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Venus Neptune Aspects in Astrology

danceVenus and Neptune together are the queen and king of creative energy – the ultimate aspect for any kind of artist, whether it is a musician, a painter, creator of luxury goods, or graphic designer. People with this are blessed with good taste for the good things in life. Venus brings the earthy and the sensual into this mix; like for instance the sense of color, smell, touch, etc., the ability to attract what you value in your life and Neptune can take all this and transcend the common place using imagination, fantasy and stories. So you can see the glamor that can be created between these two planets. People with this aspect can also be hopeless romantics seeking love in all that they see. Venus is the goddess of human connection, social interaction, pleasantries and courtesies, and Neptune wants the kind of connection that goes beyond the earthly and the mortal to merge with the infinite. So it sometimes seems as though Venus Neptune people are actually trying to find God (Neptune) through earthly love (Venus). They like the part of love that has mystery, allure, seduction but real human relationships can break this dream. Also this aspect shows the kind of person they attract in love – who are either Venusian or Neptunian in their personality or the kind of the career they pursue.  For example, Jodie Foster who has the Venus Neptune conjunction married Alexendra Hedison who is in the Neptunian profession of photography. 

There is both negative and positive facet for every aspect and this is not different for Venus Neptune aspects. In love, Venus-Neptune people tend to fall in love with an ideal rather than real people, and hence can get easily dejected in finding out that their love falls short.   They also have a side that is indulgent, wears rose colored glasses, refuses to see people for what they are, can be in denial even when truth is staring at them, and financially blind. There would rather spend their life going after virtual mirages and being disappointed than accepting a flawed earthly creation. I remember seeing a movie where this man falls in love with a popular actress that he has only seen on the virtual screen. He woos her through letter, flowers, poems, and is absolutely infatuated with her. He does not give up even when she writes back to him saying that she is not available. Then she arranges for a meeting and his love dissolves when he actually sees her with all her human flaws. Venus Neptune can feel like an intoxication after a party only to leave a bad feel the morning after.

A great solution to any challenge faced by this aspect to is to find an outlet where one can be of service. I have seen many Venus Neptune people especially in the later years get involved in some charity organization and this seems to balance their energy.

How close do Venus Neptune people come to finding their ideal love or creative outlet, or how easy it is for them to live with this higher dimension depends on the kind of aspect Venus and Neptune makes in their chart.

Do you have a Venus Neptune Aspect and if so, how is it expressed in your chart?

5 COMMENTS on “Venus Neptune Aspects in Astrology

  1. Very nice description of the Venus Neptune Aspect. I just fall in love easily but also get out of it but there is always a lingering pain because I feel I can never meet the ideal person. yes, I am artsy..and good have many creative skills.

    • Thanks Burley. A good way to channel the Venus Neptune energy is to be involved in charity. Its not that Venus Neptune people cannot meet their love…it just requires awareness. If you had a hard aspect then it is important to find a way to balance this need for spiritual love and earthly love. Many venus Neptune people get involved in some sort of charity especially with their partners – this somehow seems to balance the energy

  2. I have this conjunction and I find that relationships fall ‘short’ of my imaginings always, and that the only way I can find the greatest spiritual love and inspirations/aspirations and happiness is through my own creativity, through service to others and the beauty of natural and unseen worlds! I can fall in love with a beautiful sunset, or the smile of a baby, and see the love behind all things. Romantic love is shallow, can’t be bothered with it! I must have depth of meaning and depth of feeling and understanding before investing any energy in any relationship!

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