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Astrology of Petraeus Scandal–Story of Neptune and Mercury

The scandal involving David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley and John Allen is a great example of synastry and chart aspects that point to deception, lying, exaggeration and cheating. As suspected, Mercury plays an important role in their charts and in their inter aspects which makes sense because big part of the scandal involves e-mail communication between David Petraeus, a CIA officer, and Broadwell, his biographer, which exposed their affair. Broadwell also warned John Allen, another Marine corps officer (through e-mails) of the seductive power of Kelley, a active socialite within the military community. Kelly and husband often hosted parties for the military officials like Petraeus and John Allen.  John Allen shared these anonymous threatening emails with Kelly, who in turn reported it to  FBI.  The FBI’s investigation exposed the affair between Paula Broadwell and Petraeus.  Also the relationship between Kelly and Allen was investigated but did not find any wrongdoing. Basically, the similarity here is that all of them cheated sexually or hid a secret relationship from their spouse.

Interesting Similarities in Chart Aspect

Mars Neptune Aspect: Three out of the four involved in the scandal have Mars Neptune archetype in their chart:

• Petraeus has Mars square Neptune
• Both Kelley and Allen have Mars conjunct Neptune

This aspect used in a negative way can indicate that the person is confused and not conscious about their desires and hence can get into sexual relationships that don’t have clear boundaries, or involve some sort of sexual cheating, or/and seduction. There is the attitude that if there is disillusionment or loss, then it is okay to escape through sex or inappropriate relationships. Mars in the twelfth could create similar pattern except in this case, without the exact time, the house positions are not known.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Three out of four of them – Broadwell, Petraeus and Allen have Mercury in this sign. Mercury in Sagittarius is great for visionary thinking but is not good with details and in essence can leave out some important truth and subtle facts that gives clarity to communication. Mercury here is restless and has passion to communicate on a topic of interest but can also lead to exaggeration and modifying the truth. Broadwell also has Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio conjunct her Mercury and Neptune in Sagittarius, which throws a veil of revengeful and seductive energy to the already deceptive mix.

Mercury Out of Bounds through Declination: It is amazing that three out of four in this scandal have their Mercury out of bounds (OOB) which means that this energy is raw and is expressed without any stops or barriers. Broadwell, Petraeus and Kelley have their Mercury in OOB. Out of Bounds Mercury can create problems through lack of boundaries. Petraeus and Broadwell have Mercury in the same sign, conjunct by both longitude and by declination which is very rare and points to an uninhibited e-mail relationship between them.

Petraeus chart

Chart Comparisons/Synastry:

If you look at the four ring chart (with the charts of Petraeus, Broadwell, Kelley, and Allen ordered from the inner ring to outer ring respectively) the part that is circled shows the very interesting Mercury Neptune connections between their charts. Petraeus’s Mercury is conjunct Paula’s Neptune meaning that on some level she deceived or confused him. This aspect is again seen between Kelley’s Neptune conjunct Allen’s and Petraeus’s Mercury indicating that both of them were being misled by her. The story continues with Broadwell’s Mercury conjunct Kelley’s Neptune which may have led her to distrust Kelly and warn the other men that they were being seduced. The only two people who don’t have the Mercury Neptune aspects were the two men because I guess there was no secret communication between them. Also, since Broadwell has the Black Moon Lilith (BML) in conjunction with her Neptune, the BML is also conjunct Petraeus’s Mercury, and Kelley’s Neptune. It was her revengeful and jealous e-mails that revealed the affair and caused a scandal. Also, since Broadwell has the Black Moon Lilith (BML) in conjunction with her Neptune, the BML is also conjunct Petraeus’s Mercury, and Kelley’s Neptune. It was her revengeful and jealous e-mails that revealed the affair and caused a scandal.

There is nodal connection to Mars and Venus between those involved in the scandal (also circled in the chart). Broadwell’s North node is conjunct Petraeus’s Mars and John Allen’s node conjunct Kelley’s Venus. This is not just a story of deception, but also there was attraction, passion, affection and most of all the Karmic ties between each other.

Transits on November 9 2012–Neptune Mercury Square and Black Moon Lilith Highlighted

The Petraeus scandal hit the frontlines on November 9, 2012. In looking at the transits, there was a close square between Mercury in Sagittarius (again) and Neptune in Pisces, which repeats the same theme seen in individual charts. Mercury and Neptune form a t-square with Black Moon Lilith in Gemini. Black Moon is known for its dark, aggressive and seductive energy. It is also about unfair treatment, revenge, and dark secrets. This Black Moon was also part of a Yod between Pluto in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Scorpio with it being in the fulcrum. Black Moon is also in the midpoint of Saturn/Pluto which could mean undoing and games in traditional high powered systems. The transiting Mercury Neptune square and the Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, triggers the Mercury Neptune aspects in Sagittarius found in the individual charts (chart B. The transit is shown as the fifth ring).

When there is an interesting pattern going on through transits or eclipse, etc., there are events and people in the real world that seem to be the poster child for these transits. Currently the Petraeus scandal seems to symbolize both the Mercury Neptune square and the focus on Black Moon Lilith with its cheating, revenge, deception, and e-mails taking the center stage. This transit brings to question the issue of whether it is really possible to be clear in an e-mail and if this form of communication comes with an inherent ambiguity. Also, in e-mails do people get to be more uninhibited, and is the energy more exaggerated and truth sheared in this form of communication? This Mercury Neptune square brought out important questions and issues on this subject through the Petraeus scandal. Also, there was some interesting discussions about double standards between men and women in these kind of scandals which is reflective of Black Moon Lilith.

Brief Look at their Natal Charts:

Both David Petraeus and Broadwell have their Sun in Scorpio with their birthdays just 2 days apart (He is born on November 7th and she is born on November 9th).

David Petraeus has his Moon conjunct Uranus and opposite Mars which indicates that he is prone to wavering and spontaneous emotional involvements. Both his moon/Uranus in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn square Neptune and Saturn in Libra form a potent t-square. According to this t-square, Petraeus is not aware of the potency of his desires (Mars square Neptune) and is easily suggestible by those who can provide excitement (Moon Uranus conjunction in the descendant) and hence his need to explore relationships in a truthful and structured manner is foiled through deception and confusion (Neptune Saturn conjunction). Mercury, the least aspected planet in his chart is in Sagittarius and is out of bounds by declination (along with Venus and Mars) – which shows that Petraeus is not limited by the environment or other barriers in expressing himself.

Paula Broadwell has her Sun in Scorpio, and Mars, Venus, Uranus and Pluto in Libra. So relating with other is an important part of her life and this is further amplified with her Libran planets in square with the Node. Since these planets are also opposite Chiron it tells of potential pain and grief in relationships. Ms. Broadwell also has Neptune Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius with Black Moon Lilith (in Scorpio) lending her the same kind of energy as Petraeus in being easily suggestible and in being able to seduce others with her communication(Black Moon Lilith with Mercury). Another similarity is that she also has Mercury in Sagittarius which is out of bounds by declination and again hints at expression without any barriers.

Jill Kelley has Mercury conjunct Sun and Venus in Capricorn. Her Sun/Mercury in Capricorn oppose Saturn in Libra and square both Pluto in Libra and Chiron in Aries forming a grand cross (with a wider orb to Pluto). With a cardinal grand cross and 3 planets in Capricorn, it is easy to see that Jill uses her forceful cardinal energy to achieve social status through high power connections. Amazingly, her Mercury in Capricorn which is part of the grand cross is also out of bounds by declination, and as much as she can garner social status through using her raw uninhibited expression, it also creates pain and grief (Mercury square Chiron) as seen in this scandal. Jill also has her Mars in conjunction with Neptune which provides the native with charisma and the ability to deceive others through their charm if needed.

John Allen has his Sun in Sagittarius along with Venus conjunct Mercury in the same sign. Along with David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, he also has Mercury in Sagittarius but it is not out of bounds. His mercury in Sagittarius being sextile to the Black Moon, and with his Neptune conjunct Mars, he like Ms.kelley has the magnetic quality to attract others.

4 COMMENTS on “Astrology of Petraeus Scandal–Story of Neptune and Mercury

  1. An accurate astrology study which confirms again that Astrology works. This OOB by declination is working impressive in this situation. Thank you Manda.

  2. Great study of synastry. My ex and me had this aspect between us. His Neptune was conjunct my Mercury and there was a lot of deception. Can you please tell me what about Neptune Sun contacts – how do they work out?

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