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Astrology of Orlando Shooting using Midpoints

The Orlando, Florida Mass Shooting occurred at 2:02 am, on June 12, 2016, where fifty people were shot dead and many injured in a gay nightclub.  This is an extremely tragic and sad event for United States and the rest of the World. Astrology may give some rationale way of understanding this event.  The place (Orlando) is significant because the day before, on June 11, 2016, a singer, Christina Grimmie was also shot in Orlando while she was signing autographs, and on June 15th 2016,  a 2 year old boy was killed by an alligator in Disney World, also located near Orlando. This makes us ask what is astrologically happening in Orlando?

Astrology of Orlando Shooting

Symmetrical Patterns between Sun, Mars and Uranus: Alfred Witte, the leader of Uranian Astrology noted that “charts of accidents showed symmetrical patterns between Mars, Uranus and Ascendant”.  Also, other Uranian astrologers have related accidents to different combination of Mars, Sun and Uranus.   I have noticed in my research on school shooting and mass shooting that Mars and Uranus is often related to the angles during the time of the event. The 90 degree dial for the transit chart for June 12, 2016 (day and time of shooting) shows the symmetrical triangle  pattern made by Mars, Uranus and Sun (shown below in Chart A and B). Based on this pattern, each of the planets will be at the midpoint of the other two. As you can see in the 90 degree dial, the Sun was at the center of Mars and Uranus, Mars was at the center of Uranus and Sun, and finally Uranus was at the center of Mars and Sun. This kind of pattern may increase the amount of violence and accident all around the world.   Another kind of triangle, the yod pattern – which is also symmetrical, is seen in the wheel chart for the same day  ( the pattern that is seen as a wide triangle in the 90 deg dial is seen as a yod in the regular wheel chart).  Also, right at the time of the shooting, (2:02 am), all the 3 angles – Ascendant, Midheaven and Vertex were all in a cardinal degree (o degree Aries, Capricorn and Libra respectively).   However, the reason we are seeing more frequent violent events and accidents in Orlando can be understood by the interrelationships between transiting midpoints to the natal angles of a place, as seen in Chart C.

Chart A- Transit 90 degree dial for day/time  of the Orlando Shooting – Note the pattern between Sun, Mars and Uranus.

astrology of orlando mass shooting

Chart B-Transit Wheel Chart for the Day/Time of Orlando Shooting – here Sun, Mars and Uranus show up in a Yod pattern with Mars at the focal point.

Astrology of Orlando Mass Shooting

Why this intensity in Orlando? The angles in the natal chart of Orlando being triggered by the Sun Mars Uranus midpoints: In looking at the 90 degree bi-dial with Orlando’s natal chart in the inner ring, and the transit chart of the shooting on the outer ring and it is interesting to note the following: 

  1.  Midpoints of  Sun and Uranus = Midheaven of the Orlando’s Natal chart
  2.  Midpoint of Sun and Mars = Ascendant of the Orlando’s Natal Chart.

 This is the classic pattern where the transiting midpoints trigger a person’s ascendant or the natal ascendant of a place, to create an event. So something that is universal for the whole world is made specific when the angles get involved in the transit midpoints,  creating a midpoint picture.  The natal chart of Orlando  is from, and correlated with information from Wikipedia that Orlando, Florida was formed in 1857. 

Chart C- Bi-dial for the natal Chart of Orlando, Florida (inner wheel) and the transit chart for Orlando shooting , shows that midpoint of Sun and Mars in the transiting chart = Ascendant of Orlando’s Natal Chart. Also, the midpoint of Mars and Uranus in the transiting Charts = Natal Midheaven of Orlando’s natal chart

Astrology of Orlando Shooting using midpoints

Natal Chart of Orlando, Florida in Regular Wheel chart

Orlando Natal Chart


Please share your thoughts  about the Astrology of the tragic Orlando Shooting?

As you can see that midpoints related to angles of a chart are very important, and if you would like an astrological consultation  with reference to important midpoints in your natal chart, please contact me.



Natal Chart of Orlando, Florida from,_Florida



2 COMMENTS on “Astrology of Orlando Shooting using Midpoints

  1. The Orlando shooting took place at a nightclub called ‘Pulse’. It’s interesting to note on p95 of Ebertin’s CSI containing the description of the Sun/Uranus midpoint and it’s correlations under the
    the heading ‘Biological Correpondence’ he states:

    “Rhythmic function of the cells and the body, pulse and breathing. Heart neurosis.”

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