Horoscope Reading

Chart Interpretation or Horoscope Reading is a process to gain understanding of the birth chart using some basic and advanced tools. Some of the things to look in a birth chart are positions of planetary bodies. how they interact with each other, and using advanced tools like midpoints that further characterizes the natal chart. Given below in related categories are some of the tools used in chart interpretation:

Astrology Insight – February 2017

posted by AstroManda February 7, 2017

This can be a very explosive and volatile month with abundant energy. You may become aware of things not working right in your life or the world around you and may feel the push to do something about it. All this will be brought to light with the February 26th Solar Eclipse. MONTH OF ECLIPSES: February […]

Astrology of Orlando Shooting using Midpoints

posted by AstroManda June 15, 2016

The Orlando, Florida Mass Shooting occurred at 2:02 am, on June 12, 2016, where fifty people were shot dead and many injured in a gay nightclub.  This is an extremely tragic and sad event for United States and the rest of the World. Astrology may give some rationale way of understanding this event.  The place […]

Ceres Astrology

posted by AstroManda May 2, 2016

Asteroid Ceres in Astrology plays an important role in the natal chart in relation to nurture, loss, sharing, food, farming, agriculture, etc.  Asteroid Ceres in mythology Ceres is  the protector of the Earth, and  the  benevolent goddess of all plants that are consumed for food, agriculture, type of diet, food, fertility, etc. However, a tragedy struck her. Her […]

Vesta Astrology

posted by AstroManda April 12, 2016

Vesta in Mythology Vesta is one of the four main asteroids used in Astrology. She is known as Hestia in Greek mythology and is the sister of Zeus and the last born of Kronus and Rhea. When she grew up to be a beautiful maiden, Apollon and Poseidon each pursued her in marriage,  but she refused […]

Mars Uranus Aspects in Astrology

posted by AstroManda November 26, 2015

Mars Uranus combo is the dare devil fiery brand aspect, and the people who have this are the passionate risk takers and radicals. We’ve all seen that impatient person who wants results right now, with excess energy spilling out everywhere, shocking people with their unexpected actions, nervous, anxious and high strung. They may have Mars […]