vesta in astrology
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Lot of Cardinal and Fire Energy this month with Jupiter Uranus opposition in Aries and Libra, Pluto in Capricorn opposing Vesta, and Saturn Trine Mars.  This is a great opportunity ...

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Vesta Astrology

vesta in astrology

Vesta in Mythology

Vesta is one of the four main asteroids used in Astrology. She is known as Hestia in Greek mythology and is the sister of Zeus and the last born of Kronus and Rhea. When she grew up to be a beautiful maiden, Apollon and Poseidon each pursued her in marriage,  but she refused them and asked Zeus to let her remain an eternal virgin. She is obviously a smart goddess and knew even at a young age that relationships take time and can be a mess at times, and why add to the existing drama of other goddesses!  Anyway, so Zeus obliged and in turn Vesta was given the task of keeping the sacred fire of life burning. Keeping the fire going was important in Roman times lest something bad happens to the people. So although she chose not to get married and have children, she was revered as the protector of home and families and was called the goddess of fire and hearth. She is frequently depicted holding a kettle in one hand and cut flowers in the other hand.  Her “chastity” is not about sexual chastity but it’s about not belonging to any one man and using the energy of procreation to focus on other causes.  Vesta’s energy differs from Asteroid Juno which is about equality in partnerships.

Vesta in Astrology

So what does Vesta in Astrology mean?  It means the need to be dedicated, focused and passionate to a cause they believe. It also means the ability to put in the work required to reach a goal, and devoted activism. Vesta goes all the way.  Rumi says in one his poems ” With passion pray. With passion make love. With passion eat and drink and dance and play.Why look like a dead fish in this ocean of God? (Rumi,1207-1273). This kind of sums up the Vesta energy. Whatever planet or angle Vesta touches becomes imbibed with dedication. If Vesta touches Mars, the person often gives all they have to a task, or drive others towards achieving a goal.  A mother with 5th house Vesta conjunct Mars may push her children to fulfill her dreams of success and achievement.  Sometimes, to follow their heart, prominent Vesta people may end up choosing their career or activism over building a relationship.  This may also happen due to life circumstances rather than out of choice.  Vesta conjunct an angle, node or luminaries or combinations of these tend to express this energy more strongly. Some of the expressions of Vesta are given below.

Vesta is a Born Advocate for a Cause She Believes

Once the Vesta individual set their heart on a cause, it is hard to shake them of it. Tending the fire is symbolic of holding on to a cause and hence her symbol of Vesta is a flame.  Charlton Heston, a popular actor starting from the fifties has Vesta conjunct his ascendant, and was a strong supporter of the civil rights movement and participated in the famous 1963 March on Washington with Martin Luther king. However, he is mainly known for being the head of the National Rifle Association (NRA) from 1988 to 2003.  He often said, If government officials tried to take away his gun “they would have to pry it from his cold, dead hands”. Robert Redford has Vesta conjunct his IC and south node.  With this placement, he was able to focus on tasks that are close to his heart.  We all know him as a popular actor but he is also known for his activism related to environmental justice, Native American rights and independent filmmaking. He has helped many independent film makers to express their skill. Nelson Mandela has Vesta, conjunct hs South node (time of birth not accurate).  His whole life was about fighting apartheid in South Africa. Also, he put his work before his marriage and family, and is known to have had affairs while being married. Actress Glenn Close known for her role in the move “fatal attraction” has Vesta conjunct her midheaven and Hygiea (asteroid related to health).  She is a very strong advocate for mental health and started her own non-profit called “Bring Change 2 Mind”, to raise awareness of mental health issues.  Both her sister and nephew suffer from Bipolar disorder while she has openly discussed her own struggle with depression.  She was awarded the WebMD Health Hero award in 2015 for her contributions to mental health.

vesta astrology

Vesta is Prepared to Put in the Needed Work

Lyndon Johnson, the 36th President of United States has asteroid Vesta on his ascendant and conjunct the Sun. With Vesta on his personal angle, he was able to project openly his focus and dedication on projects that he believed. True to his Vesta energy, he is known to have worked 18 to 20 hours per day and did not really have any leisure activities.   Before he became a President, he taught school in a poor neighborhood and was moved by the poverty of students and realized that most of them cannot afford to go to college.   His biggest accomplishments as a President was the introduction of Medicare , Medicaid, education help, etc., to help out poor families.  Due to his laws, many millions of Americans were able to raise their standard of living during his Presidency.

Vesta May Forego Relationship to Focus on Other Causes

Vesta energy can also be fiercely independent and non-traditional, especially when it comes to relationships. Germaine Greer is an Australian born feminist writer. She has Vesta conjunct her ascendant. Her goal was not women’s equality with men or in marriage but the ability for women to find themselves and live by their values.  Her own marriage was a disaster and she never got married again.  In her interview with BBC, she said  “I should never have got married. I just thought I would give it a try but did not enter it seriously. He really chose me. On the way to the wedding, I knew it was silly, but I had said I would marry him.” The vesta energy can sometimes lead a person to take a stance against monogamy but I think the goal is kind of the same; to substitute focus from building a relationship to another project.

vesta astrology

Vesta Can be Plain Hard Work or Drudgery

Sometimes Vesta could mean plain hard work, either of one’s choice or being pushed to do so  by another.  Stefi Graf is a former tennis player and has Vesta conjunct her Sun and Ascendant. She is known for her professionalism and hard work. One of her coaches, Boris Breskvar, mentioned in an interview that he is a person who insists on hard work and discipline with the athletes he trains, but even he was blown away at Ms.Graf’s discipline and high standard of work ethics.

Vesta is related to the Sacred

vesta astrology - dedication of LennonVesta has involvement with religion or spirituality. Prominent Vesta people tend to take some stance on religion or spirituality. When Vesta is conjoined with Juno, the asteroid for intimate relationship, the person may meet his or her partner in a church, or may marry someone who is involved with religion like a priest or a Bishop, or may advocate for a cause with a partner. John Lennon has Vesta conjunct Juno and Pluto, and other than his tireless advocacy for peace along with his wife, Ono Yoko, his ideas on religion were also influenced by her.


If you have Vesta Prominent in your astrological chart, then please share your experiences here. 


9 COMMENTS on “Vesta Astrology

  1. I have Asteroid Vesta conjunct Sun in my natal chart, and work hard at what I value. Once i put my heart into something, I give 100%. It really bothers me to see people who are morally and otherwise lazy, do a sloppy job and just the minimum required. I can never understand this attitude.

  2. Just a note on Greek mythology: Hestia (Roman Vesta) is the eldest of Cronus’ children – and the last one regurgitated when Zeus slew his father. As a side note: Hestia is the only deity that the Greeks never portrayed as a statue or in a painting.

  3. I have vesta retrograde right next to my north node both on my ascendant in aries, 12th house….what does this mean??? I have no idea!!!! 🙁

  4. I have Vesta conjunct my North Node and Sun in my second house in Sagittarius. I am devoted to sensual pleasure and authentic freedom. The things that I value, I pursue with purpose and intention and love. It’s when I feel centered in my devotion and when I feel as if I am among the sacred, having something to look on with reverence, that I feel completely myself.

    • Hello Gracie, your experience of Vesta is very confirming. Vesta in conjunction with the Nodes or luminaries (sun and moon) shows that the person is willing to put in the hard work or a cause to which they are devoted

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