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Astrology of Scandals: Neptune, Black Moon Lilith & Vertex

posted by AstroManda December 5, 2014

Astrology of Scandals Scandal is an allegation, true or false that affects the reputation of the person and often causes, shame, embarrassment, guilt, self identity issues. When you look at the natal chart of people who are often involved in scandals, there are certain indications in the chart that give a clue to this possibility. […]

Malala Yousafzai Astrology – The Brave Girl

posted by AstroManda October 13, 2014

 On October 10 2014, the brave young teenager Malala Yousafzai became the youngest recipient to ever receive Nobel Prize. The past few years since 2009 she has gone through an amazing path of pain to prominence.  She lived in Pakistan in an area where Taliban was actively taking control and  she wrote a blog under a […]

Ray Rice Astrology – Mars Gone Wrong?

posted by AstroManda September 7, 2014

Ray Rice is a professional American football player and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2008. Rice was indicted for third-degree assault on his wife on March 27, 2014, when he punched his wife unconscious. There was some provoking as his wife also tried to spit and punch him. Although the incident took place in February 2014, the […]

Steven Sotloff Astrology – Story of a Yod

posted by AstroManda September 3, 2014

Steven Sotloff was an American journalist who was kidnapped in August 2013 from Aleppo, Syria, and held captive by Islamic militants. On September 2, 2014 it was announced through a video that he was beheaded.  James Foley, has  3 yod configurations in the chart which sometimes call for karmic sacrifice (read more on James Foley Astrology). […]

James Foley Astrology: Karmic Sacrifice

posted by AstroManda August 21, 2014

James Foley was a photojournalist who reported on war zones. He went missing on November 22, 2012 in Syria. He had gone there to cover the mass rebellion during Gaddafi capture, and was abducted  by an islamic militant group. After missing for nearly 2 years,  they released a video showing Mr. Foley’s beheading in August […]