angelina and brad pitt divorce
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Astrology of Angelina and Brad- Did they Just Skip a Step?

Astrology of Angeline and Brad Pitt's DivorceSo what is the astrology behind the breakup of Brangelina- the power couple?  They shattered many hearts when the news of their divorce broke out on September 21, 2016.  The couple got married in 2014 after being together for a decade.  There are many heavy transits going on but what is fascinating is the nodal connection between them, and how it played a part in them coming together and breaking up.

The bi-wheel chart below shows Angelina Jolie’s Moon and Mars  in Aries (inner wheel) square to Brad Pitt’s Nodes (outer wheel).  When one person’s planet squares the nodes of another, there is a certain story line that goes along with it.  The person whose planet is squaring the node becomes part of the learning process for the node person, at least for a while, before the node person can integrate the energy of the north node.  Now if they don’t learn the lesson, they will be back again in another lifetime – which is where the words “skipped steps” originated and was coined by evolutionary astrologers. Brad’s south node is in Capricorn (with 4 other planets in the same sign), and he was born with the skill set of being responsible , hardworking, structured, etc…but has yet to learn the lessons of compassion and nurture of the cancer north node. Angelina’s moon squaring his nodes was  one of the chapters in his life long journey – sometimes over many lifetimes – of mastering the north node.   Angelina Jolie has a very powerful moon conjunct midheaven, Jupiter and Mars.  She has mentioned that when she was going through a very intense dark phase in her youth, which involved self-cutting and suicide attempts,  the only thing that stopped the cycle of self destruction was adopting her first child.  She also had a close relationship with her mother who died of ovarian cancer.  It is not surprising that since moon was the important meeting line for both of them, adopting and raising kids played an important role in their lives  when they came together.  They have a total of 6 kids, out of which three were adopted from three different countries.  In addition, her Mars in Aries is also square his nodes conjunct mars, which might make for an exciting relationship in the beginning but can later end up in frustrating power struggles. 

astrology angelina and brad


So what triggered the divorce?  If you look in the  bi-wheel chart of Angelina (inner wheel) and Brad (outer wheel), for the past couple of years, Pluto and Uranus have been transiting her moon and his nodes, which basically has been triggering their squared nodal connection. It  usually seen when issues crop up in a relationship that one of their important connections is triggered through transit or/and progressions,  Also, Brad Pitt has many planets in Capricorn that is being hit by transiting Pluto.  Although they haven’t disclosed the real reason for the divorce, based on the nodal connections, some of it could be kids and family.  Also now, Pluto is opposing Miss Jolie’s natal Saturn and squaring her Midheaven which usually means an intense transformational period.  Looking a bit more deeply at midpoints,  her natal Saturn is at the midpoint of Venus/Pluto, and Chiron/Pluto in the 90 degree dial.  This shows very Venus Plutonian themes of affairs, jealousy, intimacy issues, and also the added factor that she went through a preventive medical procedure called oopherectomy last year,  that brought on unexpected hormonal issues (all so very Chiron/Venus Plutonian them). However with Pluto, there is a silver lining at the end for those who are prepared to plunge to the depth to really find out the truth through therapy or deep reflection. So if and when the reasons for their divorce is revealed, look out for that hidden Venus Pluto storyline. 

astrology angelina and brad pitt divorce


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