Horoscope Reading

Chart Interpretation or Horoscope Reading is a process to gain understanding of the birth chart using some basic and advanced tools. Some of the things to look in a birth chart are positions of planetary bodies. how they interact with each other, and using advanced tools like midpoints that further characterizes the natal chart. Given below in related categories are some of the tools used in chart interpretation:

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North and South Node in Astrology – The Karmic Points

posted by AstroManda November 7, 2014

The North Node and South Node of the Moon are extremely  important in understanding the path or direction in the natal chart. These are not planets or angles but points where the Moon crosses ecliptic. The north node or the ascending node is where the moon crosses from south to north, and the south node  or descending node is […]

MonthlyTransits from October 19 to November 1st, 2014

posted by AstroManda October 23, 2014

Happy Solar Eclipse! On October 23rd  the Moon and Sun will be joining together for a new beginning at 0 deg Scorpio . Yes! Solar eclipses signals new start and changes, either subtle or drastic but if this eclipse falls on one of your planets or angles you are sure to feel the heat of transformation. […]

Astrology of Ebola with Hygiea, Black Moon Lilith

posted by LisaStarflower October 17, 2014

The first Ebola case diagnosed on US soil, a Liberian man, died on the same day as the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 Aries/Libra on Oct 8th, 2014, conjucting the USA’s Saturn at 14’48” Aries, and squaring its Sun at 13 Cancer.  I was wondering about this since the asteroid Hygiea just transited the USA’s […]

Malala Yousafzai Astrology – The Brave Girl

posted by AstroManda October 13, 2014

 On October 10 2014, the brave young teenager Malala Yousafzai became the youngest recipient to ever receive Nobel Prize. The past few years since 2009 she has gone through an amazing path of pain to prominence.  She lived in Pakistan in an area where Taliban was actively taking control and  she wrote a blog under a […]

Current Transits from October 5th to October 18th, 2014

posted by AstroManda October 8, 2014

October Eclipses :  There are 2 eclipses  happening in the month of October which means things are getting heated up and sensitized in some areas of the zodiac.  The Lunar eclipse is falling on 15 degree of Aries on October 8th  and the solar eclipse is falling at 0 degree Scorpio on October 23rd.   The lunar eclipse […]