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Monthly Astrology Transits for December 2017

If we had any doubt what Jupiter in Scorpio is about, the confusion would have been cleared by what we saw last month.  Jupiter is going to continue to be ...

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Monthly Astrology Transits October 2017

Monthly Astrology Transits AstromandaPluto Moving Direct:  You can feel the energy change drastically from crazy intense to more tolerable, when Pluto stationed at 16 deg Capricorn finally moves forward.  When Pluto moves forward, it reveals all that it has dredged the past few months when it was retro. It is a major unearthing of truth and awareness, whether you like it or not.    Things that have been bothering you for a while may come to light and in the world at large,  people misusing power will be exposed.  This happens everytime that Pluto stations to go direct; some truth is revealed. But what do you do with this truth? This month with Pluto squaring Sun and Mercury on October 8th, making trine to Venus Mars in the beginning of the month, and getting closer to Juno Astrea in Capricorn, there is plenty you can do or will be forced to do.

1st Week of October 

Venus moves away from its opposition to Neptune to join Mars and so it goes from wearing rose colored glasses to seeing its lover straight in the eye. Mars and Venus, the one that pursues and one that attracts are conjunct  and this is a great fuel for getting in touch with your passion and desires but with discrimination (in Virgo).  Each time Mars and Venus get conjunct they begin a new cycle and an opportunity to learn another way of relating. In Virgo, their dance is less fiery and more about purity and perfection…maybe even a bit practical.  So it is easier now to show love through service and in simple acts of kindness, rather than in the physical dimension.  A good metaphor for this love would be the lotus leaf that floats so lightly that the water barely touches it.  And the trine from Pluto in Capricorn adds a layer of intensity that will push to go deeper and face some truth, but in a helpful and supportive manner. So if you want to dig out some secret or talk the truth, this is a good time to do it.  Mars Venus is not just about relationships but also a time to get in touch with your dreams.  Also, with Pluto turning direct, there is a greater degree of awareness.  

 2nd week of October

On October 7th and 9th, Sun and Mercury joined together with asteroid psyche encourages talk about relationship dynamics. In mytholology,  Psyche and Eros were lovers and together they crossed many turbulent waters to be together.  So this month features the dance of celestial lovers; if it is not Mars and Venus, then it is Psyche and Eros! What else do you expect when Sun is in Libra, the relationship sign.  This Sun Mercury in Libra is also squared by Pluto, so it is not just going to be a superficial “how is the weather” kind of chat, but may involve some intense arguments and power struggles, mostly about something that one fears unconsciously.  Pluto is a hard planet to make friends with, but with its help, you can find truth at the end.

“Have you seen what wolves do to their prey? But they do mate for life.” ― Donna Lynn Hope

T-square between Mars/Venus, Saturn and Chiron:  The t-square which is a persistently pushy energy  from October 9th and 10th between Mars/Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces.  There are no shortcuts with t-squares and this one will bring out the pain of separation, the frustration of desiring something but the need to wait and sacrifice before getting it.  You may want to go ahead and take the plunge in a relationship, but there could fear or past hurt that may stop you.  The idea is to prevail in spite of he challenges.  Actually there is no other way with t-squares but to work on them continually, so get down to it.    

Astraea and Juno get together on October 10th  are asking for fair treatment and justice.  People (especially women) could come out and voice out their concerns about a unjust practice that has been going in certain industries which discriminates a particular population based on gender, race, etc. This is a strong force that will propel a lot of energy towards its cause and will last much beyond this month.

Jupiter Ingress into Scorpio: Jupiter enter Scorpio on 10th and will remain here until November 8th, 2018.  Jupiter is all about expansion but in Scorpio it seeks not the superficial kind that you can see or touch, but the more deep kind of internal growth that makes powerful transformation.  I think based on world events, this is a good time for Jupiter to go deep into the human psyche and do the expansion work here…and fill us with positivism. 

3rd Week of October

The mutable t-square continues between Mars, Saturn and Chiron (with Saturn at the apex). As Venus is gone, Mars in Virgo is still in a t-square with Saturn and Chiron until the 20th. This is a mutable t square which can be a chaotic restless energy if not channeled right. Mars wants to go forward as always but with Chiron opposition, Mars may have to sacrifice something, heal itself before it can move on to reach its goal.  Sometimes Mars in combo with Chiron means a karmic sacrifice for a higher good, and hopefully it is not about letting go of the goal itself!  This is where Saturn holds the reign with a big “stop” sign,  asking that we put in the hard work it takes to move forward in spite of the fear, and not give up.  This can be a challenging nerve wrecking t-square if you have planets at the end of the mutable signs.

As Mercury in Libra moves to oppose Uranus during October 14th to 16th, words uttered could be later regretted, truth may just come out like lightening or a flash of insight may show the right direction. So this is a good time to be aware of any news or gossip that may enlighten you or bring you the fire you need through information.   A dark scandal could be revealed with Uranus and Mercury semi-squaring Neptune conjunct BML. This will be really significant for those who have planets in later part of Aries or Libra.

4th week of October

Mercury joins the newly visiting Jupiter in Scorpio in the end of the 3rd week and both of them oppose Pallas , the queen of strategy In Taurus, Pallas will seek long term plans to further the physical and material comfort and will be pushed to see the bigger view of things with the opposition from Jupiter Mercury .  A goal may be great to increase material security but will it bring peace and happiness? As Pallas retrogrades to join Uranus, it will contemplate on more creative ways of meeting its goal for earthy comfort.

On October 23 to 25th, Mars move to the cardinal degree, 0 degree Libra and squares the Black Moon Lilith .  This increases the incidence of obvious violence or passive aggression. When Mars joins BML, it takes on a dark form bringing in revenge, back stabbing, vengeful scandals, or seeking fair treatment and justice for inappropriate behaviors.  This is especially true with Juno and Astraea traveling close together until the end of the November and is going to be a game changer (especially with Pluto joining them in November) in how some unjust practices are reported and dealt.

 Do you have any planets or angles in your chart that may be triggered this month and how so?  Is the Mars Saturn Chiron t-square triggering any of your planets in the last degree of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sag or Pisces)? 

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