Planetary Aspects

The aspects are the angles between two planets. The aspects foretell the type of energy expressed by the planets. Some aspects are easy, harmonious, and positive are called soft aspect. The energy flows easily between the planets. The easy angles are trine and sextile which are 120 degrees and 60 degrees respectively. Some aspect are difficult, tense, bad or malefic. These are considered to be hard aspect like the square and oppositions which are 90 degrees and 180 degrees respectively.

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Saturn Neptune Aspects in Astrology

posted by AstroManda February 11, 2015

Saturn binds us to the different roles we play on this Earth and Neptune makes sure we don’t  forget that we are part of the infinite Universe. Saturn is like the concrete foundation and Neptune is shimmering water that can flow through anything, Saturn ties us up with all kinds of attachments while Neptune is the universal dissolver and […]

Venus Neptune Aspects in Astrology

posted by AstroManda September 29, 2014

Venus and Neptune together are the queen and king of creative energy – the ultimate aspect for any kind of artist, whether it is a musician, a painter, creator of luxury goods, or graphic designer. People with this are blessed with good taste for the good things in life. Venus brings the earthy and the […]

Jupiter Pluto Aspects in Astrology

posted by AstroManda September 3, 2014

This is an aspect of success, power and money.  Jupiter  enlarges and expands everything and in aspect with Pluto it can cause big life transformations, extraordinary success,  dreaming big,  power play, the leader of the underworld, travel for transformation, big strategy, large financial projects,  huge ambition, etc.  So you get the point- it is success which either comes easy or […]

Jupiter Neptune Aspects in Astrology

posted by AstroManda August 15, 2014

The poet says “my heart I give to God” and the priest says “I will promote him to the whole world”. For the priest, building churches, teaching and debating God, making it organized and easily accessible or/and having rituals  is important, but for the poet, relationship with God is the silent communication with the Universe.  It is about […]

Mars Pluto Aspects in Astrology

posted by AstroManda August 11, 2014

 Mars is an expression of one’s desires, passion, drive, physical strength and action and Pluto is about transformation, depth, power and re-inventing oneself, and the combination of both these planets in a natal chart gives the person a whole lot of drive, sometimes more than one can handle. The positive & negative aspect of this combination really depends on […]