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Steven Sotloff Astrology – Story of a Yod

steven-sotloffSteven Sotloff was an American journalist who was kidnapped in August 2013 from Aleppo, Syria, and held captive by Islamic militants. On September 2, 2014 it was announced through a video that he was beheaded.  James Foley, has  3 yod configurations in the chart which sometimes call for karmic sacrifice (read more on James Foley Astrology).  However, we will see in Steven Sotloff’s horoscope,  one strong yod is sufficient to create a similar scenario which is extremely unfortunate.

Story of a Strong Yod:   Steven Sotloff’s chart has a very strong yod involving 4 planets and Chiron  (see birth chart below; birth time unknown). Mars Chiron  conjunction is at the apex of the Yod (follow the green line forming a narrow triangle in the chart) making 2 quincunx (150 degree aspect) to Pluto Saturn conjunction, and Neptune respectively.  This yod expresses the poignant story of his capture and killing. Yod patterns point out to karmic situations wherein the person does not have much choice and can be used by other people for their cause. Mars chiron conjunction at the apex of yod has a similar energy and this depicts a sacred warrior who is sometimes called to sacrifice for a higher purpose.  This combination was also seen in the natal chart of Muhammad Bouazizi who self destructed in front of a government building in Tunisia in order to make his point, and this instigated the 2010 Middle East Revolution.  So with the Mars Chiron combination in his chart as the apex of a yod we can say at some point in  his life he will be called to make some  sacrifice. Mars Pluto conjunction makes a quincunx to Pluto Saturn which is often a heavy energy that calls for difficult life lessons and another quincunx to Neptune which is about getting lost from the public view. 

steven sotloff chart


Fixed Star Algol:   In Greek mythology, Algol represents  Medusa’s head with which Perseus turned Cetus to stone and the star considered an “unlucky and evil” one for centuries.  It is related to suffocation of female energy, being strangled, beheading, murder and mass catastrophe.  This fixed star is at the apex of the Steven’s yod with the Mars Chiron conjunction and very aptly describes the panful end.    

steve sotloff solar arc progression


Transits and Progressions in September 2014: One way to check if the yod is the main cause of his unfortunate situation  is to check if this aspect is being triggered during the time he was killed.   The 90 degree dial below shows the solar arc progessions in the outer wheel and the natal chart in the inner wheel.    On September 2 , 2014 , the Solar Arc Pluto was right on the Mars Chiron conjunction triggering his yod. Also, the  Solar Arc Mars Chiron conjunction in turn has moved to aspect the natal nodes which also happen to be the midpoint of Mars and Pluto. Mars Pluto midpoints and aspects are usually involved in situations where intense force is used.  Read more on Mars Pluto Aspects in Astrology.  

Do you see anything else in the chart that may add to his unfortunate circumstances?


3 COMMENTS on “Steven Sotloff Astrology – Story of a Yod

  1. I`m new to this and confused (scared). Are born may 13. 1983 and have that yod too. Does it always have to be bad?? Have mars/chiron in my 7th house, pluto/saturn in 12th and neptune in my 2th. (And stellium of planets in my 7th house). Can you please please give me and answer on this? Thanks a lot! Belle

    • No yods are not always – sorry if that’s what you got from the article but it very specific to this incident. Yes! yods can put one in situation where not much choice is there…but it doesn’t have to be bad. Can you please give me the signs of where your yod planets are located…not just the house positions?

  2. I`m so glad you answered. I find it hard to find articles about yods, and also that I can understand (i`m norwegian). My first impression on yods is that its something difficult/negative. But I`m hoping you are right :). I`ve got saturn conjunct pluto in libra (12th) sextile neptune in sagittarius (2th) inconjunct mars/chiron (conjunct) in taurus (7th). And the stellium (whit the sun) is also located in taurus (7th). Thanks a lot!!

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