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Uranus Transits and Me – Constant Blows

This article, an honest view of  Uranus Transits is  by guest writer – Phoenix Rose- Just another Plutonian! 

 Uranus TransitsThere I am, an Aries Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus, with Pisces rising and Cancer moon. Yes, I know what you are thinking. I think the same too. Too much water has successfully doused all that fire. I have accepted it finally, after years of questioning and self-doubt. It has been a journey of rationalizing, negating and finally accepting it. So how was this journey? Definitely, not easy! For starters, I resisted all that change. Blame it on my natal Mars in Taurus, which is stubborn as hell. But then Uranus Transits in Aries (on sun, square Moon, then conjunct Mercury and Venus) arrived and wants what it wants- a sudden change!


Uranus shifted from Pisces to Aries in March 2011. Interestingly, it was a time when I was going through a bad relationship that was Plutonian with generous doses of Uranus to the core and one that shook my belief system. He was a sunny Sagittarian with Mercury, Venus and Mars in Scorpio (opposite my Mars and conjunct my 8th house Pluto). Ours was a relationship of high octane drama. On and off… on again… off again drama!  Whoever believes that Leo is dramatic; Pluto is the KING of drama! But Uranus is the Big Daddy.


The first blow from Uranus Transit- I caught him cheating on me. He was traveling and asked me to check his facebook.  I checked his chats and found him cheating with this other girl who was his close friend. Then, I had an even better idea. I checked his emails. It was Uranus leading me! Luckily for me, his password was the same everywhere!  Now I remember asking myself as to which kind of idiot does this! I have my natal Jupiter in Aquarius (12th house). Go figure!


When he came back after a week, we first made love and then we fought. I remember crying for all the love and for all that betrayal!  I confronted him. I took print outs of the chats and threw it on his face. He apologized, then denied, then tried kissing me. I was furious. Then, he told me how he was attracted to her beauty and that hurt me. Why? Because, I have my Sun in first house- the house of ego, self and image; and that hurt me big. That was the end of it! I threw him and his bags out and told him to go live with her.


The second blow from Uranus – I met this guy and we hung out a few times. He had a super stellium – Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars and Pluto in Scorpio and conjunct my Pluto exact. We kissed after getting drunk in a party. Things went awkward when he wanted a relationship while I was just reeling from a break-up. Interestingly, super Scorpio decided to wait and gave me time. We used to chat regularly. And I loved his depth and artistic side. Back then, we used to hang around watching plays in the city. After two months, we broke up as well. Suddenly, I began to find him unattractive.  Again, issues with my image and how I see myself. But this whole episode finally changed my perspective on morality, which in turn helped me in forgiving my ex. Classic Uranus!


The third blow from Uranus Transits- my relationship with my supervisor in my University suffered. All the drama made me distracted as hell. Submission of term papers got delayed and this angered my supervisor who was a super Virgo (Rising, Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto) and in my 7th house. He called me out on it. Gave me six months’ time to submit my thesis and get my degree. That got handled (Like many Sun Aries, I love a challenge). Submitted my thesis which got peer reviewed and accepted. What did this teach me? Grace under pressure, and to rise to the occasion.


The fourth blow from Uranus – I realized I wanted to do theater. Theater script writing to be specific! But my mom would not hear of it. What ensued was an epic power struggle. After months of fighting, we came to the conclusion of this life changing event- My Mom’s health got affected because of this conflict – and I swore I would not do theater all my life. The reason for this was one comment from her… on how frustrating a kid I always was! So moon (or should I put it this way: mommy issues) Uranus lessons- Go Big or Go Home! I decided to go home. I also realized that all my life I craved for her approval which I never got, and that I could only do theater  with her permission. This became an obsessive need. Uranus taught me to let go of my constant need for mommy’s approval (Uranus was square my natal Moon then). Now, we talk but I have set clear boundaries. With regards to the theater, someday I will write plays and realize that dream.


Now, as I write this, I realize how sudden these changes were. Uranus Transits is all about fast changes. One understand what it is to be electrocuted.


The fifth blow from Uranus- my ex came back, apologized profusely, and I accepted him back. Yes, like an idiot, I did. Even though my feelings changed by then! I hurt him eventually. He was sincere this time. But something in me changed! Each time he said ‘Love you’, I remembered all the time he called me ‘too thin’, ‘too clingy’, ‘too much’ and loads of shit. I remembered how he brought me down, and made me feel bad about myself.


The sixth and final blow from Uranus- I left the city in August and went back to my hometown. Heartbroken, I turned to astrology, which healed me. A friend of mine introduced me to natal chart reading in 2010. I got hooked. Now, I was going deeper and deeper into what I soon realized was a cathartic release. I taught in two colleges. I broke up with my ex whose tears and yelling and more crying did not deter me from taking the final call. Here, Uranus taught me to take control. But Uranus also took something from me- my blind faith on Mother. I saw the shadow side of the moon then.


The year 2011 ended on this note – losing control then gaining control suddenly, when I least expected it! Like an Aries, I was furious with Uranus. But, now as Uranus is causing major shifts in my natal Mercury and Venus, I can’t help but feel better and calmer than before.  The blows did not end there. In 2012, I got married to my best friend. We always liked each other, and we always spoke about it, but never acted on it until Uranus transit happened. But, I know now that with Uranus… it is about improvising as changes happen. Unlike Pluto who waits for the right time, and Neptune who hides behind the mist, Uranus delivers suddenly and ruthlessly. Uranus will not wait, and will not let you wait either. You have to run with Uranus. Or else, you do not evolve.


So here I am… raising a somewhat sarcastic toast to Uranus as he winks while scaring away my Mercury and Venus right now… Thank You mate for making me see who I am; for making me accept myself with all my flaws; for making me see myself as a unique individual; and for making me realize that change is the only truth in life. That life itself is flawed and temporary, and that we are here once. And most of all, to help me work through my first house issues! I may not love you, but I respect you. Always will!


To conclude, Uranus Transits are like that David Bowie song, ‘Changes’.

About Phoenix Rose: Just another Plutonian!



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