations. I’m assuming that you did not look at the other 2 charts: Heliocentric longitudes and latitudes either. I image if you researched the other 3 charts: declinations, latitudes and heliocentric longitudes, you would greatly increase the percentages of your findings.

    All the best

    • Thanks, I do plan to look at declinations and will checkout heliocentric longitudes. Do you know of a good book
      on heliocentric astrology. I can always google it but if you know something offhand, please let me know.

  33. Jupiter/Uranus 04 Leo 51′ 44″

    could you please explain this? This is my jupiter uranus midpoint calculation

    thanks and regards

  34. Hi Manda, My Jupiter/Uranus midpoint is at 25.44 Libra, are you saying an orb or 3.5 degrees is allowable from that point? For example, that would be right now for me with Uranus opposite that point. Or do you mean 3.5 degree orb to natal Uranus? Or is it both? My Jupiter/Uranus midpoint is sextile my MC which is at 28 degrees 14 Leo. Thanks in advance for your reply

  35. hi AstroManda,

    I’m new to astrology.
    i would like to ask if my transiting jupiter/uranus midpoints (conjunct, trine..etc) aligning with my natal MC would have the same positive effect?

    also, would transiting Jupiter aligning with my natal MC have a similar effect to that of transiting Uranus aligning with natal MC as the study above?

    • 1. Transiting Jupiter Uranus midpoint aligned probably has the same astro signature. But this will last for a very short time.

      2. Uranus aligning with your natal Jupiter Uranus midpoint will have the best effect. I haven’t seen the same correlation with Jupiter transits to MC.

  36. hi AstroManda,

    i have another question:
    Was there any correlation in the study above between people buying lottery tickets online and those buying them physically from the store?

  37. Hi I have my progressed Sun now in conjunction with my Uranus Jupiter midpoint and Transiting Uranus opposing it and T Saturn sextiling it. From what I’ve read The 2nd house, 5th house, 8th house. and the MC or their rulers have to be active for a lottery win.
    Even without all this, an Eclipse to a money planet can also trigger a win. Plus it also has to be promised in the birth chart. No promise, no win.

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