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URANUS IN ASTROLOGY – Shows Where and How You Bring Fire!

uranusmodified Uranus and the other outer planets, Pluto and Neptune are related to the collective conscious since they move slowly and are called generational planets. Uranus is about changes, the kind that comes from both inquiry and intuition in order to make our lives more meaningful. Uranus energy is truly about the collective; it can be deceptive and may appear individualistic but it is really about the tribe, the community and groups. It is about the betterment and freeing of mankind through different kinds of innovations.

Uranus also rules the sign Aquarius and 11th house and it makes sense that this opposes the sign Leo and the 5th house of self expression and creativity as Uranus‘s goal is not about individual expression as much as reforming the world. A strong Uranus in a chart demands an altruistic humanitarian expression through any of the things that Uranus represents. A scientist does this by his dedication to finding stuff that works for humanity while a social worker does it by being an advocate and giving voice to people in the lower rung of society. They are all ruled by the Uranus/Aquarius/ 11th house archetype since the goals are the same which is to better human life. A stellium in aquarius or the 11th house, Uranus aspecting many planets, Uranus in an angle, an Aquarius ascendant or midheaven all point to strong Uranus or 11th archetype, and which means you have been selected by the Universe to get the fire for your community.

What can you do to bring fire to your community and people?

First look at the house ruled by Uranus – this points out to the need. For example if Uranus rules the 6th house, then there is a need to innovate through your work. Then look at the house and sign placement of Uranus. Let’s say in the above example the 6th house Uranus is placed in the 1st house. Then the person’s need to be of service through work (6th house) is fulfilled through how he extends himself through his personality (first house). This is how the person can bring fire to his community. Also, look at aspects made by Uranus, as they color how Uranus is expressed in the chart.

Uranus rules the zodiac sign, Aquarius (an air sign) and I used to wonder how Uranus is related to communication. It is easier to see the need for communication in relation to the other two air signs, Libra and Gemini but with Aquarius this can be confusing as it is related to fast and instant kind of communication related to computers, intuition, telepathy, ESP, etc… that flashes like lightening. This is why people get amazing insights during Uranus transits.

Uranus is also called the “Awakener” because it pushes you out of slots that have been built over time and turns you towards a path that is more suited for your future development . If you fail to awaken in the first attempt then Uranus starts kicking in your life. Uranus transits can bring a lot of excitement and changes into people’s life. I changed my career when Uranus transited my 10th house Venus. I was pondering about it for a long time and then came Uranus and in a matter of few days, I made the decision and enrolled in a new program. It was one of the most exciting times in my life since I learnt new stuff and made new friends. All that’s fine and dandy but Uranus inspired me to study social work so I can be an advocate for the underdogs. According to Uranus all that fun is not about me; it is about serving a need in the community. Uranus transits are more challenging for people who are fixed and have a dislike for change.

Uranus is also about friends, humanitarian issues, scientific inquiry, working with communities and groups, reforms and rebellion. As Uranus moves it makes aspects with other slow moving planets and many people born during the time reflect the energy of this aspect. For example people born in the early 1960s have Uranus opposing Saturn and this reflects the constant struggle between following rules (Saturn) and making new ones (Uranus). Since this occurred in the Virgo Pisces axis, people born during this time usually experience this energy with the work place, their daily schedules, and many of them have chosen alternate careers that give them both structure and independence. However, even though Uranus aspects are usually shared by many people born in the same era, its aspects to personal planets and angles characterizes your need for change also where you will be required to change so you can better serve the world.

Uranus in aspect with Sun: Uranus to the Sun adds originality and a unique flair to one’s personality irrespective of your Sun sign. So be prepared to be different than people around you. But remember, with any aspect to Uranus, it is not about an individual but about the collective or community. So finally Uranus in aspect to the Sun is trying to make a change to the society and is using you as a vehicle to accomplish it. With easy aspects the specialness of Uranus is integrated in an easy manner with the Sun’s energy with the humanitarian goals in mind, but with hard aspects the Uranus energy is in conflict with Sun, and can be expressed as self willed, stubbornness with a tendency to alienate others. Uranus square Sun can be hard in the natal chart causing sudden upsets when triggered by outer planet transits. The Uranus Sun square person can be impulsive, erratic and display nervous energy that can put off some people. The wonderful original ideas of Uranus can sometimes take on a weird turn in hard aspects and get expressed as “out of the world” thinking and weird behaviors. But then some things in the world that were thought to be weird at one time become mainstream later – so celebrate your Sun-Uranus aspects, whether they are easy or hard because you might end up turning some wheels with your originality. Uranus with Sun also throws light on the relationship with father; he could be working in a field signified by Uranus, or could reflect Uranian personality, or the relationship with him could be marked by changes. I have Uranus trine Sun and my dad was a scientist and very different in so many ways!

Uranus in aspect to Moon: I have seen many people with this aspect that are naturally intuitive and can discern things in a second. Easy aspects work much better as the person does not offer any resistance to the flow of intuition and hence is able to access it better. The person with the hard aspect may question the information received and hence takes a while to access it. With Uranus in hard aspect, change is hard to accept and with Saturn involved, there could be fear of change. In a mundane language, Moon is also about the mother (astrology has more than one way of explaining things) and this may show a mom who is changeable or a relationship that is in a flux with sharps ups and downs. In hard aspects between Moon and Uranus, there is a struggle to feel secure in close relationships and also in finding comfort and safety within oneself.

Uranus in aspect to Mercury: The minds works fast like lightening here and if the person is receptive can get far out insights on subjects of interest. I have seen people with this aspect reading a book and within seconds adding their own spin and original ideas to it. This is very useful aspect for people working in an intellectual or analytical field as Uranus adds the ability to inquire and discern in a efficient and quick manner. This is the aspect of a scientist or any original thinker who can come up with their own inventions and ideas that can help mankind. With hard aspects there is a struggle dealing with a fast acting mind which could go off course and for some this may be expressed as mental illness.

Uranus in aspect to Venus: Uranus here adds an exciting spin to love life and the person has a inherent dislike to boredom in relationships. Of course this means there could be frequent change in partners and separations. Uranus with Venus does not respect the usual formality involved in relationships, like marriage, etc; It is more interested in the essence of the relationship and likes it in the form of companionship and friendship without the legal ties. A person with this aspect often asks “what is the point of relationship if we feel trapped and there is no fun anymore?”. The idea again is to reform relationships in a way that works for everybody instead of it becoming a senseless prison. A person with easy aspect is more in tune with this energy and may find partners that can work with the freedom loving philosophy and if not the person is quick to leave the relationship. With hard aspect, although the person wants freedom, the person is not comfortable with the lack of security and safety, and hence the struggle.

Uranus in aspect to Mars: Mars is a physical and action oriented planet and Uranus in relation to it adds more spark, spontaneity and abundance of energy. With easy aspects the person is in tune with the body and is able to use the excess energy to their advantage through sports, dance, or other creative process. With hard aspects it may show up as impatience leading to accidents, attention deficit disorders, extreme nervous energy without any stops or breaks, etc. There is usually a warning of accidents with this aspect which is likely to occur if the person does not know how to channel the excess energy. I know quite a few people with a Uranus Mars square that have been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). It is very important that people with this aspect find creative ways of expressing their physical energy.


6 COMMENTS on “URANUS IN ASTROLOGY – Shows Where and How You Bring Fire!

  1. great article. I have Mars square Uranus and I have lots of energy – sometimes hard to focus. Dance helps me. Keep writing – will come back!

  2. Simply and clear explanation about Uranus and it’s aspects. Great even for beginners to understand Uranus’s nature. Thank you for posting it!

  3. I have a Uranus Sun conjunction as part of a 5th house stellium which includes the three personal planets, Mars, Mercury and Venus (Rx though)….They are all in Scorpio but I definitely feel like more of a Leo and since my Saturn return my need to serve humanity has definitely been kicked into overdrive… Thanks for this excellent description of Uranian energy 😀

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