Moon Pluto Aspects in Astrology
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Moon Pluto Aspects in Astrology

Moon Pluto Astrology

Moon Pluto Aspects in Astrology is called the most difficult aspect due to the intensity and potential destruction associated with it. But the experience depends on many factors especially on other aspects formed by Moon and Pluto that may ease or make it more difficult. In Greek mythology, Pluto rules the underworld and so any planet touched by it is pulled down to its deep caves. Hence all stuff ruled by moon whether it is emotions, security, safety, food, or mother gets heated up and transformed throughout life. So it may signify a person whose emotions can run deep and whose life path may take them through dark tunnels, and, yes, there is light at the end of it all, which is the gift of getting close to the soul. Born with an instinct to smell danger, these people discover through life’s journey that the only place safe is within. 

Mother or caregiver tends to play a very strong role in the lives of  Moon Pluto people.  It often shows a very close bond between the mother and child, one that is unshakable and has undercurrents of strong loyalty and passion. The mother can be seen as overwhelming, overprotective or/and complicated, and in its worst, it could be the feeling of being trapped in a suffocating life or deat­­­h dynamics, but this is rare. Sometimes a grandmother or a foster/adopted mother takes over the role of the birth mother.  The thread that ties most Moon Pluto people is the loss of a loved one either through death or separation and this also happens to be a turning point in their life. 

Maya Angelou, a popular American author and poet with a Moon Pluto square as called her mother “terrible and wonderful” in the book “Mom & Me & Mom”. She was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, became mute for five years, and was sent to live with her grandmother with whom she formed a strong attachment. When she was re-united with her mother in adolescence, she mentions the fear of getting close to her but at the same time being enamored by her.  Over time, she learnt to love and forgive her mother. Given below is her chart showing the Moon in Libra square her Pluto in Cancer. 

Moon Pluto Aspects in Astrology

Moon Pluto Conjunctions

People with the Moon Pluto conjunctions can be extremely emotional but still find a way to control and internalize it. Some of the high intensity drama plays out within the family, where the bond is so strong and inseparable that anytime the Moon Pluto person ­­tries to distance, they feel guilt and sadness. So the main caregiver ends up becoming this large force that influences many areas of their life. Unless they have other aspects like Moon Uranus or Moon Saturn, these people tend to stay close to home. Unlike other hard aspects or oppositions, with conjunction it may be difficult for the Moon Pluto person to understand the gravity of their emotions and to separate from it, leading sometimes to depression and/or mood disorders.

Wolfgang Mozart’s mother, Anna Maria Mozart was also an accomplished musician who had a close relationship with her son. She fell ill and died suddenly while traveling with her son to Paris and Mozart’s father blamed him for the death of his mother. Mozart is said to have suffered a lot of guilt and grief which was reflected in his compositions but the loss also propelled him to create more sophisticated music.

 Moon Pluto Squares and Oppositions

With the square and oppositions, there is more awareness and hence more struggle to balance the energies of Moon and Pluto. There is a feeling that one’s emotional expression is being controlled by others or through growing up in a family environment where true emotions are not shared. There can be intense grief through separation or death of a caregiver which instills a fear of loss for the rest of their life.  In the aftermath, the Moon Pluto person may have to survive in an environment that is void of emotional closeness. So the person learns to manage their emotions and how this is done depends on the Moon sign. If the Moon is in Gemini, then the person tries to rationalize their strong feeling ; if it is in Pisces, the person may find ways to escape it through different means. These tricks don’t succeed forever, and Pluto finds a way to create an emotional crisis, where the person has no choice but to look deep within. These are painful periods but usually create a breakthrough that helps the Moon Pluto person more stronger and connected with themselves. The more the Moon Pluto person tries to control, the more destructive this aspect can get, creating depression, mood or/and eating disorders. Psychotherapy is a great way to walk into Moon Pluto’s emotional underworld without being completely overwhelmed. The Moon Pluto hard aspects can also create a over protective tiger mother and adoption is also a strong theme here. Angelina Jolie (American actress) has Moon Pluto square and has adopted three kids from different countries.

Moon Pluto Trines and Sextiles

With Moon Pluto easy aspects, the scenario may be the same but the person has the ability to deal with it in a positive manner. They may enjoy a strong bond with at least one caregiver without much of the chaos and turmoil. One may be able to channel this emotionally charged energy into creative pursuits and to deal with controlling relationships in a skilled manner. They may have internal or external support systems that cushion the intensity of the Moon Pluto aspect and hence lessen the sabotage and destruction to self and others. They may even enjoy some emotional drama as it makes them more alive, and hence seek out such experiences.

In spite of the intensity, if the energy is channeled in the right manner,Moon Pluto aspects in Astrology birth charts, help a person to become stronger and a real survivor.


If you have any Moon Pluto aspect and have experienced emotional turmoil, a close or complicated relationship with a caregiver,  a loss of a loved one, please share how this experience has helped you to become emotionally stronger.


13 COMMENTS on “Moon Pluto Aspects in Astrology

  1. I have moon semisquare pluto, moon in libra, pluto in scorpio the semi square is 0deg, and yes i had to deal with emotional pain from very young age. my mother had to separate me and i had to leave alone with my older sisters. i was 7 years old and i felt the grief, i cried nights but no one knew that i was in pain, i was just telling them am fine, and when she call i dont tell her nothing. even if i need a new shoe or clothes i dont tell no one..
    i also have a very loose conjunction of pluto and mars 10 deg 3 times of my life i was going to get raped and i was sexually abused and guess what both times i havent said anything ( i was only 6 years old) and the last time when i told them , they blamed me for being outside.. i cant forget their words i cant.. i was a child how can i be blamed instead of being hugged and calmed down ? they just get silent and they have never talked about it , me either but it still lives inside me…

    my father also was away he only came in vacations.. i dont know why this happend to me but am i always thank god for everything may be it is fate 🙂

    • Daughter of he Lotus, I am very sorry for your experience and you are right – no child should be blamed for rape – this adds shame to the emotional pain. Moon Pluto aspects are very intense and sometimes can take over everything else in the chart and this is why it is important to heal this wound. Thanks for sharing. Your experience is a a proof that semi-squares are as potent as squares or other hard aspects. The sexual abuse you suffered is more due to Mars Pluto aspect and not really Moon Pluto aspect.

  2. This is a very accurate & informative article, thanks!

    I have a Scorpio Pluto (12th) square Leo Moon (9th) exact, which is part of a very close fixed grand cross involving Taurus Mars (6th) & Aqua Venus (3rd). My schizophrenic dad abused my mom & my family during my childhood, caused all kinds of hell which I am still sorting through. My mom is kind of an extreme person (she was abused by her dad; has Pluto square AC exact) who’s very controlling & I fought with her all throughout my growing up. I have dealt with eating disorders, depression, addiction, & these days serious anxiety & paranoia which I am getting treatment for. The paranoia extends to my mom too as I believe she is trying to say subtle, negative things about me to my partner. Which is all very Pluto square Moon, too. Emotional crisis is a great way of summing up the aspect I think, as I’m either burying my intense feelings or dealing with the fallout of an emotional explosion. Strong social anxiety where I try to keep people from seeing my fear.

    It’s a hell of an aspect, & I’m only 28. Hope it gets much better in the years to come.

    • Hello Elise, I am very sorry for your childhood experience. In order to survive and get sanity, it is a good idea for
      the moon Pluto person to find a way to distance from the mom – by moving to another location, etc. Is there a way for you do do that?

  3. I have Moon Square Pluto with my Moon being in Leo. I honestly had the worst time growing up with my mother. She was controlling, emotionally and mentally abusive as well as sexually abusive and possessed me as an extension of herself instead of me being my own person (my Sun in Pisces causes invisibility). All I wanted to do was make her proud, entertain her and make her laugh yet I had to in ways that weren’t true to me, even sickening to an extent. I lied for her and defended her as I took on the role of her husband because as her daughter she was jealous of my youth. With all details aside, she was a typical black hole/parasite and that set me back terribly in my development and I’ve made decisions I am ashamed of since from extreme inner turmoil to my attempts at suicide as well as self harm. As years have passed, I finally decided to cut her out of my life sending a long, almost apologetic email of how I’ve always felt. I haven’t seen her in 8 years. On this flip side, I have a step mom who has been the mother I’ve always dreamed of and I still can’t wrap my head around how I was lucky enough to have this. She is insightful, strong and also transforming as the light side of Moon-Pluto aspects show. I still have a hard time fully embracing it, I struggle so much telling people how I really feel because I’m paranoid of being treated with invalidation like before even though I’m aware of this somewhat irrational fear. It’s weird actually having a mom hug me as I could have counted the times my birth mother hugged me. I still hesitate to show her how I really feel but it’s gotten better the more I grow and move on with my life. Clearly I needed an outlet to express how I feel and, strangely, posting this comment seemed more appropriate than getting the usual, unsettled look from family members.

    • Jenna, thank you so much for sharing your challenging experience with Moon Pluto. As hard as it can be…distancing
      oneself is sometimes the only way to get sanity from a Moon Pluto square caregiver. I am glad you were able to do this. I also find
      that the biggest challenge for Moon pluto square person is looking for the validation that was never given in childhood. So the idea is
      for the Moon Pluto person to come to a place in life where they can give their own internal validation. Books that talk about “Inner Child” may be helpful for healing Moon Pluto hard aspect issues

      • That is actually an excellent idea that I wouldn’t have entertained before. I really appreciate your wonderful insight into astrology as well as taking the time to read and reply to all of our comments. So, thank you for the insightful article as well as your suggestion/idea!

  4. I have Pluto near my Midheaven and ruling my Ascendent. Pluto sextiles my Saturn, Mercury, Neptune conjunction in Libra in the 11th house and my Jupiter Moon conjunction in Gemini in the 8th house. Saturn is on the cusp of the 12 house. Both air conjunctions form a close trine. My mother was very difficult emotionally for the entire family. I am blessed with a strong sense of independence and humor. I never blamed her for her harsh behavior but I was quick to move away from it as soon as possible. My mother gave me many gifts as a young child. She was an incredibly intuitive, protective and compassionate mother to my brother and I when we were young children. As we grew older and began to assert our individuality she turned judgmental, cruel mouthed, controlling and harsh in her criticisms and need to punish even the smallest transgressions “for my good.” Because I did not look to her for mothering as I grew older and instead began to mother myself, I was able to care for her and keep her safe in her elderly years. I had tremendous insecurities when I left home but worked on them for many years. Over my years as a solitary wanderer, I accomplished a lot of good and benefited many as a way to prove my own goodness and worthiness to myself. Later in life, with the help of a loving supportive husband, I was able to care for my parents who had not prepared for old age. During my time caring for mom I learned that she had borderline personality disorder and lewy body dementia. These illnesses helped explain her mysterious behavior and helped me to accept, love and forgive her. She apologized to me toward the end of her life when I confessed my hurt at her emotional distance and cruelty. She said she was sorry for being harsh, but she couldn’t help it. She told me she had never understood me. As a result of her early nurturing and subsequent emotional withdrawal from my life I am an extremely strong person and thank my mother for helping me to be the competent, independent and compassionate woman that I am now. Many times it was her example of what not to be that guided my behavior and relationship choices.

  5. I am seriously sad reading all of these negative experiences about moon-pluto aspects 🙁 I have moon square pluto natally, and while I agree that I suffered alot through my mother, I still deeply love her…I have forgiven her. What really scares me the most is that my youngest son has moon conjunct pluto in Cap, and I love all of my children fiercly…every decision I make in my life is not without caution for them and their best interest. Upon researching, I can’t seem to find the positive to this aspect and it hurts me to think that I may in some way be too much or not enough for my son. We actually have a very close bond, but what if pluto takes me from them? He is such a happy kid, and now I’m scaring myself so much thinking since pluto hasn’t manifested into a controlling or suffacting relationship between us…that it may separate us somehow. I guess this is my own insecurity creeping up since I lost my father in a motorvehicle accident when I was quite young….I don’t want my children to grow up without their parents in their lives. Can a moon conjunct pluto manifest in a positive way at all? Am i just doomed to disappoint him somehow? My twin daughters also have a pluto-sun conjunction in Cap, conjunct my youngest sons pluto-moon. Our home isn’t tumultuous or hectic, but we are a big family…5 children and my husband and I are high school sweethearts.

    • Amanda, it is true my article on Moon Pluto aspect is kind of harsh. This aspect adds intensity but it does not necessarily mean that it takes away from the love between the child and the caregiver. People with conjunctions do form deeper bonds with their caregiver. Also, your other aspects in the natal chart show how well you can deal with this intensity. I know a person who with this conjunction, who statyed with their mother until she passed away. Although it was very challenging for this person to go through this process of caring for the mother until death, they were very clear that they wouldn’t do it any other way. However, this person had strong Scorpio chart and could bear the intensity. Moon Pluto aspects do have positives like being able to understand your own and other people’s emotions and also the ability to form deep long lasting bonds. With so many moon pluto dynamics in your family, it shows that you are all deeply connected and it will work out well as long as the intensity is kept in check. And this is the whole point of Astrology – now that you know – you can use this energy with awarness.

  6. i have moon (pisces) Trine pluto (scorpio). my early life experiences with woman were intense and largely unpleasant. my mother abused alcohol and drugs but was not totally evil, she is a complicated woman to say the least. every woman i dealt with in my youth was emotionally intense and used that intensity to bully. they enjoyed acting as a psychic terror and causing emotional pain as a way for themselves to feel strong. over the years this nurtured in me the strength to stand up to that sort of behavior. people in my family were very manipulative people, which taught me more than a little about how to avoid being manipulated and also how to out play manipulators. i experienced several other pluto/moon themed events in my life from being molested by family members to homelessness. all of these experiences gave me an inner strength and sense of self-support that transcends material security. i did get derailed in life for a tough spell and still have resentments but i could be far worse off emotionally. i am hard to deal with as an adult because ive learned to be intense and forceful with people at the first sign they think my piscean manners are weakness. there is alot ive learned to not tolerate from myself or others. the pluto/moon aspect, even a trine, is always intense and traumatic. thankfully i was able to grow from the experiences rather than fall victim to them. now i have wisdom and understanding to offer to people lost in the dark cycles/experiences that moon/pluto bring us.

  7. Thanks for sharing QuietWolf,,,, It is true that all Moon Pluto people have some experience with intense women in their life but based on some stuff that you have shared, you may others things going on in your chart that may have contributed to this experience.

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