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Ceres Astrology

Asteroid Ceres in Astrology plays an important role in the natal chart in relation to nurture, loss, sharing, food, farming, agriculture, etc. 

Asteroid Ceres in mythology

ceresCeres is  the protector of the Earth, and  the  benevolent goddess of all plants that are consumed for food, agriculture, type of diet, food, fertility, etc. However, a tragedy struck her. Her beautiful daughter, Persephone was kidnapped by Hades (Pluto in Roman), the god of the underworld, and taken to his dark caves.   As expected in Greek mythology which can be pretty twisted,  Hades happened to be the brother of  Ceres, and he fell in love with his own niece. He promised her all the gold and comfort, if only she will love him in return.  Ceres meanwhile grieved and raged at the loss of her daughter, and abandoned the care of her plants, resulting in worldwide starvation.  Zeus intervened and  a deal was made wherein Persephone could stay half time with her mother Ceres and half time with Hades, and this is how we got the seasons, spring and summer when Ceres is happy and winter when Ceres is grieving. 

Asteroid Ceres in Astrology

Demetra Goerge in her book on “Asteroid Goddesses”, calls Ceres the “nurturing prnciple”.   Ceres placement in the natal chart shows how we take care of ourselves and others and the potential for loss and grief. The aspects to Ceres show whether it is hard for us to nurture or if it comes easy.  Do we have to sacrifice something, or share with others – like a mother who may have to let go of her career  in order to take care of her kids?   In predictive astrology, Ceres is also a good timer of pregnancy and birth, along with 5th house and its ruler.   It also shows adoption especially in the 5th/11th axis or in combination with the moon nodes.  Ceres prominent people often have Ceres in conjunction with an angle, luminary or the nodes.   Ceres was considered the largest asteroid but in 2006 the Astronomical society promoted it to the status of dwarf planet as it is similar in size to Pluto. 

Ceres is about Nurturing and Childbirth

Ceres is the goddess of Fertility.  In horoscope, Ceres an show issues in early nurturing, abuse in childhood, and about pregnancy and adoption.   It also  shows through transit and progression, when there is an addition to the household through birth or adoption. One client had progressed Moon conjunct his natal Ceres when he brought his adopted son home.  When I got my son, I had both progressed Venus and Moon oppose my natal Ceres. The planet that is transiting or progressing to Ceres at the time of birth  could show the ease or difficulty in being a parent.  Saturn aspects to Ceres could show that caregiving is not going to be an easy task due to personality issues or other environmental problems, like a child needing more attention due to medical reasons. Pluto or Uranus transits to Ceres during time of birth could mean sudden change or transformations due to the birth of the child.

Ceres is related to Grief and Separation

There often is a theme of loss and grief for Ceres prominent people, especially in relation to their children. Sometimes it could be just having to let go of something that is important to them. Mia Farrow, and actress and activist, is a classic example of a Ceres prominent person,  with her Ceres conjunct the descendant, square Pluto and opposite Astraea, the asteroid for law and judgement.  Mia Farrow had 12 children, 4  of her own and 8 adopted.  Symbolic of Ceres, she lost one of her daughters, Soon-Yi, when she found her daughter’s nude pictures in her long term  boyfriend, Woody Allen’s apartment.  Later, Woody Allen ended up marrying Soon-Yi.  Does this remind you of Hades kidnapping Ceres’ daughter, Persephone?  She also alleged that Woody Allen sexually abused their other daughter, Dylan but this was dismissed by the Court.  She grieved the loss of two of her children,  Tom Farrow when he was 14, and Lark Previn, when she was 35.  The title of her autobiography, “What Falls Away” very aptly describes some of the characteristics of of Ceres – grief and loss.  Her separation with Woody Allen and the court process involving her children occurred in a very publicized manner.  Even as recently as 2014, her daughter, Dylan wrote about her experience of sexual abuse with Woody Allen.  The involvement with the court and law with regards to her children is seen with Ceres opposite Astraea, an asteroid often associated with law.

ceres astrology

Toni Morrison, an American novelist and a noble laureate, has Ceres conjunct her south node.  She brought up her two sons as a single mother and it was a big blow when she lost her son, Slade in December 2010 to pancreatic cancer.   She says in an interview about her experience of losing her son “”What do you say? There really are no words for that. There really aren’t. Somebody tries to say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.’ People say that to me. There’s no language for it”.  During the time of the loss, transiting Saturn was conjunct her Ceres and South Node, while transiting Pluto was exactly on her solar arc Ceres and South Node.  Julie Andrews, a singer and an actress has a Ceres conjunct her Sun, and she was devastated when she lost her beautiful voice after she went through a surgery to remove non-cancerous nodules from her vocal cord.  Singing was a big part of her life and after this loss she took to other creative outlets like writing.

Ceres is Related to Food, Agriculture, and Eating Disorders

Chrissy Hyndie, a musician and founder of the band “Pretenders” has Ceres conjunct North Node in Pisces. She became a vegetarian early on in her life, and later in 2007 started an all vegetarian restaurant in Akron, Ohio.  She has talked often about vegetarianism, and said “It is the best that ever happened to me”.  

 Ceres involvement is also seen in eating disorders.  In my research on Moon Pluto and eating disorders, I found that Karen Carpenter, the popular musician of the sixties who died of Anorexia Nervosa had Ceres square her Moon Pluto conjunction. Also, Portia de Rossi who played a savvy lawyer in the TV show “Ally Macbeal” suffered from eating disorder.  At the time of her lowest point, when she was only consuming 300 calories per day, solar arc Ceres was aspecting her natal Moon Pluto square. Shirley Soffer, the education Director of NCGR has also written an article on “Ceres and Pluto”  in August 2008 isssue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, that discusses their connection with food and eating disorders. She says “both Ceres and Pluto are connected with the vital life forces itself, with energy in the fullest sense of the term, whether it’s energy through food or energy through fuel”.

Richard Lyng  has Ceres conjunct Sun and the North Node with both conjunct the midheaven. Ceres is also also at 1 degree Capricorn, conjunct the cardinal point.  He served as agriculture secretary and is credited in influencing global farm policies and in trying to develop the nation’s food stamp program. 

ceres astrology


Making A Case for Ceres Rulership of Taurus

Since Ceres has been given the same status as Pluto,  it makes sense that it has its own sign to rule just like Pluto (rules Scorpio).  The sign that most aptly symbolizes the Ceres archetype is Taurus.   There are many reasons.  Taurus opposes Scorpio and it symbolizes their mythological and astrological conflict between Ceres and Hades (Pluto).  Scorpio, ruled by Pluto is the 8th archetype and is about sharing and intimacy, and Taurus, the second archetype is about having strong values and boundaries.  Taurus is possessive and has to learn about sharing (loosening its boundaries) from its opposite sign, Scorpio. Ceres fits right in here because she was pushed by Pluto to share her daughter, Persephone.   Also, Taurus is the fixed Earth  for which Ceres was the goddess anyway!


Soffer, Shirley (2008, August-September). Ceres and Pluto. The Mountain Astrologer, Pg 32-39.

George, Demetra, and Douglas Bloch. Asteroid Goddesses: The Mythology, Psychology and Astrology of the Re-emerging Feminine. Berwick, Me.: Ibis, 2003. Print

Anyone has prominent Ceres (Ceres aspecting angle, Sun, Moon or the nodes), please share any of your experience with loss, issues with parenting, agriculture, food, etc., which is ruled by Ceres. Also, like to hear what you think of Ceres ruling Taurus.



25 COMMENTS on “Ceres Astrology

  1. I was born with Ceres rising at 15 degree scorpio. My ascendant is 13 scorpio, mercury 17 scorpio and sun 22 scorpio. My moon is 12 taurus, opposite ceres and my jupiter is 13 pisces, trine ceres. My mother died in a car accident when I was 22 months old and before that she was diagnosed with PPD, had body dismorphia issues and was mainlining meth and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. My stepmother from the age of 4 to 14 (legally), was largely emotionally unavailable to me and didn’t know how to not take her anger out on me. Many would consider her treatment of me abusive. I know she was trying her best and just sucked at being my mom, haha. We have double whammy uranus/mars oppositions in synastry…her gemini mars opposite my sagittarius uranus and her leo uranus opposite my aquarius mars…all within 2 degree orb. So we are both have natal mars/uranus sextiles too.
    I became a mother very young, at 19. I was an honors student, college bound, and didn’t even consider waiting to become a mom. I saw my cousins around me do it, and thought if they could do it, I could do it…so I have never not been a mother as an adult. I am 29 now.
    So yeah, grief and death and loss have been a big part of my life…I have experienced more death in my short life so far than many people almost twice my age.
    And being a mother has always been a central role that I have to play. An important part of me…that you might not pick up on if you didn’t include ceres in your interpretation of my chart.

    • Serina, thanks for the detailed description of your Ceres. Before I did my research, Ceres was mostly written as a nurturing factor in a chart. Although this may be true, it also plays a big role
      in grief and loss, just like you have explained. However, at the end, some people can shut off because of the loss, and some become even more nurturing to themselves and others. There lies the choice.

  2. Great article! I have Ceres conjunct North node and I have had many experiences related to loss. I am always put in situations where I am forced to let go, like Ceres and her daughter. I think this archetype is very important when interpreting the natal chart. Thanks for posting.

  3. I have Ceres at 28º Scorpio, conjunct Jupiter (1º Sag) and in a grand trine with my Pisces Sun (28º) and Cancer Moon (27º). I have to be very careful what I eat, as my digestion is pretty sensitive, and heavy transits can leave me feeling bilious and sick for a few days – as I am right now, with Mars transiting over my Ceres/Jupiter and the Moon conjunct my Moon. Bleaugh!
    It was a relief to discover the Ceres connection, though, as now I know why I have suffered with my digestion all my life. I also have Chiron quincunx Ceres natally, which explains why I preach to others about changing their diet!

    • Hello Micheal, yes, there is a definitely a connection between Ceres and food/diet. Chiron often points to physical ailment and quincunx with Ceres could mean issues with food/digestion/stomach.
      Since Ceres has been promoted to a dwarf planet (not an asteroid anymore), there is a lot of information coming out on it. Thanks for sharing

  4. I have Ceres conjunct within 1degree of north node in Taurus in 9th house. I am trying to find out how this placement affects me.

  5. Ah thank you, learn to nurture myself. That sounds like a good idea.
    What I was thinking initially was how to be guided in terms of a life path, seeing the north mode as a goal and what I should aim for. I have read that Ceres is also about the earth and food and nature, and 9th house is, among other things, about big ideas and philosophies and beliefs, and Taurus I linked with bringing the manifestations into the physical and concrete form. I was trying to figure how to tie all of it together and I thought ..perhaps putting into practice or putting down on paper ideas about the environment, agriculture, food etc. On site I read that Al Gore has Ceres conjunct north node.

    Like all placements, there are probably a number of meanings that can be attributed to it. I’m always looking for different ways to interpret. I think there is something to nurturing the self. I feel like this life is mainly about self healing from the past, before this life. Nurturing is an important step in healing. Thanks so much for your response

  6. I have Ceres conjunct the south node and would like to find out more about it. My moon is in Aquarius conjunct north node.

  7. Born with Ceres in Leo, 11th house and 2 degree conjunction with Pluto I can vouch for this interpretation:

    Pluto conjunct Ceres
    You are deeply affected by experiences of loss and separation, especially involving the mother-child relationship. You may have lost your mother very early or felt that nurturance was withheld or denied. You associate nurturing with fostering awareness of the cycles of life and death, and may find yourself in the role of assisting others to deal with such experiences of transformation. You nourish deep levels of psychological and spiritual awakening, and instinctively support the reclamation and ownership of personal power.

    Also born with Eris in Aries, when Eris moved to begin transitting across the natal stellium, Mars, mercury, venus and Sun (all within 5 degrees) in Aries … as soon as Eris hit the first planet I began a process lasting my entire adult life to reconcile the natal triple conjuction of Pluto, moon, saturn … with moon “beseiged” at the midpoint between pluto and saturn, seven degrees from each.

    • Thank you so much for sharing the information on Ceres. With Ceres conjunct Pluto it makes sense that your experiened deep transformation involving some form of grief (akin to Ceres losing her daughter to Pluto). Ceres Pluto themes is also sometimes involved with food – not sure if you have experienced this in any form. Also, Pluto Saturn midpoint in my experience shows sort of struggle or delays in life. A person whose Midheaven was right at the Pluto Saturn midpoint took a long time to find their career path. In your situation, moon at the midpoint may show your emotional involvement/pain due to a long term struggle.

  8. I’m not sure what made me look, but I see that my son has Ceres conjunct North Node and Pluto (Capricorn), all opposite Moon (Cancer, 9th house)… with Saturn square. Should I be afraid?

    • Rosa, Ceres conjunct North Node and Pluto shows that he has to go through some deep transformations which may include children or nurturing others. However he has a very philosophical outlook (Moon in 9th) which will help him with greater awareness. Fear never helps …but prayer does.

  9. I have been increasingly fascinated with Ceres and have been watching how transits impact my own chart. However, I am wondering if anyone can give me input on how ceres oppose ceres in synastry would be interpreted for a mother/daughter relationship? Natal ceres (pisces/virgo) are also currently being impacted by the nodes. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    • Daisymay: I would think that with Ceres opposing each other, A’s way of wanting to be nurtured is different is opposite from how B can show they care. So Pisces would want to be loved without judgement – more in a unconditional manner and Virgo Ceres show love through service-in useful ways (and vica versa). If the nodes are transiting now, then it means that both mother and daughter will be pushed to recognize this issue but like everything people have a choice whether they want to learn or not. However, this is an opportunity to recognize the difference and maybe make the alterations or accept.

  10. thank you so much for that astromanda! It fits!
    My 14/15yr old granddaughter (pisces ceres) who has been in the care of her father for the past 2 years is in her mother’s secretive ‘thrall’ to move locations and change schools to be with her. Her mother is just out of alcohol rehab, is bipolar or borderline personality, and thinks she is ready to save and conquer the world, but does not have a job and is surviving on govt handouts. I’m afraid there are some harsh realities of life ahead for my granddaughter, and insisting she stay with her brother and father with paternal grandparents nearby, will do more psychological harm than allowing her to go at this point in time. This is their life journey’s lessons and I hope it will be unnecessary to help pick up the pieces later. My granddaughter’s ceres is just a couple of degrees from my Jupiter.

  11. Hi. I am from Peru so my english wont be so good. By the way my birth is 31st may 1984 I have Ceres Aries (tenth house mc in 13th Aries) opposition Pluto Libra in 29th degree (4th house) And my asc is in Cancer 6th degrees. In 2000 when i was 16 years, my parents separated officially and we had many issues about the money. I could see that from my solar arc direction about what happened to me this year. And my question is Ceres opposition Pluto pick themes of power issues about money and business right? I mean they dont want to lose the control of the wealth.

  12. My brother is mentally handicapped and very attached to his mother. Not sure what would happen if she dies. He has black moon in 12, node conjunct moon in 8 and Ceres closely conjunct sun-mercury-neptune square saturn in 11. I’m still trying to figure out why he is mentally handicapped, astrologically. The combination of what I described?

    • Me myself have Ceres on DC 150 moon-venus-node in 2. Yeah I know, enough karma. My cooking is improving, my wife loves it and my mom gets the leftovers once a week and she loves it too 🙂

  13. I’very been intensely studying astrology but still so much to learn. I found your info on Ceres helpful & resonated with events in my life. (DOB: 2-15-1980 @ 9am in Meadville, PA, USA)
    Ceres in Aries @ 21°, house 1
    ☆ Ceres Opp Pluto 21° Libra, 7th House
    ☆ Ceres ^ Neptune 22° Sag, 9th House
    ☆ Jupiter 6° Virgo, 6th House
    So My childhood was crappy to say the least… i was the oldest of 6 kids & my mother was abusive but only to me, emotionally & physically. Her & my alcoholic step father were always fighting, physically & emotionally she put everything into him. I was 16 when she almost died because he lit her on fire after an arguementire & she was lifeflighted to burn hospital 2 hours away & stayed there for 7 months but scarred forever with 3rd/4th degree burns to 70% of her body. He of course did not get into trouble because she pressed no charges. But that was my childhood… Im very choosy about friends sure I have many aquaintances, but true friendships r hard to come by. honesty, values & morals are important to me. We were raised to not talk about our feelings or show emotions… well anger was really the only emotion I was comfortable showing until recently… I learned my anger outburst were from holding in my emotions & true feelings then exploding over nothing. I’m now learning To positively display my feelings, to move away from my S. Node tendencies (Aquarius @ 29° in 12th house).
    However I’ve always derived great pleasure & sense of purpose from doing things for other people. Even the smallest things. I have a hard time with motivation cant seem to want to do things if they are for myself, but if it involves doing something for someone else than I’m right on top of it… with a smile. Especially food. I find its easy to make people feel good with food, love to cook for people, not for myself though but I do tend to eat my feelings (sugary foods) if im not paying attention to what im doing… im trying to eat healthier now.

  14. My progressed Moon is two degrees away from natal Ceres in my third house. What should this bring. Also, Ceres is conjunct natal Chiron and opposite natal Uranus.

    Thank you.

    • Progressed Moon conjunct Ceres could bring a chance to nurture others. I don’t know your context (your age, your phase on life) but often kids come into one’s life in order to bring out your nurturing energy. It could relate to one’s mom or those that play the nurturing role. In some combinations Ceres could indicate change in food habits, or griefand loss. Withe Ceres conjunct Chiron, there could be a hurt/pain in how you were nurtured or lack of resources from early childhood. Opposite Uranus…you may have (or in the future)take care of other people’s children or be part of a community that you care.

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