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Osama Bin Laden and Violence: An Astrological Analysis

Osama Bin Laden was born on March 10, 1957 (Wikipedia, time of birth not known) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to a well to do family.  Right from young age, Osama Bin Laden believed that its Ok to use violence on anyone who is perpetuating injustice against the Muslims. He walked a sad path from being a devout Muslim to becoming a Jihadist and this fanatical ideology has perpetuated much violence for himself and for others.  The attraction to violence for the sake of religious belief is very evident in his birth chart.  Violence is usually related to Mars in combination with other planets. Mars is a wonderful energy that can be used to manifest positive things in one’s life but Osama Bin Laden was an example of negative Mars energy. Just by Looking at this one planet can say a lot about his individual’s inclination towards violence.


Mars Conjunct South Node: As seen from his birth chart (without the time information) given below, Mars is conjunct south node (within 2 degree orb depending on his birth time) in Taurus and this shows his inherent attraction to physical force and the potential for his undoing through using this energy in a negative manner (note: all energies can be used in a positive or negative manner; it is one’s choice). Mars in Taurus is not subtle; it needs concrete (unlike Mars in an air sign) force. South node points to areas where we can act in a subconscious manner from beliefs passed on to us from childhood which if not balanced with the north node can be a source of undoing unwittingly.  Example can be a person who needs to be so organized and perfect in all things that do that they cannot find time to nurture themselves (south node in Capricorn).  Of course Osama’s beliefs and values are a reflection of his childhood environment and his south Node conjunction to Mars explains a lot of his Jihadist ideology.   

Mars Aspects:  Osama has Mars Trine Jupiter which provides him with easy ample energy, and Mars square Pluto which is about extreme force, imposing one’s will power on others, pushing oneself to endure extreme physical and mental conditions and the power of intense focus.  It is basically where the need for power meets the need for force. In the book “ Growing Up Bin Laden” his first wife and son provide a firsthand account of his living with him.  According to their account, Osama as a young man, often tested his physical and mental endurances by taking very long treks in the deserts without the necessary survival tools (like water, etc.).  He also pushed his sons in a similar fashion as he believed this will build their character.  This is very congruent with the energy of Mars square Pluto which is about finding power by pushing one’s limit, not just one oneself but on others too.  This is a great energy if used for the right purpose but as we all know that’s the not the way the story unfolded for Osama, unfortunately.

Mars conjunct Fixed Star, Algol: Osama’s Mars is in 25 Degree Taurus and conjunct the infamous fixed star Algol which according to Bernadette Brady signifies a femaleenergy with consuming passion that devours with anger and outrage and has an unconscious compulsion to take revenge. He also said that whatever planet it affects in your chart will be charged with strong, intense sexual energy that has the potential to be wonderful, of if repressed, to lead to rage or violence. Algol is also related to death through losing one’s head, damage to throat and neck, sickness, violence, criminality, murder, horror. All these words can be related to Bin laden including his death from the gunshot to his head. Brady also says that if one can contain the unconscious impulse to take revenge, this could be a very productive energy.  Another Astrologer Robson says that the native with Mars conjunct Algol will be a murderer who will come to an untimely end. [Robson p.124.]

Mars Uranus Midpoint:  Mars Uranus Midpoint is known for instigating violence and sudden action. (checkout the study I did on Mars/Uranus midpoint that was published in the NCGR newsletter)  For Bin Laden, the Mars/Uranus = Aries Point = Chiron. Since Aries point is about large masses of people, this midpoint could mean sudden action or violence that becomes known to the public, and that which can cause pain (Chiron).  His violent actions did cause physical and mental anguish to others, his family and probably to himself.

Vivian E. Robson, (1923).

6 COMMENTS on “Osama Bin Laden and Violence: An Astrological Analysis

  1. A very astute analysis on Bin Laden’s chart Manda. I also think that Jupiter-Sun opposition gave him enormous faith in himself and what he believed in which of course then fed into Mars. Saturn square Venus can ‘fix’ values. It’s a fascinating chart. Such a shame the man who it belonged to chose to live out it’s darker elements.

  2. Hi Lua, Thanks for your feedback. It is indeed an amazing chart gone wrong!
    There is a lot of people questioning the birth date and time. Wikipedia has given the date of 3/10/57 which is what I used for the analysis. However, in the book on “Growing up Bin Laden” Jean Sasson has mentioned in the Appendix that Osama’s birth date is actually 2/15/57. I wrote to the author and she mentioned that she got the date from his first wife, Najwa. In comparing both dates, March 10th fits Obama a lot more than the February 15th date. Also, I wonder if there is some kind of conversion between the Urdu and Western calender that may account for the discrepancy. Its hard to say.

  3. Yes I’ve seen some of the discussions about his date of birth. Maybe you are right in saying there is a calender difference. It would be interesting to explore it further but maybe we will never know the true date. Rectification may be the only method of honing down the the possibilities.

  4. Great, I have Algol conjunct Mars in Taurus conjunct South Node in 0 degrees. So this is to say I will end up murdered or murderer.. Some ppl take astrology just too literally

  5. algol girl, Astrology is not literal or deterministic or fatalistic; it shows the potential of the birth chart and what gets manifested most often depends on how the person chooses to use the energy. I mentioned right at the beginning of the article ‘Mars is a wonderful energy that can be used to manifest positive things in one’s life ….”. Also Brady says that Algol “has the potential to be wonderful, or if repressed, to lead to rage or violence….”. This is true for all planets, even the benefic Jupiter.. they all have both negative and positive components.

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