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Uranus Pluto Square: Towards a Functional System

uranus pluto squareUranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn is the breakdown through sudden change (Uranus) and transformation (Pluto) of obsolete systems in society and in individual lives to create something hopefully more functional.This square gets exact 7 times between June 24, 2012 and March 17, 2015 on the following dates:

    June 24 2012 – 8 degrees

September 19 2012 – 6 degrees

    May 21 2013 – 11 degrees
    November 1 2013 – 9 degrees
    April 21 2014 – 13 degrees
    December 15 2014 – 12 degrees
    March 17 2015 – 15 degrees

The Uranus Pluto square unfortunately as seen in the 1930s and 1960s can cause a lot of destruction, wipe-outs, rebellion, and chaos before anything good can happen. People and societies can become comfortable in superficial systems that can make one feel powerful but in reality impede progress. So this clash between the two astrological titans, Uranus and Pluto is meant to create breakthroughs that help you get in touch with authentic power.

All systems based on power and tradition whether it is a family ruled by a patriarch or a country ruled by a dictator serve a purpose but they also have a shelf life and after which are no longer needed. Uranus in Aries is about changing these systems that are obsolete and replacing them with that which is needed now at the present time! Anytime there is a close aspect between two planets, it’s like them having a high level talk and when it’s a square aspect, this communication style can be filled with tension. So we know what Uranus wants from Pluto but what is Pluto communicating to Uranus? I am guessing that Pluto is saying that these traditional systems have a purpose and they need to be transformed through deep investigation and patience and not through urgency and rebellion.

When outer planets converse, everybody is affected to some extent but if you have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus) in early (approximately between 4 degrees to 15 degrees) cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, then you have been given a front seat in this high powered security meeting and it is hard not to feel the tension and chaos in your personal life. Two weeks ago, one of my friends mentioned that she is feeling very uneasy and although there is stuff happening at work, it does not reflect her immense discomfort. I noticed that she has Mars at 8 degree Aries, the same longitude where the exact square between Uranus and Pluto occurred few days ago on June 24, 2012. The same evening she found out that her brother passed away in a car accident. I am observing people’s life changing with a certain kind of urgency.

So how does one deal with the Uranus Pluto Square. On a personal level it is important not to resist change and go with the flow. Also, this is a great time for us to start meditating on what authentic power means to each of us in our life. Some good questions to ask ourselves.

    Are we living our life authentically and if not what changes can we make to get there? (if you always wanted to write, are you doing something about it…)
    What are some of our outmoded behaviors and superficial attitudes that are impeding progress for us? (Envy, too much importance to looks, too concerned about what other people think….)
    What are those little comfy niches that we have created that stop us from expressing the best of us? (maybe holding to a job for the sake of security without making any attempts to checkout other options, or stuck in a relationship in fear of not being able to find anyone else…)

Knowing how outer planets work, it is better we get in touch with our authentic self and destroy in us stuff that no longer serve our higher purpose and since Uranus is in Aries, I’ve to say “Get on that train now before you get under it” .

Second Uranus Pluto Square Exact on September 19, 2012

The second exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is about finding freedom through change. The change is manifested through tension between these planets; one of them, Uranus, wants immediate action, while Pluto wants deep transformation, the kind that happens after drilling deep into the core of the issue. If one or more of the planets in your natal chart is triggered by this transit, then that area of your life is up for a review.

One of my clients has Sun and Chiron between 6 and 7 degree Aries in the 8th house. Due to wounds in childhood, she has a history of not being able to trust others. However, she met a man this spring, got engaged and now is pregnant. Based on their synastry, many of his planets was trine her 8th house planets, making it easier for her to trust him. She was totally taken back by her pregnancy and there is a lot of force from Uranus conjunct and Pluto squaring her Sun to change the ways of her ego and maybe make space for another life. While Uranus wants her to change her ways immediately, Pluto wants her to confront her shadows and wounds to facilitate the transition. Her boyfriend on the other hand has Uranus conjunct Moon in early signs of Libra opposite Chiron in Aries, and who was not into taking this kind of responsibility and freaked out in the beginning when he heard the news. With the Uranus Pluto square on his moon, he is feeling the pressure to grow up. It is interesting to see the changes occurring in both of them. The tension is certainly palpable in many people who have planets in the early cardinal signs. There is the sense that this time we cannot but accept the changes that is happening to us. I would say a good advice for people whose planets or angles are triggered is that it’s easier during these times if you let the Universe work on you instead of resisting it.

Although the basic symbolism of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn means the same each time the square becomes exact, there could be differences in how this energy is manifested due to the position and aspect of the planetary bodies. In June 2012, the Uranus Pluto square was influenced by Mars and we did see quite a bit of shootings and rebellions. This time, the influence is a bit different.

1. Pluto goes Direct on September 18, 2012, one day before the Uranus Pluto square become exact (September 19, 2011) which in itself conveys a very powerful message. Pluto retrograde is about looking within and finding the real issues that need to be purged. This can happen on an individual level and with larger systems. So for the past five months with the retrograde, Pluto’s demand to Uranus has been to slow down and find out what really is the problem. Now with it going direct, a lot of issues that are dark, hidden and dysfunctional could get exposed. On a personal level, it is coming to terms with our shadows. Watch out for September 29th, when Sun moves to 6 degree Libra, and squaring both Pluto and Uranus. This could be a ripe time for throwing light on those issues that need to be excavated and purged. Also, fixed star, Kaus Borealis is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This is a star in the bow of the archer. It has the energy of Mars combined with Moon; it’s about action with feelings and emotions. Some nice things have been said about this star. Ebertin say that this star is related to promotion of idealistic and humane ideas with a sense of justice and Erin Morse says that it gives a sense of both strength and flexibility. People coming out of closets, corruption being exposed, whistle blowers, people coming to terms with their shadows, etc., could become the norm for the next few months.

2. Chiron in Pisces sextile Pluto: Pluto square Uranus is now bent on transforming structures from deep down, eliminating those that no longer serve a purpose and forming new systems that are more functional and powerful in an authentic manner. Chiron sextile Pluto is offering an opportunity to grieve the pain of this transformation both in a global and personal level with the final goal of healing and letting go. Its like a surgery to remove something unwanted from the body, and dealing with the pain that comes with it. We know that in any level, change is painful even if it is a positive one, and the only way to let go of it is being able to feel and grieve it. I have often heard from people that even with something simple as moving from one residence to another there is a sense of sadness as one is giving up something of some value. Chiron now is conjunct SADALACHBIA, the fixed star which is called the “lucky star of hidden things”. Things that are not obvious but subtle and mysterious can be sensed now. This could synergize well with the Pluto going direct by giving opportunity for those dark shadows to be exposed, albeit with some pain.

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