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Astrology of Lunar & Solar Eclipse of August 2017 and a New Identity for America

In the month of August 2017, the occurrence of both a lunar and a Solar eclipse  says it all. The Lunar and solar eclipses sets the pattern for the next 6 months to a year both in the larger mundane world and in one’s personal life.  Eclipses are about ending and beginnings, and can change the direction of one’s path. So let’s say someone is not too happy about their job but hasn’t done much about it…and this eclipse falls on their midheaven or 6th house, the person may be suddenly fired or a new job falls right on their lap.   Usually, the house and sign where the eclipse falls and its opposite sign show where this energy may  likely be expressed. However, I have also seen the area square to the eclipse being affected by it.   The lunar or solar eclipse of this month is especially important for you, if the eclipse falls on one of your planets or angles. This is the area of the natal chart which will be put on a hot spot for the next few months. 

The August Eclipses and the Leo Aquarius Axis

Both the lunar and solar eclipse falls on the Leo Aquarius axis, and let’s first understand what does the Leo Aquarius axis signify?  Leo says “I am special” while Aquarius says “everybody is the same”. Leo says “My self interest is more important”, while Aquarius says “the interest of the whole community is more important”. Many of the recent events in the United States fall along this dynamics.    So if this eclipse touches any of your planets or angles in your natal chart,  you may be dealing with similar issues on a personal level.  

Lunar Eclipse: The lunar eclipse on August 7th fell  on the 15th degree of Leo/Aquarius axis.   The 15th degree of any fixed sign makes a 45 or 135 degree hard aspect to the Aries point (0 degree Aries) which means there is a special channel that is opened up by this eclipse that will affect large masses of the population.  The Charlottesville march occurred when Mars crossed this eclipse point starting from August 11th until August 16th, and lashed out a lot of anger signified by this axis (explained below). As all lunar eclipses do, this issue will muster a lot of emotions, and will continue for at least the next six months.

Solar Eclipse on August 21st: The solar eclipse on August 21st is falling nearly on the 29th degree of the Leo/Aquarius axis. It is of special importance to United States as it passes right through it. The last time an eclipse fell from one coast to the other coast of United States was in 1918.  New moon eclipse is a great time for new beginnings and new cycles.  Astrologically, why is the axis so important for the United States?  If you look at the United States Sibly Chart, you will see the opposition between Moon in Aquarius and Black Moon Lilith in Leo. The Moon falls 27th degree of Aquarius while the dark shadow of the moon, the Black Moon Lilith falls exactly opposite, on the 27th degree of Leo, which is the same axis as the August 21st solar eclipse.  So this eclipse is unearthing everything that is deep in the emotional core of this country, even that which is hidden and dark.  We all have Black Moon Lilith and it is the taboo area within us that we tend to hide from the world.  Black Moon Lilith is the rebellious uncontrollable energy and in Leo, it wants to be at the center and treated special.   However, the Moon in Aquarius does not give any V.I.P. preferences to anyone.  The image below shows a biwheel with U.S. Sibly chart in the inner wheel. This chart for U.S. was formed at the time of the “Declaration of Independence” on July 4, 1776. The outer wheel is the chart of the August 21st solar eclipse (for Washington D.C.). 

august 2017 lunar solar eclipse


Big Changes are happening to the 12 degree US Sagittarius Ascendant which according to the Sabian symbol is  “a flag that turns into an eagle”.  This depicts the greatness, openness, expansiveness, and positivism that is tied to the American identity, but recently with Neptune in Pisces  squaring it,  this identity has become foggy (see image above).  People sense this through their insecurity, the urgent need to belong to something, and the breakdown of hierarchy and structure that has previously provided an anchor, and most importantly the need to establish their place in this country. 

Uranus, the father of the sudden changes is also involved in this mix! Simply said, since Neptune and Uranus are now in semi square aspect in transit, if Neptune is making a hard aspect to the U.S. ascendant, then Uranus  is also aspecting the U.S. ascendant through a sesquiquadrate (135 degree aspect).  So all this chaos is about leading to changes that will hopefully bring harmony in the future, although the path can be rocky.  But you may ask why is this Neptune Uranus transit to natal  ascendant of America is related to the eclipse. It is connected through solar arc progression of Moon/Lilith opposition (the degree of the eclipse) making a hard aspect to the U.S. natal ascendant.     So what is happening now is a formation of a new identity for the United States, through the dynamics of  the natal Moon BML opposition in the Aquarius Leo Axis respectively.    But remember, sometimes it is necessary to go through a fog to gain clarity.

The Big Players during this Eclipse

We are going to see conflict between people with planets around 29 Leo vs those that have planets around 29 Aquarius.   Unconsciously, these players will bring out the theme that needs to be played through the Leo Aquarius axis for the growth of this country  and in order for it to find its new identity.  Let’s look at some people who are already creating some ripples in this direction:

 Steve Bannon has his Moon at 27 Leo and Pluto on 25 Leo, both conjunct the US Black Moon Lilith, and he was let go from his position two days before the eclipse.  He did represent what BML signifies in the Sibly chart, and there is a good chance that although he is ousted, he will continue to play a big role in how the Leo Aquarius axis theme face off in the U.S, for the next few months.

President Donald Trump:  To top it all, the eclipse falls on the 29th degree Leo Mars and the ascendant of President Donald Trump., which again is conjunct the BML of United States.  Watch out for September 2nd when Mars and retrograde Mercury pass the same degree of the eclipse. There could be some angry words exchanged that that has long lasting results.

Mitch McConnell, the majority leader of the Senate is apparently not in speaking terms with President Trump.  Although the time of birth is not known, his Sun is 0 degree Pisces which was 2 deg orb from the axis of the eclipse, and his Sun opposes the Trump’s Mars and Ascendant around 28 deg Leo. So they are probably playing out the conflict related to the Leo Aquarius axis.  He was upset that Trump did not speak out against the neo nazi march  in Charlottesville.

As Mars and Mercury cross the August 21st eclipse point during the first week of September, words could be used as weapons to scar the enemy, be prepared to see put downs, intense drawn out arguments and discussions. 

If you feel, tired, rejuvenated, the energy zapped out of you, it could be this eclipse hitting one of your planets or angles.  Please share how this eclipse affects your chart. What do you think the transiting Neptune ultimately wants from the US Sag Ascendant?

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