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Astrology of Andreas Lubitz and the Plane Crash

A plane with 150 people crashed on March 24, 2015, at the French Alps near Digne, France at 10:45 am approx.  It was later found that the crash was actually caused by the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz who locked himself up in the cockpit and downed the plane.  He was supposed to have been suffering from severe depression but hid it from his employers. He was also distraught over conflicts with his girlfriend.  Who in the right mind would do this to others? He probably was going thorough a severe emotional and psychological breakdown, as seen in the natal chart and the transits during the time of the crash.

 Chart of  Andreas Lubitz’s 

He was supposed to be a well trained co-pilot and this came as a shock to everyone who knew him.  Lets take a look at his chart given below  (time of birth is assumed as unknown and hence certain details regarding chart angles and the Moon have been left out in discussion) .

Planets Square the Node:  What strikes me first is that he has four planets,  Uranus Sun, Saturn and Mercury all close to one another and squaring the Moon Nodes.  Saturn in conjunction with Sun and Mercury shows issues with self esteem and tendency to depression, most likely due to a very authoritative figure in his early life. This was made more difficult with Uranus and Mercury also in the picture, conjunct Sun and Saturn, adding to  a more unstable and combustible personality.  To top it all when any planet is square the nodes, then that planet takes on a very crucial role, wherein the lessons signified by the planet need to be learned at a fast pace. In his case, he has the four planets that was mentioned and Chiron squaring his moon nodes and this shows a very difficult lesson plan.  Based on the concepts of evolutionary astrology, this happens when the soul has escaped his learning in the past birth.  Moreover the recent solar eclipse on March 20th fell on his north node. When an solar eclipse fall on a degree then it sensitizes that area for the next few months to come.  

Astrology of Andrreas Lubitz

Mars Pluto Conjunction: This conjunction usually signifies an intense personality.  It does not mean that every one with a Mars Pluto conjunction will do something bizarre or crazy. But there is that potential of going to a dark deep place of no return.  James Holmes who did mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado in July 2012 also has the Mars Pluto conjunction.  You can read more on the Mars Pluto aspect.  

Mars Uranus midpoint relates to sudden accidents and as you will see there was a double dose of this accident prone midpoint.   The chart drawn for Digne, France at 10:45 am (time of crash approx.) has Saturn squaring MC, and both Saturn and midheaven are at the midpoints of Mars and Uranus. (the MC is at a 3 degree orb from midpoint – usually preferred less than 2 degree). The involvement of Saturn with Mars Uranus midpoint  correlates with the information we have so far that he was depressed and suicidal, and this may have been the main trigger to what occurred.   It’s also not surprising that this chart shows the midpoint picture of  Mars/Uranus = Midheaven.  A small scale research on school shootings (published in NCGR newsletter) showed that high percentage (higher than random occurrence) of school shootings occurred at a time when Mars/Uranus = ascendant or Mars/Uranus = Midheaven for that area where incident happened. The chart below shows the 90 degree dial  pointing to the midpoint of Mars and Uranus  with the other side of pointer to Saturn which draws the picture of Mars/Uranus = Saturn.   What does this midpoint picture show? Accident (mars/Uranus) due to feeling restricted or depressed or separated (Saturn).

Astrology of Andrreas Lubitz

The same Mars-Uranus = Saturn picture also shows up in the natal chart of Andreas Lubitz.  The transiting Saturn was also at the Natal Mars Uranus midpoint as seen in the chart below.  The Mars Uranus midpoint is at 6 degree Sag, which is very close to the position of transiting Saturn at the time of the crash.  So basically transiting Saturn was at the midpoint of both the transiting Mars and Uranus on the day of the crash and the Andrea Lubitz’s natal Mars and Uranus.  That’s a double dose of this accident prone midpoint in relation to Saturn.  The biwheel below shows the chart of Andreas Lubitz (inner ring) and Plane Crash (outer ring).

plane crash andreas biwheel


 What else do you see in the natal chart of the Andreas Lubitz that may point to potential mental instability or depression?




4 COMMENTS on “Astrology of Andreas Lubitz and the Plane Crash

  1. I noticed Uranus is about to transit conjunct his Jupiter. How sad that he decided to commit this awful act. I wonder what the transit would have done to change his life in any way. I noticed it because I have Jupiter at 19 degrees Aries, but it’s trine my Sun so I am looking forward to this transit very much personally.

    Thank you for this article.

    • Hello Sherry – based on his chart he a has a lot of nervous energy which if not used in the right manner, can make one go crazy. The Uranus transit to his Jupiter (Jupiter ruling the 4 sag planets) probably gave him the last push over the edge.

  2. Mars/Pluto conj. makes you more controlled about willpower as soon as you reach adulthood. It is NOT a bad aspect, it means you will be very determined and can force your body in an incredible way. A lot of asketic or athletic people have it. May be you are very strong willed as child, but not rebellious, that’s more an Uranus/Mars or Sun aspect. You are right with the Nodes, a square means you are not willed to fulfill your lesson and quest in the current life. In Lubitz chart Chiron is more or less the key: It is the handle of a bucket aspect pattern, and in Gemini, he opposes all of the stellium planets. A heavy load! He also has Neptune as a singleton, a possible sign of confusion and illusions. Mars is conj. Moon, this can lead to violent mood swings.
    As we don’t have houses, there is no way to see if he was really suicidal.

    • Ambrosia – thanks for bring up the bucket pattern with Chiron in the chart. I left chiron out in the first chart (it was an oversight) but its position is very important with it opposing Mercury and the other planets in Sagittarius. I’ve a bucket patter in my natal chart and like you said the planet in the handle (in the case of Mr.Lubitz it is Chiron) is the outlet through which the other energies (on the opposite hemisphere) are expressed.

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