current transits in 2014

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Monthly Astrology Transits from Nov 16 to Nov 30

posted by AstroManda November 22, 2014

Spiritual Quest: Vesta in the chart is about work and dedication. Vesta is trine Jupiter and this brings focus on projects that require dedication,  especially those related to spirituality, diversity, philosophy and anything with a large scope. Since Jupiter is also about foreign relations, it is not surprising that the US government has been focusing on […]

Monthly Astrology Transits from November 1 to November 15 , 2014

posted by AstroManda November 4, 2014

This is going to be an intense 2 weeks with focus on inter personal dynamics in all areas of life from intimate relationships and friends to coworkers and maybe even strangers.   Mars Pluto Conjunction: The heat is on until the middle of November.   Mars is inching towards Pluto in the sign of Capricorn until they get exact […]

Monthly Transits from December 1st to 15th, 2014

posted by AstroManda November 3, 2014

This is the month of communication – all kinds of it – for the purpose of socializing, voicing out pain, expressing anger at injustice, and/or to change outmoded ways of expressing ourselves. It is also a month where Universe will provide a chance for us to learn new ways of solving old problems, especially when […]

Monthly Transits from December 15th to 31st, 2014

posted by AstroManda November 1, 2014

This month’s focus is on transforming relationships: Pluto mid Capricorn conjunct Venus square Uranus in mid Aries. Watch out for some drama in relationship issues especially something that suddenly crops up and takes you by surprise.  There is always focus on family dynamics during   the holiday season and with this combo, the dysfunctional aspect of […]

Astrology of Ebola with Hygiea, Black Moon Lilith

posted by LisaStarflower October 17, 2014

The first Ebola case diagnosed on US soil, a Liberian man, died on the same day as the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 Aries/Libra on Oct 8th, 2014, conjucting the USA’s Saturn at 14’48” Aries, and squaring its Sun at 13 Cancer.  I was wondering about this since the asteroid Hygiea just transited the USA’s […]