Saturn Trine Neptune:Dreamcatchers

posted by AstroManda on October 11, 2012

dreamcatcher copyNext few weeks (until the middle of November) Saturn is trining both Neptune and Ceres forming a wondeful grand trine. This is a great time to wish on a star as there is more chance now that it could become a reality. Grand Trines facilitate a smooth flow of energy and easy manifestation even with very little effort.

Neptune, the mystic does not believe in being tied to the mundane making it easier to fly, flow and most of all to be able to dream. Neptune has its own ways of reaching goals without any daily planner or rigid rules, but the path can be risky and foggy, and it’s easy to end up on the wrong side of the track or even worse forgetting your original wish! So now with Saturn’s stable guidance, there is less chance for those dreams to get reduced to a puddle of lost or stolen! Also, on the other hand, Neptune can add a screen of color and creativity to your goals making it more interesting and fun to achieve them. Saturn in hard aspect to Neptune can make it difficult to set goals and be focused, but with the trine, these two planets can be a winning combo! Ceres the asteroid of nurture and care is part of the grand trine. It can be a motherly and giving energy and in trine with Saturn and Neptune, it is about doing something good for yourself or others in a spiritual (Neptune) and structured manner (Saturn). So this is a great time if you want to start a lifelong habit like meditation, physical training, or anything that can nourish your soul.

Saturn transiting Scorpio, Neptune transiting Pisces and Ceres in Cancer are all in water signs and hence the communication is through the intuitive rather than the rationale. So that gives us a clue to get in touch with our subtle intuitive energy to help move our dreams in the right path. This is also a good time to first listen to the heart before we make a “to do” list to get to our goals. Also, Neptune asks us to use our higher spiritual side to accomplishing goals which means being compassionate and empathetic as we walk towards the path of achieving our dreams. Using affirmations by gently repeating words that are positive and functional like “I am getting a job that is creative and lucrative” or “I am being guided by the Universe to the right vocation” helps to not only focus but also to trust and believe in our dreams, which is the first step in the manifesting process.

Note: According to Wikipedia, dreamcatchers were used by Native Indian tribes so “only good dreams would be allowed to filter through… Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day”. So wishing you both good and successful dreams!

If you have any planets in the early degrees of any sign, then you may experience this grand trine in a more personal and powerful way. Let us know if you have planets that are being triggered by this trine and share your experience.

3 Responses to “Saturn Trine Neptune:Dreamcatchers”

  1. purdy Says:

    Hello Manda Selva:

    Thanks you for this wonderful article regarding Saturn and Neptune grand Trine, when I born my Neptune was 9th house, Saturn was 11th house and Jupiter was 8th house, now , my Neptune was 1st house, Saturn was 9th house and Jupiter is 4th house, I feel this energy, every morning when I am mediation, normally I do mediate 2hr from 6 am to 7-30 or 8am, it so creative that, I feel like something going to happen to me, Please advise me very kindly any suggestion you have to achieve my goal



  2. Manda Selva Says:

    Hi Nirmal. it is not often that Saturn forms a grand trine to Neptune, so this is for sure a beneficial energy than can be used to our advantage, and since Neptune is in the 9th house, it makes sense you are in touch with spiritual pursuit like meditation. Good luck to you

  3. Nimal Says:

    Dear Manda Selva:
    Thanks you for your kind reply, you are so wonderful and remarkable explaining these aspect, it significantly help me to get positive energy, and I am receiving every day.

    I have a question, according to your latest article, stated that till end of the October we have Saturn and Neptune grand trine benefit, in my case, currently , Neptune is house number one and Saturn in House number 9, so this combination stay till another over year, Am I correct?

    And I am Aquarius and currently, Venus is 7th house and Sun and Saturn in 9th house with Mercury and Mars with Rahu in 10th house and Jupiter is 4th house

    When I born, Saturn in 11th house, Jupiter in 8th house, mars in 2 house, mercury/Venus and Ketu in 3 house, sun 4th and moon 10 houses.

    Could you please give me any prediction benefit, what positive result I would get due to these combination.

    Thanks you for your time,



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