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Jupiter Neptune Aspects in Astrology

unnamedThe poet says “my heart I give to God” and the priest says “I will promote him to the whole world”. For the priest, building churches, teaching and debating God, making it organized and easily accessible or/and having rituals  is important, but for the poet, relationship with God is the silent communication with the Universe.  It is about Religion Vs.Spirituality.  We can spend the rest of our lives  arguing as to which is better but the truth is there is a place for both philosophies in the world and ideally this combo is really about finding success (Jupiter) with one’s heartfelt dreams and wishes (Neptune). People who have these aspects generally are very sensitive, philosophical and creative. Its great combination for art and music, and for giving and receiving charity

There are some combination of planets  that work well with each other but this is not one of them. The reason being is the philosophy behind these 2 planets are quite different.They may have the same goal but how they reach it is different. Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius which is fiery,  and Neptune rules Pisces which is  watery and these 2 zodiac signs are squared to each other. So it can sometimes be a struggle to bring this combo together in a way that is positive.  Negatively Jupiter Neptune is also about mass confusion and big deceptions.Interesting how making dreams and deception goes hand in hand and it is important here to separate the wheat from the chaff.Don’t we know many who in the name of going after big dreams have ended up in the wrong place? Without the backing of structure and reality, sometimes Jupiter Neptune combo can be just a glamorous mirage. It is easy to get sucked up into a project and get lost in a fog. Another issue with this combination is the potential for addiction to drugs and although this is seen more in hard aspects, they can also be seen with the trines and sextiles. But when the heart is in the right place and one is persistent, then this energy can shine through the darkest times like a diamond.

Jupiter Neptune Conjunction:In this aspect there is lot of opportunity to combine the personality of both Neptune and Jupiter in creative ways. If this combo makes an aspect to midheaven, the person could combine travel, exploration,  and/or teaching(Jupiter), with Neptunian stuff like making movies, photography, music,  dance,  water sports, etc.  Elizabeth Lee was  an American photographer born in 1907, and she had the  Jupiter Neptune Conjunct her midheaven.  She travelled all around the world as a war correspondent covering even the concentration camps.  Unfortunately, in her late life she succumbed to alcohol from the trauma of observing intense pain and suffering during the war.  Drug addiction is a potential that looms large with people who have this conjunction and it could be because of their sensitive nature and hence an  inability to be detached around pain and suffering.  Another person with the conjunction was Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States. He served as a congressman and a senator before his presidency and was known to be lonely and despondent amidst politics which led to drinking.  Even after his Presidency, he took to alcohol again and lived as a recluse.  This again is the pull between Jupiter and Neptune which is sometimes hard to balance and may lead the person to go from one end to the other – like from being a president to becoming an alcoholic and a recluse. 

Jupiter Neptune Hard Aspects like Square and Opposition:  With hard aspects between these 2 planets, it is not easy to balance both the energies.  The person has to come with creative solutions.  There is a tendency to do things in excess which may be reflective of not being able to find a compromise between them.  One of the hallmarks of this combination is the sensitivity to  anybody who is weak and powerless.  There is a struggle between going ahead in the world and being pulled back by the inherent suffering. In the hard aspects, especially the opposition, no amount of money, glamour or success will give them peace if they are not involved in a humanitarian or spiritual cause..  Due to the extreme sensitivity to pain around them, they need to balance their success by doing something concrete in helping the world.  Also, those with the hard aspect between Jupiter and Neptune struggle with vacillating between being  extroverted and introverted, by wanting to be out there and then crawl into their own private space. 

Robin Williams had the  opposition between Jupiter and Neptune both forming a square with Mars and Uranus (see chart below) and although he was the king of comedy, its only a mask that he wore to the outside world.  In truth, he was a highly sensitive person with extraordinary intelligence and had many of the characteristic that are usually seen in sensitive people like great imagination, creative mind,  empathy, intuitive, caring and a great depth of understanding even with  the subtle things around them.  But it also requires that this kind of sensitivity has to be handled in the right manner since they can easily loose their balance.  The  sensitive and vibrant Jupiter Neptune when squared with a Mars Uranus conjunction produces an individual that can easily wired up with a lot of nervous energy.  Luckily he found an outlet for this energy through acting.

robin williams

Jupiter Neptune Soft Aspects like Trine and Sextile: Here the energy tends to work better together. People who have the soft aspect still feel the pain and suffering around them but they are able to use in a way that is positive. There is a  natural religious and spiritual affinity and heightened intuitive awareness.  Sometimes the person is attracted to the wisdom and knowledge in a specific religion and sometimes it could be the more subtle dimensions but with the soft aspect it is easier to blend both in a useful manner. However all soft aspects come with a warning of excess and sloth and this is no exception. Alistair Maclean(see chart below) the Scottish novelist who wrote popular thrillers and adventure novels, had a sextile between Jupiter and Neptune.His best known novels were The Guns of Navorone,Where Eagles Dare andIce Station Zebra.Some of his novels were even made into movies. He served in the Navy in the World War II and claims to have been tortured by the Japanese. Most of his novels are based on his experience with the Navy and the war. He was able to take the suffering of the war and create something beautiful out of it.His Jupiter conjunct the north node helped him to reach out to many people through his stories. 

alistari maclean 1

 Do you have the Jupiter Neptune Aspect?  Do you feel that you are sensitive to pain around you?  Ps share your experiences with this aspect.

6 COMMENTS on “Jupiter Neptune Aspects in Astrology

  1. I have a Jupiter-Neptune opposition in my 6th and 12th house and I love animals and I am highly sensitive to the environment around me. Sometimes I can be easily deceived.

  2. Hello James, in the 6th/12th sometimes you may be called to take a break from your schedule to reflect and and there may be a push all along in your life to choose work situations that are right for you – that are aligned with your heart.

  3. I have neptune conjunct sun and saturn in the 7th house trine jup in gemini in the 3rd like 28/29 degrees. I noticed nep gets a bad rap in the 7th. In mine it seens mitigated, and neptune really defines my life as artistic and compassionate

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