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Astrological research is a systematic investigation done to establish facts in Astrology. There are many methods used to conduct investigation in Astrology, just like in other subjects. Using astrological midpoints are good for research as they have fewer considerations like zodiac signs, house, vedic vs western, etc. Some studies done by me and others came found below. If you have a research article that you would like to post, please do so by clicking Post Article on top of page.

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Astrology of Ebola with Hygiea, Black Moon Lilith

posted by LisaStarflower October 17, 2014

The first Ebola case diagnosed on US soil, a Liberian man, died on the same day as the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 Aries/Libra on Oct 8th, 2014, conjucting the USA’s Saturn at 14’48” Aries, and squaring its Sun at 13 Cancer.  I was wondering about this since the asteroid Hygiea just transited the USA’s […]

Research says More Likelihood of Death on Birthday

posted by AstroManda September 17, 2012

Research has shown that you are more likely to die on your birthday than any other day of the year. According to a Swiss research, two million people were studied over 40 years and it was found that there was a significant rise in deaths from strokes, falls, suicides and heart attacks on the subjects’ birthdays […]

Midpoint Research: Mars Uranus Midpoint and School Shootings

posted by AstroManda June 16, 2010

Midpoints are halfway points between any stellar bodies in the natal chart and incorporate the energies of both the parent bodies. Midpoints have been studied for many centuries in calculating Arabic parts, although the Uranian Astrologers, namely, Alfred Witte, Ludwig Rudolph, Hermann Lefeldt and Reinhold Ebertin take the credit in bringing forth the symmetry and […]

Jupiter-Uranus and Lottery Winnings – A Study

posted by AstroManda June 4, 2010

 (This study was submitted to NCGR for Level IV research and also presented in NCGR Research Symposium in 2007 that was held in Baltimore).  The main goal of this study was to understand the relationship between Jupiter-Uranus aspects and lottery winnings . Only part of the study is discussed here. The study focused on analyzing aspects made […]