Research says More Likelihood of Death on Birthday

posted by AstroManda on September 17, 2012

sun2Research has shown that you are more likely to die on your birthday than any other day of the year.

According to a Swiss research, two million people were studied over 40 years and it was found that there was a significant rise in deaths from strokes, falls, suicides and heart attacks on the subjects’ birthdays – more than 18 per cent in all cases, and an astonishing 44 per cent rise in deaths from falls. Results show  that there were 13.8 percent more deaths on birthdays when compared with any other day of the year. The risk increased with age, with the figure rising to 18 percent in people aged over 60.

This is an interesting study because previous research in Astrology has shown that people are physically more sensitive when sun transits the zodiac sign of the native (Where the Sun was present during birth) or is square to the zodiac sign of the native.  So if you are an Aries (Sun is in Aries), you are more likely to have health issues, accidents, etc., when Sun is in Aries, Cancer or Capricorn.

 Can you remember a time when you had an accidents or were seriously ill?  In which zodiac sign was the Sun transiting?  Please share your observation. 

3 Responses to “Research says More Likelihood of Death on Birthday”

  1. santi Says:

    I remember in early July, I got into a silly accident – it took me nearly a year to recover. In the month of July, Sun transiting square to my zodac sign. So true for me.

  2. Manda Selva Says:

    If I remember right, the astrological research was done using accidents that happened (the kind that was debilitating for at least a month) in a manufacturing plant over a number of years, and the researcher noted that 90% or more accidents occurred when sun is transiting the native’s zodiac sign or square the sign. This is interesting.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    ON 25 or 26 July 1975, 10 days before my 30th birthday (the Sun was in Leo already) I fell gravely ill with a real influenza (not the kind of severe cold that is usually called flu). My temperature stood at 104 degrees for five days, it took three weeks before I could even get out of bed, and my health was compromised for years afterwards. A friend contracted pneumonia with this same influenza. Around the time that the illness really took hold, the Moon was transiting my Descendant, which has Algol right on it. Uranus transited my BML. I was still recovering from the worst Saturn return ever.

    On 31 July 2008, I had an “episode” – it was not quite clear whether it was angina or a mild heart attack. Four days later was my 62nd birthday. The Sun was already in Leo on 31 July, in fact it was transiting my Pluto, as was Mercury. The Moon transited my North Node
    A year passed before I could truly say that I was well again, but that might also have been due to my adverse reaction to all the medications that were subscribed.

    I have learned not to look forward to my birthday! Nothing good ever happens then. The worst, of which I wasn’t even aware at the time, but which was absolutely tragic for a truly huge number of people, was that, a day and a half after I was born, a very big and very ugly bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

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