Brussels terrorist attack
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Astrology of the Brussels Terrorist Attack

Belgium suffered a tragic Brussels terrorist attackterrorist attack with explosions at two different locations (the airport and the metro), on March 22, 2016, killing ­­at least 34 people and injuring many more.  The first explosion is reported to have ­­occurred  around 8 am local time.

Lunar Eclipse:  The incident happened two days after the Sun entered the 0 degree Aries (Vernal Point),  and a day before the lunar eclipse on 3 degree Libra.  An eclipse falling close to a cardinal point usually portends intense large scale events.    But why Brussels?  Just like in a personal chart,  the geographic areas that have their Midheaven or Ascendant line on the same axis as the eclipse are more influenced.  They get to sit on the hot seat.  The March 23rd Lunar eclipse  on 3 degree 17 minutes Libra also falls on the Midheaven/IC line of Brussels, Belgium, which shows that this city and the surrounding areas are sensitized by this eclipse.    Also, the aftermath of a lunar eclipse can be felt up to six months to  a year.  The chart above is drawn for the lunar eclipse in Brussels, Belgium and you can clearly see the Sun Moon axis falling on the MC/IC line for this area.  It is interesting to note than the eclipse chart has Sun conjunct Mercury  which is reflective of where the explosions occurred; the airport and the metro, since Mercury rules transportation. among other things.

brussels attack astrology


Mars Uranus Midpoint:  Also, based on research on school shootings, it is seen that an event chart drawn during the time  of the shooting has the midpoint picture,  Mars Uranus = ascendant, occurring four times more than in the control group.  As seen below in the event chart drawn for Brussels, Belgium,  the same midpoint picture is seen for March 22nd, at 8am (reported time of explosion).   This midpoint picture makes sense as Mars equates to violence and Uranus equates to incidents without any warning.   Ascendant symbolizes the image projected by the location where shooting has occurred. This is especially symbolic in shootings, where the event is more than often referred to by the name of the city, like “Columbine School Shooting” or “Paris Terrorist Attack”.



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