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Jupiter in Astrology – The Path to Success


Does this area of your chart really indicate a lucky break? We hear about Jupiter as the bringer of luck and the Santa Claus of the cosmos. Jupiter’s placement in the chart indicates the way to success and happiness and of course like all things in astrology, the question “how much?”, “in which area of life?”, “though what process?” depends on the sign and house position of Jupiter and aspects made by it. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the zodiac sign Sagittarius and hence its placement, the house where Sagittarius is found, and the condition of the 9th house are all areas where Jupiter’s energy can be seen.

Jupiter was called “Zeus” in Greek mythology and he ruled the heaven and earth, and kept order in the Universe. When angered he is known to throw lightning bolts to control chaos. It’s not so hard to find this sharpness especially in the manner of communication with people who have strong Sagittarius in their charts. Jupiter had hoard of lovers though whom he bore exceptional kids. His wife, Juno was not happy about this and was always busy finding ways to punish his lovers. This indicates Jupiter’s negative qualities of excess, exaggeration and extravagancy.

Jupiter’s highest goal is to find truth by whatever means and this may be a reason why Jupiter is linked to religion and philosophy. Jupiter helps us to find the higher meaning through reflection, higher education, and by taking risks in life. Jupiter also rules law, long distance travel, and foreign cultures. Jupiter’s placement in the chart shows the area of life where the person is pushed to explore, expand, seek success, and find truth. A well placed Jupiter is a blessing and can neutralize or balance other struggles indicated in the natal chart.

The house ruled by Jupiter is also important as it indicates the needs of the person in relation to success, finding truth, etc. For example if someone has Jupiter ruling the 5th house (which means 5th house is Sagittarius) and the Jupiter is in the 10th house in Taurus, then the person has the need to explore and find success through expressing his/her creativity (Jupiter ruling 5th) and since this energy is transferred to teh 10th house (Jupiter located in 10th house), the person may have a career in a creative field. If the Jupiter is well placed, it may be easy for the person to know what steps to take to achieve the goald of being creative in one’s career.

Jupiter in First House: This is inherently a lucky placement for Jupiter because the person has a personality that draws people and success. First house is about how people project their energy and people with Jupiter in the first house are usually confident, jovial, risk takers and easily liked by others. Jupiter’s expansiveness is sometimes seen in their tendency to put on weight and to do things in an excessive manner. This is a blessing and it is important that the person uses it with caution.

Jupiter in Second House: Here Jupiter can bring luck with money and the person is usually optimistic that their material needs will be met. However, with this placement, one can end up squandering money and resources by being a spend thrift. This is usually so because Jupiter in 2nd person may tend to live larger that they can afford and buy things spontaneously. There may also be a tendency to take risks with money through gambling, etc.

Jupiter in the Third House: Third house is about communication, collecting data and learning through being detailed, and relationships with siblings and neighbors. So although the person may be confident in how they communicate and connect with others, there may be some struggle in expressing this energy as Jupiter here may not have the patience and interest in details required to do the learning. It may be seen as over confidence or bragging in the manner of communication or in the way they study in school. They may be lucky in having supportive siblings and neighbors. There is a general feeling of contentment with the immediate environment.

Jupiter in the 4th house: Generally Jupiter in the angular houses tends to be lucky, and I see this position as a great blessing. It indicates well balanced emotions, happy childhood, strong roots, parents and family that are supportive and helpful. If not aware, the person can take this blessing for granted and become over confident and careless in how they treat others. This placement can also be luck for buying houses, property, remodeling and building.

Jupiter in the 5th house: Indicates luck and happiness through one’s children and in creative endeavors. Agatha Christie has Jupiter in the fifth house and made success through her creativity, and was very close to her only child and daughter, Rosalind Hicks who fought to protect the reputation and literary legacy of her mother. She was also an ardent fan of her mother’s books and would read them repeatedly in childhood. The issue here is that since Jupiter expands whatever it touches, the person could have a bloated ego.

Jupiter in the 6th house: This placement provides a positive attitude towards work and keeping up with daily schedules. The person is well organized and is a creature of good habits. Also, the person is lucky with finding jobs and gets along well with co-workers and authority figures.

Jupiter in 7th house: Once again, Jupiter in an angle is a blessed placement. Seventh house is to do with relationships and the person is usually lucky and finds support and happiness through relationships and marriage. This is a good placement for marketing oneself or in working with others in partnership.

Jupiter in 8th house: This placement is good for joint resources as in a marriage, investments, tax, insurance money and inheritances. Jupiter in 8th is also about peaceful death. The person may be lucky in finding intimate relationships and in sexual matters. There is a need to find truth in occult matters like astrology.

Jupiter in 9th house: This is a strong position for Jupiter due to accidental dignity. Jupiter works well in the 9th house as the thinking here is broad, philosophical, expansive (not detailed). This is a great position for higher education, long distance travel and religious matters. With Jupiter in 9th, the person is on a continual truth finding mission!

Jupiter in 10th house: Jupiter in 10th house is angular and hence brings luck with career matters. People with this placement know what they want in terms of job and career and have the good instinct to do the right things to achieve their goals. They are often successful with career matters. They usually get along with authority figures and handle responsibility in a positive and confident manner.

Jupiter in 11th house: This is a lucky position for a leader in a community, to feel a sense of belonging with groups and to form supportive and positive friendships. With this placement, friendships can end up being more important than other close relationships and the person usually has one or more friends who are like family.

Jupiter in 12th house: Twelfth is a spiritual area of the chart and the person needs to be aware to use this energy in a conscious manner. In this position, Jupiter will be forced to forego its active quest for truth which requires some amount of objectivity, in favor of using the intuitive faculty to merge with the higher powers. Hence this is not an easy placement for Jupiter and the person may express this struggle in a subconscious manner.


37 COMMENTS on “Jupiter in Astrology – The Path to Success

  1. My jupiter is in 11th house and its true I am blessed with good friends. I am also close to some of my near relatives like cousins, and aunts more than my siblings and parents. But my Jupiter makes square aspect to Neptune – what does this mean?

  2. Hello Javali, Thanks for your question. Jupiter in 11th house aspecting Neptune could mean that there is a struggle between your need to belong to a group or mingle with friends and your spiritual quest. You didn’t mention where Neptune is located , so not able to elaborate in a specific manner. But generally speaking, you may be blessed with some natural creativity towards music, dance, etc. but there may be some struggle to actually explore them to the fullest extent. This frustration could be due to lack of self-discipline or/and self indulgence, both common problem with hard aspects to Jupiter. Also, you may harbor unrealistic dreams that cannot become successful endeavours. With this square, it is important to consider the practicality of a goal, before you shoot towards it. Since your Jupiter is in the 11th, you can inspire others as long as you put effort into the process.

  3. After reading what Manda has to say,i thought let me write something about Jupiter from the vedic astrology point of view.Jupiter is a mighty planet and is called the giant of the solar system.It has a diameter of 88000 miles.It takes about 12 years to go once round the Sun.Mythologically, Jupiter is the perceptor of Gods.Old Greeks considered Jupiter as the father of Gods and called him Zeus.Egyptians call him ‘Ammon’.Typical Jupiterians are usually termed jovial people owing to the fact that Jupiter gives qualities such as hope,optimism,kindness,compassion,justice,honesty etc to its natives.In the physical body,Jupiter relates to Liver,veins,arteries and thighs.Careers such as being a judge,lawyer,doctor,priest,teacher etc suit the Jupiterian’s personalty very well.(to be contd)

  4. (contd from above) Jupiter is called the ‘greater fortune’ because unless he is ill placed in the horoscope,he bestows a considerable amount of good luck on its natives making them fit for responsible positions in the society or the business world. If Jupiter is strong and well placed in a chart,the native will get providential help even at the last minute to ride over the difficulties and get rid of evil caused by bad positioning of other planets.Jupiter makes its natives,law abiding,true,honest,sincere and dutiful.
    If Jupiter is afflicted in a horoscope,the native will be unconventional,will be an extremist,extravagant and lavish.The other negative effects could be false hopes,over optimism,worry on account of children,loss of reputation etc.
    Jupiterians are well built and may have big bellies.As said above,our fortunes are governed by Jupiter who is also considered the chief governor of money.Last,but not the least, Jupiter is considered to be the significator of sons.Thus it will be found in quite a few horoscopes with a debilitated Jupiter,that the native has no sons (like the present US president Obama).
    Jupiter owns Sagittarius and Pisces.He is exalted in Cancer,the highest exaltation points being at 5 degrees of Cancer.Sun,Moon and Mars are friends of Jupiter while Mercury and Venus are inimical.Saturn is neutral to Jupiter.
    P.S.In case ppl found this interesting,i can give the results of Jupiter in the 12 houses by Vedic Astrology in my next write up.

  5. My Jupiter in First House, and what you have written exactly happening with me. I can make friends very easily & have very good friends circle. I can easily charm & be friendly. I also have tendency to put extra weight due to my eating habits. What do you think jupiter change will effect to me – 31st May 2013? Little bit job tension is on & I feed Chana Daal to cow on thursday as one astrologer advice me to do. I am under Sada-Sati also & I have strong venus in my horoscope. Thanks.

  6. my dob is 20th june 1979.
    birth time 9.20am.
    place -chitrakonda,odisha
    when my destiny will rise ?

  7. As per your above comment of jupiter in 6th house, its altogether opposite happening in my life (is it bcz of Retro Jupiter in 6th house) below are my details::
    Im Taurus Ascedant and have :-
    – Sun (17 degree:: Rohini-3), Mercury (17 degree Rohini-3) in Ascendant,
    – Rahu in 2nd house (21 degree :: Punarvasu-1),
    – Mars (9 degree :: Uttara-4), Saturn (22 degree :: Hasta-4) & Moon (25 degree:: Chitra-1) in 5th house ,
    – Jupiter in 6th house (7 degree :: Swati-1),
    – Ketu in 8th house (21 degree :: P.Sada-3) and
    – Venus in 12th house (8 degree :: Ashwini-3)

  8. pl.s note: i have retrograde jupiter in my 9th house in my lagna chart . i am mesh lagna . vrisabh rahsi . every one says jupiter is good , but since my jupiter mahadasah started , i am facing major problems.
    mahadash started in 2006 feb . In a hurry i left my job in 2005 october in the end of rahu mahadasha, then tried doing business, lost all my money , pride , . got divorceed , in 2008, lost all my family happiness, till date unable to get settled & every day i am in facing some loss.
    for mesh lagna [jupiter is supposed to be in its best house [ 9th house] still why i am experiencing such a bad experince in my life.

    • Hi Ranjan Jupiter in the 8th house is good for close relationships. But although you are sagittarisu Rashi in Vedic you may be Capricorn in Tropical – astrology – not sure unless I see your chart. If you go to and chose extended chart selection…and put in your data (chose placidus house system, tropical, etc) you can find your ascendant. I know few people who are sagittarius lagna in Vedic ended up being Capricorn lagna in tropical and they did not have usual extrovert characterestic seen with sag lagna. They were more reserved liked capricorns. So are you more of an extrovert or do you come across more reserved or shy the first time a person sees you? This also may tell you if you a sag lagna or cap lagna.

    • Jupiter and Venus in 4th – generally lucky with home matters, probably parents and immediate relatives support your to become better. Basically there is more support at home. Also Venus in 4th house could mean having a beautiful home. I’ve seen people with this placement wait a long time to get the house the want ; they don’t want just any place but it has to be good. This could also mean someone who like peace and harmony in the home in the environment, and in yourself. You are generally a positive person but then aspects to Venus and Jupiter could modify this to be more positive or negative. Again Jupiter and Venus in 4th house in Vedic does not mean the same in western – the house position usually changes. So you may have Jupiter and Venus in 5th house in Western astrology…and this may mean different. In 5th house Jup and Venus is lucky with children, hobbies, etc. If you want to know the western position of your chart…which is good to find out and then you can decided what works for you – go to and you can make your free chart and this will show the house and sign position of your Jupiter and Venus.

  9. Pisces ascendent, jupiter is in 7 house in virgo and mercury , venus and rahu conjunct in scorpio. I heard Jupiter isn’t good for married life in 7 house

  10. Hi I have Jupiter in Capricorn in 12th house. Can you please tell it’s effects. I know it is debilated but is debilated good in 12 th house?

  11. Hello, in my horoscope my 5th house lord is Jupiter(dhanu rashi)and jupiter is placed in my 9th house but it is on 8th degree(i.e. kumar avastha) and in conjuction with ketu (which is of 22 deggree i.e. old age). from this 8th August 2015 my horoscope shows that Guru Mahadasha will start. I want to know what will i gain from this. First time when i heard that Guru Mahadasha will change my life i was very happy but when i came to know that Jupiter is not very powerful yet it is not bad but it is on 8 th degrre then i get little bit nervous. Please tell me your opinion on this planet position. Thank You.

    • Ganesh – if Jupiter (irrespective of the house where it is found) is conjunct South Node (ketu) then the problem may come from being over confident or over optimistic…so it is important to balance the energy with house and sign position of Rahu. Jupiter is a great blessing but sometimes can overdo things…so need caution tempering this energy.

  12. My DOB is 16th April 1975, 5:13 AM Kolkata, Will I get a job in next few days/weeks?
    Any thing I have to follow/abide by to get better results.
    I am wearing Pukhraj and Ruby in my Index and Ring Finger respectively in right hand.

  13. Hi, lovely info.

    I was told that I have hamsa yoga and Gajkesari yoga. I donot know how strong or if it is positive / negative though.
    Dob: 9/03/1987 , 11:45am, Longitude & latitude : 29 deg, 58 East and 27 deg, 45 South.
    South Africa.

    Suprisingly as well my child also has gajksari yoga. Her Dob : 3/10/2014, 11:50am, same corodinates as mine.

    Can anyone shed some light on this placement of Jupiter in our charts?
    Much appreciated 🙂

  14. Hi,

    I was born on 20th April 1994. I think my Jupiter is in the 7th house. But it is in retrograde. Could you please let me know how it will affect me.


  15. Hello Manda,

    My name is Shashank Pandey. My date of birth is 21/10/1988 time:11:47 am and place: kashipur, uttarakhand, India.

    My jupiter is in 6th house and no other planet is there in 6th house except jupiter according to vedic astrology lagna chart. I just want to know it will be benefic or melfic for me as i right now i m wearing yell ow sapphire in my right hand index finger. Is this stone good for me please reply.


  16. I have jupiter and Mercury in lagna Sagittarius ascendant. Jupiter is of 22 degrees and Mercury is 7 degrees. Does it make hansa yog since Mercury and jupiter are not enemies of each other.

  17. Hello,J have jupiter with ketu in 2nd house of leo….cancer rising,sun in 5th house of scorpio.(western chart),navamsa chart,jupiter with saturn in 9th house of sagg.d10 chart-jupiter and mercury in 1st house of virgo.Any explanation of would j be finnacily stable ?!?! tnx 🙂

    • go to and make you free chart using tropical and placidus (house system) and then let me know what planets are in your w=2nd house, who is the ruler of 2nd house and where is the 2nd house ruler situated. This will give me an idea of your finances

  18. By the time Jupiter stations direct, you should have come to terms with the relevant issuesВ and be prepared for the next phase. In the third and final Jupiter retrograde phase, from the direct station until Jupiter leaves the retrograde zone, positive growth and development lets you bound ahead toward ultimate success and happiness.

  19. With virgo ascendant I have exalted Jupiter in 11th house. However I have debilitated venus in 1st house. As you mentioned, Jupiter in 11th house makes great friends like family. However in my case its reverse. Sometimes with no reason, too I have no good relation with few people or not so great relation with others. One astrologer told me that this is because of debilitated venus which is the planet of relation. This will never allow me to have good relations with anyone. Then why does Jupiter cannot override debilitated venus.

  20. I have retrograde Jupiter in 8th house in Libra. What are the effects? Does retrograde Jupiter give different results from direct Jupiter?

  21. Hi,

    What does an exalted jupiter in 9th house for a Scorpio Ascendant and Aries Moon Sign mean? Saturn is placed in 8th house and Ketu is present in ascendant with Rahu in 7th house. The placement of Sun and Venus is in 12th house. Mars & mercury are conjoint in 11th house.

    Kindly tell me something about the life, marital life for this horoscope native. Thanks.

  22. I have my Jupiter placement in 10th house in Capricorn, according to my natal chart. By the time I was born (on 28th November 1996, in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia, at 12:45 pm), Jupiter was at 17 degrees 45 minutes Capricorn (which is pretty much at the end of 10th house, leaning towards the 11th house, because the 11th house starts from 19 something degrees Capricorn). But I still haven’t got a job since I have not finished college (I may or may not have planned to go back to college/university as I’d rather continue to a culinary school). I’m not too tragic when it comes to not finding the right college/university/school for the right careers in the future yet, but hopefully I’ll find the right passion to suit what my heart really wants in the future. I won’t give up! 😊👌. Like I mentioned before, Jupiter is closer to 11th house, even though it’s still in the 10th house in my natal chart, so I reckon I have a little bit of both characteristics of 10th and 11th houses Jupiter. Why do I say this? Because I’m blessed with the kind of friends that I have now. They’re more than just acquaintances, as I’m comfortable sharing my public and private moments in my life like I’m talking to my own family 💓💓💓💓💓. I love them all! As well as people I have met through Facebook (not that I have seen them IRL). Of course, I love my immediate family members and relatives too (I treat each one of them like good friends and even best friends). I mean, the 11th house is a house of friendship too, right?

    • If your time is a bit off..your eJupiter may very well be in the 11th house. Based on what you say about your friends I suspect that
      Jupiter is in 11th house. It is a great blessing to have friends who are like family. Irrespective of where your Jupiter another 3 to 4 years, you will find your direction, as progressed Midheaven will conjunct your Jupiter. This is an important time for career since Jupiter also rules your midheaven (sag midheaven)

  23. Hello AstroManda, I also want to add that I have Sagittarius Sun, Mercury (Mercury is very close from the 10th house, less than 1 degree away) and Pluto in 9th house and 10th house Midheaven in Sagittarius. I know that the majority of astrologers don’t pay much attention to the “minor” aspects (Bi-quintile, Quintile, Sesquiquadrate, Inconjunct/Quincunx, Septile, Novile, Semi-Sextile, Semi-Square, Decile, etc) but I do have Jupiter (10th house) aspecting to some of the minor aspects, such as Venus (8th house in Scorpio) quintile Jupiter (10th house in Capricorn), Jupiter (10th house) semi-squares Pluto (9th house in Sagittarius) and Jupiter (10th house Capricorn) bi-quintile Saturn (1st house in Aries). I have yet to look more planets linking with minor aspects in my natal chart. The major aspects? Well, they’re obvious. I have Jupiter conjuncts to Neptune (11th house in Capricorn), Mars (6th house in Virgo) trine Jupiter, Moon (4th house in Cancer) opposes Jupiter and Jupiter sextile Ascendant (Pisces ascendant at 20 degrees something).

    Yes, Venus in Scorpio and/or 8th house is a detriment, but I can get along with just anyone, tho! Jupiter in Capricorn is considered ‘fall’, astrologically speaking, because Capricorn is the opposite of Cancer and Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Will you consider these placements good? I have mostly positive placements in Jupiter with other planets (both major and minor aspects), so perhaps it’s a compensation? Care to explain? Thank you very much and greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia 😍😗💓.

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