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Mars Uranus Aspects in Astrology


Mars Uranus combo is the dare devil fiery brand aspect, and the people who have this are the passionate risk takers and radicals. We’ve all seen that impatient person who wants results right now, with excess energy spilling out everywhere, shocking people with their unexpected actions, nervous, anxious and high strung. They may have Mars Uranus aspect. There is an urgency, unpredictability and restlessness that comes with this aspect that can make or destroy in a speedy manner. Mars is the planet of force and energy and Uranus is the change agent that arrives unexpectedly and transforms lives in lightening speed. So put these 2 together and you have a very spicy fast food combo. It can be very creative and unique as long as this aspect has right focus and path to expend its energy. Basically the challenge here is to manage one’s aggression and need for excitement.

Mars Uranus Hard Aspects

With hard aspects, one likes to create a stir with their action. They seem to be uncomfortable in situation where nothing much is happening. What others may call as peaceful, they call it boring, and during these times they may shake things up in order to find some excitement. There is also a brash sexuality that comes with the hard aspects. A good example is Madonna who has a square between Uranus and Mars in her chart. She was born into a devout Catholic family, quit college to strike out on her own in New York, leaving behind her city, family, friends, and financial security, with just $35 in her hand. She is known for taking risk and pushing the envelope through her music, dance and fashion sense. She was very impatient with her progress and did not hesitate to move on from relationships, if she felt there were hampering her growth. It is really important with Mars Uranus aspects to find a channel for the excessive high strung nervous energy, especially in something that has a physical component like sports, dance, etc., and Madonna is religious about working out. Her Mars Uranus Midpoint = Black Moon Lilith (BML). BML is about taboo, things the society does not want us to express, but due to Mars Uranus aspect being involved with BML, Madonna expressed her Mars Uranus energy by breaking those laws, in her own way. Below is the 90 degree dial of Madonna’s chart that shows the midpoint picture.

madonna - 90 diegree dial

Arnold Schwarzenegger has Mars Uranus conjunct in his natal chart, and his immense energy is seen right from his early years when he was youngest person to win the Austrian bodybuilding competition. This was good use of his Mars Uranus aspect. However, he was involved in a few scandals, especially when he had a son through an affair with his maid. There is this sense of urgency and a need to release energy that can sometimes lead people with this aspect to  situations that can  shake up their lives and their loved ones. Monica Lewinsky had Mars Uranus Opposition in her chart and she took big risks by having an affair with President Clinton, while she was working as an intern. To make things worse, she even bragged about it to co-worker, Linda Tripp, who recorded their conversation. But if you see in her natal chart, the breach of trust that she experienced by taking risk can be understood through  the midpoint picture of Mars/Uranus = Neptune. Neptune is prominent in situations involving potential deceit and mistrust issues, and also related to hiding or getting away from public attention.  So unlike Madonna, who was able to flaunt her Mars Uranus energy by expressing her sexuality in a unique manner, Monika went into hiding for many years after this incident.

monica lewinski 90 deg dial natal chart



Also, people with Mars Uranus aspect can be accident prone due to their excess nervous energy.  Frieda Kahlo, the famous Mexican painter, had Mars Uranus opposition in a natal chart, and suffered a bad accident in her early years that caused her numerous health problems and constant pain. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger who has the Mars Uranus conjunction has had his share of accidents including the one in 2001, where he broke 6 ribs in a motorcycle accident, but fortunately none of them harmed him permanently.  Research done in school shootings show a connection Mars Uranus midpoints 

Mars Uranus Easy Aspects

With the easy aspects, the Mars Uranus  flows more smoothly unhindered without the pressured spurts seen in the hard aspects. The warning with easy aspects is that the energy can be expressed  in both negative and positive ways and the person may not have the awareness as found in hard aspects to modify their behavior. It’s easy to spot people with this aspect involved in some physical activity, or unique creative pursuit.  They have a lot of energy like the people with hard aspects but don’t have any internal blockage or struggle stopping the flow.  Winston Churchill had a Mars Uranus trine and was the British Prime Minister during World War II. He has accomplished many things in his life.  Other than being a politician,  he was a writer who won Nobel Prize for literature, and a painter. However he was also known for being rude and brash in his opinion of others. Hugo Chavez was moved by poverty in Venezuela and fought for social justice early on in his life, and finally becoming the most popular President. Also, the famous tennis player, Andrea Agassi has Mars Uranus trine, and is known for throwing tantrums in the court.

If anyone has this aspect in their natal chart or has seen in other charts, please share your experience. 

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