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Neptune Dreamer’s Astrology Diary – Saturn in 12th

featherMay 1st 2017 – SATURN RETURN IN THE 12TH:  Yesterday was the last day on the job I never liked. I even hated being there. I told them few days ago that I will leave. I felt guilty but I had to do this. I have no regrets about my decision except not leaving it earlier. Yes, I need money but not at the expense of my life.  I’m not a fan of social class or ambition. Society is probably not my fan too. I said, “who cares anyway?” My Saturn in the 12th is not about money, fame, success or anything remotely similar.

But, I do care, I care for people, I care for myself, I care for my family, and I really love myself. And loving myself means that I should not work in a place that is not right for me. Although I have learnt few things about myself – not always pleasant – this was not the place for me. I do not want to be a slave to money. Yes, I need them to survive in this society, but I do not want them to define me. I have my Saturn return in the 12th house and Chiron transiting my  Pisces Moon in 3rd house, ruler of 7th.  Painful, yet extremely valuable period for learning and letting go. Few people in my  astro-groups said: “Keep a diary”. Well, I think they are right. Maybe it will help someone, anyone, even myself. Plus, my Pisces Moon in 3rd wants to talk about emotions. Jupiter in 3rd in Aries also wants to expand the way I communicate in every way.  And, I have Pisces Moon 28 degrees in 3rd house conjunct North Node. I HAVE A STRONG NEED TO TALK, WRITE, COMMUNICATE.  Mercury on Libra MC supports this need.

I felt all kinds of emotions leaving the job that I didn`t want anyway, and the job that prevented me from doing what I really want, which is my love for martial arts. It’s a great way for releasing built up energy. My Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio loves to feel its physical strength. I spent a long time convincing myself that I should stay there since I thought that if I leave I will be considered unreliable and my character will be questioned. I made all kinds of excuses for staying there. It’s like convincing yourself to stay in a bad relationship. Big mistake.



Author: Robert Tew

 Now I must look for a new job, at least with slightly better conditions, but the most important thing is to organize myself better, because I lost my sense of organization. I have to put some structure and boundaries (Saturn in 12th) on my constantly wandering disposition (Neptune on Capricorn Ascendant). 

About Neptune Dreamer: I love to do many things, I especially love astrology because I consider it as a tool for understanding myself and others. Few of my interests are writing poetry, training martial arts, researching and learning new things. I consider human connection as one of the greatest gifts in this world.



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