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Venus Pluto Aspects in Astrology

Venus Pluto Aspects in Astrology

 Venus Pluto Aspects in Astrology

Watching Venus Pluto could be like a passionate romantic comedy or the last scene of the movie “Fatal Attraction” where Glenn Close tries to kill Michael Douglas’s wife, after a one night stand with him.  Interestingly,  Glenn Close who got an Oscar nomination for her performance in this movie as a disturbed neurotic woman has a Venus Pluto opposition and probably one of the reasons she played this role to the hilt. This combo can be a fun or/and scary ride depending on the aspects between these two planets. But you can be assured that Venus and Pluto together are never boring. So if you have the Venus Pluto aspect in your natal chart,  then your probably know that love is not a detached rationale process and there is a deep pull towards people and things which sometimes is not under your control.   Most people with Venus Pluto aspects long to have this close relationship with another person, somebody with whom they can finally be vulnerable and remove their mask, but Pluto is also about power and this adds a bit (or a lot) of drama to their love relationships. Venus Pluto is also about finance and big money and the power games involving them.

Venus Square or Opposite Pluto 

People with Venus in hard aspect to Pluto have more chance of manifesting their ideal relationship as compared to others but it does not come easy. There is a lot of learning involved in any square aspect and this is no different. The learning here is about love and power and how to navigate both these energies to get what you want. The lesson here is understanding that every love has some power need tied into it, and on the other side of the coin,  even if a relationship starts on the basis of power or lust, one can end up falling in love. When power is combined with love, there could be control, lust, manipulation, jealousy, obsession, and  intensity added to the love potion. This can sometimes become dark, if not balanced with some restrain and caution. It is not surprising then that the trailer for the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” got released at a time when Venus was opposing Pluto and this story is about the tug of war between power/lust and love. The main male character in the movie, Christian Grey starts a relationship with an inexperienced woman using his power over her but he ends up falling in love, and his lover on the other hand ends up understanding that she too has the need to control and manipulate.  So anyone who has a Venus Pluto square or opposition in their chart has probably  felt both ends of this combination. So to really express this energy, the Venus Pluto  person needs to find a partner who is willing to work through the cobwebs of power and love and create the ideal relationship.  When this is not possible with one partner,  then the Venus Pluto person moves on to find another partner who is willing to do this until the need is met.  In Greek mythology Pluto rules the underworld and hence he loves to pull people down into his dark caves, and so those with this aspect will be well served to go  through psychotherapy and make friends with Freud. By the way, Freud himself had Pluto Venus conjunction.

 I do want to add that Venus Pluto Opposition can have more darker shades to it than the square as here the energy is in a tug of war, sometimes leading to loss of loved ones in a tragic manner.  There can also be violence and aggression in subtle or obvious manner, like Maurice Gibb a Singer and Musician (for the group Bee Gees) who had a Venus Pluto opposition, and was married to his wife, Yvonne Gibb for many years, and one day pulled out his gun  to shoot her and the kids amidst his heavy drinking.  Luckily they escaped and his wife left him for a short time until he got treated for his alcoholism.  Howard Hughes, a wealthy businessman also had Venus Pluto opposition, and married his wife Jean Peters in 1975. People who know him say that he followed her around or had people following her so no one else can get near her.  So I guess you can kind of understand the dark areas of Venus Pluto especially with hard aspects.

Venus Conjunction Pluto

 In this aspect some of the drama involved with Pluto like control and manipulation is done in a very unconscious manner.  The awareness here is less than that of the square or opposition ,  So a person with this conjunction could act out their jealous feeling without acknowledging or being aware of why they are doing it.   Pluto’s is really about survival and all stuff like power, money just increases our chance of living on earth without being destroyed, or at least that’s the idea.  But interestingly, these very same attributes when carried too far can also become the cause of destruction.  This is why it is really important to understand the deep hidden urges related to Pluto and Venus in relationship.  People with Pluto and Venus conjunction want a close relationship with their partner but there is an inherent  fear that someone or something could come between them.  This sense of loss governs most of the relationship until the Pluto Venus person becomes aware of their ulterior motives and deep seated fears. 

Venus Trine and Sextile to Pluto

 With easy aspects there is more confidence and  less fear of losing one’s parner.  So the close partnership that is so idealized by Venus Pluto people in general seems more easy to obtain.  The devotion, closeness, sincerity etc  comes without much resistance as the person may feel they deserve it.  Also,  it may be easier to attract relationships that are a good fit for them   There may less tendency to obsess about a partner and hence if a relationship is not working, easier to get let go. 

 Venus Pluto Celebrities 

People who have Venus Pluto aspects  generally have some drama and love triangles at least in part of their lives. 

Woody Allen has a Venus Pluto Square and his ex-wife Mia Farrow has Venus Pluto sextile.  He married Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter,  Soon-Yi Previn after having an affair with her. 

Hilary Clinton has a Venus Pluto square while her husband, Bill Clinton, has a Venus Pluto sextile and during his presidency he was impeached for having an inappropriate relationship with one of his interns, Monica Lewinsky. 

Lupe Velez  an actress who was known for her stormy personality had  a Venus Pluto conjunction (with Venus opposing Uranus).  She had relationaships with  number of men but most noted was her relationship with actor Gary Cooper with whom she had an intense and violent relationship,  She is supposed to have tried ripping of his ear and stabbing him with a knife,  Anyway their relationship thankfully ended.  Her midheaven was at the midpoint of Venus and Pluto and so her jealousy and intense personality was known to many.  She would make grotesque imitation of actresses whom she thought were interested in her boyfriend, Cooper.  She died by committing suicide.

Maria Shriver,  who was a very popular news anchor for NBC  has  a Venus Pluto square.  She was married to actor and governor, Arnold Schwazzenegger  until their marriage ended when his affair with their maid was exposed.  


If you have a Venus Pluto Aspect, how is it expressed in your life?  Please give your feedback.








62 COMMENTS on “Venus Pluto Aspects in Astrology

  1. Thanks for the Post. I have a Venus Pluto square and like you said there is something or other than happens that pushes me to keep working on the relationship. Right now I have a partner who is 100% with me and’ll do whatever it takes. Thanks God for that! My previous boyfriends couldn’t take the intensity and didn’t last long.

  2. I have Venus conjunct Saturn squaring Pluto. Venus is also my chart ruler. When I was young, power struggles were my middle name. My dad left when I was a toddler. My mother was controlling and overflowing with resentment toward men. That was all I knew. I looked older than I was, and in my early teens, I got hit on by her boyfriend and married men often. It messed up my view of how to be validated by men. I hated how it felt, so I took control. In high school I lived for cat and mouse. When the chase was gone, so was I. I would seduce men just because I could. Not just ones my age, but teachers and parents as well. It was some sort of twisted payback for my earlier years. As if all men were to blame. I saw it as a game and I had fun watching them squirm. I’ve been involved in quite a few love triangles. I was a NIGHTMARE. Think Kathryn in Cruel Intentions and you’ll have an idea of who I was in high school/early college. My chart has a lot of squares to the outer planets, but I feel this one the most. Thank goodness I got a few good reality checks when I hit 19 and resolved many of my issues.

    • Gracie – thanks so much for sharing. Your experience makes sense with Venus Pluto aspect (adding the Saturn to the mix). There is for sure a need for control in relationships especially with the square or to attract a person who is controlling or with strong Scorpio energy. I am glad that you have dealt with the negatives of this aspect. I also see that people with this aspect have a good chance of finding the right mate once they resolved the issues.

  3. I have venus-pluto opposition in my natal chart. I have to admit that this aspect brings a lot of drama to my life. It gets better when one becomes more aware of the need to control love.

  4. I have my 6th house Pluto (conjunts fixed star Coxa) inconjunct my 1st house Venus and opposite my 12th house Chiron. My work and carreer gets in the way with my marriage (the children are more forgiving about their mother being busy at work). This creates many situations of tension – with clients pulling me in one direction and my husban pulling me in another direction. I still haven’t found an optimal way of dividing my time and energies between work and home.

    • Alisa – inconjuct aspect is always about adjusting – its not always a difficult because inconjucts can sometimes act like trines and sometimes act like squares. The way to balance this is to find out if you have any easy aspects from Pluto or Venus. The sign and house position of these planets could give you a clue as to how to work this out. With opposition, there is need to balance too but both the planets are talking…there is communication but here your Pluto and Venus are blind to each other’s needs so its easy to get pulled in one direction more than the other. But as always one thing to look for with Pluto Venus is to see if there area any issues of control…internally or from your family that is keeping up this drama.

  5. Thanks for your feedback AstroManda 🙂
    Pluto is also a planet associated with obsessions and compulsive behavior. Indeed I tend to be a “workaholic” obsessed with my work and career. On many occasions I prefer to do overtime than go out and “have fun” for the evening. My Venus is there to remind me that I have a life besides work.

  6. I have Venus conj Pluto in the 8th also conj my Moon. Someone else wrote something similar from another post about jealousy. I made a serious effort not to be a flirt, to be highly reserved because when I was “friendly” all I got was “stalker types” (men) and vehemently, jealous women. I am much older now and recognize when my aspect triggers others and get the hell out of the situation, no drama, no thanks. As for my own love life, it is indeed true that Venus/Pluto is complete soul bonding, not so much dominance, maybe that is the darker side that is with emotional immaturity. I love my aspect as it brings a beautiful closeness with another human.

    • Thatgirl – thanks for sharing. Venus Pluto aspect people, once they have dealt with their shadow side are capable of forming the true intimate love that everyone dreams off but can rarely attain…so congratulations.

  7. I have Venus (Scorpio) Conjunct Pluto (Scorpio), and so far my love life has been a dramatic, destructive but also deeply transformative aspect of my life. A very devastating energy while in motion.

    I do feel this aspect is dormant at the moment, and the fact that I’ve had the chance to experience this intensity very early on in my life, twice, has been a huge learning lesson in the most hidden depths of emotional insecurities and desires. I continue to be an all or nothing person, I have very little interest in casual dating, and usually feel attraction (emotional and intellectual) on a gut level early on. I don’t have a problem staying solo for years if nobody interests me, anything but full commitment seems a huge waste of energy. During the dormant phase I choose to channel my energy in intellectual pursuits (lots of Sagittarius in my chart – which I feel balances the heavier placements) and helps revitalize my life force.
    I have a good feeling about the future, though. Like the hardest part is behind me, and next relationship will be lighter because of these experiences and general astro climate.

    • Thanks for sharing Ernie – it was very informative. It makes sense that you need a all or none relationship. With Venus Pluto there is going to be transformation of how one relates in a close relationship so of course you need someone who is committed to go through this change with you and not someone who will run half way. This is what you are looking for…and this is what Venus Pluto wants from you. So anybody will not do – it has to be the right person who is not going to be afraid when his mask is pulled off which if what Pluto does in order to be true and authentic

  8. I have a natal square between my 8th house Venus and Pluto and understanding the use of power in relationships has certainly been a theme in my life. Currently I have transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Venus which is bringing these issues very much to the fore. This has been a positive experience for me as I’ve been able to let go and allow myself to be transformed by the process. Enjoyed reading this post and was interested in the idea of Posting an Article but could not log in to It’s been a long time since I’ve used it….

    • Faith. Transiting Pluto on Venus usually ends up being good in the long term. Unlike Uranus, Pluto tries to transform the relationship (not break it) but sometimes relationships end when it cannot be worked out. I’ve seen many people enter therapy during this period and either way ends up working out for the better. This is great that you are going with the flow and this always helps with the outer planets. Thanks for your feedback. I would love for you to write an article. ps email me at and I can guide you through the process – it is pretty simple.

  9. I have it and I’m really trying to find out! I have Pluto, 5th house, in Scorpio opposite Venus, 11th house, in Taurus. I really never noticed any of this! I feel that i’m manipulative, ok, but all this sexual energy and stuff…I’ve never had a boyfriend! hahah I know this is buried somewhere inside my subconscious and now I’m trying to find what may be locking my Plutonian Venus!

    • Hello Den, It depends on the whole chart. Venus in 11th is more about friends, belonging to groups and humanitarian causes rather than intimate connection. So your Venus Pluto may play out in different circumstances than passionate love. Also, Venus in Aquarius or 11th tends to love freedom more than love. So you need to look at it within the context of your Venus. What is the orb between Pluto and Venus?

  10. Hi. I was wondering if this applies to a transit pluto trine natal venus and mars? Pluto is currently transiting my venus and mars (both in virgo, 3rd house) and will be transiting them until the end of June/beginning of july. Will this be of signicance in my life?

    • Allie, when Pluto is transiting your natal Venus and mars at the same time- it can be a time of passion and intensity. If you are not attached it could be a time that you attract someone significant in your life.
      But I’ve also seen this as a time when there is a push to transform your close relationships to becoming more functional. Pluto loves therapy.

  11. I used to think that there must’ve been a mistake with my birth chart because I have both Venus and Pluto in Scorpio, both in the 8th house, and Venus in conjunction with Pluto. Like the experience of these shared above, I’ve experienced heavy loss at a very early age, and feel as if I have been through a lot more than what I should take on at my age in terms of romance. I’ve also sensed a tugging need to control situations and those I bond to at a very deep level since a very young age, but, having been through the losses, I’m now at a stage where I don’t think anything worse can happen. In a way I’m very glad that I have the chance to endure what might strike others at later stages in life. In a way we mature really quickly and can be blessed with the state that only those with an older age can enjoy. I do feel a little sad at how I’m not able to share the innocence or enjoy pure love without seeing through all the ‘fluffs’ as a lot of other girls my age am still able to…not sure whether that’s a negative thing or not…

    • Amber what you mentioned is very Venus Pluto. With this aspect you don’t tend to like superficial stuff and yes it does makes it difficult to just have a passing relationship. You want the real stuff and its not negative as long as you have the patience to wait for the right person. It does get better as you age and especially when you find that deep relationship you are seeking.

  12. I have Venus in Taurus in the 8th house square Pluto in Virgo in the 11th. My Venus is the finger of a Yod involving Saturn & Jupiter, Venus squares Chiron in the 5th house. I have never tried to control anyone but myself and my own sexuality(repressing it until I was 40). Most readings of Venus in the 8th or making aspects to Pluto tend to emphasize the heighten sexuality and /or the controlling aspect but there is another aspect and that is the repressive facet of the Venus/Pluto combo. Though the combination does tend to acquaint the native with pain early on.

  13. Will Pluto transiting conjunct Venus and Jupiter in 10th house causes obsession with body or how you look? I feel such a surge of energy, I am doing 2 or more hours of exercise per day. Is that normal for this transit or is it something else? (I was couch potatoing for one year and then this transit came and Ii feel like I have to change my relation with my physicality and improve my body and go to the limit of my energy exercising and I can’t stop. Is this normal? Men are giving me weird stalker looks in shopping malls, etc. I also have OCD with many things and fears that came 3 years before this, can it be I am transforming this OCD energy into exercise to escape the fear?

    Thanks for the article!

    • Lina – the energy you are describing is more like Pluto transiting Mars or Pluto transiting Sun. But since Venus and Jupiter is conjunct in the MC, maybe Pluto is transforming how you look in the public – to the outside world (midheaven). It does sound very Plutonic because there seems to be passion and intensity in your workout. Pluto Venus can also be experienced as a transformation of sexual energy. But ps check to see if your Mars of Sun is also getting any hits through transits or progressions. You want any help with it, please checkout

  14. Wow thank you for your answer. With this transit of pluto conjunct venus or jupiter is there dangers we should watch out for?? I am checking the link!

  15. I love your website. Pluto in 1st House Trine Venus conjunct Jupiter in 5th (a triangle with Saturn in 10th; square with pluto and inconjunct with Venus- sparing jupiter lol).I am referring the saturn here, for it seems to modify a lot of expression of both pluto and venus..over all..

    1. very painful childhood (father left mom, mom raised me, rigid and religious.. Mom Scorpio, Father Capricorn)
    2. initial years; Used to flirt and offer sex (little idea of boundaries) to get the kind of acceptance or perhaps a fatherly love
    3. A stormy marriage.. husband cheated, PAINFUL divorce
    4. Pluto will change you (in an painful way- maybe being in 1st).. trust me you will SURVIVE
    5. LOVE is a gift and we dont have to PAY for it (once you realize this … the rest falls in place)
    6. I am attracted to Powerful men.. Successful, Extremely Intelligent
    7. I tend to attract two kind of people.. Powerful Men or Very weak Pisces who look for a rock
    8. Money always finds a way to me
    9. Once we develop a set of values, we can move mountains (unless we have those.. it is totally destructive)
    10. I yearn for the love that (as you put perfectly) lets me drop my mask, love me with all my imperfections,, and to that person I will be the most most loyal companion EVER..

    over the years, I met some astonishingly great men and some lowly scums; though I am not in a relationship, I am happy and I have finally started loving myself.. 🙂 its a great feeling.

    PS: I have mercury conjunct neptune in 3rd sextile to both Pluto in 1st and Venus+Jupiter in 5th .. so when I write, I can go on and on.. apologies for taking a lot of space..

  16. I have venus in virgo 10th house and pluto sagittarius 1/2nd house. 😀 So far i noticed i am attracted to guys with moon virgo (1st house), mars virgo, venus libra/aries guys. it just feels so terrible, how I am drawn to ‘bad boys’…
    I have noticed that I usually am attracted to the most intense guys I can find, not really liking them but looking , really for my soulmate, one that triggers all those levels of intensity that transforms us and our worlds, having a deep unconcious connection, even past lives… But as me being such realist (virgo 11th house sun, taurus 7th hous moon) I just let go completely of this “fantasy” and whip it to the corner and show it where it belongs.

    My life is heavily affected by the relationship that my mom had with my ‘father’ (if you could call him that) and I am fully intent on avoiding ANYONE like him no matter what. I fully accept standing on my own and the hurdles that may come with it. I have learned that I just don’t trust myself in choosing a partner. I would accept any partner that G-d would send me, because G-d ways are not our ways and G-d knows best than best. G-d IS G-d.
    So I feel that G-d would have to force me to stay with an abusive partner, (possibly to heal them?) because I would be gone the next chance I get.
    Also as far as I know, we are all going to get hurt and die, so in life I have to choose what I want to fight and die for.

    I really try to be understanding, but can be so intense, (mercury square pluto also!) that i just tend to serve my words raw to people (that is why I’ve got to watch my mouth!) that it can really hurt them, but i am just trying to show them the reality, to keep them safe and strong like I would also want to be. I like feedback and just conversation that leads somewhere productive. I like to understand the spiritual reality and with relationships, it is the same as pretty much everything else, I have faith that G-d, even in what seems to me the most terrible, hell-ish, ugly, unfair, deceiving times, I know G-d is creator, whether I comprehend His possible reasons for it. Even I am human and as far as I know, I will still question pain.

    What do you guys think?

  17. Dear AstroManda,
    regularly follow your site, and thank you for wonderful articles.
    My pluto in 2 house Virgo square Venus in 10 house Gemini.All describe the aspekt of Pluto square Venus I recognize in my self.
    My Venus in conjunction whit Mars (in 10 house), so Pluto in square Mars, also.Many fractures in love, it s hard finding a suitable partner.
    Intesity or nothing 🙂
    Do you think, that this combination of aspects have an impact on the financial status?
    In the 2 house , I have moon (on the bordr bitween the first and second houses, 15th degree Virgo), then Pluto 24 degree Virgo (moon-pluto conjunction) and Uranius at 4 degree Libra. (Uranius have just sexstile whit neptune).Currently, I am in great danger of losing everithing I have (work, land, house)…it is , maybe,a square Pluto -Venus-Mars has an impact on it?
    I apologize for the bad English, is not my native language.Thank you for the answer.All good.

    • Eona – with Venus square Pluto and conjunct Mars, you want all of your partner and yes! it is all black or all white – but it is hard to get that in most relationships. Also, with Mars square Pluto there could be intensity and power struggle in relationships. Actually Pluto in 2nd house square Venus may be good for finance in the long run but Pluto can use money to control others. So it is important to become aware of how you use money in order to feel powerful. Although I agree you have very intense strong aspects affecting relationship, since Pluto in in the 2nd house, altering your values can probably attract the right person.

  18. Thanks for reply AstroManda
    Yes, it is not easy, but I have already learned had to control Mars square Pluto and a bit of Venus square Pluto (I am 45 years old and alredy have experience).However, the need for intesive relationship remains on, it probably can not be changed.I hope you will help me Venus trine Jupiter, Venus sextile Ascendant, Venus sextile Vesta and Jupiter sextile Ascendant 🙂
    Thank you, once again, for your reply.

  19. I have venus opposite pluto
    With my venus in taurus in 1st house
    and pluto in scorpio in 7th house
    Can you tell me in what area this affacts me ?!!!

    • Yasmin – With Pluto in 7th opposing your Venus, part of the learning could be about losing loved ones. Also, most of the Venus Pluto dynamics will be expressed in close relationships – self (first house) vs others (7th house). But finally the goal of Venus Pluto is to find someone who is prepared to transform with them.

  20. venus opposite pluto is not the only aspect i have to venus, i also have:
    venus trine uranus
    venus trine neptune
    and a bunch of other harmonius aspects to venus.
    and i was wondering if the trine applies more to our personality?

    i was born on 18th of April 1994 at 6:15 am in Dubai
    i was hoping if you could tell me a little about my chart if possible…

  21. Hello!

    Venus in Aquarius (3th house) square Pluto in Scorpio(11th house). What does it mean? The meaning is always about love? I have also Jupiter retrograde in Leo (8th house) in opposite Venus in Aquarius(3th house).

  22. ‘Gracie’ – cannot blame one aspect or anything for that behaviour , shaming the rest of us. Its called being a dirty so in so, which a high percent are guilty. One thing that can often get forgotten in all this is that we are always in control of our own actions, and you had the ability to think differently. It is not uncommon for teenagers (jupiter) to want to sexually prove themselves, experiment, overindulge and explore natural curiosity that has likely been kept underwraps. Anything thats new, forbidden or naughty is especially great to begin with. hormones and outside influences cant help. However we have a mind and are in charge in most cases. Now in the twenties (saturn)we are likely not so careless and innocently unaware. with that conjuction lets hope saturn dosen’t punish further especially with all the bragging. women know your insecure kind exist, and contributes to why mothers are nearly always so protective of their sons.

  23. Hello,

    My ascendant is Taurus, and I have venus in the 9th in Capricorn. I have Pluto in the 7th house in Escorpio. This year I have been super anxious about losing my boyfriend at an early age, than then it would be difficult to find someone else (50 yrs old, example)

    They do a SEMI-SQUARE (venus semi pluto), does that mean that I will be a widow? =(

    Please I hope you can calm my nerves

    • It does not necessarily mean that Venus Pluto creates loss through death. But this anxiety that you feel of losing someone you love is very related to Venus Pluto energy. My advice (without knowing other aspect of your chart) is that big learning for people with this aspect is to enjoy what they have instead of focusing on the fear of loss. Also, based on what you tell me, it is not just the loss but the fear of being alone without having an intimate relationship is concerning you. It is important to understand the difference so you know how to cope with it. Maybe it is time to cultivate more friendships (not romantic) or be involved in other activities that can help with the fear of being alone. Take care

  24. Hi,

    I have both venus and mars in aquarius in the 9th house opposing Pluto in Leo in the third house. What can you tell me about these aspects? Being a decan 3 Capricorn I will be entering my pluto in Capricorn cycle 2021-2022 also (I have been fearing the transit before Pluto even entered Capricorn in 2008 because I have always heard it is such a powerful cycle that not everyone gets to experience in their lifetime).

  25. I have both Venus (Aquarius) and Mars (Aquarius) in 9th house opposing Pluto (Leo) in 3rd house. What does this mean for me? Relationships never last (I am blaming Mars opposing Pluto) since I am a true loner.

    • With Venus and Mars in 9th, your tend to fall in love with people and ideas that are foreign to you – its a way of finding the truth. But Pluto in the 3rd house may cause some resistance to the change by keeping you attached to the familiar. I am thinking is there is a real person in your life that play this Pluto role – attached intensely – and not letting you go? With Pluto opposing Mars, it could be that your get into power struggle. But symbolically this fight is about resisting to explore. For you to find love, you may need to be more adventurous, be prepared to leave your immediate environment, to find someone very different from what you know.

  26. Thank you for the reply. Yes, the real person in my life attached intensely may be my ex. I am at the age now where finding love isn’t important. We will see 🙂

  27. I have Venus in my 8th house and Pluto in my 2nd house opposing each other…what does it mean? (my Venus is in Gemini but since it’s at 29’54 degrees close to cancer, I feel more like its in cancer than it is in Gemini, and my Pluto is in Sagg)
    Although I’m attracted to love/hate toxic relationships (I’ve been in this most toxic relationship, I’m a Taurus and he’s a Scorpio *Venus square Pluto synasty explains why*, and I like it so much that I get obsessive over making my relationship toxic and its unhealthy for people who can’t handle me or thinks that Im crazy) but all I wanted was love with honesty with deep connection and I guess I’m just too intense for some people. Please tell me about the opposing between these two planets

    • Victoria, interesting being that you are Taurus and your partner Scorpio, it is also reflective of the 2nd and 8th house archetype (where your Venus and Pluto are in opposition respectively).
      This is a double message…showing the need to let go of some control and possessiveness (pluto in 2nd – probably fear) and to share (Venus in 8th). Pluto in 2nd can also be holding or fearful of material
      things. But basically the Venus Pluto opposition plays out through conflict in boundaries and values (2nd) vs merging and sharing (8th). There is a part of you that wants to get real close, but then there is another part
      that is also holding you. What you see others as perceiving -(you being too intense) could be your conflict within yourself.

  28. I forgot to add on: I have True Lilith in Sagg conjunct my Pluto Sagg (1 degree apart so it’s very close) However, I have mean Lilith in Scorpio conjunct My Scorpio Asc. (I have Scorpio Mars conjunct my asc, therefore conjuncting my mean Lilith) I’ve always been labeled to be a sexual “meat” out there, and to be able to seduce whoever I want to (I’ve been sexually abuse as a child and a lot more has happened that messed me up emotionally and psychologically) although I have recognize these traits and I tried to hold back in a positive way. My question about this whole add on is: does My true Lilith conjunct Pluto adds more dark traits in my love life because obviously Lilith is also opposing my Venus??
    Again Thank You!!!

    • Victoria, Black Moon Lilith with Pluto does often indicate some form of abuse. The question to ask is – do you use sexual power or rebellion (Lilith does not like any control) subconsciously to
      control or even be destructive in some ways. It really add more rawness to this whole Venus Pluto opposition.

  29. To look back on the relationships that I’ve been through, yes. I’m usually the type to allure people in with my innocence yet in a powerful manipulative way (sometimes I didn’t mean to and sometimes I intend to so I can get what I want which is a bad trait but I’m working on it now) but once they are all in, I tend to constantly disapprove what they do and what they should do and follow my orders especially when it comes to jealousy, dishonesty, possessions and etc therefore my posessive and obsessive side will come out, (I feel like I see myself telling that person that I own them but they don’t own me) and I will plan revenge back on them when I get hurt even if it’s for one little thing, also I honestly hate being told what to do or “change” my ways, I will rebel. I honestly hate the cons of this aspect but with one person I tend to transform to be a better, stronger and much more different person than I was before, and that’s what I love about it. My relationships always have a “love/hate” theme in them because of my Plutonian side (think of “I love the way you lie” Music video) But when the other person and I are equally plutonian traits, it’s a toxic themed relationship (Mr./Mrs. Smith movie, but in a more depressing darker “love/hate” theme where the both of us will get revenge on each other emotionally and psychologically, mentally and physically) and there’s separation but we want to be in each others arms, it’s intense. I love intensity. Thank You a lot for explaining this to me, it means a lot. I blame my Neptune square Mecury for writing a lot than I should have.

  30. Hello,

    I have Pluto in my 5 house in Scorpio and my Venus in my 4 natal house ( Venus is the lord of 5 house) and both planets are in sextile.
    Now I am experiencing transiting Pluto in trine with my natal venus.
    What I can expect from this transit?

    • Transiting Pluto trine Venus in 4th house – you will find support to transform the place you live, or change relationships
      in a way that you can connect in a more authentic manner.

  31. My Venus in Pisces 8th house trines my Pluto 4th house. I seem to attract enmity from women for no reason and my friendliness and openness are misunderstood by others. (I am a Leo Asc and Aries Sun) I feel that I also attract some stalkers and I have to experience all kind of power struggling relationships (family, work, love etc.) I am asking myself, if I am so unaware of Plutonian Venus energy and attract subconsciously those kind of events. Besides, many explanations on the internet mention that venus trine pluto and 8th house venus would make someone very magnetic and sexually appealing.I have not felt it this way really. It is probably my fifth house Saturn ruling 7th and 8th house. In my current relationship, I am experiencing 8th house themes very painfully. My partner’s moon falls into my 8th house, so do my Venus and Mercury into his 8th house. His Cancer stellium is in my 12th house. His south node is on my Saturn. It is all about obssession,jealousy, fears of being cheated, love-hate relationship, all Scorpionic transformations. I feel exhausted, yet a seperation would be very painful for me

  32. I’m doing a reading on someone’s Venus square Pluto placement, and I agree that she can be like this. She’s actually consulting me over relationship issues. It’s a common “relationship issues” placement that people come to me for guidance with.

  33. I have venus square pluto and he has venus oppose pluto. We also have venus square pluto, he is pluto. I ran away from him when we were young because I felt controlled, scaired, put down. But I’ve never been able to realy leave the relationship. It’s seared into me. I’m totally obessesed and it’s been 10 years. Recently he called me on the same exact day I realized he was my it man for life. I feel like we feel each other. He agrees. Right now he’s baiting me, pluto, to make sure I really love him. My venus is all too willing to oblige. So I decided if it’s gonna work we have to be honest about our feelings. I asked him out. He said yes! Wish us luck!

    • Hello Tara- thanks for sharing your very Venus Pluto story. Good Luck with your relationship. Although Venus Pluto relationships do
      seem very black and whit, it is important to understand that it is only our perspective , and not the absolute truth. This is why
      with Venus Pluto, it is beneficial to talk to a counselor, priest, therapist…someone who is neutral and give a a more detached view of things.

  34. Hi there! I’ve been touched by Pluto for quite a while now, since I have a Pluto (2nd house) – Venus (8th house) opposition and now I’m facing a horrific Pluto – Moon square (2nd – 5th house respectively), so I pretty much know what to expect witnessing all these major emotional transformations and severe clashes with partners and people who are close to me in general. My current bf will start experiencing a Pluto – Venus square (Pluto in Scorpio in 6th house – Venus in Aries in 9th house) in a couple of months. We also share a handful of Pluto aspects in synastry (Pluto trine Venus, Pluto opposition Moon etc.), so is there gonna be an escalation of sorts once the aspect is activated?What are the possible ways this transit might affect the relationship, if any?

    • This actually shows support in your life through close intimate relationship. You will enjoy close relationships and all the drama that comes with it without becoming too obsessive, but you also need someone who will flow with it. Of course Venus Pluto will have some highs and lows but you have a better attitude to deal with it than someone with a square or opposition. With Venus in Cancer you love having a pretty comfortable home…and Pluto may give you the resources you need to make it happen.

  35. I have venus square pluto. Venus in Aquarius and 8th house and pluto in Scorpio 4th house. What does this mean and how does it affect me?

    • Minnie: Venus in Aquarius wants its space and freedom in a close relationship. Yes, this energy does want a relationship but it wants it in a different and unique way maybe. Since it is squaring Pluto, you have a deep and intense need for a relationship but relationship will grow deep through challenges and transformation if you are willing to work through them. So you need a partner who is also loyal and strong. However, some of this challenge could come from wanting intense relationship vs wanting space and freedom.

  36. I thought that my venus trine pluto was one aspect that I could be really proud of just to realize that, this aspect has been the one stressing me out the most. Drama after drama after drama after drama. In general, I enjoy making friends, am amiable and helpful but dear lord, every damn person wants to control me and if I dont yield, they tend to start their manipulative games. Outcasting me, ignoring me etc.etc. Its quite difficult for a venus/pluto to have normal relationships imo. Sometime, someplace, drama always catches up with you and then its game on again…

    • David, If you have the trine, then the good question to ask is how you contribute to the drama in some form? Maybe you contribute in the way you react to it. With trinesthe flow is easy…so there is no stop mechanism. But the fact that this bothers you shows that you may have a
      hard aspect from either Venus or Pluto to another planets. This may be triggering the awarenss that something is not right.

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