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Mars Pluto Aspects in Astrology

 Mars is an expression of one’s desires, passion, drive, physical strength and action and Pluto is about transformation, depth, power and re-inventing oneself, and the combination of both these planets in a natal chart gives the person a whole lot of drive, sometimes more than one can handle. The positive & negative aspect of this combination really depends on how the energy is being used.  People with this aspect need to have challenging outlets to express their energy like marshal arts, long and arduous hiking, taking on a challenging project,  taking up  sports, power yoga, or anything that pushes the physical limits.  If energy is not utilized in a good way, then it can suddenly surface up like a hot volcano and cause immense destruction.   In Greek mythology, Pluto was the God of the underworld and astrologically Pluto’s goal is to push all that is dark to the surface so it can be transformed.  Hence people with this aspect have an excess of intense energy that needs to have a constructive outlet. 


 Mars Pluto conjunction is frequently observed in charts of those that have inherently intense energy and is easily visible to others.  They can easily commit themselves to a project with strength and determination.  However, on the other hand since there is not much separation in a conjuction,  the person may be not be aware of how to control or modify this intensity.  They may not even be aware of their powerful effect on others. Kevin Spacey has a Mars Pluto conjunction and also Mars/Pluto midpoint on his ascendant which means he carries this physical rugged energy as part of his appearance.  Kevin Spacey was pretty rough in his childhood but his skills in acting provided an opportunity for this Mars Pluto energy to be expressed in a positive manner.  This was his savior.  In an interview with Spectrum Magazine in January 2001, Mr. Spacey mentioned  “I was about nine or 10 when I went through a time of real rebellion within my family. I was mad, had no focus and was interested in nothing at all. I started to play with matches, caused trouble and did stupid things that kids should not do. As a result, my parents decided to send me to military school. I stayed there for a year or so and then got thrown out, because I got in to a fight.  I went back to public school and some teachers turned me on to theater and acting. That was the key moment in my life.”   He really channels well the Mars Pluto aspect in the TV show “House of Cards” where he plays a Presidential wannabe who finds a way through manipulation and murder to become the President.  Kevin Spacey’s Chart given below shows his Mars Pluto conjunction.  Unfortunately, his time of birth is not known, but most probably the Mars Pluto combo aspects his midheaven or ascendant.  Mars Pluto Aspects in Astrology


In the negative way,  the dynamic energy of Mars takes on a plutonian filter and can be expressed in a dark  manner. James Holmes  who conducted a mass shooting in a theater in Aurora, Colorado has the Mars Pluto conjunction in Scorpio. This conjunction was smack on an angle  which makes this aspect more personal for him. Since it was conjunct an area of his chart which involves his family, childhood and emotions, and having a Mars Pluto conjunction here points to violence/fear experienced or observed in childhood. If this is not enough, he has the Mars Pluto conjunction exactly square the Black Moon Lilith which is an asteroid with aw powerful energy with the need to seduce and control. All of us have Lilith in us, but it expressed strongly in a chart when conjunct an angle.   Interestingly, also  Seung-Hui Cho who carried out the shootings at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007 also has the Mars Pluto conjunction in Scorpio.   Wallace Clement Sabine was an American Physicist who founded the field of Architectural Acoustics.  He has a Mars Pluto conjunction with Kassandra, the asteroid that is involved in hearing is also conjunct this combo.  He used the passion inherent in the Mars Pluto combo to do his focused and labor intensive research (Wikepedia)

 Mars Pluto Square and Opposition:  In the square and opposition, there is more awareness and more opportunity to learn and modify the energy but not without a struggle.  But at the same time the pressure to manifest is huge and this can drive a person to initiate challenging projects in a positive or a negative manner.   Osama Bin Laden  (chart below) has Mars Square Pluto and in spite of being born into a rich family, chose to live a rugged and hard lifestyle, and was obsessed with a cause  that eventually caused his destruction.  The Mars Pluto square person can also come across as very demanding  to the extent of being cruel,  forceful, controlling, and manipulative. It is basically different ways of using one’s will over another to get their desire’s met. Negatively, the Mars Pluto person will push all boundaries to get what they want, unless life teaches them that this can be eventually self destructive unless used for a good purpose.  



Drew Barrymore has a Mars Pluto midpoint on her midheaven and had a very rebellious childhood.  She was smoking by the  age of nine, having alcohol and  smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine by the age of thirteen.  She made a suicide attempt at the age of fourteen that put her in rehab and she calls this period of her life as the “Little Girl Lost” in her biography.  This is basically the Mars Pluto midpoint acting out her through her midheaven (public display) until she found a way to get movie roles that in the beginning depicted her as a rebellious seductress teenager which is in line with the energy of Mars Pluto combo.  Later, she transformed herself and now produces her own movies and has been named as the “Ambassador against Hunger” for the UN World Food Programs.  

The Mars Pluto opposition specifically may be involved in power games with others, either in controlling others or being controlled by others. A good example of  this is Michelle Pfeiffer who has Mars Pluto opposition with Mars conjunct her Midheaven. While taking acting classes in Los Angeles, Pfeiffer got close to a  friendly couple and while they helped Pfeiffer to get off from drugs, drinking, and smoking, the couple controlled her life and much of her money went to their group. she was hypnotized and became very dependent on them and their cult. Then Pfeiffer along with her future husband, Horton  met real-life cult de-programmers and with their help was able to get away from them.  This is a very scary but a true potential lurking in the Mars Pluto opposition to seduce and to be seduced against one’s will.

Mars Pluto Trines and Sextiles:  In the soft aspects the person is comfortable with Mars Pluto energy and even able to handle the intensity pretty well.  Usually the person has support systems within themselves or through others that  nurture this energy which in turn helps the person to find an outlet for the passion in an easy smooth manner.  Many people with this combo have abundant energy and find ways to use it usually in a positive through focused hard work in music, acting  science, politics, etc. 

Do you have Mars Pluto aspects in your birth chart?  Its also very similar to the Aries Scorpio combination which can be very passionate or/and volatile with each other. If you have any experience with this combination in any form please share with us. 








15 COMMENTS on “Mars Pluto Aspects in Astrology

  1. Great insights, and now you have me really thinking about how my 29 Leo 58′ Pluto, inconjunct 0 Aries Mars as one leg on my Yod with N Node, Neptune, and Ascendant on the other leg has really colored my life… especially with my 16 Gemini Sun on the Pluto Mars midpoint. I had always heard that yods mean at some point in life the road you are on will end, and you will have to make a new choice, but the theme of self sacrifice, being subject to the will of others, and never really getting what I want out of life are very prominent themes for me.

    • Hello Betty – great to hear from you. Yods are interesting – they can bring a turning point but it could be end up either way and also it may be a point where a decision is made for you. The decision could be positive or negative. I have seen this in kids who are adopted for various reasons – they have a big life change but have no real say in what happens to them. With 3 planets, the node and an angle involved I can bet that your Yod plays a big role in your life. I’ve seen just with Mars Pluto Inconjunct sometimes your are pulled into challenging situations even without lifting a finger, and its as if your actions are dictated on a higher level – someone else make the schedule in your life. Yods can be frustrating until we really bring a higher consciousness and the idea of soul lessons into it.

    • This is a double dose because the signs involved in the aspect, Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars and Pluto respectively. With inconjunct, you may be not so aware of the intense energy but it is working on some level. Also, you may be put in situations that you may have to deal with power struggles (even if don’t initiate it), especially in close relationships and in natal houses that are occupied by Mars and Pluto. Also, be aware that others may see this energy in you even if you don’t (because on inconjunct aspects. your planets are blind to each other), and can use it to their advantage. So the more aware of how this works in your life, the better you are in handling power conflicts.

  2. I have mars conjunct pluto in Scorpio, in my 12th house. Additionally, Pluto is conjunct my sun in the twelfth house, and mars is conjunct lilith who is riding my 11th house cusp by half a degree. I don’t completely understand what this means.
    As a martial artist I kick ass. In life people respond with nervous, fearful reverance (which sucks around men cuz I feel like a lovely women that no one will touch). Interpersonally I have challenges cuz I come off intensely, even/esp when I don’t talk. I just wanna soften my edges and be magnetically attractive, not repulsive. Can anyone offer any thoughts?”

    • Leah -You described the Mars Pluto energy really well and its great that you do martial arts, a positive channel for this energy. It’s definitely a powerhouse to have Pluto conjunct both Sun and Mars in Scorpio but when its in 12th, there could be some aspect of this energy that is hidden from you, but others can see it. The more you get in touch with this energy and accept it, the more you can have control over it. Also, check to see if you have any easy aspects from Pluto, Sun or Mars, and these may show a way to soften the aspect. Good luck

  3. hello. i’m 32, my mars is between pluto and saturn, conjuncting both, all in scorpio in 4th house. all three are squaring aquarius sun on the cusp of 8th/end 7th, depends on house system. sun has wide orb with pluto but exact with mars which would make my drive completely subconscious. also mars sextile venus capricorn, so i prefer dance&pilates to martial arts. i struggle with inconsistent drive and mental concentration(overthinking, nevrotiacal suppression of desires, also sexual), from highs to great lows (but not manic d.), low muscle tonus.. i’ve always desired body&soul loving strength, is it possible to overcome these squares? or am i meant to become a wise thinker?:) how do we make subconscious conscious? thank you in advance!:)

    • Its great that you channel some of this energy through dance, etc…because Mars Pluto Aspects likes to be challenged physically. I agree that with Mars and Venus soft aspects, dance and creative physical expressions, come easiery. There may be some difficulty in expressing yourself, with Pluto conjunct Saturn, which often denotes an uphill battle with something. Since it is in the 4th house, maybe there were a lot of responsibility and challenges early on in your life. So it could be a challenge to comfort yourself emotionally. Pluto and Saturn (with Mars in the midpoint) also makes it hard to express yourself. So in one hand you feel the need to focus on something intensely, and challenge yourself, but the other hand you may feel restricted. Some things that may help you to become more aware of the patterns could be therapy, as this works very well with Pluto. Since these planets area squaring your Sun, you may be hard on yourself, or sometimes push yourself too much. So try to be kind to yourself if you fail ins some task. This is a very strong energy all squaring your Sun, so it is not magically going to go away and may be a life long challenge, but I believe that you can find a way to manage it constructively. And like you said, the more aware you are, the easier it may become.

  4. hey, thank you for such a kind and quick reply! dance, well, i stopped… i agree, awareness and acceptance helps. i analyse myself through astrology, Freud, people’s comments…but resistance is strong, i tend to suppress back all insight along the way, which won’t stop me-so there is some persistence. pluto and saturn have no aspect, but pluto conjunct mars and mars conjunct saturn – seems aquarius sun suppresses them completely since so different energy. them squaring from 4th denotes a struggle with my mother for my identity in everything, but it’s better now. i think sun square saturn keeps me overall inhibited also. in vedic mars conjuct saturn with mars in lower degree means taking shortcuts and i really want to change that. although it is true squares getting easyer with age, i can feel that. so…we keep the struggle to find those constructive channels, self control, self love, drive…. thank you again and best of luck everywhere!

  5. Hi Manda, great post, my daughter has Pluto in a tight yet out-of-sign square with Mars and she does show quite a few of the aspects you mention….she has a problem with a friend who was born five days earlier than her and who has the Pluto-Mars square exact and this girl’s Mars is in exact square to my daughter’s Pluto…this girl really is manipulative to my daughter’s detriment!

    • Lynn, Mars Pluto in synastry can be very intense, added to constant undercurrent of power struggles, and manipulation. I hope your daughter finds a positive way to express this energy, especially in a physical domain.

  6. I have the Mars conjuct Pluto aspect in my natl chart. Power and control seems to be an underlying feeling that is always in me , beneath the surface. I have a hard time and try very hard to not be either intimidating or come across to powerfully to people, sometimes i do it with purpose, other times i really don’t want to be perceived that way because i feel it’s too strong for some, and i may not be liked for it. I also feel an intensity within me, specially when i set my mind out to accomplish a goal, it feels like the will and determination of steel, like my very life depended on my commitment. I sometimes don’t like that i can be so intense, but one must learn to love him or herself fully, it will promote growth to come to peace with it.

    • Thanks Louis- what a wonderful explanation of this energy – right from the heart! Really appreciate you sharing this because for most people, this is a hard energy to accept and then channel it right. It is great that you are working on accepting it because great things are possible with the Mars Pluto aspect, once you find the right project to focus your energy. Like all aspects in your natal chart, escaping them is not a good idea.

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