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Juno Astrology

juno astrologyIn Roman mythology, Juno was married to Jupiter. She was the queen of the gods, and also the goddess of marriage. She took care of all married women. She was beloved and worshiped as a housewife and mother. However, her counterpart, Hera in Greek Mythology was very jealous of her husband, Zeus who philandered with other women. This turned Hera into a petty woman who spent a great deal of time taking revenge. Although her  rebellion was subdued by Zeus, she continued to thwart his efforts secretly.  Demetra Goerge in her book “Asteroid Goddesses” calls Asteroid Juno as the “principle of relatedness”. Within the context of relating, Juno exposes any inequality or unfairness. So the asteroid Juno in astrology is not only an indicator of close and intimate relationships but also a need to fight over things that are not fair and square. Strong Juno people tend to be advocates of equal rights. People with Juno conjunct their personal planets or angles, like ascendant or midheaven  can be sensitive to anything that is unfair in their life or with others. They have a radar that can pick up on situations that are biased against certain populations making them more vulnerable and powerless.  This is especially true for people that have Juno conjunct their angles.  They are usually put in a situation where they experience something that is not fair and where one person is pushed to sacrifice more than the other,  or one person has more freedom and power than the other.   Juno could also mean the kind of partner a person attracts or the nature of intimacy. This does not necessarily show partner’s career but it may show the partner’s involvement in the relationships.

People with Juno aspecting angles or the luminaries tend to be extremely sensitive to sexism, and some of them are just involved in women issues in some form or the other.  This ranges from people who run women support groups, a mother or wife who is pushed to give a lot more than she is able and fights for her space (Juno conjunct IC),  to  those who write and advocate for women (Juno conjunct Midheaven).  On the other hand Juno conjunct angles could also signify people who are in some form involved with women’s clothes, jewelry, beauty products, etc.  There is a misconception that asteroids in astrology like Juno, Vesta, Ceres and Pallas are relevant only for women, but this is not true.  Juno indicates marriage partner and equality issues in both men and women.

John Galsworthy has Juno conjunct his midheaven, and is viewed as one of the first writers of the Edwarnian Era (which was from 1901 to 1910) who challenged some of the ideals of society depicted in the preceding Victoria era. The depiction of a woman in an unhappy marriage was a recurring theme in his work. Through his writings he campaigned for a variety of causes, including prison reform, women’s rights, animal welfare, and the opposition of censorship.

Candice Bergen also had Juno conjunct her Midheaven. She played a lead role in the sitcom, Murphy Brown where she is portrayed as a television reporter who is a recovering alcoholic and a single mother. Vice President, Dan Quayle criticized prime-time TV for showing Murphy Brown character as he thought it mocked the importance of fathers in one’s life.  This spurred a lot of discussions and debate in the media about family values which falls right within Juno’s domain. Given below is the chart of Candice Bergen. Juno  on Midheaven is conjunct Jupiter and trines Venus Uranus conjunction (which can signify non-tradtional relationships).  However, Saturn in 7th squares her Juno and this shows the challenge she faced from those who supported a more traditional view of marriage and relationships.  In 1992, the year that Dan Quayle passed the comment, transiting Uranus, and Neptune were squaring her Juno.  

juno astrology

Billy Jean King is a former Tennis Player who has Juno conjunct her Ascendant. King was known for her advocacy for sexual equality. In 1973, she won Battle of the Sexes tennis match against Bobby Rigs, and was the founder of the Women Tennis Association and Women’s Sports Association.  In her natal chart given below,  Juno conjunct Ascendant is trine Moon in Libra and sextile Sun.  This shows she had the necessary support to express her Juno to the world.. 

Juno conjunct Ascendant


Shannen Doherty is an actress, author, producer and television director. On October 15, 2011, Doherty married Kurt Iswarienko in Malibu and their wedding planning activities were the subject of the reality TV show “Shannen Says”.  Shannen has Juno conjunct her Midheaven and so its not surprising that the her wedding was conducted in a very public manner.  Juno is also the goddess of weddings and it is no coincidence that June is also considered the best month for tying the knot.

If you have Juno aspecting a planet or angle in your chart, are you sensitive to issues regarding equality and fairness?  Are you involved in some form with women’s clothing, jewelry, beauty products, etc?   

3 COMMENTS on “Juno Astrology

  1. Great Article – Your comment that Juno shows the kind of partner one attracts is really apt for me. I have Juno conjunct Pallas, and my husband is an artist- he does murals and oil painting. Even before I got married, I seem to be attracted to artistic men. One of them was into creative writing, while the other did graphic design.

    • Hello Bina, makes sense since Pallas is often related to art and design and in combination with Juno could signify an artistic partner. I know few other people with this combination where the partner is involved in design or art in one way or the other. Thanks for sharing

  2. Symbolically Juno is very alive in our culture, even in modern times. There is inequality in so many things, between the genders, different races, even in families (one child favored more than the other).

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