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Astrology of the Ferguson Riot

On August 9, 2014 , Micheal Brown, an eighteen year old attending high school was shot  by a police officer,  Darren Wilson who claimed that Micheal Brown tried to attack him and he was just trying to defend himself.  On November 24th, 2014 in response to the decision made by grand jury to not indict Darren Wilson, there were protests held in many places of the US. with some of them turning very destructive.    This is not the first time that this has occurred in the United States and brings up the  historical issue of distrust between colored communities and the law enforcement people.

Although the shooting occurred in Ferguson, its no longer  an event that is related to just this city.  It has become a nationwide issue with protests occurring at many major cities and spurring debates of race relations in the United States.  When President Obama addressed the nation right after the incident, he mentioned “We need to recognize that this is not just an issue for Ferguson, this is an issue for America.”

There are 2 charts given below. The first one is just the transit chart at the time of announcement in Ferguson, Missouri,  The second  chart shows a  90 degree dial with US Sibley chart in the inner ring and the transit chart of the grand jury announcement in the outer ring. The 90 degree dial is a great way to understand these events since all the hard aspects in the same degree (conjunction, opposition and square) are clustered together. The important aspects between the transit and US natal chart are marked in yellow in the 90 deg dial  and are as follows:

Uranus Pluto Square :  Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, both in the mid cardinal degrees,  have been squaring each other since 2012. They were set to make 7 exact squares from June 2012 to March 2015 and each time they get closer together, there are issues that crop up in the United States. The  last time they got exact in May 2014, Putin and Ukraine was the main issue.   Currently  they are getting closer to exact on December 14, 2014, and its not surprising that another historical issue of race has cropped up through the Ferguson incident.

90  ferguson announcement

 As seen in the chart above, when the announcement was made  the  midheaven was conjunct Uranus Pluto square   and this shows the significance of this aspect (square) in this event. In The bi-wheel  chart below, the  transiting Mideaven with Uranus and Pluto is conjunct the natal Sun Saturn square  of the United States at 13 degree Cancer and 14 degree Libra respectively, and so it is not surprising that the nation is feeling the pain and separation.  Sun Saturn squares usually  signifies rebellion against authority, ego clash, separation and suppression.    The good news is that the  Uranus Pluto square although intense is really about creating long term changes that are positive and functional.  The goal of this square is to bring up issues that are long due for re-evaluation and transformation. 

90 deg dial ferguson announcement 1


Asteroid Astrea:  Astrea is about the legal system, judgment and seeking fairness and it shows up in cases where  any of the these factors play an important role.  In the 90 degree dial the Transiting Astrea on the Aries point is symbolic of the big exposure in a legal case, and transiting Neptune on the Natal Astrae of the US shows confusion and doubt regarding the legal system in US.   The words “reform of the criminal justice system”, “pain of unfair judgment” etc, are words that  seem to float around this event and are all symbolic of asteroid Astrea. 

In March 2014, Ray Rice, a professional  football player  for the NFL was indicted for aggravated  assault of his wife, Janay Palmer.   Ray Rice’s  had his Natal Mars-Saturn midpoint = Astraea .  So the chart show potential for legal involvement due to a negative or cruel action on his part (if he used the energy in a negative way).  

Midpoint Pictures: These are great in getting additional details about the event.  The transiting Midheaven (what is seen by public at the moment)  = Uranus/Pluto (big changes and transformation)  = Mars/Astrea (agression due to legal issue)  and this is  = US Sun/Saturn (clash with authority)  and natal Mars/Pluto (intense anger and violence). The picture is very accurate as to what may happen in US with this announcement.  

Other important Aspects:  Other aspects that are  meaningful are the Transiting Chiron square US ascendant, reflective of  the historical wounding and pain,  and Saturn squaring US natal Moon and Black Moon Lilith show the potential sadness and negative mood in the following days.

Please share your astrological viewpoints of this event.




3 COMMENTS on “Astrology of the Ferguson Riot

  1. Tx Manda 🙂 On the day of the shooting, the Sun was on transiting Black Moon Lilith, both at 17 Leo, square transiting Saturn at 16’58” Scorpio, and inconjunct transiting retrograde Chiron at 16 Pisces. Asteroid America was exact on the USA’s natal Sun at 13 Cancer. Asteroid Atropos (death) was at the 29th critical degree of Virgo. Astraea was retro at 14’04” Aries, squaring transiting America and the natal USA Sun.

    • Great observation Lisa- I only put up the chart for day of announcement but the day of the shooting is also important. Like you say, Astraea at 14 degree Aries…then should have been aspected by the Uranus Pluto square…showing that some legal matter in US is going to be put on hot seat. Thanks 🙂

  2. It’s really interesting how astrological patterns emerge upon inspection with regard to critical events. Of note is the reciprocity of the two pairs of Event/Sibley AS conjunct VX (I’m not sure how to interpret this). We also have Event-MC = Event-Pluto = Sibley-Mars/Sibley-Pluto and Sibley-MC = Event-Chiron/Sibley-Chiron. The first picture describes the nature of the event, namely the killing of Michael Brown, that led to the unrest in Ferguson. The second picture evokes some resonance with regard to the issue of ‘healing’ as it relates to the event put into an American historical context. There is also evidently Event-Neptune = Event-Pluto/Event-AS which shows the event was somehow ‘awkward’ in nature and that there was some level of deceitfulness with respect to the event. I believe this relates to the anti-police narrative that emerged (which fueled the unrest) that was later proven (in court) to be false. Also it’s significant to mention the equation Event-MC = Event-Mars/Event-Astraea. This relates to justice and the use of force.

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