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Goerge Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Astrology

clooney and Amal astrologyIn September 2013, George Clooney, a popular actor and Amal Alamuddin, a successful lawyer met apparently through a mutual friend at a charity event.  After months of dating, they had a splashy glamorous wedding in Venice on September 27,  2014. Previously in an interview, Clooney made a remark about his divorce  to ex-wife, Talia Balsam – that he was too young then and did not realise the kind of work that the marriage would require. He also vowed to himself that he would never marry again, a promise he kept until he met his current wife, Ms. Alamuddin who is a Lebanon born and London raised successful human rights lawyer. So can Astrology explain the magic that occurred between them and what did he find in her that made him break his vow of bachelorhood?

He is a Sun Taurus and she is a Sun Aquarius and right off the bat, sun squared to each other (when they make a 90 degree angle between each other) is not usually considered to be an easy dynamic, unless there are other mitigating factors. Well this makes sense because what does a stability loving fixed Taurus would want from a whimsical crazy making Aquarius, unless and of course there are other things in the chart that show easier connections.

As seen in the chart below (Alamuddin’s birth time not found) Clooney has a Moon Saturn conjunction in Capricorn which is like having a double dose of the strict, traditional, responsible Saturn overseeing you.  This also explains that being a responsible man, why he had such a hard time when his first marriage broke apart, and why he chose a women like Amal from a more conservative background. Her Mercury is conjunct his Moon Saturn and he loves that fact that she is smart and has a good head on her shoulders – none of that flimsy dramatic types for him. But her Mercury opposing Mars can make her a bit feisty and argumentative. This probably comes in handy with her law career but not sure if its helpful in the domestic environment. Well, if he wants a woman with her own mind…she is going to speak up now and then!

goerge amal

Sun Moon compatibility shows how the couple feel a sense of belonging to each other.  Clooney and Alamuddin have a quincunx between Goerge’s Sun in Taurus and her Moon in Sagittarius. This is going to require some adjustment which is what marriage is about as long there is also some fun  to balance.   Sun Venus shows the attraction potential between people and these two have a good dose of this. His Sun is square her Venus and her Sun is sextile his Venus. They probably had their heart pounding the second they laid their eyes on each other.  Another remarkable double aspect is their Suns are squared to each others Uranus – so the are excited by each others presence and differences.  However they don’t have enough heat in the area of sexual compatibility as their Mars and Venus don’t aspect each other.   This may show up as an issue later on in their life when they get consumed by the daily grind of life. Also, her Pluto in Libra opposes his Venus in Aries which shows passion and intensity but also jealousy and obsessions. There may be a time in their life when Clooney’s Aries Venus gets bored and goes after another skirt chase triggering Amal’s Pluto to react with  control and rage. Hope they will use an astrologer who will advice them to go into therapy as Pluto loves depth psychology and is a positive way to channel this aspect.   They also have Venus Neptune aspects between them which apart from revealing them as a glamorous couple, shows that they may be attracted to charity and being of service to others. 

Nodes of the moon are a biggie when looking at chart compatibility in astrology these show the past karmic ties between each other and what brought them together in this lifetime.   Was she his mother in the previous birth who did not do a good job of caring for him and is here to atone for it? Was he her neighbor who liked her but couldn’t express his feelings? The nodes will tell. Her Saturn is conjunct his north node and so she will bring discipline and structure into his life. So he chose her not for fun, or to escape away from life, or to nurture,…but to help him grow up and face life in a responsible manner. For whatever reason subconsciously he felt that she is what he needs – to develop his Virgo North Node. His South Node Pisces shows that he comes from a place which can be confusing, sometimes forcing him to escape, and his Virgo North Node, the part that he needs to develop is about being more discriminating and clear in his choices. What about her Nodes? She has south node in Aries and North node in Libra. This shows Amal Alamuddin is very independent by nature and hence  its challenging for her to get into relationships but this is the developmental need of her soul as shown by North Node in Libra.   

They don’t have the kind of chart compatibility that is easy flowing with a great sense of belonging. He has 5 out of 10 planets in earth  and most of her planets are in fire and water.  When she wants to travel, he would rather be a sitting duck and when she is pre occupied with issues of the world or debating them,  he may just want some peace and quiet.  There is a basic incompatibility between them  but they have a higher purpose as shown by their nodal aspects. Is this enough to keep people together? Many couples that are not easily compatible stay together because they are here for each other’s soul development.. So their relationship  may work out in the long karmic term as long as they are willing to adjust and smooth out the creases between them in the short term.

Transits that Brought them Together: So what happened in September 2013 that changed Goerge Clooney’s course from that of a confirmed bachelor to a bridegroom, or Amal’s path from being a very resourceful independent woman to finally partnering up with the most sought after man in the world?   The outer planets did their dance on their nodes and this always signifies a time when the Universe wants you to grow up and meet the needs of the soul.   This also shows a period when one can actually break a pattern that is holding them back. In September 2013 when they first met, transiting Uranus and Pluto were aspecting Amal’s south node in Aries pushing her to grow into her Libra North Node of connecting and depending on others. Transiting Neptune at the same time triggered Clooney’s South Node, breaking his pattern of wanting to escape (south node Pisces) to move into his more discriminating Virgo North Node.



3 COMMENTS on “Goerge Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Astrology

  1. Great Article – I don’t think personally the marriage will last – like you said they don’t have much compatibility with each. They don’ have much opposition aspect in the chart – this creates the spark. I don’t believe that just nodal connection is enough. Wish them the best though…

  2. Wendy, I’ve seen people with nodal connection but without other easy aspects still make it but it is more difficult. There is a palatable tension between them and they need to do a lot more stuff together that is enjoyable to balance the stress.

  3. Manda,
    Thank you for your interesting and informative article. I’ve been fascinated by this couple and why George chose the beautiful and brilliant Aquarian Amal in the timing that he did. (and probably like many others, I wouldn’t mind having either or both of them as friends!…).
    I appreciate that your article was insightful but still readable and especially liked the comments about the nodes in their charts. (I have some background in astrology but not enough yet to fully understand transits and synastry…). At some point, though, I may order a reading from you, too.
    Thank you again for your work. I hope that this couple can balance their more difficult aspects and sustain a successful and happy marriage for a long time.

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