current transits in 2012

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Current Transits for November 2012

posted by AstroManda November 13, 2012

The solar and Lunar Eclipse: November 2012 is for sure a hot month with 2 eclipses on the line; the solar eclipse on November 13th, 2012 on 22 degree Scorpio and the lunar eclipse on November 28th, 2012 on 7 degree Gemini. For more information on eclipses, check out the article on the solar and […]

The Astrology of November 2012 Eclipses-Spicy in Scorpio!

posted by AstroManda October 25, 2012

Scorpio is getting heated up! What’s with the recent Saturn entry in Scorpio, retrograde Mercury set to enter Scorpio on November 14th, and a total Solar eclipse on November 13, 2012 at 22 degree Scorpio? An eclipse in combination with a Mercury retrograde demands CAUTION in all that we do. This is a good time […]

Current Transits Until End of October 30 2012

posted by AstroManda October 18, 2012

CURRENT TRANSITS: The grand trine between Ceres, Neptune and Saturn continues for the next few weeks making it a little easier to get to your dreams. The grand trine is a good time to start a habit that can nurture you for the long term, like meditation, yoga, etc. Look at the area of the […]

Saturn Trine Neptune:Dreamcatchers

posted by AstroManda October 11, 2012

Next few weeks (until the middle of November) Saturn is trining both Neptune and Ceres forming a wondeful grand trine. This is a great time to wish on a star as there is more chance now that it could become a reality. Grand Trines facilitate a smooth flow of energy and easy manifestation even with […]

Current Transits for September 2012

posted by AstroManda September 14, 2012

The grand trine between Ceres, Saturn and Neptune is a blessing from the Universe to add conscious structure to our daily life, form good habits that helps us function better and to nurture ourselves. This energy can be felt until the middle of November. The influence of Neptune adds an element of spirituality to the […]