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Robin_WilliamsRobin Williams that made zillions laugh all throughout his life died today on August 11, 2014 at Tiburon, California.  He was found dead through asphyxiation.  It is interesting that just days ago I was studying charts related to addiction and his natal chart was part of this list with his  history of addiction and rehab. Previously, I had no idea that this successful comedy actor has any issues with drugs.   

Natal Chart Pointing to Addiction issues:  When I looked at the horoscope of Robin Williams (given below) he has the same common thread that is very often found in people who are involved at some point with drugs, which is Neptune in hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) to Sun and even worse when it also involves Mercury and Mars.  He has Neptune squaring Sun, Mars, and Uranus, and opposing Jupiter.  When Neptune is in the apex of a T-square (like it is for Robin Williams) it is under a lot of pressure to escape and this may sometimes lead to addiction.   This is surely one of the signature aspects for addiction and it is not surprising that he has struggled with it for a long time.  Mars Uranus conjunction in his chart  in square to Jupiter  also shows intense combustible energy that needs a constant outlet and which can get pretty manic without any expression.  So it is not surprising that Mr. Williams has been suffering from bipolar disorder. 

Mars/Uranus in square with Jupiter (the expansive planet) can generate a lot of hyperactive energy and mood swings.  However,  Mr. Williams has been lucky to have had the opportunity to use this dynamic aspect with his Mercury in Leo through high energy humor.   His Mars Uranus combo makes a grand trine with Node/Moon and his Ascendant.  This shows his successful sway over millions of people (north node is about connection).  Sadly, like many people with bipolar disorder, Mr. Williams used substance abuse to mask the symptoms which does not do well in helping people in the manic phase.

His horoscope also shows tendency towards depression and grief as Saturn forms a T-square with Chiron and Dark Moon Lilith, which can turn out to be a very dark hidden destructive energy if not used in the right way. Chart only shows the natal potential and it is the transits that trigger this potential in a positive or negative way (herein lies the choice of the individual) .

robin williams


Transit During his Time of Death:  For the past 2 years or so, the infamous Uranus Pluto square has been wrecking major havoc in people’s lives, especially those who have planets in the cardinal signs, and Robin Williams is a very cardinal (go getter) person with 5 planets in cardinal signs.  So its not surprising if  he has been struggling past year or so with Uranus Pluto triggering his Sun, Mars, and Uranus in Cancer, his Jupiter in Capricorn, and Neptune in Libra,  all in cardinal signs.  This means that his T-square aspect related to addiction and manic energy was triggered.  During this period there may have been push internally and externally for him to change his ways, as Uranus and Pluto is about change and transformation.   He may felt the intensity increasing in the the past few days as the transits got exact. In the Biwheel chart below (with transit in the outer wheel) can you see how the transiting Uranus in the outer wheel is exactly at 16 degrees opposing his natal Neptune (inside wheel) at 16 degrees also?  You can also find Pluto opposing his Mars (both exactly at 12 degrees). Transits only tell part of the story, progressions complete them.  For something important to occur like suicide or homicide, the signature needs to be seen with both the transits and progressions.

robin williams biwheel

Progressions During his Time of Death:  Solar Arc progression and secondary progression of the Sun throws light on different areas of the chart as it passes through it.  Sometimes the progressions can highlight the pain and grief inherent in the chart and sometimes it brings out the joy and happiness. Unfortunately for Mr.Williams, his progressed Sun was triggering his natal Saturn which as I mentioned before is part of a grand pattern with Chiron and Dark Moon Lilith, which shows pain and grief.  This could have pulled him down into depression and together with the Uranus Pluto transits to his cardinal planets, he must have been going through a very confusing, mind altering, soul shaking time, leading to his suicide.   In addition,  his progressed Ascendant was also triggering his very close Saturn and Chiron square.  Looks like some deep wound from the past has been triggered.   He also has Solar Arc Mars on his south node (undoing),  solar Arc Uranus on his Venus (change in relationships) and solar arc south node on his ascendant and solar Ascendant opposing his Mars (health issue).

This repeated theme of south node, Mars,  Ascendant,  Chiron, Sun and Saturn shows that he was struggling with a health issue for a while but the reason he took his life out is probably an impulsive move triggered by a manic episode.  Also, his depression seems to have been triggered with Solar Arc Ascendant exactly on Chiron (square Saturn) which could also mean bodily pain. Maybe his health issue has been causing physical pain.  Solar Arc Uranus on Venus also shows that he was going through some changes in his relationships, maybe with his wife.  Sometimes when all the transits and progressions come together to show a theme, it may be very hard for he person to fight against this energy.  One of the key things that shows will power in the chart is Mars.  Unfortunately, his Mars in Cancer has many hard aspects and is not well positioned, which shows he lacks the will power to fight against hard times and hence may have succumbed to it.







  1. I came across the asteroid 12820 which happened to be named robinwilliams and when I was born it was at 15 degrees pisces. I know chiron is currently transiting pisces so I looked at his chart at time of death and it was at 16 degrees pisces. Weird I thought.

  2. I have natal Neptune conjunct my Scorpio Ascendent within seconds of my birth. Also Jupiter conjunct that Neptune natally. I currently have transiting Neptune opposite Sun sextile Moon …dating an addict guess I got to work it out somehow and it’s not going to be me… I had a father that was an alcoholic and a mother that was an alcoholic part of my childhood. I do not drink, smoke or take drugs and I never have. I won’t take an aspirin! And I’m Vegan…

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