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Moon Signs Astrology


Moon is mainly about the emotions and what makes us feel nurtured.  It is about the instinctive and gut reaction you feel when you are in the right place or with the right people or/and doing the right thing.  The zodiac sign where the Moon is located (and the house placement) gives an idea as to how the person reacts in a subconscious way to feel safe and secure.  Also, the aspects made by the Moon modify these characteristics.  For example, a person may have his/her Moon in Cancer but if Moon is also conjunct Venus, then they may need to also check for Moon in Libra and Moon in Taurus (Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus) since this person may exhibit those traits as well.  The house position in the natal chart where Moon is located is usually the area of life where the Moon characteristics are expressed. Using the above example of Moon in Cancer conjunct Venus and if this occurs in the 10th house of the chart which pertains usually to one’s career, then the person will instinctively want to nurture others, especially children and animals (Moon in Cancer characteristics), even make a career out it, but will still be sociable and enjoy companionship (Moon in Libra characteristics) and find security in material things (Moon in Taurus) and this will mostly be expressed in the career arena (Moon in 10th house).

     A person may not be aware of the Sun’s energy but everybody knows their Moon, even if it is placed in the twelfth house which is the hidden area of your chart. I remember a lady gave me her wrong birth location and hence the Moon location in her horoscope was in Cancer by error.  When I told her that she finds comfort nurturing and taking care of others, she had this confused look on her face.  When she kept repeating “I just like to take care of myself” I knew something was wrong. When the error was fixed and she found out that she was actually a Gemini Moon, she owned it completely without a doubt.  There is no going wrong with the moon placement.  Once in a while there might be a person who is confused or not in touch with the Moon’s energy and invariably it is because the moon is in the 12th house which can mask conscious awareness. The zodiac sign of the Moon offers clue as to how the person instinctively reacts to comfort themselves and the house position tells us the area of life where this is usually manifested.  In contrast to the Sun in our chart which pulls us consciously towards our goals, Moon is more feminine, passive and receptive, but nonetheless plays a role that is equally important.


AriesmooMoon in Aries: the person with this moon sign finds comfort in things that are challenging and fiery.  They are extremely instinctive and take action impulsively based on their gut reaction.  Obviously, this can sometimes get them in trouble. Look before you leap is a good advice for people with this Moon placement. Also, they can get impatient and frustrated easily when things don’t go their way. There is a raw quality to the emotion here and it is important that this passionate nature be nourished albeit with some structure and reason. No matter which zodiac your Moon ends up, if it aspects Mars, then you will tend to exhibit its fiery nature including the tendency to argue.   If you want to bond with a Moon in Aries, do something physical like going for a hike, or watching a game that pumps up their excitement level.

Moon-Taurus Moon in Taurus:  Like all earth moons, security is important for Moon in Taurus to feel safe, especially material security like money, house, job, retirement, etc.  There is a deep comfort when things work they way they are supposed to – and this Moon has a very traumatic time with chaos of any kind.  Taurus Moon is very sensuous and touch is one of the important ways of feeling safe and loved. Their idea of safety is very simple and basic – enough money to buy food and other comforts to nurture the body, and few close relationships that can be relied upon – nothing big or magnificent but consistent. The challenge here is to understand that sometimes change is part of life and one needs to find a way to deal with it.  These characteristics can also be seen if Moon aspects Venus.  If you want to bond with a Taurus Moon, invite them to a home cooked nourishing meal and serve it in fine dinnerware.

Moon-GeminiMoon in Gemini:  A person with this moon sign needs intellectual stimulation to feel comforted and will find it instinctively through connecting with the world by participating in social activities, networking, gossiping, keeping up with the news, blogging, taking classes, etc.  Imaging what a big boon the social media sites would be to people with this Moon position – it caters to their ultimate need for connection and satisfies their intellectual curiosity.  The feeling of loneliness and isolation is very scary, even for the rare introverted people with this moon position.  The Moon in Gemini tends to reason and talk about their emotions rather than feel them – this is probably the main reason why they need to connect; they need others so can be in touch with their emotions.  If they are too stifled or if there is no opportunity to grow and learn, they can become depressed.  If you have a Moon that aspects Mercury, then there is a good chance that you have need to connect with others irrespective of where your Moon is located in the horoscope.    If you want to bond with a Moon in Gemini, go to a café and let them talk their heart out (it helps that they are usually very entertaining and articulate) or even better take a fun class with them.

cancermoonMoon in Cancer:  They mother others instinctively whether it is a close relationships, family, friends or even pets.  They are very much in touch with their emotions but may need relationships that validate them.  However,   the main lesson for a Moon in Cancer is to accept their own feelings and respect them, whether it be the fear of monsters,  or their biased liking for certain people, or their intense need to protect a hurt animal. They need to learn to own them even if others around them do not understand their sensitivity and depth.  Remember, Moon here is in its own sign which means it functions best in the sign of cancer – in an emotional realm – which is home to the Moon.   Since there is an instinctual need to get very close or fuse with another person, they need to watch out for manipulative or dependant relationships.  Want to bond with a Moon in Cancer, watch a movie of their favorite actor preferably in their home (or yours).

leomoonMoon in Leo:  A Leo moon likes everything grand and its gut reaction is to choose things that are large, magnificent, splendorous, and attract attention.  There is a need to be special and important as it makes them feel safe. The feel comforted in activities that make them the center like shopping, dressing grand, eating out in a expensive restaurant, throwing a tasteful party, etc.  Moon in Leo is very generous and they are not really about money, just grandeur.  However, there could be behaviors and attitudes that are adopted subconsciously and instinctively to make them feel more important than others, which in the long run could become detrimental if not toned down with reason.  Here the struggle is to understand that the specialness they seek is ultimately not outside but has to be found within themselves, not in comparing themselves with others but based on their own essence.  These characteristics can also be seen if Moon aspects Sun.  If you want to make a Leo happy, treat them to an expensive place.

moon-VirgoMoon in Virgo:  For this Moon,safety comes from keeping things clean and in order.  There is the sense of purity – virginal that is comforting to the Moon in Virgo and they go about perfecting it through keeping the body healthy and their environment clean, and through following some simple rules and routines.  They do it very instinctively. It’s not like they have a particular time when they clean – they do it all the time – part of their second nature.  They find emotional satisfaction from their habitual activities and like all other earth Moons, do not like their cart to be toppled by any kind of chaos.  Of course, to keep everything in order, they also need to regulate their emotions and they do this with a big dose of practicality and season it with cool detachment.  These characteristics can also be seen if Moon aspects Mercury.

libramoon Moon in Libra:  Balance and harmony are mandatory, and to this add beauty, pleasant relationships, and intellectualism to make the perfect nourishing environment for a Moon in Libra to thrive.  Moon in Libra finds comfort in close companionship and partnerships with others; they are social creatures and do not like to be alone.  They may go to great lengths at avoiding conflicts which in the long run can prove to be detrimental to true harmony that they seek.  But this is not true for every Moon in Libra because it depends on the aspects made by the moon, and planets in the seventh house.  I know few who have Moon in Libra square Mars and although they are quick to anger they feel very uncomfortable with the results.  There is an instinctive attraction to artistic things like music, art, etc., and a good sense of fashion and design. These characteristics can also be seen if Moon aspects Venus.   If you want to have fun with a Moon Libran, party with them in a pretty environment. 

Moon-ScorpioMoon in Scorpio: They are private and controlled with their emotions; one needs to be very close to them to be privy to their true feelings. The reason for this secrecy is because their emotions can run deep, intense and raw, and they don’t want to let loose at the wrong time or with the wrong person. This is understandable, except that sometimes in life one needs to take a risk to find beautiful stuff like love, true intimacy, etc.  Scorpio moon can sometimes guard their emotions too tight and get hurt in the process.  The controlled manner of expressing emotions is one reason why Moon is considered to be at detriment in this sign – it has a hard time expressing itself in Scorpio.  Moon in Scorpio people are very instinctive in how they choose friends or lovers, and very loyal to those they love. They need to find outlets to let out their passion and intense feelings, and explore the many facets of their sexuality. If your Moon aspects Pluto, it will add depth and intensity to it.  So if you see a Moon in Gemini person who tend to talk about deep and dark subjects, they probably have their Moon aspecting Pluto.  Scorpio does not like anything superficial and if you want them to take you seriously, then talk and do things that expresses that depth.

moon-sagittarianMoon in Sagittarius:  They love to travel, explore, and find new horizons.  Believe it or not, they find security and safety in environments that are expansive, changing and positive – very different from someone whose Moon is in a watery or earthy sign.   The problem with this is that they can also get easily bored, because life unfortunately does place limits at some point, and their challenge then will be to find new ways of experiencing the same old things. They are easy going with their feelings and get suffocated in relationships and environments that are too intense or curb their independence and freedom.  For the moon in Sagittarius people, honesty and trust need to be integral ingredients of their relationships. I have seen that those with easy aspects like Trine and Sextile between Moon and Jupiter also exhibit similar characteristics. You want to pair up with a moon in Sagittarian, try something new and adventurous.

capricorn-moonMoon in Capricorn: They would any day choose efficiency and practicality over idealism.  Like all earth Moons they find security in constancy and material things. They evaluate things and people for their worthiness and usefulness in a very instinctive manner. They feel comforted by tradition, discipline, structure and long standing commitments in their relationships and career.   Their parents and immediately family comes first and then follows the rest of the world, at least the ones that are worthy of their attention.  Again the characteristics seen can get modified based on aspects made by the Moon.  This moon can sometimes struggle with depression and melancholy as they have a hard time making space for those feelings that goes against their familiar thought processes imbibed from their family.   Due to the constrained expression of emotions, moon here is considered to be in its detriment.  If your Moon aspects Saturn, irrespective of where it is located, the Saturnine traits will be part of your instinctive reactions. If you want a Capricorn to take you seriously, then give them time to warm up to you and make sure you respect their family as they do theirs.

AQUARIUSmoonMoon in Aquarius:  Like all air Moon, an Aquarian Moon is comfortable expressing his/her emotions through some form of communication but is more cool and detached than a Libra or Gemini Moon.  It’s very hard for this Moon to understand their own or other’s feelings in a personal manner; they prefer to safeguard their emotions for the more global or universal issues that plague mankind or their own lives. It’s very hard to bring a person with this Moon sign down to earth to really understand mundane relationship issues.  They instinctively run away from stifling relationships or environment. They enjoy stimulating discussions on various global topics and this is a good way to spend time with them. 

Moon-PiscesMoon in Pisces:  They are instinctively perceptive of emotions in their environment which as you see can be both a blessing and a challenge.  This is a manifestation of being naturally attuned to the higher power and the need to unite with it.  They are able to empathize with human suffering due to their psychic and intuitive prowess, and gives them natural inclination to music, arts, and other creative fields.  The challenge here is the inability to respect and organize mundane issues like money, career, etc., (as they see them as distraction to the path of unity), unless there are other factors in the chart that compensate for this lack.  Hence, this Moon needs to learn to pursue their inspiration and still attend to the mundane. If you have Moon aspecting Neptune, then these characterstics may apply to you.  If you want someone to listen to you, these folk will surely lend their ears and will be glad you asked.

What are the things that you instinctively do when you feel anxious? Does it fit with your Moon sign and aspects made by the Moon?

4 COMMENTS on “Moon Signs Astrology

  1. Very true about my moon, I have Moon in Gemini and very interested in a lot of subjects but since moon moon is closely squared to Pluto, I am interested in subjects that are usually taboo. I dig deep into finding stuff like a typical Scorpio/Plutonian & not just superficial (like regular Geminis do!)

  2. I do find often that when Moon aspects another planet it takes on the flavor of the other planet. Its like adding another filter – so your Moon in Gemini has its basic energy but also has another filter added onto it – that of Pluto which increases the intensity level of Moon in Gemini which for you is probably expressed in the kind of material you are interested in researching.

  3. You hit the nail on the head with moon in Pisces description. I have the moon in Pisces with a tight trine to Neptune…and at the not so tender age of 44, still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. And, quite frankly, would rather just meditate for a living.

    But, I definitely do get frustrated with the lack of direction…

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