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Saturn Neptune Aspects in Astrology

Saturn Neptune Aspects in Astrology

Saturn binds us to the different roles we play on this Earth and Neptune helps us to remember that we are part of the infinite Universe. Saturn is like the concrete foundation and Neptune is shimmering water that can flow through anything. Saturn ties us up with all kinds of attachments while Neptune is the universal dissolver and detaches us from life.  Saturn is the real, structure, ambition, goals, focus and boundaries, and Neptune is the abstract, impermanence, crossing the boundary, dreams, spirituality and transcendence.  Saturn binds us to the earth with responsibility and goals while Neptune loosens the hold on earth through compassion.  So you get an idea of the difference between these 2 planets? One wants to build while other wants to break. So what can you expect with Saturn Neptune Aspects in Astrology?

 The Hindu scripture, Gita  expresses this energy really well.  It says do your duty but don’t get attached to it. Give your best but don’t wait to enjoy the fruits. It’s the process that matters but not the end result. It goes much against the grain of how most of us have been brought up. As kids we are told in spite of how hard we study, it’s the grades that matter and very few people love their jobs so much that their incomes and benefits don’t matter. However people with Saturn Neptune aspects learn from life to give their heart and soul to something only to later let go of it. It’s like a mom who enjoys her children and gives the best to them fully knowing that she cannot hold them forever. They have to leave home one day. 

Saturn Neptune Aspects in AstrologyThe life story of Pu Yi the last Manchu King of China and who was portrayed in the movie, “The Last Emperor” is a good example of this energy. Pu Yi was made a king at the age of two when his father passes away. He is basically a mock king with all the luxury but with no real  power. He is later controlled by the Japanese and taken to a reform prison when the communists take over China. The movie depicts very poignantly how he loses his wife, family members, friends and finally the servant who has been with him all his life. However in the prison, he takes to gardening. After several years when he is released, he become an assistant gardener at the Beijing botanical garden. He probably found more authentic power as a gardener than when he was an emperor, which is the energy of Saturn Neptune. Interestingly, Pu Yi has a trine between Saturn and Neptune while John Lone who acted as Pu Yi in the movie has Saturn Neptune conjunction (his chart given below).  No wonder he was able to magnificently express the essence of  Pu Yi’s character.   Saturn Neptune Aspects in Astrology

People with Saturn Neptune aspect may find that things that no longer serve them get dissolved and this eventually may opens up an opportunity to re-build something – more in line with the needs of their soul. People may lose material things but through this process find spiritual happiness they never experienced before. With Neptune, Saturn likes to build and give structure to the unseen that is valuable in their own way. Some may slant more towards Neptune and find a route to escape while others may fight Neptune’s dissolving power and manifest their dreams. This depends on how Saturn and Neptune are located and aspected in the chart. For example someone with Saturn in Aries (where Saturn is in its fall) may get easily frustrated and not have the patience to sort out the aspect with Neptune. Some dynamcs that can be seen with the Saturn Neptune aspects are given below:

Escape Responsibility, Reality and Structure

Even if there is no external pressure to let go, there is a built in system that fights against responsibility because they believe finally it will all be gone anyway. So why work this hard? There is also an internal pressure to escape authority figures like parents, teachers and bosses who determine what and how much work needs to be done. There is also denial in accepting the realities of life. Even if they don’t rebel directly, there may be a wishy washy attitude towards structure, discipline and taking responsibility. Examples of real life situation that express this aspect is like a mother who leaves her child with friends and other family members while she goes searching for spiritual enlightenment, a teenager who convinces himself that school is of no use and does minimal work, getting into drugs or spirituality to escape the reality of life, a person who moves away from close family members in fear of being obligated to them, blames everyone and the world for things that don’t work in their life. 

Potential to Get Cheated or Led in the Wrong Direction

With the need to escape responsibility, people with this aspect may find others to take over some of their chores and in the process may experience deceit, lies, theft and confusion. Nicholas Cage, one of the highest paid actor has a square between Saturn and Neptune. He is known for getting himself into financial trouble. In 2009 he filed a $20 million lawsuit against his business manager, Samuel J. Levin, alleging negligence and fraud. He stated that Levin failed to pay taxes when they were due and this compromised his finances.

Building a Strong Foundation in the Spiritual Realm

Like I mentioned before, sometimes with Saturn Neptune people may get into financial trouble, lose their home, job, etc, .in order to rebuild a life that caters towards the needs of the soul. Some may be attracted to institutionalized form of religion as a safe anchor to find a sense of structure in their life. They may also feel grounded through charity, volunteering. and working in hospitals, prison, and non-profit organizations.

Manifesting Dreams

Neptune is also about creative channels like music, art, acting, media, photography, etc..and if done in the right way, Saturn can give form to this energy and help manifest one’s dreams.

A Different Kind of Structure

With Saturn Neptune aspects the regular rules are replaced with ones formed through experience and from the heart. So sometimes it may look like the person hates all forms of rules but when in close view one may find that these people do have structure and limits but are just  not the normal ones that most people follow.

Saturn Neptune Hard Vs Easy Aspects

The square and opposition aspect between Saturn and Neptune create frustration as the person feels the pull and push from these two very different energies. Also there may be irrational fear and anxiety which creates insecurity and a feeling of inadequacy. Events usually unfold where the person has to face his or her own fears and this may help clear the Neptunian fog and to manifest their dreams. Often one or more parent is missing or weak, or/and circumstances prevent the formation of a stable relationship with a parental or authority figure. So authority in general may be disliked. Boundaries may not be respected in the family and hence the person has a hard time drawing limits for himself or with others. One thing that really helps people with this hard aspect is following a spiritual path of their choice. This usually ends up being the rock that they can hold onto when their reality keeps changing. With the easy aspect between Saturn and Neptune, the person may not feel any barriers in finding a way to escape through different means. They also may not feel any resistance in crossing boundaries with others. This may prove to be creative or destructive depending on the path that is chosen. They can end up with drugs and denial or use it to give form to their creative and spiritual energy.

If you have a Saturn Neptune Aspect, please share your experience with us.

6 COMMENTS on “Saturn Neptune Aspects in Astrology

  1. I have a Neptune and Uranus conjunction in my chart, I would be interested to read a post about that. Also my Neptune makes a hard aspect to both my Sun and Moon, and I feel this intensely. Thanks for posting!

    • Oh yeah Aubrey- I am assuming that in your Natal chart, you have Neptune in hard aspect to Sun and Moon (not transiting Neptune). Neptune hard aspect to Moon/Sun is a person who is extremely intuitive (and maybe even psychic) but the problem is always with boundaries. Its hard to know where to draw the line with others and this can be a major issue. I have experienced this with transiting Neptune in hard aspect to my Moon. Also can make a person very emotional.

  2. I have an exact trine (Neptune in the 10th at 6º Scorpio, and Saturn in the 1st at 6º Capricorn) and your article perfectly describes some ongoing themes in my life – when I was younger, Neptune was definitely in charge, and I avoided and evaded responsibility, hard work and committment at all costs. Lived in fantasy land. Drugs and music. Then after my first Saturn return, Saturn took over and I began to accept and even embrace work and responsibility. Gave up the drugs. My creative side also began to blossom, in the form of short stories and poetry. I have the sense that the two planets are pretty much in harmony for me right now.

    • Michael: That’s fantastic that you were able to use the Saturn Neptune aspect in a positive way. Like all aspect, Saturn Neptune combo have their challenges until one can find
      the right way to integrate this energy in their life. I agree that it is a very creative aspect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My natal neptune is making a trine with sun. This aspect would be the opposite of being psychic or intuitive and would often be made a fool of by other people including friends and even family or taken advantage of?

    • Frontier, Neptune trine Sun gives you compassion to the suffering and Yes, there is a possibility that people can take advantage of this. Actually it does help with intuition and sometimes even a psychic. The biggest danger with aspect is
      finding easy to way to escape out of dealing with issues or conflicts.

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