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James Foley Astrology: Karmic Sacrifice

JFJames Foley was a photojournalist who reported on war zones. He went missing on November 22, 2012 in Syria. He had gone there to cover the mass rebellion during Gaddafi capture, and was abducted  by an islamic militant group. After missing for nearly 2 years,  they released a video showing Mr. Foley’s beheading in August 2014,  which was apparently done in retaliation to US’s air strikes in Iraq. Anyway this is a story of a innocent man who was there doing his job and was literally sacrificed by barbarians for their cause. Does the chart show the potential to be stuck  in  powerless situations even without any provocation?

Yod Pattern: A Yod is a chart pattern where 2 planets are sextile each other and both of them are inconjunct/or quincunx  another planet which is at the apex of the YodDue to the shape of this pattern, the Yod is also called “Finger of God”.  A chart with many Yod patterns point out to karmic situations wherein the person does not have much choice and can be used by other people for their cause. In this case James Foley happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and was sacrificed in a gruesome manner.  James Foley’s horoscope (time unknown)  shows three Yod patterns, one with a sextile from Jupiter to Neptune with Saturn as the apex, a second one with Pluto and Neptune sextile each other with Mars at the apex and a third one with Mars and Saturn sextile each other with Neptune at the apex.  If you look at the James Foley’s horoscope below (chart shows only planets involved in Yod), the green lines show the pattern of the three Yods and the planets involved in these aspects.

james foley yods

 Do you see  that Neptune is part of all three Yods?   This is very telling because Neptune among  other things shows up in situations involving loss, confusion, exile, imprisonment, getting lost, etc.  It is kind of like a fog came over his life and he was lost to the world.   Jupiter sextile Neptune shows his sensitivity to the environment,  and how he used his love of photography to express it.  However, both these planets (Jupiter and Neptune)  connected to Saturn through a Yod shows another story  of being put in difficult situations which are out of his control.  This is exactly what happened. He was on a photo assignment in Syria and got captured by the militants.  This is not the first time for James Foley; he was jailed in  Libya by Gaddafi supporters  for 44 days  but was later released.  The sextile between Saturn and Mars shows that he is not afraid to take on focused difficult jobs but again the Yod to Neptune shows that being in this kind of situation can sometimes bring loss.   Pluto sextile to Neptune shows creative transformation which was easy for him but the Yod to Mars shows that in this process he could get pulled into someone else’s conflict and aggression.  So his is basically a story of the Yods where in spite of opportunities, one can be put in situations that need adjustment.  It  is very karmic as the events unfold without any input from the person.  Its as if they are pushed in front of the stage to play an unknown role in which they have no say or power.   

Some of the words mentioned by him in interviews  explains his sensitivity to the world around him and the the energy inherent in his Yods.

“You want to be a writer, you want to see the world. Fiction didn’t work out too well, let’s try the real thing. I mean there’s an amazing reach for humanity in these places, in these barren places.”


“The honest fact is when you see something really violent, it does a strange thing to you,”


“It doesn’t always repel you, sometimes, as you know, it draws you closer. Feeling like you’ve survived something – it’s a strange sort of force that you are drawn back to. I think that’s the absolute reality.”

Transits and Progressions to the Yod:  In November 2012 when he went missing many people with Cardinals were feeling the effects of the Uranus Pluto square in the early cardinal degrees.  If you look at the planets involved in the three Yod patterns, they are all in early degrees, with Mars in 3 Capricorn and Pluto in 5 degree Libra.  These two planets got trigged by the Uranus Pluto square and hence activated all the three Yods. Uranus Pluto square is about intense push for change and transformation and it could take both positive and negative turns based on the natal chart.  For him, this transit meant it was time to play the unsuspected role for a cause that did not belong to him.  Also, at the same time progressed Sun activated the natal Neptune which was part of all 3 Yods.  In August 2014 when he was purportedly killed and his death was released in a video, progressed Sun was conjunct his natal Uranus and I think this signifies freedom after 2 years of being kept captive and tortured.  

 Given below is his complete horoscope (birth chart) of James Foley.  Apart from the yods described above,  James Foley has he Sun Uranus conjunction which gives an independent streak. However in opposition to Chiron,  his freedom loving nature may also  bring him some pain.   He also has Neptune Venus conjunction which shows love of the arts and in his case specifically his liking for photography.  Jupiter Mars square explains his abundant energy and zest for life and traveling. With the time being unknown,  I am sure there are transits and progressions to the angles, especially to the Ascendant and Midheaven which are unfortunately not known.  jf complete chart1



Does James Foley’s Birth Chart/Horoscope show the potential to be in situations where he has no control?   Do you have a Yod pattern in your chart? if so, how is it expressed?  Please Share.

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11 COMMENTS on “James Foley Astrology: Karmic Sacrifice

  1. It was interesting to see in your article how Yod patterns affect a person’s life. Makes them powerless. I wish there was also a discussion on fixed stars in relation to the Yods in J.F.’s birth chart because in important mundane events, fixed stars seem to play a crucial role.

  2. with the gruesome beheading of Mr james Foley, looked up his astrological chart expecting to find some relationship with the fixed star Algol and his personal planets. The planet jupiter (part of the Yod mentioned here) makes a trine aspect to the area where Algol would be. Since we don’t know his exact time of birth, this connection, in my mind, is still an open one.

    • Mark, exactly, since his birth time is unknown there is some important info that may be missing. Fixed star Algol could very well be conjunct his Ascendant or Midheaven. Wish there is a way to get the birth time for Mr.Foley or maybe even a rectification of his birth time may help.

  3. To answer your question about the fixed stars, Algol in particular, and although there are many astrologer who advocate that the fixed stars only have influence in tight conjunctions and/or parallels, given that fixed stars are not on the elliptic… I disagree. My reason being that a conjunction to a fixed star is an alignment and not the same as a conjunction on the elliptic, where two planets are in orbital proximity. And on the rationale that what is true for the one is true for the other… Then all alignments should be considered, and to an extent so should midpoints given their relevance in the zodiac.

    To support this, we find that in James’ (may he RIP) natal chart, he has a number of indicators that foretell his fate. Such as asteroid Lachesis (the Allotter) T-square Venus and Vesta, Facies conjunct and parallel BML which in turn is square his Pluto, Asteroid James conjunct his NN, Asteroid Requiem T-square his Chiron and Atropos. He also has his Sun/Uranus conjunction quincunx Algol, and Eris square Algorab. In addition, asteroid Tantalus was in a transiting square to Algol (a very dangerous situation for anyone caught in hostile territory) on the day that his beheading was announced as well as quincunx his natal Nessus. Among others…

  4. What is also very interesting is that James has asteroid Justitia T-square his natal America/Karma conjunction and his natal Sun. He also has asteroid Justus conjunct Pluto and quincunx his natal Mars, and asteroid Themis (Justitia’s Greek counterpart) quincunx his natal Sun/Uranus conjunction and trine his America/Karma conjunction. So clearly, the issue of justice and the challenges evoked by the pursuit of justice, were a major theme in his life. What is even more interesting, is that his asteroids America/Karma conjunction is square his Sun/Uranus conjunction, (an aspect representative of one who will take on the challenge of standing for freedom even at the risk of one’s life), which in turn is quincunx Algol. All of which got activated by a transit of Tantalus square Algol. The interpretation of which is clearly indicative that his horrific death has very strong karmic implication which will most likely trigger the US to become actively involved in wiping out these demonic terrorists… Particularly so, if they follow through on their threats to behead Steven Sutloff too! It could also mean that the karmic implications may be about putting a collar and leash (so to speak) on the necks of these whackos, given that there have already been repercussions, which may well make them think twice about the inherently stronger and more severe repercussions they will illicit, should they in fact continue to attack Americans. That said, and as stressful that the waiting game might be, it’s a little too soon to tell. As much will be determined when the current Mars/Saturn conjunction becomes exact, and then when Saturn in within aspect to making a square to Algol.

  5. And for further insight and reference on how Algol and Uranus are linked to conflict and war, and without the intention of contradicting other astrologers styles and/or personal dynamics in terms of whether or not to consider angles (alignments) other than a conjunction and/or a parallel…Here is a link to an article that covers the topic on how they do play a role.

  6. Margarita – thanks for the very interesting explanation. I too feel that his is very Karmic not just in Mr. Foley’s perspective but also in instigating US…kind of like Pearl Harbor.

  7. Great discussion in reference to the yods and fixed stars. Thanks Manda for your explanation. So as astrologers is anyone willing to share their beliefs in regard to the ‘big picture’. If when we are born we have a road map of our life,namely our astrology chart, is it because of the energy of the planets or is there a higher intelligence ‘out there’.
    Does, in your opinion, Jim Foley who was so brave and seemed so composed in such horrific circumstances, still exist in some afterlife?

  8. Rose – When we are born at a particular time at a particular point in space, we reflect that specific energy which basically shows our position in relation to other objects in the universe. I like the phrase you mentioned “road map”. The chart is just a guide but we do have some choices – it is not black or white. But when someone has a lot of yods in their chart, this choice seems to less for them – they seem to be called on to do something.
    Personally I believe in a higher power which is more like a guide if we reach out. The science of astrology and the existence of God do not have to be mutually exclusive. They can both co-exist. James Foley in his capacity expressed his chart in the best way he could and unfortunately there was tragedy involved in this expression. But I hope he is resting in peace now and is with the higher powers.

  9. I knew him through a friend. He used to rap with a conscious rap group in Chicago. Incredibly talented and warm-hearted human. This was ..ahem, a well-timed find and read. Thanks for the insight 🙂

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