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Monthly Astrology Transits for December 2017

If we had any doubt what Jupiter in Scorpio is about, the confusion would have been cleared by what we saw last month.  Jupiter is going to continue to be ...

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Astrology Insights for November 2016

astrology transits for November 2016

Jupiter in Libra has been pushing cardinal signs into action. So if you have personal planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, and have some ideas that need manifesting, use the expansive and positive power of Jupiter to take action. 


Uranus conjunct Ceres, the whole month of November In Aries, Uranus can provide a new momentum for the physical, in order to change the way we use our body, or the way we assert our wants and desires.  It may remove our inhibitions and push us to act in ways that we’ve never done before.  When it embraces Ceres with its sudden grasp, it also pulses new energy in the way we take care of ourselves and others, especially in relation to our body and passion. So if you feel the need to suddenly sprint around your neighborhood or dance to your favorite tune, you know it is the laser beams from Uranus.  Also, you may feel the need to change your diet, try out different kinds of food that is more in line with nurturing your body, or what makes you feel good.  Uranus trines Venus in Sagittarius and inconjuncts Mercury in Scorpio, for the first few days of the month, and this could mean new ways or relating and being put in situations where you forced to be open or even a tad bit blunt.  When Uranus and Venus wink at each other, there could be opportunities for meeting new people through social media.  This may affect people who have planets or angles around 20 degrees in their natal chart.


Neptune has been traveling with the South Node  since last month and will continue for most of this month.  This has revealed many deceptions in the political universe, and probably in people’s personal lives. The energy lasts until the middle of month and watch out for any signs of being cheated or false promises. This is the kind of period where one can sign away their life without any awareness.  Neptune can break down everything that it touches, including the physical body.  When this combo aspects the Sun or ascendant, there can be a lack of energy, feeling of being drained or overwhelmed, sometimes leading to ill health and infection.   This will be felt most by those who were born with Sun in the late degree of Aries, Aquarius, Libra and Leo, and those who have Sun between 8 and 11 degrees of Gemini, Virgo,  Sagittarius and Pisces.   So take some precautions to prevent yourself from getting “under the weather”. Neptune turning direct on November 19th, will offer some channeling of energy into spiritual and artistic endeavors like meditation, music or art. Neptune will also expose issues that have been hidden or areas where we are still deluded.  Issues that were known to be a problem but  denied repeatedly will surface with a big bang. 


Chiron squaring Venus for the first 2 weeks of November, will be dredging up past feelings of hurt  in order to be healed. There could be some incidence or events that could trigger wounds that haven’t yet completely healed and this could offer some opportunities for putting them to rest. Chiron is a good teacher, and you may find out that most of the pain was due to hurt egos and fallen pride. Venus in Sagittarius motivates exploration and freedom in relationships but with Chiron in a stressful angle, these ventures could sometimes lead to grief, as it may bring reminder of a time when you were hurt.  However, it is important to remember that tears are not a bad thing – they are good detoxifiers.


Then Venus moves on to a more intense conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn in the latter half of the month, and it doesn’t get any lighter. This is further heated from the t-square pattern from Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra, both goading Venus Pluto into action.  Anything that touches Pluto gets pulled into his dark caves for an interrogation, and with Venus, relationships and financial affairs will be put on a hot seat. Relationships will be evaluated in a very Capricornian fashion of whether they can offer stability and security, and measure up to certain standards. But what Venus Pluto wants more than anything else is to be able to let go and have a true intimate connection.   ASTROMANDA.COMTo add to this, Venus is out of bounds until December 3rd, 2016, by declination meaning it is “RAW” and wants all the 9 yards in relationship, or beauty or anything Venus related. If one is willing, this is great time for an honest open view of one’s values and desires which can end up being therapeutic in the long run.   The square from Jupiter in Libra may offer an opportunity to be balanced in one’s view or it can goad you into a monstrous frenzy of  making mountains out of a molehill.  The square from Uranus may motivate you to look at your old relationship issues with a new perspective. A wink is just a wink and doesn’t mean one is having an affair, but Venus Pluto only sees things in black, sometimes in dark brown on a lighter note, or a seductive violet, but there are definitely no grays. However, this a great time to have a real intimate connection with a loved one if one can face the challenge of letting go of old patterns. This is also a period where one can find new exciting relationships, but only if one is open and prepared to venture into area they haven’t done before. 


During November 25th,26th, and 27th, Uranus will be trining mercury to provide a flash of insights to solve hard problems, a new perspective to old ways of thinking, and with Pallas, an asteroid for long term planning  sextiling both, maybe fresh strategies to deal with past challenges.  So keep the thinking chakra open for new insight.


Mercury is going Out of Bounds on November 18th to December 17th , 2017, and which means more than anything “watch what your say” because words can come unhinged.  On Nove 13th and 14th, Mercury is conjunct Juno, the asteroid of intimacy and conversations during this time can make or break relationships.  Mercury then moves on to conjunct Saturn and is square Chiron and this is clearly not a time for communication; more a time for listening and observing.


All in all, this month has a more internal and emotional oriented energy but with focus on being open to new perspectives and ideas.

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